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Uhh so this was in my drafts which I havent checked in weeks and totally forgot about? Anyway seeing as the fic I was supposed to be posting today got deleted,,, yall can have this one from like 5 months ago instead lmao.

Tony really should have noticed sooner.

On the surface, nothing seemed wrong. Steve was fine. A little ragged, maybe, but fine. He acted in the same way, smiled at Tony no differently, scolded Clint no less.


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Jealous- A JB Imagine

Hi can I have an imagine where I’m J’s girlfriend and he meets new friends and he becomes close friends with one of the girls. She likes him and is being flirty and all and kind of bitchy towards me but J and everyone else see it as a joke and laugh along with her. When I tell him about her liking him and being too close, we get into an argument and he just thinks I’m being jealous and bitchy so I get upset, but in the end we make up and he’s not her friend.


requests are ALWAYS open :-)


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“Justin!” I giggle as he continues to kiss all over my face.

“Say you love Me and ill stop” He teases , continuing to kiss all over my cheeks and neck .

“I love you!!” I laugh , and he finally stops .

“That’s more like it” He gloats , and I roll my eyes .

“Youre such a dork” I mumble , staring into his eyes which were shining bright .

“Yeah , but im your dork” He says , and before he could lean down to kiss me I burst out laughing .

“You did not just say that omg” I continue to laugh and he rolls his eyes .

“Way to ruin the moment” He groans before pressing his lips against mine , shutting me up quickly .

I lift my hands up to cup his face , opening my mouth and deepening the kiss.

“Well look at the love birds!” Someone says , making us break out kiss .

I look up and groan quietly when I notice who it is.

“Oh hey Ellie (I made up a random name idk).” Justin says , removing himself from on top of me .

He goes to embrace her and I roll my eyes .

“Y/N , you remember Ellie right? From the club a few weeks ago?” Justin says , his eyes meeting mine .

I silently plead for him to make her leave as I speak . “Yeah. I wasn’t expecting company though Justin” I say , emphasizing the word company .

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you ! The rest of the squad is coming over too” He says , and I relax slightly .

“Oh , okay. Well let me get dressed then” I say , brushing past Justin and walking up the stairs , totally not acknowledging Ellies presence .

“So Justin , that shirtless picture you posted yesterday was sooo hot” She puurs at him , and I fight the urge to walk back downstairs and break her nose .


We were all in Justins living room . Kylie , Kendall , Hails , Za , Khalil , Ryan and Ellie .

And my patience was being tested .

“Oh Ellie tell them about how you nearly fell when we went hiking” Justin laughed , Me on one side of him and Ellie on the other , but he was paying no attention to me .

I rolled my eyes for the billionth time that night as she jumped into another story , and after a while I could not take the sound of her voice so I got up.

“I have to pee” I say out loud , everyone averting their attention to me .

“Oh yeah Y/N , I noticed all that junk food you ate , maybe you should cut down a bit” She said , and everyone oo’d.

“Excuse me?” I said ,crossing my arms .

“Im just saying , all that sugar isn’t good for your figure” She states , feigning innocence .

“Oh that’s it” I say , lunging at her but Justin caught me by the waist before I could scratch her eyes out .

“Y/N chill it was just a joke!” Justin defends , and I lose it .

“Yeah you would fucking think so!” I scream , ripping myself from his grip and storming out of the room .

I ran upstairs and slammed the door shut , before pacing back and forth .

After a few minutes I heard the front door close , and Justin opened his bedroom door.

“You have some balls to defend her over me like that” I fume , and he sighs .

“Y/N she was just joking-“ He starts but I cut him off

“Fuck that! She was clearly insulting me and you all just stood there laughing . What kind of boyfriend lets some girl talk about his girlfriend like that?” I spit , and his brows furrow .

“So now this is my fault?” He says ,and I can tell hes trying to remain calm .

“Well yea , it kind of is as a matter of fact” I say , pushing his chest.

“How is this in any way my fault?” He asks  , crossing his arms .

I laugh , before pressing my finger to my chin as if I was thinking hard .

“Well , lets see.” I begin .

“For one , you met the bitch . Two , you became friends with her . Three , youre still friends with her even though she clearly wants your dick , and four , you just defended her when she basically told me to go on a diet!” I shout .

“She doesn’t want me Y/N!” He shouts back and I stare at him .

“Really ? Oh Justin , youre so funny , oh Justin , your abs look so good , oh Justin , youre perfect . Shes basically telling you to fuck her out of context!” I spit , and he rolls his eyes .

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He asks , and I groan .

“Nothing is wrong with me ! You just don’t see” I exclaims”

“All I see is you being a jealous freak!” He  explodes.

“Jealous freak ? You clearly have to be either stupid or blind to realize she wants you and wants me out of the picture . But whatever Justin . Im not arguing with you anymore . Im going home” I state , walking past him and hurrying down the stairs .

“Y/N wait” He says from behind me , but I roll my eyes , ignoring him .

I walk into the living room and look around for my bag , wanting to get out of there as soon as possible .

“Y/N” Justin says again and I spin around to look at him.

“What!”  snap , and he sighs , before moving to walk closer to me .

“Don’t go” He says softly , and I let out a bitter laugh .

“Why not? Im sure Ellie would love to come and take my place right now” I say , turning back around to find my bag.

“Hey” He says , grabbing my hand but I pull it away .

“Im sorry . I don’t want to fight with you about her.” He says , and I sigh .

“I don’t like her Justin.” I admit , and he nods .

“Then shes gone” He says honestly , and my eyes shoot up .

“What?” I ask , just for clarification .

“I wont be friends with her anymore . No girl comes before my girl” He says , pulling me close to him .

“Thank you” I say gently , pressing a kiss to his cheek .

“Oh , and by the way” I start , moving close to his ear.

“The next time you call me a jealous freak , im gonna show you one” I say , kissing his ear.