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there are so many great things about the total drama series but my favorite is how well the show represents people of color and breaks shitty destructive stereotypes

like despite how in most media the characters that are usually considered the most attractive are almost always white the two most attractive male characters were justin and alejandro and their skin is described as beautiful constantly throughout the show and that’s REALLY incredible to me!! because there are very very few cartoons where poc have positive characters they can relate to let alone characters that look like them that people consider beautiful

and like the four smartest characters on the show are noah, b, courtney and cameron and that’s even more awesome to me because it’s even rarer for shows to have so many intelligent poc

and the absolute sweetest character to ever be on the show is dj which makes me the absolute happiest because i’m so used to seeing african americans (especially males) demonized and viewed as evil but djs the kindest and most loving character i’ve ever seen

and like!!








so like even though theres a lot of problems with total drama i’m really thankful for it because there aren’t many cartoons that handle race as well as the total drama series does and that’ll always make me happy 

got drabble - like this

a/n: so, looking through my drafts i found this drabble (that’s not really a drabble) i wrote in response to this post. i don’t even remember how long it’s been sitting there, oops.

@jonsasnow & @soapieturner i’m not even sure if i managed? but i tried! 

Sansa always gets what she wants; Jon never stands a chance.

It starts like this:

Somewhere along the line, Jon Snow gets encapsulated into a neat, little corner of her mind labelled ‘off limits’. Her brother’s best friend that everyone in the family has come to love dearly; soft-spoken, well-mannered, so bloody chivalrous you’d think he came right out one of those period dramas she so liked – even if he spends most of his time brooding. Such a good influence to Robb, her parents would say—have said.

And they—Sansa and Jon—they’re not exactly friends but neither are they complete strangers. She’s his best friend’s little sister, so Sansa understands his need to keep his distance—so is Arya, she wants to point out sometimes, so is Arya and you don’t keep her at arm’s length. He’s her big brother’s best friends—and Robb’s and Bran’s and Rickon’s and Arya’s brother in all but blood; her parents’ quasi-son—so she might as well just accept the distance.

So, that distance – maybe it is the reason why she’d grown such an all-consuming crush on Jon Snow. She knows him, she does, yet somehow it feels like he remains such a mystery; wants to know him better, wants to be closer. Sansa wants and wants and wants.

Read on Ao3.



I totally forgot about @thatsthat24’s LGBT Fanders Meetup until now, so have a late selfie oops (plus one from a week ago when I was dressed like that. what a #Look™)

I’m Mason and I’m pan and agender. I’m not really sure how long I’ve been a fan of Thomas but it’s been multiple years. I love how pure and kind he is to everyone, I love his humour, I just love him so much. He really is a ray of sunshine in this dark world we live in. I really hope one day I can meet him in real life and give him the biggest hug :3

Other things I love include Justin Trudeau, girls, cute clothes, and my cat, Muffins

(You can see more of her in the “#muffins the cat” tag on my blog.)

Fun fact: Thomas suggested that name for her back when I first got her.

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Percy Jackson AU?

I LOVE PERCY JACKSON! (Haven’t read it in forever, so I might totally mess up the canon, but oh well.)

1. Campbell, like Dionysus, is absolutely running the camp as some sort of punishment. Probably nothing sex related (though I wouldn’t put it past him), I assume something more along the lines of toying with human lives for profit. Maybe he was doing some sort of weird experiments on mortals. Maybe he was using god/monster powers – haven’t decided what he is. Thoughts? – to play the stock market and amass a fortune. Whatever it was, it was big enough to get the attention of the powers that be and he was put in charge of the camp. He takes it fairly well, though. Immediately starts hunting for ways to make money off of it.

2. David stays in Cabin 11 because he has no idea who his dad is. He stayed well past the age most campers move on (or die) because he has such an attachment to the kids, especially the ones who’ve never been claimed by a parent. Campbell lets him stay there because it’s hard to find help that’ll work as cheaply as David will. His talents don’t really make it easy to even guess where he belongs; he’s surprisingly strong and fast considering how skinny he is, but he doesn’t really have any special powers, it doesn’t seem like. He’s just … happy.

3. I feel like Gwen would be one of the few people there that’s truly an outsider; she’s not a demigod – maybe some sort of nymph or something? – and she’s really just there because she has nowhere else to go. She’s the only person there with as little reverence for the gods as Max, though she’s good enough at keeping her mouth shut that she hasn’t pissed any of them off yet. Mostly her (unstated) job is to keep David from doing something stupid and getting himself and the campers killed.

4. Max is a son of Hermes. He’s furious about it, and uses his powers to try and escape the camp all the time. Also every time he sees a god he tries to talk them into claiming David so he’ll be moved to another cabin. (Definitely not because it would make David so happy to finally be wanted by a heavenly parent. Absolutely not – this is purely self-serving.)

5. Neil is the son of Athena and lords his intelligence over … basically everyone. Nikki … I’m inclined to say Ares because of her violent streak, though I also feel like she’d choose to become one of Artemis’ Huntresses when she’s old enough to make that decision, because she loves nature so much and has little use for boys.


In the same way the Dongpo Curry Don is unashamedly luscious, this potage curry is too. Only, you forget that its velvety smoothness is achieved with a hell of a lot of cream. Definitely not healthy despite what it might fool you to believe.Everything was just a sensory pleasure, so utterly creamy and yielded to you absolutely. I didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I did! .. Taste wise not health wise.remarkably, it carries a cheesy flavour which only tipped the scales in its favour. Everyone knows of the heinous Dill Seed incident right? I take back half of my curses, I am glad to have it live through 3 apocalypses in my pantry. So what should you grab from your kitchen when Armageddon hits? The goddamn spice rack. I’m not quite sure of the addition of the poached egg, but then again, I, very generously sacrificed it for my sister as a topping for her ramen (which she did not eat, BARBARIAN!). POACHING AN EGG WAS A SUCCESS. Okay not the first one in which I totally forgot to add the vinegar .. oops. But for a second attempt, I amaze myself. That’s a lie. So a few years ago, I stumbled upon the blog of a contestant from season 2 of Masterchef US, Ben Starr. What I like most about his very wordy entries is that he provides a rich description and description for various aspects of food which either begs for him to be hooked off the stage or lauded. It’s a very fine line. In any case, he successfully walked me through my first ever poached egg and for that I am gleeful.

Zenji Marui’s White Potage Curry Udon Recipe 

1 packet udon, 1 tsp dill, coriander and cumin seeds, 1 tblsp curry powder, dill and pepper to garnish

For the Vichyssoise: 3 potatoes, onion, leek, 2 tblsp butter, 400ml water, 400ml milk, 200ml cream

For the Mashed Potatoes: 2 potatoes, 100ml milk, 4 tblsp cream, 1 tblsp butter, parmesan, garlic (optional)

For the poached egg

Begin by making the mashed potato. Boil for 7 mins until tender. Whilst hot, add the 100ml milk, 4 tblsp cream and 1 tblsp butter. Season. Grate in a few cloves of garlic if you prefer. In order to pipe it nicely, push the mashed potato through a sieve into a piping bag and set aside.

To make the vichyssoise, chop potatoes, onions and leek into bite sized pieces.

Toast 1 tsp cumin, coriander and dill seeds until fragrant. Blitz into a coarse powder.

Saute potatoes, leek, onion, 1 tblsp curry powder and 2/3 of the reserved spice mixture in 2 tblsp butter until transparent.

Add 400ml water and simmer for 7 minutes until tender.

Put the mixture into a blender with 400ml milk and blend until smooth. Return to the pot with 200ml of cream and heat slightly. Season. You’re meant to serve this cold - room temperature.

Make the poach egg, follow this recipe.

Boil udon according to instructions on packet. Drain and add rest of the spice mix.

To serve, pour the vichyssoise over the noodles, CONCEALLLL, DON’T FEEEEL, pipe over the mashed potatoes, preferrably with a piping bag and not a sandwich bag like me so that you’d get more of an even swirl. Cleverly hide the mix. Top with poached egg, cheese (which is meant to be melted, haha, oops), pepper and a sprig of dill. THRUST YOUR CHOPStICKS THROUGH AND CONSUME. 

(presentation based of this cream curry udon).

Didn’t quite match it’s stark contrast, nonetheless, Enjoy!

Arianna Continued

This is a continuation of my fantasy for Arianna @arianna_t6984 on Twitter. Sorry this is taking so long. Have other stories I’m working on other stories I’m working on and also have other shit going on in my life. But here goes.
After we finished with the slave formerly known as Arianna on the treadmill we took it to the dungeon. The slave was already disturbed by the screams of torment we were putting other slaves in. We dressed it in a burgundy corset that exposed its tits. The slave had on garter belts attached to black fishnet stockings and the black strappy heels it was wearing when we acquired it. The slave was not wearing panties so her pussy was exposed. We attached its wrists to a spreader bar then attached each ankle to each end of the bar. We attached the spreader to a chain attached overhead and and lifted it so it was now in suspension bondage. We attached clamps to its nips and pussy. We finally put a head harness ball gag on the slave and it was ready to continue its training.
We put Mistress Sydney in charge of the slave’s first training. She wearing a black leather corset that exposed her tits and pussy with black stiletto strappy heels.
“Hello cunt. Look at you. All hung like the piece of meat you are”
The slave clearly felt the indignation of being referred to as a piece of meat. She soon would learn it was the least of her problems. Mistress Sydney first chose a flogger. She applied it all over the slave’s body.
“Mmmmppphhh!!!!!” As the slave screamed in torment.
“The only thing worse than being clamped is when you pull them off.” As Sydney pulled the clamps off the slave.
Mistress Sydney then switched to a riding crop and concentrated mainly on the slave’s pussy and tits which were sore from the clamps.
Arianna was now in tears.
“Your tears and screams get me horny. Such a dumb whore. A brainless cunt.”
After about a half hour, Sydney released the slave from that particular position. Then she put it in suspension bondage in an x-shape. Gave it some smacks on the ass and then removed the slave’s gag. Then Mistress Sydney grabbed cane which brought a sense of horror to the slave.
“Here’s the deal slut. I’m going to give you 20 strokes with this cane. After each stroke, your to count each stroke and say thank you Mistress Sydney, may I have another. If you miss count or you fail to say thank you Mistress Sydney, may I have another, we will start all over again. Do you understand?”
The slave didn’t answer.
“Do you understand cunt?” As she grabbed the slave by its hair and slapped it in the face.
“Yes” replied the slave in tears
“Yes what?” Again pulling its hair and slapping its face.
“Yes Mistress”
“Yes Mistress who!” Again hair pulling and face slapping.
“Yes Mistress Sydney”
“You’re an absolute pea brain. When ever you address me, it’ll be as Mistress Sydney. Do you understand!”
“Yes. I mean yes Mistress Sydney ”.
“Time for some meat tenderizing.”
Mistress Sydney took a few steps around the slave going in circles. One of the best ways to torture a slave is to make them wait and anticipate what’s going to happen. Sydney faked a few times making the slave flinch. Then finally. Whack!.

"Ouwwww!!!” One thank you Mistress Sydney!“

The Mistress then waited a minute then

"Two thank you Mistress Sydney!!”

About 2 minutes faking it. The slave was totally petrified. And there were still 18 strokes to go. Whack!

“Three thank you Mistress Sydney.”

Then the Mistress then gave 2 whacks simultaneous and the slave was trying to stay caught up but after the 9th one she forgot to thank you Mistress Sydney.

“Oops, you forgot to say thank Mistress Sydney. I guess we’re gonna have to start over”

“No please, you got to go slower ”

“Cause you’re such a stupid cunt”

Mistress Sydney continued. The strokes eventually reached into the 90’s. Then Bruce and Rick walked in. The Mistress decided to let the slave show its cocksucking skills. First Rick put his cock in her mouth. She thought of trying to bite it but she knew the punishment she just received would pale in comparison. After a couple minutes, Rick came in her mouth.

“That’s it whore, swallow it all.”

Bruce took his turn. When he was ready to cum, he came in her face.

Then Mistress Sydney decided she needed relief.

“Lick that pussy bitch”

Come on that’s the best you can do?“ As the Mistress gave it another slap in the face and grabbed it by the hair and smothered its face with the Mistress’s pussy.

"Yeah. Get that tongue deep. Yeah. Ooh. Oooohhh!!! Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!

When the Mistress was finished she took the slave down from her suspension. It’s legs felt like jelly.

"Ok slave. Time to do some horse back riding.”

Arianna was like “what does that mean?”
Whatever it was, it had a bad feeling. Turns out horse back riding was a ride on a wooden horse. Rick and Bruce grabbed the slave and dragged her on the horse and locked her in a metal device that secured her wrists to the ends of the device which also secured her neck. Her ankles were tethered and stretched out to each side. The ball gag was put back in her mouth and nipple clamps put back on. Then the Mistress started flogging it.

The Mistress left the slave on there for an hour. The marks on it were visible but would heal after a few days. Mistress Sydney was masterful at inflicting maximum pain without permanent damage.

Next we put the slave into a strappado so it was bent over and also rope around its neck attached to the ceiling and crotch rope attached to the floor. Then Bruce, Rick and myself all forced our cocks in its mouth. And we did that for an hour and also fucking it in the ass.

After that was done, we gave the slave water in a dog dish and handcuffed it behind its back so it was forced to drink with its mouth. Of course it was very degrading the slave but it was so thirsty that it felt it didn’t have a choice. The slave’s thoughts were strictly about survival. Again we were limiting the slave to water as the first 72 hours, it was being subject to food deprivation.

Then we took the slave and locked it in a metal bondage chair securing wrists, ankles and neck with metal restraints and securing leather restraints around its body. Then the slave was forced to watch on a big screen tv the slave’s mantra which would remind the slave that it was just that. And a fucktoy. Just three holes to be used and abused by men for their pleasure. It would also contain a lot of subliminal messages that also reminded the slave of its situation. Although in one case, this was relaxing because it got to sit down. But basically the slave was being brainwashed. There were electrodes attached that would activate if it fell asleep with a nasty shock.

After 3 hours, we released the slave who’s legs were very wobbly. It was time to retire it. We brought it to a device called an arch back. We would secure the the slave’s wrists, ankles, neck, waist and above its elbows. It was gagged, blindfolded and the only thing it would hear is its disorientation tape. A vibe would attached to its clit for edging all night. A butt plug was placed in its ass, a wired metal dildo in its pussy and alligator clips to its nipples that would activate an electrical shock if it somehow managed to fall asleep or orgasm. This was the second night of 72 sleep deprivation that we subject the slaves to. And the water we give them is laced with a stimulant that heightens their sexual urges. It was another night of torture for the slave.

The slave formerly known as Arianna had just completed its first full day of slavery. It seemed more than a day.


Christmas Day ! ♡

First of all, I hope you all have had a Merry Christmas surrounded by your loved ones. I know, I’ve put a lot of time to write this post but I’m in my last week of pregnancy and it hasn’t been really easy. Also, I’m really trying to enjoy these last days before a new baby comes to change our lives forever.. This is why this came so late, sorry friends !

We spent Christmas Eve at home with our respective parents, Jackson’s brother, his brother’s girlfriend and our grandparents. We had a great time together around this wonderful food, which I took several days to recover… Well when you can’t drink, you eat and let’s say that little babe really enjoyed Christmas Eve. We tried to put the little munchkins to sleep early, as we usually do, but they were just just excited… After leaving some biscuits and milk near the Christmas tree for Santa they fell asleep until the next morning !

Our parents and grandparents stayed over to sleep because it was really late to drive and since everyone had been drinking it was safer to them to stay… We managed to make a place to everyone to sleep and the baby’s room had to turn into a guest room for the night.

The next morning, the girls woke up early as usual, at around 7am. They had no idea what was going on so I sit with them in their room and we played for half an hour to let everyone sleep for a little while. Lohan ended up waking up and it was no longer possible to me to keep them quiet so I took them downstairs… Obviously they were totally excited and in shock in front of all the presents !

Everyone joined us to help the little ones to open their presents. The girls kept saying “Waaouh” every time they would get a new present, it was just adorable. They won’t stop since they learned this new word too, so everything in life deserves a “Waaahou” from them ahah… At one point, Jackson realized that he forgot to take out the wooden kitchen that we got them for Christmas… Oops ! They really loved it and actually spend their days playing and arguing about it which kinda makes me regret it ahahah.

Lohan was also really spoiled. He got the Play Doh super color pack and lot of tools to play with it (rollers, cutters, shapes…). He loves when his father makes animals for him to play with… He is more creative than me when it comes to it !

He also got legos, puzzles, books, but he really loved the Magic Baby Dragon from FurReal Friends. It’s an adorable baby dragon with a fiery personality and he will have to look after him… He’s so cute and looks fun, but oh, guess what ?! Santa forgot to provide the batteries so I really need to buy them next week… It’s what happens when you go a baby brain !

Jackson… I got him the new iPhone 7 and he got us a trip to Paris for April ! I wasn’t expecting it at all knowing that our honeymoon was only a few months ago… But now I’m just really excited about it, I really love to visit new places and well… this man is just crazy… and I love him !

We spent the rest of the Christmas day outside. We went at my parents for lunch, we had a walk with the kids and the dog at the christmas market and we ended the day having dinner at Jackson’s parents. We had an amazing day, around our family and honestly this is how Christmas should be spent.

Today is the last day of the year, 2016 is about to end and honestly, this year brought so many good things in my life… Our wedding, a little baby, a new house and hapiness, a lot of hapiness. I also met wonderful friends here and I wish them the best. All I can hope is that this year has been as beautiful for you as it has been for me…

I’ll end this long post wishing you all peace, love, joy and ALL the best this New Year has to offer. See you next year…

This blog is 1 year old! Thank you

On the 4th of October 2014, I started this blog. (I totally forgot which is why this is being made on the 15th oops). This blog was never about followers, it was about making people happy and spreading positivity and I hope I’m doing that.

In one year, this blog has gotten 23,000 followers (we’re about 40 away from 23k but we’ll hit it soon enough).

In one year, I have met so many truly wonderful people and spoken to so many people who have changed my life.

In one year, I’ve helped a lot of people. I’ve helped with mental health issues, home life situations, friend situations. I hope I continue to help everyone.

In one year, I became a much better person. I became more open minded. I learned more about other people, other countries, other cultures. I learned more about me.

In one year, my mind feels a lot better than it did. Though I suffer from depression and anxiety, I’m so much better than I was.

In one year, the large majority of you have shown, time and time again, that you do love and support me. When my friendship group fell apart, you all offered advice. When I told you all that my depression and anxiety were getting worse, you all soothed my soul. When my aunt passed away in June, I got an influx of hundreds of messages praying for her, telling me that it was okay to take a break, it was okay to be sad. Whenever I need help, you are always here.

In one year, I have gained so many more friends and I’ve learned so much from you all. I’ve learned about confidence, body positivity, that it’s okay to be sad, that I am me and that is good enough; that I am not alone.

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Now, whether you followed this blog a year ago, a month ago or yesterday, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This blog has done so much for me, you all have done so much for me. You have shown me love and kindness and patience. 

There’s almost 23,000 people. Wow. I know a lot won’t read this, but some will, and I just want to show gratitude to all of you.

  • To the ones that follow for many fandoms I post, thank you.
  • To the ones that follow for a few fandoms, thank you.
  • To the ones that follow for one fandom, thank you.
  • To the ones that follow for no reason, thank you.
  • To the ones that message me frequently, anon or not, thank you.
  • To the ones that rarely message me, thank you.
  • To the ones who have never messaged me, thank you.

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Please know that all of you can talk to me, I am your friend, you can talk to me about anything you want. I will listen and I will try my very best to help. If you want a request, just send one in. I want to do everything I can to help.

Remember, you’re all important. You all matter. You are all enough. You are more than enough. You’re a beast, a demon, a nightmare. You’re a goddess, a god, an angel, a daydream. You are terrifying and graceful and you are perfect. Keep fighting. Always keep fighting. Never forget that you will always have a place here.

So, here’s to the next year, eh? :) xxx

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(yes lots of Markiplier gifs because he is the epitome of perfect)

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I was watching Karlie's apple krisp video when my sister came and sat next to me. When the close up on Karlie's hands happened she was like "You know in my etiquette class, our instructor said, if you wear a ring on one of your thumbs, it means you like girls," just thought I'd share this random bit of information xD

Scroll down on this link and check out the part about sexual orientation. Also note how Karlie’s thumb ring is on her left hand in that video…

Exo Reaction when you accidently walk into the room when they are changing

(Girls are GF’s, yo?) Requested by bangtanshope

“You like the view or? Of course you do. I’m Oh Sehun!”

Kai: *stops dressing while you come in* “Do ya want me to continue, or?”

Tao: “You like watcha see?”

Kyungsoo: *shyly smiles when you come in and get dressed fast*

Chanyeol: Y/N: “I never knew you had that boxershorts”
Chanyeol: *turns around* “Wait? Y-you saw it?”

Chen: “I’m sexy. I know. Let me just finish and then we can go.”

Baekhyun: “Oops. I think someone forgot to lock the door.”

Lay: *doesn’t even know someone went in~ Living in his unicorn world*

Suho: *tries to act sexy but burst out into laughter as he sees you*

Kris: ‘Of course you like my body! No one can stand me. Just wait for your present when we are home later again!’

Luhan: *finished dressing after a short moment you came in* “Oh no Jagi~. You totally missed the view on my abs” *shows you his abs*

Xiumin: *actual he doesn’t even care about*

(Lol. I hope you like! ♥ MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone out there!!!)

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You didn't mention Tobin in your character list. Wasn't he in at least one episode?

Yes. That was totally my bad. I kinda forgot about him while making the guide. Oops. Sorry Tobin fans! He should be in episode 8 and possibly episode 4. -Ninja

One year since At Last