totally forgot to post these weeks ago

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hello!! i had mentioned something abt acen a few weeks ago and you said you'd be doing a meetup nearby and would be posting abt it soonish, i was just wondering if you had yet, since i hadn't seen it if so! if not then ill be on the lookout for the future!!

oH HECK I TOTALLY FORGOT i actually had but then realized there were a bunch of issues w/ the plan so i gotta re-make it ahhhhh


Right so I totally forgot about this! I was creeping on Arzaylea (no surprise there) and I saw that she posted this picture twice. Apparently it’s a picture of her with a friend who had passed away (RIP). What caught my attention was the caption (I remember when we were 19 and 20…) as well as the posting dates (87 weeks ago and 112 weeks ago) so, considering that Arzaylea is “21” now according to Rolling Stone..well, lets see. 1 year is 52 weeks. So one of these was posted 1 year and 8 mos ago, while the older one was posted 2 years and 2 mos ago. Lets reduce 4 mos to get back to October, Arzaylea’s birth month. One year and 4-10 months. This means she claims to have been 20 between October 2014 to October 2015. Meaning she was 19 from oct 2013 to 2014 and these pictures had to have been posted between February and July of 2014, when she still would have been 19. So what would be the sense in posting “I remember when we were 19 and 20…” If you would have been that age at the time of posting that picture.

Please correct my math if I’m wrong but I mean, still kinda weird right?

Also there are plenty of pics before she turned “21” where she’s got alcohol but 🐸☕.

This wasn’t made in order to hate or offend, but I’m bored and thought it was interesting.


for the anon yesterday who requested a pic of me from two years ago….. i totally forgot facebook was a thing.

ur lucky my dysphoria aint that bad. here’s me yesterday vs. me before i realised …shit…i’m not a girl. i think i was 14, if math.

i totally forgot that i made a post a few weeks ago asking people what their weirdest animated crushes were and occasionally i’ll just get asks like this 

with like no context and it’ll confuse me for a solid minute


So I totally forgot to post these a few weeks ago! I was trying to make these look like polaroids taken by the characters themselves. The first one’s supposed to be Gon trying to take a picture of him and Killua. And the second one’s supposed to be Leorio taking a picture of Kurapika, but messing up a little cause he got his finger in the shot.