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She was so absorbed by you,
by your thoughts and your ideas,
so full of you, full of your habits,
that she totally forgot about herself,
you were covering her soul with those clouds of yours,
all gloomy and heavy,
she did not know who she was anymore,
but when you left,
you took back all your clouds,
and then the sun came to her,
everything inside of her flourished,
her thoughts sang her favorite songs,
her mind laughed at her father’s jokes,
her heart danced and danced and danced,
her soul smiled, because she knew,
even the moon has clouds,
but it doesn’t stop her from lighting up the sky every night.

you go girl, you light up this world


Unexpected Guests Chapter Two: Start!

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At last! Chapter two begins. It was going to have a cover page, but I totally forgot about it until now… whoops… 

In any case, here’s the debut of the cel shaded style that means these pages won’t take quite so long to do–and the job that’s kept me so busy will be ending soon, and I’ll actually have more time too–which, of course, means more comic. So stay tuned, there’s more shenanigans to be had!

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Wait so does this mean that you have a whole bunch of unfinished comics that you've never posted?

yes of course! idk why but i felt like animating during this m!a. here are some unfinished ones i worked on but abandoned:

this one they’re jumping off of a building that had an exploding bomb on it. it was gonna be part of a comic but i didn’t have enough time to make the rest of it cause yknow school.

(i got lazy with these ok) france and england just went on a really big mission together and bonded with each other. after their adventure though, france was called in by their agency to transfer back to paris, but on the docks as they were saying their goodbyes, england freaks out and confesses his feelings to france 😯

every little thing she does is magic - a vanessa dahl and linnéa wallin playlist.

best song ever - gabrielle aplin // tell her you love her - echosmith // sex - lauren aquilina // making it up - allison weiss // i want to know your plans - say anything // tightrope - walk the moon // i wanna dance with somebody - bootstrap // every little thing she does is magic - sleeping at last


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Author’s Note: this is kind of similar to something I’ve written in the past but I tried my best to not make them be identical to each other. hope you like it!

Summary: Peter and You are best friends, of course. But, he may be hiding just one teeny tiny secret from you; he’s Spiderman.

Peter sighed loudly to himself. “C'mon, Y/N. Come over just this once. You haven’t been over in a while.” He whined.

You chuckled. “Pete, I was just there earlier this week.”

“I know, but um….Aunt May misses you.”

You closed your locker door as you faced Peter while raising your eyebrow. “Oh is that so, Aunt May misses me?” You snickered as you teased Peter knowing he just wanted you to go over.

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Imagine you’re Clay’s and Gemma’s daughter and your boyfriend  beats you and when some of the club members see your bruises they get angry and go take care of the problem

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~tirgger warning: a little bit of violence~

A fist comes at your face with big force. You hit the floor again. Your boyfriend beats you for different reasons. Sometimes it’s because you come home left, you don’t tell him where you were or just because you were at one of the club’s parties without him. Now he’s beating you because the dinner wasn’t ready when he came home.

Your boyfriend stormed out and left you crying on the floor. You sigh. You know you should leave him. But you’re just afraid that he’ll do something worse than hit you. You get up and decide to take a shower. 

Feeling the cold water on your skin makes you forget about all the shit you’re going through. As you are in the shower washing all your problems away, your father, Clay, Tig and Jax walk inside your home. Clay sits on the couch and Tig goes to the fridge. Jax starts to walk around the house. He ends up in the bedroom where he hears the shower running. He sits on the bed.

You step out of the shower. You wrap a towel around you. You walk to the bedroom and almost jump when you see Jax sitting on your bed. ‘’Hi darling’.’’ ‘’Jesus. You scared the crap out of me.’’ Jax grins at you. You were so distracted that you totally forgot about the bruises all over your body. Before you could cover them. Jax sees them. ‘’Who did this to you?’’ You look at your bare feet. ‘’Was this your boyfriend?’’ You nod a little. ‘’Clay! Come here!’’

Your father comes to the bedroom with Tig behind him. You feel embarrassed when your father looks at you worried. He looks at Jax. ‘’It was her boyfriend.’’ You can’t look at any of them. Tig punches the door. ‘’That son of a bitch.’’

You’re laying on your bed. Your mother, Gemma, is in the kitchen making you tea. Clay, Tig, Jax, Happy, Juice, Opie and Chibs went to take care of your problem. They’ve been gone for and a half hours. Your mother brings you your tea. ‘’It’s okay baby. He won’t hurt you after this.’’ She strokes your head. ‘’They’re gonna kill him aren’t they?’’ You look at your mother. ‘’He hurt you. He deserves it.’’

‘’It’s done.’’ Clay comes to comfort you. All of the guys to your bedroom. ‘’What did you do to him?’’ ‘’You sure you wanna know?’’ You nod. The guys are quiet for a minute. Happy opens his mouth. ‘’First we beat him up a little and then a bullet to the head.’’ You take a deep breath. ‘’Did he cry?’’ ‘’Like a baby.’’ You chuckle.

~Gif doesn’t belong to me. Credit to the owner. And sorry about the typos ♥☻♪~


Word Count: 3511

Request:  So you’re writing is really good and I saw you wrote a thing about anxiety… But can you write one where the baby Winchester (15 y/o) has depression (bad) and the boys find out and try to help? Xx

Warning: Blood, agression, depression, neglection, pain and basically miscommunication.

Why? The one question that appears in your mind every morning as your eyes open… why? Why were you born in this black hole you call life? Why did you have to wake up and pretend in front of your loved ones, why couldn’t you just be free? What is really worth the pain, the agony and the terror you feel within.

 The darkness that consumes your will to live takes away your happy memories and leaves you with despair. You stare at the ceiling above you watching the fan rotate so quickly it becomes one. You sigh looking over at your alarm clock, once again awaking before it’s alert.

“7:00 o’clock on the dot” you raised your heavy hand and smacked it against the button. You swung your feet over your king sized bed and held your head in your hands in an attempt to rub away the sleep.

 As you lifted your head you saw your groggy reflection in the broken mirror in front of you with fresh blood still lingering in the cracks. You looked at your right knuckle seeing the fresh graze that would soon be infected if you didn’t do something about it.

You opened your drawer and pulled out some antibacterial alcohol wipes along with some bandages. You effortlessly cleaned the wound as pain came naturally to you, never once did you wince as the scratchy cotton grazed over the cuts. You wrapped your arm with a clean bandage and began to brush your teeth. Thankfully the bunker had bathrooms in every bedroom so you barely left your room except for school which is in an hour.

You walked over to your cupboard as observed your distasteful sense of fashion seeing as everything was oversized and long. You threw on a hoodie and some skinny jeans, paired with ankle boots and a beanie. Some people could pull of this look calling it edgie or lazy, but then again they were stable.

You walked out the door and heard the unmistakable, infamous Winchester brothers down the hall. You pulled down the beanie further and tried to walk pass them unnoticed until you heard your name, more like you heard them talking about you. You noticed they were in the library so you hid behind the entrance hoping to go unseen.

“Dean it’s her birthday we gotta do something, she’s turning 16 tomorrow… that’s a big number” You heard Sam harshly whisper knowing you wake up around this time. You looked at your phone and saw it was one day before Y/B/D and one day before summer starts.

“Huh” you whispered hearing them shuffling their feet. You looked in seeing they weren’t there anymore and you realised they were probably going to wake you up.

“Y/N?” Dean’s voice roared as you totally forgot about the cracked mirror covered in blood.

“Fuck” You cursed under your breath as you bolted towards the door making it out just in time.

“That was so close” You huffed and walked towards the bus stop that would take you to hell on Earth, high school.

You walked down the familiar halls of your high school and heard the tormenting laughter coming from everyone around you. Girls giggling about something on their phones, boys flirting with beautiful girls, Jocks highfiving each other probably from getting laid the previous night. Point is, everyone seemed to be happy, but why couldn’t you?

Arriving at your locker you put in your passcode which was the day your dad died. No one knows this but when John passed away, Sam was with Dean in the other room. That day he told you what was going to happen and why you should never tell anyone. You were 12 for god sake, you shouldn’t have gone through that. But those words rang through your ears as clear as your school bell indicating you had French.


“Listen here, Y/N Winchester. You are a strong women so I’m telling you this now. Your brothers are going to have to deal with alot so you be invisible to them? Alright? Until everything is over do not bother them” You nodded with tears welded in your eyes. Invisible is what you promised him so shall you be.

End - After school

“Y/N i heard tomorrows your birthday? Are you and your imaginary friends having a party?” You shoved the unneeded books into your locker while Jane and her friends tortured you with their venomous words that never left you.

“Go away Jane” You whispered closing your locker so you could catch the bus on time. You ran out not realising they were following you until someone tapped on your shoulder.

“Or what? You’re gonna complain to the mommy and daddy you don’t have?” Your blood ran cold as your heartbeat increased. The sheer arrogance of some people frustrated you and led you further to the edge.

“Please don’t do this” She walked further into your face and smirked.

“You don’t get to beg. Nice hand, did your cat scratch you again?” She created bunny ears around the word cat. She threw your books out of your hand and she giggled along with her gang. You heard the familiar rumble of dad’s car and for a split second you thought he was alive with mom in the passenger seat. But that was pushed aside until Jane took a picture of your sorrow expression.

“I’ll make sure to tag you” She squealed and began to walk away.

“Are you sure you wanna do that? Because if you do then the whole world will know about Mike” She stopped dead in her tracks as you suddenly gained the confidence to do something.

“That’s right i know, see I was there. When you and him were exchanging DNA in my favourite chill spot, I managed to take a picture. I’ll make sure to tag you in it” You shrugged your backpack off feeling like something is about to happen and you might need your fists. She charged towards you, blonde hair flying in the wind with her blue eyes now ragefully red. You smirked thanking Uncle Bobby for all the secret self defence classes he taught you.

“YOU BITCH” Her arm raised about to slap you so you grabbed it and forced it down, twisting it behind her back. You kicked the lower part of her back and she fell on all fours with her skirt rifted up.

“I told you not to do this, at least try not to ruin my last day of school.” You picked up your book so you’re focused was elsewhere and one of Jane’s friends took a cheap shot. She punched you straight into your cheek and you lost your balance.

“Pussy shot”You pulled her head down and kneed her jaw. You pushed her away and saw another one of her friends come from the side and scratch your other cheek. She got your lip and winced in pain. You snarled about to get up and charge until you heard Sam yell behind you. So you did hear the Impala.

“Y/N STOP IT” You’re grabbed fistfuls of the withering girls hair as your arm was balled up about to punch her in the face. You heard teachers make their way through the surrounding crowd and their eyes widened at you not being the victim for the first time.

“PUT HER DOWN NOW” Dean roared and you released her only to pull our few of her extensions.

“Principals office now, all four of you.” You lifted your bag up as well as your book and followed the concern teacher. Mr Jackson was your favourite, he treated you normally. He gave you advice for when the shithead at the back of you would throw spitballs at you or how he mentions awesome books to read. He was your friend. Dean walked behind you and saw the bandage wrapped around your hand.

“Sam this isn’t fucking normal, what’s wrong with her” You heard Dean whisper harshly behind you and you winced at him basically calling you weird. You kept walking ahead with the three sobbing girls in front of you.

Principals office.

“Jane, Amy and Melissa you can leave now” As soon as Satan’s spawns left Mr Jackson sat right next to you and examined your face and hand.

“Oh Y/N, what have you done now” The brothers stared at the chemistry between you and the teacher so Sam coughed, interrupting his concern.

“I’m sorry I don’t believe we have met, I’m Mr Jackson. Y/N’s English teacher” You avoided their eyes knowing this is the first time in two years they’ve been to your school. You looked up to your principal Miss Helen and she smiled in sympathy.

“Uh I’m Dean and this is my brother Sam. She’s our sister” Mr Jackson looked back at you with surprised eyes.

“Wait, they’re alive?” You nodded and Sam raised his eyebrows.

“Excuse me, what?” Mr Jackson locked the door so no one would barge in an interrupt. He gestured towards the spare chairs as he sat by the one occupied next to you.

“I mean Y/N spoke about having a family but she said she had two brothers. Never have, had. We assumed you past away, from the phone calls and visits we’ve received from her guardian Bobby Singer he explained the tragic backstory of her family” You saw your Principal pull out the vibrant yellow file with your name etched in the front. As you came to realise what it was, you panicked.

“N-no. NO NO! PLEASE MISS HELEN! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS” She pulled out your psych evaluation and the last thing you wanted was Sam and Dean finding out about everything.

“I’m sorry but if they are in fact, Sam and Dean Winchester then they need to know Y/N” You didn’t want to cry so you buried your head into Mr Jackson’s chest. If this were any other student then this would be quite inappropriate but they’ve been trying to help you out for months now that him and Miss Helen are practically family.Sam felt a sense of worry wash over him and anger when he saw a male his age comfort you. He wanted to push you away from the stranger but suddenly him and Dean felt like the strangers.

“This is Y/N’s psych evaluation. She’s been diagnosed with Irritable Depression and her uncle Bobby has been signing off her evaluation sheets for the past 4 month. If you would like a copy then here it is. Now I’m sure you have a lot to talk about but please note she’s been doing very well. This was her first break out in months and it was as bad as the doctors told us to be”

“I’ll be in the car” You pushed away from your teacher and opened the lock door to run out.

“Y/N” You ran into the car and cried in the backseat hoping you would wake up from your worst nightmare. You promised dad you’d be invisible until everything was over, you broke your only promise you made to your dying father. You didn’t know when you had passed out since the last thing you remembered was a jacket being placed on you.

Principal’s office.

“Y/N” Mr Jackson called out and he sighed looking at the shocked brothers. Sam rubbed his face and Dean read through the files seeing how bad things were for you.

“A.I.S? What does that mean?” He gruffed feeling a tight knot form in the back of his throat. It pained him to see you suffering more that you should, you were 15. 15.

“Attempt in suicide” Mr Jackson stated and both the brothers looked at him with wide eyes. Sam felt the tears brim and his lip began to quiver. He nodded and dropped his head into his hands. Dean dropped the file and held his shaky hands together which was a trait he never had.

“A-attempt in su-?” Sam couldn’t finish the sentence as his throat closed up and he nodded feeling a tear fall.

“How didn’t we notice?” Dean asked but mostly towards himself. He knew they were out hunting a lot but he thought you just loved your space. He didn’t know it was the space that was killing you.

“Well she’s a brilliant women. She’s smart and if she wants to put on a mask or be invisible, she’ll do it perfectly. You just have to pay attention” The principal spoke up, she loved you like her own. She saw the way your eyes glistened at the new book Mr Jackson would hand to you and you had a perfect record for handing in homework, assignments etc. As well as getting almost perfect grades.

“Tomorrow is her birthday, we’d appreciate it if she wouldn’t have to come in?” Dean blurted out as he picked up the fallen files.

“Mr Winchester, tomorrow is the first day of Summer holidays” Sam raked his fingers through his hair. Great they didn’t even know that. The brothers nodded and thanked the two for their help. Sam walked out the halls and outside of the school before he looked at his brother with sorrowful eyes.

“Dean… how did we not see any of this?” Dean simply tensed his jaw as his brain tried to formulate some logical answer but he honestly didn’t know. They never paid attention.

“I dunno Sammy. I really don’t know”

At the bunker

“Y/N, hey wakeup kiddo” Dean whispered softly waking you up. You opened your eyes and saw you were wrapped in Dean’s leather jacket.

“Oh sorry” You felt the cut on your mouth open again as you tasted more blood. Dean smiled and got out following Sam.

“C’mon kid. We gotta talk” You walked into the bunker seeing Sam look through the medication basket for antiseptic solution which he found. He pulled up a chair, asking you to sit in it and so you did. He sat in front of you and poured some liquid onto the cotton ball.

“This is gonna hurt, okay?” You shrugged and he hesitantly touched your lip. You didn’t wince, hiss or whine in pain. You simply sat there. Sam expected you to tear up a little at least but you just focused on his hands. He looked at the bottle seeing it was 98% alcohol so it should have stung like a fucking bee.

“I’m accustomed to pain” Dean walked in with your psych evaluation in his hands and he sat next to Sam.

“Y/N… what’s going on?” You saw the sincerity in their eyes and to be honest you missed them. You hated being in their shadows instead of actually being with them. You missed talking to them about anything, or having sci-fi nights.

“nothing” You blantly replied. Dean scoffed and you saw him trying to keep his calm.

“Y/N don’t give us that bullshit otherwise i’m gonna have cas rip into your soul to find out” His jaw tensed and Sam slapped his arm.

“Dean what the hell? Just tell us why you never told us anything, Y/N. The smashed mirror? The constant silence? And apparently we’re dead? What the hell?” You heard the accusation and hurt in both of their tones. They’re hurting? What about how you’ve felt in the past 4 years?

“Please” Dean whispered and your heart broke at his hanging head. You saw something drip from his face and land on his jeans creating a dark blue circle. Tears.

“I’m sorry” You felt your nose and eyes sting from the waterfall of tears about to fall.

“I’m so sorry” You shook your head back and forth realising how defeated and betrayed they must’ve felt.

“Please don’t apologise, just tell us” Sam held out his hand and grabbed yours. He looked into your eyes waiting for you to talk further and then Dean held your other hand.

“We’re here for you” You nodded and cleared your throat.

“When dad died and Dean was dying, I was left alone with him for a while.” You saw the guilt flash through their eyes as they realised you were right beside him till his very last breath.

“He knew yellow eyes was a priority and you needed no distractions. So he made me promise something. To not bother you two at all until everything was over, he told me to become invisible and so I did” Dean’s hands tightens around yours and he looked up into the sky.

“You son of a bitch” he cursed under his breath.

“Sounds like John Winchester to me. But Azazel died, why didn’t you talk to us then?” You moved your hands away and felt the anger rise once again. Azazel always raised your heartrate, you wanted to rip his throat out with your teeth but you couldn’t. That son of a bitch murdered your parents and you couldn’t do anything. You got out of your chair and kicked it which surprised the brothers.

“I didn’t have to work hard to be invisible. It was always the gospel of Sam and Dean Winchester.  I’m not jealous but you’ll never understand, Dad told me to wait until it was over. IT WILL NEVER BE OVER” You punched the wall with your already sore hand and you screamed in agony.

“FUCK” You saw blood seep through the white bandage and the brothers washed over to your aid. You sobbed in frustration feeling every wall crash down within seconds.

“CAS” Dean called out to his trusted friend.

“You’ll never understand the neglection. I had to do this. I promised Dad and I’m so sorry you had to find out this way” Cas appeared and Dean looked at him with stern eyes.

“It’s okay bug. It’s okay. We’re here for you, we’ll talk more tomorrow” Sam kissed your temple and opened your bandages. Castiel touched your forehead and your hands healed instantly. After the excruciating pain faded away you fell under the spell of sleep. Dean lifted you up and kissed your forehead.

“Thanks Cas” With that their angelic friend flew away. The boys walked over to your room and dropped you onto your bed.

12:45 am

Bobby walked into the bunker with the spare key he had made. He held your gift tight in his hands knowing you wanted this for a very long time. A PS4. He tiptoed his way to Deans room seeing he wasn’t there and next was Sam who also was absent.

“A hunt on her birthday, typical” Bobby walked up to your room and gently opened the door and didn’t expect the sight infront of him. You were in the middle of your king size bed with Sam’s head on your stomach and legs dangling off the bed. Your head was under Deans arms and his head rested on your shoulder. Bobby unknowingly smiled at the glorious sight in front of him and he felt proud that you had taken a massive step. You came out the shadows.

Bobby fished out his phone and took a picture of the three of you cuddled up on your bed. He was surprised Dean’s snoring hadn’t woken you up or Sam slightly drooling on your stomach. It was imperfect which made it flawless. He set your present down onto the table and immediately sent you the picture. He kissed your forehead as well as the two brothers.

“Sleep tight, idgits”

6:02 am.

Your eyes fluttered open and you inhaled a large amount of air. You were about to stretch until you felt an odd amount of weight on your stomach and shoulder. You looked down to see your brothers cuddling you, snoring away. You froze for a second and realised this was the most physical contact you’ve had in a while and you didn’t hate it. You loved it. You looked to your left seeing Dean softly snore and you felt something wet on your stomach.

“Ewww” you whispered. You fished through your phone and saw a new text from Uncle Bobby.

From: King B

Happy birthday, sweetheart. Enjoy the Ps whatever and have an amazing day.

P.s - I’m so proud of you, so proud.

He linked a picture of you three snuggling and you smiled at the way you looked like a family. You trailed your eyes over to the brand new PS4 on your table and you silently cheered. Even though you had the urge to get out and set it up you smirked at you comforting brothers.

“A few more minutes” You softly spoke and Dean’s snores became louder. The brightest flame  may cast the darkest shadow but from now on, the three of you shall burn together.