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Protip for stimmers

As you get older (high school and college) more of your friends and classmates will have anxiety. They might not really recognize it, they may just feel like they have nervous energy or get stressed.

If you bring a stim toy with you to school/hanging out, you will not be judged. Everyone will want a turn, I guarantee. How do I know? This has happened to me on SO MANY occasions. It’s becoming really popular right now to have a fidget toy, like those cube things. Most people I know love to mess around with them, and they have so much stress too that all you have to say is that it helps you to keep calm cause you get anxiety and bam! Instant relatability. People totally understand being stressed in general. You don’t have to go into specifics about your diagnosis or your neurodivergence, cause they probably won’t follow anyway. Just say it’s for anxiety and offer them a chance to try it out. They might end up wanting one for themselves! Just be sure to say you need it back soon or they might walk off with it, sometimes to show other people.

But seriously, don’t feel bad about your stim toys. Even the chewy necklaces and stuff (though I wouldn’t share those lol). Tons of people bite their nails or chew on stuff, just say you do that and are trying to stop by replacing it with the necklace. When in doubt, look to their natural responses and find something common that relates to your stim. For instance, I stim by singing when I drive. I tell people it just distracts me and keeps me calm, and I try to play music that they know so they can sing too! People love shit like that.

Giveaway finale!

The reactions to this giveaway surpassed my expectations and it took me a while to collect all the entries. Thank you for your patience! I’ll have to find an easier way to do this next time because typing up 2500+ url-s by hand is really time-consuming OvO. Anyway, I finally fed the random number generator who gave me the name of four winners:

@reinedescoeurs got a full body shaded drawing
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@asexual-astronomer got a t-shirt from my teepublic store

Winners, you’re free to trade your prizes between each other if you want. I just ask that you don’t pressure/harass each other, plz! If for some reason you don’t want your prize, feel free to tell me - no hard feelings, I promise! and I’ll roll for a new winner. If I don’t hear from you in 5 days (in the form of an ask or IM), I shall roll a new winner in your place.

I really appreciate the new follows and reblogs and all the sweet comments in the tags! I read them all. ALL! 👀 They gave me the feels.
This month will be overloaded AF, therefore I don’t expect to draw many ask replies. But that usually means you get to see more finished and colored pieces so there’s that. ^^
Thanks again and I hope you forgive me for drawing Meg a 70s hairdo when they’re supposed to be in a fictional 50s setting I don’t know what I’m doing

Namjoon Scenario: Stars Aligned.

Request: can I request a Namjoon scenario where it’s a nice warm night and you open all the windows in the house and the stars and the moon are so bright you and Namjoon start talking about the future? (Like kids and marriage) sorry if this is too detailed🙈   

Genre: Romance     

There were certain times in your life that made you feel lucky, days you’d think of how special some things in your life were, and tonight was one of those times. You took off your jacket because it was getting too warm to have it on, resting your hip against the counter so you couldn’t miss a beat of your boyfriend going round the kitchen. Namjoon was all sharp angles and confident manliness, the sight of him never failed to make your heart do a little back flip even if you always dismissed the ridiculousness of that thought.

He’d taken off his jacket as well after arriving, you had taken a six hour travel just so you could spend the weekend away from the hectic rhythm of the city in a vacationing house, it was small and cozy, with the few necessary things for a couple and you were already enjoying the wash of fresh air that all the green around you offered. You could have taken a plane to make the travel shorter, but Namjoon had wanted to get there in car because that way you could enjoy more the views, he was much more of a detail oriented person than anybody would think just by looking at him, the thing was that Namjoon was a lot of things, and you loved unraveling every layer he had to offer.

–Are you tired babe? – he turned to look at you for a moment, a little smile shining on his lips. His hair was tousled and unkempt, the black t-shirt he was wearing fitting on him just right and you bit your lower lip because he just pulled off black so well.

–Not yet – that seemed to please him, both of you were already feeling lazy that for sure, but it was more a sort of comfortable laziness. Namjoon handed you a glass of wine and pulled you close by the hips.

You’d had dinner already while getting to know the town and you had strolled around with him while his arm rested around your waist, it had been a nice start for that lazy weekend and it was late already, you knew it, but it wasn’t like you had things to do or worry for tomorrow and that was the point of this.

Namjoon took a sip from his wine to then lean down to kiss your lips, and it was fair to say that the mix of wine and his lips were enough to make you lightheaded, plus the weather that night was warm and inviting, prickling on your skin, or maybe it was Namjoon’s closeness what got your own skin on fire.

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Your Voight post made me think, and I think CPD doesn't get enough appreciation re: how they seem to effortlessly go against a lot of toxic masculinity. Like, there's been any issues with the guys crying or expressing their love for each other, and it's never made into a joke or followed with a no homo reaction or smthn like that and idk I guess I really appreciate the male friendships in CPD. Even the rest of the franchise doesn't do so well as this imo (not counting justice bc it's still new)

You know I started replying to this and then I realised that I’ve never really thought about the male characters in that much depth…I’m the first to sing about how amazing Erin and Burgess are, as well as male characters individually, but when I really thought about how well the men have been created, I ended up with an entire essay so apologies it’s so long but I just love this show and these guys. Also since there’s been a lot of negativity in light of *cough* recent events, I thought it would be nice to show my appreciation, so here goes. Feel free to add examples/contradictions/points/other ideas etc!!

Something I need to say before beginning: I find it really, really difficult to empathise with male characters. It’s just harder for me to really relate to their issues. And I think a huge reason for this is just that being a female character in these shows and these professions is just harder. And therefore there are a certain amount of fundamental difficulties that each female character has to face, and since being a female in general involves a lot of these struggles, it’s much easier for other women to look at these characters and see themselves in them. Look at Erin and Burgess struggling to keep their hard work and intelligence a more valuable feature to their unit than their bodies. Look at April and Maggie trying not to be undermined by their male, more qualified co-workers - and Manning being a single, working mum. Look at Gabby beating the odds and becoming a firefighter even though no one thinks she can do it because she’s small and female.

And I love that this show can do that: take these vital professions and give them amazing, well developed, multifaceted female characters whose constant struggles are so relatable for any female watching because we’ve all been there.

But what PD does that I just don’t see so much in the others (Fire does it to an extent, but I can’t really think of any examples in Med - although it’s my least favourite and so I’m probably not the best person to make analyses based on it, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) is do the same with the males. And it’s something that I have never seen on a TV show before. There’s no “no-homo” bullshit, there’s no reservations around being friends. They hug each other when they’re worried about them, they do the friendly shoulder squeezes and arm-punches and fist-bumps. They go out for drinks together. They trust each other and look out for each other and they talk to each other about how they feel. And it’s really, really nice to see.

People go the extra mile when writing female characters (although admittedly, as a teenage girl I’m probably not using the widest sample range of TV shows) because they know that either a) their audience is mostly female, or b) they’re worried about sexist accusations. Women have always been victims of horrible media tropes, so I’m so, so glad that they do go this extra mile - I love seeing female friendships more than anything else in the world - but because people are so aware of the issue surrounding female characters, they’ve taken that into consideration, while assuming that there isn’t actually a problem with their male characters.

What Chicago PD does that I think is incredible from a characterisation point of view is they take these archetypal cop characters - the dirty cop (Voight), the by-the-book cop (Antonio), the shell-shocked veteran cop (Halstead), the old-cop young cop (Ruzek and Ollinsky) and the gentle giant (Attwater). **there are more, such as Attwater arguably being the “token minority” and Ruzek being the “fair cop” but you get the idea. They all seem to represent one of the main tropes that are almost always present in cop shows (at least all the ones I’ve watched).

And the show doesn’t subvert the tropes, not exactly - even though doing so would be so much easier - but they three-dimensialise (idk if that’s a word just roll with me here) all the characters on top of these fundamental archetypes. ie:

  • Voight is a dirty cop. He kills people in the name of justice, he’s used dirty money and lied under oath and done things that probably should have lost him his badge a million times. And yet, he works tirelessly for the protection of his city. He loves his son with everything he has, and his grandson, and his daughter-in-law. He took in a 13(?) year old who’d been hooked on heroin and arrested for solicitation and loves her like she’s his own daughter. He made amends with the guy who put his son in jail. He always, always fights for the underdog and doesn’t let the system take advantage of them. He treats his unit as if they are his “family” - literally his words - and he has formed relationships with every single one of them, bending the rules and putting his neck and badge on the line if they ever do anything wrong or against the rules. (Example: 3x05)
  • Antonio plays by the rules, that’s just who he is. He believes in the system more than Voight does, arguably because he’s always been on the right side of it. But that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to make compromises if those he really cares about are on the line - he is more than willing to turn a blind eye to other people’s ‘interpretations’ of the law, and he will do everything in his power to fight his way using the rules of the system before he breaks them. (1x02, 3x01)
  • Halstead’s military history I think is one of the most interesting aspects of this show because he had the potential to turn into a “cold sniper” as I think is the norm with ex-military characters, and yeah, he was affected in ways that we don’t even know - and may never fully understand - by what he saw and did in his tour(s). But he’s so selfless and sweet and supportive. His PTSD and general commitment issues mean that he can’t open up to everyone but he still lets them open up to him, being Erin’s #1 supporter, and he’s finally started to work on looking after his mental health properly and learning how to ask for help. He’s kind and caring and understands the importance of sacrifice and, like Voight, is willing to bend the rules a little bit - even if he’s always there to question Voight’s methods. (3x17, 4x18 - deleted scene)
  • Ruzek is the token rookie of the show, and the audience is placed in the same boat as him when initially learning the ropes of the unit and how everyone fits. He’s the young and attractive one (I mean….), and he does exhibit those typical rookie traits: he’s rash and reckless and cocky and definitely not as cynical as any of the others, but at the same time he has a huge heart, he’s sweet and caring, and he can be as tough as hell when someone he loves is in danger. He doesn’t have the “tortured romantic” side to him and he has a typical cop family tree, but he’s the person I feel like most people can probably relate to - someone who puts themselves in harm’s way every single day for no reason other than he wants to make a difference. (1x01, 1x11)
  • Ollinsky is the other dirty cop, although he functions more as an assistant to the dirty cop. He has the tough coldness about him that you would probably expect Jay to have instead, if following these tropes by the book, and he comes across as very sinister and quite scary. And yet he is an absolute darling around Lexi and Michelle and when Lexi died and Meredith was kidnapped, he totally lost control. Despite all the coldness and being closed-off he is perhaps the most emotional of them all, grieving and crying and not caring about how tough he is when someone he loves is threatened. (4x16)
  • Attwater is the gentle giant of the show and although this doesn’t need much more explaining, he, alongside Erin, is also the token minority of the unit (even more so now that Antonio’s left and Burgess has joined Erin in Intelligence) and although this trope is constantly seen as a bad thing, using a token character to avoid criticism of being racist in casting choices, in PD Attwater opens the door to addressing cases of police racism, corruption and brutality against ethnic minorities, and the episodes in which they do deal with this, Attwater is quick to express his opinion on the matter and challenge within seconds everything that’s wrong with the institution and their society. But on top of all that, he has relatives in prison, he’s expected to be a big tough “scary black man”, but in actuality he looks after his two younger siblings and does stand-up comedy and probably gives the best bear hugs ever.

And the support system that these six men have together (or five, now that Antonio’s left) is incredible to watch. They understand barriers, they know when to push and when to give each other space, they all work together so well in such a potentially toxic environment without even a hint at this hyper-masculinity that is so huge in other cop shows. They’re all just bros.

What’s also great is that even though there’s a lil bit of that bro-masculine culture especially when Erin goes undercover and dresses up all nice, they’re never anything but perfect gentlemen. There’s no teasing and no sexist remarks about her legs or whatever, they all just seem genuinely impressed by how pretty she looks and how well she does her job. Adam even says things like “there’s about a thousand things I could say right now but won’t” because they all respect Erin and Burgess and support them as much as each they do each other. They don’t care if the women do better jobs than them, or save them, or shoot more accurately than them, and they’d never dream of undermining their femininity while doing so.

Other examples of the bros being bros:

  • Antonio getting Jay into the unit in the first place as a thank you for helping out Gabby (Chicago Fire, season 2 sometime, mentioned later when Antonio leaves)
  • Voight literally crying on Alvin’s shoulder after Justin’s death
  • Every single one of Jay and Mouse’s interactions, especially when they talk about their time in the military and Jay realises how much he cares about his friend when Mouse wants to re-enlist and when Mouse is taken hostage (4x05, 3x03)
  • Antonio and Voight’s entire friendship and the fact that Voight would go to such measures to help Diego even after Antonio was the one to put the cuffs on and send him to jail
  • Attwater and Ruzek being bros until the end and *sniff* the whole best man thing 
  • They all buy Antonio a zimmer frame when he gets shot isn’t that just beautiful
  • Ruzek hugging Al after Lexi’s death and his little “I don’t know what to say” and “can I hug you?” - like he knows Al might just want space but he has to let him know he’s there for him
  • They all get so upset when Jay is taken. Just watch the scene where they see the video of his torture and their faces break me. They can’t handle the idea that someone so close to them - their brother - is in so much pain. (3x01)
  • Seriously tho just look at these bros

Originally posted by jayhalsteadcpd

So I was just gonna write a few paragraphs and sorry this is so long but feel free to add more!! I want to know what everyone else thinks!

My Hope for Oliver

Originally posted by gothsmoak

(I know he’s talking about John - But I think Oliver is pretty awesome)

So, this is my theory on the Oliver/Susan relationship. I really think I’m the only one who thinks this is possible. But hey, it’s nice to be different, right?

I’ve seen all kinds of thoughts as to why Oliver is with Susan – including he needs someone to replace Felicity, he wants to trust or he’s just plain stupid.

But I’m going to speculate that maybe Oliver is playing Susan.

Still with me? It’s totally fine if you disagree but I’m holding on to this hope.

I believe this to be the case for the following reasons:

 1)    We have seen Oliver grow so much in 5a he is so very different than season 1 Ollie – everything he does – opening up to Felicity, trusting the new team, trusting people – all show us he is a changed man. Would this changed man suddenly date a woman who is not only bad for his career – a Mayor dating a journalist – and who his most trusted advisors have advised against. Why would he ignore them?

Originally posted by olicity-i-believe-in-you

 2)    Thea – We know Susan screwed over Thea, Oliver knows this too. And she continues to diss Thea – to Oliver face! (How dare she? Hates her.) This is not something Ollie or Oliver would be okay.

Originally posted by arrowsource

 3)    We did not see Felicity’s reaction to his first date with Susan. What was the point of the scene in the lair where the date was discussed if not to show Felicity’s reaction? The fact that they didn’t show her reaction to me was telling. She’s in on it. Also, she conveniently forgot Susan existed in 5x12, would she really forget Oliver has a girlfriend?

Originally posted by queensarrow

 4)    Stephen Amell is a pretty good actor and as much we know he ships Olicity, he would never play it that way if he was trying to convince us to buy this relationship with Susan. He cringes when she touches him, as soon as she turns his smile disappears, Susan had to complain they had not had sex, he looked completely uncomfortable (stiff neck) after they had sex and he would not confide in her, just shut her down.

Originally posted by olivergifs

Based on all these things I believe that Oliver knows exactly what Susan is up to and is playing the long game with her. I think Thea is probably helping – which may explain her absence and Felicity is aware.

I don’t think Oliver’s stupid, I think he’s smart and I think he knows exactly what’s going on.

Thanks to @gothsmoak @olicity-i-believe-in-you @arrowsource @queensarrow and @olivergifs for making the gifs!

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So, moment of truth.  I used to watch House and while I liked JMo’s character on it I found her to be somewhat…bland.  So much so that when I read about Once and what her character was going to be, I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to pull it off in a way I would find believable.

And then Emma walked out of the fucking elevator.  This is the perfect counterpoint entrance to Regina’s.  She is the commanding presence in our world that Regina is in the Enchanted Forest, and this entire scene is there to show us that she is absolutely strong enough to stand up to the Evil Queen.

And not just strong, but clever.  She totally plays this jackass from the moment she sits down.  And more than that, she enjoys it.  She is totally a predator toying with her food in this moment and I adore that.

And then this.  That smirky little look as she follows jackass to his car, knowing he can’t get away.  And then bashing his head into the steering wheel when he insults her.

I just…in its first five minutes this show presented its three main characters to us in a way that had me desperate to see more of all of them - and practically weeping in joy that I was watching a show in which the women were clearly the leads and clearly complex and fascinating and….just….when this show is good it is really REALLY good.

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even tho it's depressing as fuck I love how dean and cas can bond over having shitty absent fathers

Oh yeah, I totally get you! :p

Like, it’s terrible that these two characters that we love and adore have something like that in common, but I also think that it’s so important that this is a thing that they can both understand so completely about the other.

We’ve been shown that, for both Dean and Cas, the relationship with their father has been a major struggle throughout the show. Their fathers being absent, but even in that absence them being basically drilled into that routine of: “I have to follow orders, or else” and sort of being stuck in that pattern at all times. 

And so it never needs any explanation between them, because they both have been there. I think this is another thing with which they’ve helped each other, making the other question things, making the other consider; but what if I did it my way instead? Would that really be so bad?

And I think that it’s a good thing that at least on a subject this heavy and this prominently present for both of them at all times, they can find comfort in each other without deep down worrying that the other doesn’t quite understand what kind of impact this has had on their entire life.

Started today out with very few coins in the drawer, no problem, it’s a Monday in February. Other than a roll of pennies I had to open at opening because there were none out, there were like 5 each of the other coins all day, self-sustaining because of receiving change from people’s purchases. As my manager was leaving for the day (with me following an hour later), I asked “Gee, you think [coworker closing] can go the rest of the night without opening any rolls of coins?” (Totally doable with a little effort and some luck). Her response? Essentially, “Hah! No.” XD

This coworker is notorious for never, ever asking customers for change, plus they’re not the greatest employee we’ve had and I’m fairly close to my manager, so she’s comfortable showing her general annoyance with them to me (and I’ve vented to her about them, too). That quick little exchange with her brightened my day. I just kind of feel bad that the coworker probably had to count 3 or 4 rolls’ worth of change tonight, and then will have to do it again in the morning, because they’re scheduled to open tomorrow.

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Hello! I've been following your bughead AO3 stories, and I love them! Could I request a Jughead fic? In the show he seems constantly exhausted, like he doesn't sleep well, he spends all his time at Pop's, and he's totally shameless about asking for/straight up taking other people's food. He also seems like he has little regard for his own personal safety. Could you write a fic where he has a difficult home life that reaches a breaking point, and Betty sneaks him into her house to look after him?

Man how right you were. Since we now know that Juggie is homeless, I wrote this one as if it were after the last episode.

“Jughead?” Betty was half asleep when she answered the phone, but even then she was concerned as to why he was calling. Jughead barely ever used his phone even to text, so what reason could he have to be calling now?

“Hey Betts…”Jughead sounded reserved, sheepish even.

“What’s wrong?” Betty sat up straight in her bed, not liking how off he sounded.

“Don’t worry…It’s nothing really.”

“Juggie, there is something going on. Tell me” Betty was on her feet now and the only thing that kept her from shouting the words was the thought of her parents asleep down the hall.

“Can I…” Jughead sighed on the other end of the phone. “Can I crash at your place tonight?”

“Absolutely” Betty said without hesitation. She would find out the details later, if Jughead needed someplace to sleep, she was going to give him one, no matter the reason. “There’s a garden trellis that you can use to climb into my room. Polly used to use it to sneak out at night, mom never figured it out because she never imagined Polly would come through my room.”

“Okay” came the small reply. Betty hung up the phone and turned on the light by her window. Then she opened the window and leaned out. She could just make up Jughead down below, illuminated by the street lamp. A sense of dread filled Betty as she saw the huge pack that was on his back. Jughead smiled and waved up at her when he saw her, Betty waved back but was unable to return the smile. Jughead nimbly started climbing the trellis. When he reached the top he handed his backpack up to Betty who marveled at the heaviness of it. Jughead pulled himself through the window and shut it behind him.

“Here” Betty handed him back his pack, which looked like it had most of his belongings inside.

“Thanks Betty.” Jughead regarded her seriously, probably wary of her questions. But Betty simply looked back, inviting him to share as much information as he wanted. She knew how tight lipped Jughead could be, she would never be able to force information out of him.

“You can sleep in Polly’s bed if you want.” Betty said after a few minutes of silence. Jughead dropped his backpack and sat on her bed, still not saying anything. Betty sat on her bed and scooted so her back was against the headboard. Jughead sat with his head bent low, picking at his fingers. After a little while he looked up and met her gaze.

“Can I just stay with you? I’ll sleep on the floor” His tone was soft but his eyes pleaded with her.

“You don’t have to sleep on the floor Juggie.” Betty said with an eye roll, patting the bed next to her. Jughead gave her a small, kicked off his boots, and sat back next to her. He took a deep breath and finally started to tell her what happened.

“Remember when my parents split, and I chose to stay with my dad instead of my mom and Jellybean because they were leaving Riverdale?”

“Of course I remember.” It had been the only time she had seen Jughead cry. First finding out that his parents were getting a divorce, then finding out that his mom was leaving town and that Jellybean had chosen to go with her. “I remember how impossible that decision was for you” Betty put her hand on his arm.

“It was hard, but Riverdale had you and Archie, plus I worshipped my dad, and Riverdale was my home.” Jughead turned to look at her and Betty was shocked to see a tear slip down his face. She immediately reached up and brushed it away.

“Juggie, you don’t have to tell me anything that you don’t want to.”

“I know” Jughead leaned slightly into her hand, which was still resting on his cheek. “I want to tell you. I’ve…I’ve been keeping something from you…from everyone for a long time. I think I was just too stubborn and proud and ashamed to tell the truth. But I can’t keep running from it.”

“Juggie, whatever it is, you can tell me.” Betty sat up straighter and turned to face him, sitting crisscross. Jughead was scaring her, but she was determined not to let it show.

“Okay…So, I lived with my dad happily for three and a half years. Then I found out the main reason my mom had left both my dad and Riverdale. Betts…my dad is a part of the South Side Serpents.” Jughead bite his lip as he looked at her intently. Betty couldn’t help but give a little gasp of surprise.

“You’re dad’s a part of that biker gang?” She asked incredulously.

“Yeah, when Archie’s dad fired him, he claimed to have gotten a new job, but he was being really vague about the whole thing. So one day I followed him and watched him spend the entire day drinking with the gang. When he came home that night I confronted him about it, he told me everything. He said that he had been part of the gang since high school, but back then it was more for fun and less violent. As the years passed the gang grew increasingly more volatile. Apparently my mom wanted him to leave but he felt too much commitment to his old buddies. My dad chose his gang over our family.” Jughead scoffed in disgust. Betty reached out and took his hand, needing to comfort him in some way. She knew that no words would be enough. Jughead gave her a small smile and gripped her hand back tightly. “I tried to live with it, I tried to pretend that I didn’t care, but knowing where he went each day and knowing that he cared more about the gang than me was driving me crazy…so…about a year ago I moved out.” Jughead said the last part quickly as if that would take away some of the shock. It didn’t. Betty probably would’ve fallen off the bed if Jughead didn’t have her hand in a death grip. He was holding her hand like he thought this information would make her want to run away.

“A year?” Betty said slowly, attempting to process the information. “You moved out a year ago…where have you been living?

“Well at first I slept in my tree house, but eventually the weather got too cold for that. Then, I realized that I was the only person who really ever went into the film booth at my job at the drive in. So I moved in there. I told my boss that the cot was for times when we had double features until the early hours in the morning, so I could just sleep there instead of going all the way home at 3am.”

“Jughead…” Betty shook her head.

“No, no, no” Jughead released her hand and launched himself off the bed. He stood over her with an angry expression. “Don’t you feel sorry for me. It was my choice and actually the drive in was a nice little home. But that look of pity you are giving me right now, that is exactly why I didn’t want to tell any of you!”

“Shhhh Juggie, my parents” Betty whispered in alarm when his voice raised in volume. “I’m sorry, come back and sit down.” Jughead sighed, but returned to his spot next to her. Betty cupped his face in her hands, wanting to make sure that he understood what she was going to say next. “The look I was giving you wasn’t pity, it was empathy. It was me feeling pain knowing that my best friend is going through something awful, and had been going through it and I never knew. I’m upset you didn’t tell me, or anyone and I hate that you went through it alone, but I don’t pity you. You are too strong of a person for me to ever pity you.” Betty said her piece and went to move her hands away, but Jughead reached his hands up and lay them over hers.

“I’m sorry, that was an overreaction…it’s a touchy subject.”

“I can see that” Betty teased with a small laugh, earning a smile from Jughead

“Thank you Betts, thank you for being here for me.” Jughead grew serious again

“We’ll figure this out Juggie. I know Mr. Andrews and Archie would not want you to be homeless. Or maybe Ronnie could get her mom to hook you up with a room. We’re your friends, we are here to help.” Betty stroked his cheek with her thumb.

“Betty, I don’t know…”

“You can stay here for as many nights as you need, but you need to tell them Jughead. This isn’t a permanent solution and my mom will kill both of us if she ever finds out. I will help you tell them and we can wait until you are ready, but we do need to tell them. You know that right?” Betty said gently but firmly. Jughead sighed and closed his eyes, still holding her hands against his cheeks.

“Yes, I know. I didn’t even think about the situation I was putting you in by coming here. I just knew that you were the one I wanted to go to. I feel safe with you Betty, but maybe I shouldn’t stay. I don’t want to be the reason you get into trouble with your mom.” Jughead moved to release her hands and stand up, but Betty grabbed his hands and held fast.

“Then I guess we’ll just have to be really sneaky.” She whispered with a wink. Jughead looked down at their joined hands and then up into her eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely, now change into your pjs and let’s go to sleep.” Betty said, pointing to the closet. Jughead dug around in his backpack, pulling out sweatpants and a tshirt and headed into the closet to change. Betty switched off the light and climbed into bed. Shortly after she heard Jughead exit and get into bed next to her. There was a slightly awkward moment where they both lay on their backs, not touching, and barely breathing. Betty knew that Jughead had absolutely no idea how to act in a situation like this. She decided that it would be a whole less awkward if they were cuddling. She hated the weird trying not to touch each other thing that was going on. So Betty rolled over on her side and threw her arm over Jughead’s stomach, cuddling up to his side. Jughead made a surprised noise, but she felt both of his arms go around her.

“Night Juggie” Betty whispered, settling her head on his chest.

“Goodnight Betty Cooper” Jughead’s body rumbled at the words.

With a contented sigh, both closed their eyes and pushed away all of their troubles. Those were problems for the morning, but for right now, they both were going to enjoy the present.

The Pevensies and social media:

- he lives on Snapchat
- he doesn’t normally do any interesting things
- but his siblings definitely do
- everyone is amused by his family’s antics
- he loves recording Edmund’s pranks
- especially when they go wrong
- and he loves taking embarrassing videos and pictures of his sisters
- they’re daily occurrences and he can’t not post them on his account
- his followers look forward to seeing his posts

- is the Pinterest queen
- she’s all about aesthetic and it totally shows it on her boards
- has thousands of followers with dozens of boards that have hundreds of pins in them
- she’s just so good at finding pins and making a pretty aesthetic out of them
- starts posting aesthetic pictures she took
- they get lots of saves and people even repost them on Tumblr
- Pinterest can’t be mentioned without bringing up her boards
- everyone basically follows her and adores her

- rules Twitter
- he’s not one to say much but when he does, everyone goes crazy
- it really helps that he can come up with some pretty good one-liners
- his account is pure sass
- he’ll sometimes even tweet some insanely witty things his siblings have said
- (they say a lot of witty things, coming from sassy parents and all, but only the best of the best he tweets out)
- he doesn’t follow anyone
- he wants his material to be original and have no possibility of being like anyone else’s
- his originality and wittiness are what everyone follow him for
- and the occassional pictures he posts of him and/or his siblings
- (they’re all so attractive, how can people not go crazy over them?)

- cannot spend a minute without checking her Tumblr
- doesn’t care for any other social media
- her blog is a mess of animals, aesthetic pictures, fandoms, and activism
- somehow manages to keep her original aesthetic throughout the years
- her siblings know that when she locks herself inside her room for hours it’s because she’s perfecting her new theme
- has thousands of followers and she doesn’t know how
- she likes to post her writing on there sometimes
- (her poetry ends up getting hundreds of notes)
- she’ll tell anyone but her siblings what her URL is
- she doesn’t want them finding out that she sometimes posts embarrassing stories about them that end up circulating Tumblr

You know, given how much I LOVE Sonic the Hedgehog, I often wonder why I follow a grand total of 1 Sonic blog. I mean, surely there are plenty of good Sonic blogs, right?

Then I remember.

It’s almost impossible to find a Sonic fan who won’t end up bashing on at least one of the Sonic games or TV shows or characters that I like. I’ve only played Sonic 1 all the way up to Shadow the Hedgehog, which means I can’t judge the Boost gameplay whatsoever, but I’ve watched all the cutscenes for modern games and I have to say, I enjoyed all of them in some manner or another.

06, while there was plenty that it did wrong, there was also a lot that it did right. Silver and Shadow’s character arcs and the bonds they each had with their friends was engaging and interesting. Silver’s actually one of my favorite characters, but I know that most fandom content with Silver has him out of character or reduced to an “it’s no use” meme, and it’s honestly disappointing.

Sonic Unleashed had great characterization, a pretty good story, and I really liked Sonic’s friendship with Chip. But most people can’t deal with the Werehog thing, and while I agree it’s kind of a silly concept, the execution of that concept was actually pretty good.

Sonic Colors was fun, gave Tails some more personality, introduced Cubot, and it didn’t take itself too seriously. It didn’t have to for the most part, even if there were some things about it that I wish got explored more. But again, a lot of people think it’s stupid and terrible because it decided to be fun and light-hearted. Not to mention, it set the tone that would later be used in Sonic Boom.

Speaking of Sonic Boom, I cannot, for the life of me, imagine why people think the humor is dumb and lowers your brain cells or whatever the complaints are nowadays. I get that humor is a personal preference, but it’s gotten to the point where people think that Sonic Boom is the ABSOLUTE WORST THING TO EXIST AND YOU HAVE ZERO TASTE IN SHOWS AND YOU FAIL AT LIFE IF YOU LIKE THIS EXCUSE OF A SONIC SHOW. Like… where is this coming from?

This is why I don’t really follow any Sonic blogs. There’s no way to know what they’ll start hating on. They might love Sonic Generations (which I also like) and hate Sonic Boom. They might love Colors and despise Unleashed. They might absolutely adore the classics, (which I do) but loathe everything that came after. Since I love more or less everything Sonic has to offer, I feel like it’s hard to find blogs that feel the same way I do. Yeah, I could follow a ton of Sonic blogs so I get a wide variety of the games I like, but likewise, there’s going to be an equally wide variety of people hating on things I like. And you know what? I don’t want any Sonic Hate on my dash. I want it to consist of Sonic Love and Appreciation. But it’s hard to find one and not get the other. So it’s disappointing for me.

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- Dan literally wearing a trash bag that said ‘Phil Trash #1’ nbd
- and let’s not forget the “dads of the year” award
- Dan dragging Phil for his ‘brrrmany’ tweet lmao (he had it coming to be fair)
- “Hallo, mein Name ist [ Dan ]”
- I C O N I C
- “You want me to choke you?…I’m not gonna say dad like I did in Dublin" D A N
- We made Dan name the lama “Merkel” and he just went “I feel like we’re just trying to see how fast Phil and I can get deported” lmao
- “That sounds like a few Dutch eagles mating over there” followed by “WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING THAT WAS SO OFFENSIVE”
- also before the show started they played Youth and I feel like we screamed just as loud as during the show we’re all still Troye trash

anonymous asked:

How did you learn korean ? Oh and thank u for all the subbing you do

i learned the alphabet and basic grammars like years ago but didn’t have the time to properly learn it. about 1 year ago i hired a korean tutor and started with the ‘sejong korean’ textbook series, i stopped at the 7th book 5 months ago because my tutor was busy and she’s still an university student, not a teacher, so she couldn’t teach me up to the advanced level ;^; since then i just study by myself, but recently i signed up for an advanced speaking class and it’s been quite fun ;♡;

during the time i learn korean, i go on twitter a lot and look at others’ tweets, try to understand them as good as i can. i have some korean friends too, we share the same idol so i just keep talking to them to make my korean sound more naturally. but mostly twitter ;♡; the way koreans tweet, text and talk is not always like those you can learn in textbooks, they vary a lot and even create new words over time. it all comes down to how much you expose yourself to the language. my twitter feed is all in korean so i somewhat feel familiar with it now, and i try to think in korean whenever i can ;3;

if you want to enhance your korean ability i’d suggest creating a totally new twitter account, follow korean fans and try to understand their tweets as much as possible. i suggest using ‘naver open dict’ and 'itaki’ if you come across a new word that doesn’t show up in dictionaries. and join open chat! sometimes fansites or fans would open kakaotalk open chats which you can join and keep your identity a secret, join them and see how koreans text in real life. warning: it’s flooded fast, keep your eyes and brain focus ;u; (oh and careful with the formality too, you can’t use 나는 and then add 습니다 at the end, i suggest looking up the 존댓말 rules first, never use 반말 with people you meet or talk to for the first time)

also, watch lots of videos and radio shows to get your brain accustomed to korean. try to stay away from dramas because the audios are always edited, so they sound clearer than in real life. stick with outdoor interviews, variety shows (the funny lousy ones) and news. for radio shows, i suggest park sohyun’s love game, her voice is sweet and soothing ;♡;

and thank you for your message ;3; i don’t sub much though, i’m just sticking with translating and maybeeeeee, just mayyybeee, i’ll sub when i’m free and bangtan doesn’t drain my vital lol

I have finally come up with a list of my Favorite Things in fiction!  It starts out as an itemized list and then gradually devolves into a pile of increasingly oddly specific scenarios:

  • Torture
  • Emotional trauma
  • Xanatos gambits (especially ones that take an obscenely long time to come into effect.)
  • Betrayal, double agents, heel-face-turn, face-heel-turn, ect.
  • Characters with a god complex.  Bonus points if they actually are a god, but still overstating their importance.
  • Characters losing their sanity in a time loop.  Bonus points if it’s self-inflicted. (Steins;Gate, Madoka Magica, you know the drill.)
  • Characters being ordered to kill loved ones.
  • Characters being made to watch a loved one die (for cases when the previous item won’t work.)
  • Characters who used to be close but now they hate each other or are being pitted against each other (think Prince of Egypt.)
  • Characters engineering huge sequences of terrible events and going beyond the moral event horizon, all for the sake of saving something/someone important to them (Wakfu, much?)
  • Characters getting pulled into huge conspiracies that they want nothing to do with.
  • Post apocalyptic, life-goes-on, peaceful kind of settings.  Think Breath of the Wild apocalypse aesthetic.
  • Characters that view themselves as some kind of abomination (so overdone but I love it ok.)
  • The thing where a character deduces that the only way to defeat evil is to rise to the top of evil’s ranks and take control from within. (Oh hello, Kill la Kill.)
  • That scene where a character is told they have to sacrifice themself to save the world/their loved ones/the universe/ect.  The further in advance the better, because more delicious emotions.  (It’s in Harry Potter, it’s in PMD2, I love it.)
  • Gods being afraid of mortals  (Or even better–gods NOT being afraid of mortals, facing their death at the hands of mortals with dignity.) Yes, hello, Princess Mononoke.
  • Gods NOT facing their death at the hands of mortals with dignity, flying into a rage, and destroying everything (I told you guys I liked Fledglings.)
  • The scene where everyone dies but then they’re brought back by the plot threads that were carefully set up like a hundred chapters prior. (Oh hi, FMA, I was wondering when you’d show up.)
  • When an entire long series is all leading up to Stopping The Thing, but The Thing happens anyway and then the protagonists have to hastily devise a new plan of fighting The Thing because every plan they’ve ever had until now has just been invalidated. (Yep, it’s FMA again…)

More to follow when I think of them.

Got7 reacting to you being a Victoria Secret Model

Jaebum: He’d already be deeply in love with you & but you telling him that you’re a model makes him feel even more attracted to you.

Mark: He’d feel so proud of you and support your every move. He’d be glad that people realize your potential.

Jackson: He would totally freak out and tell all his members about it and brag with you being a model every time you’re around and tell them how hot you are. 

Jinyoung: He’d find you even more attractive when he finds out that you’re an Angel & ask you if you could give him a private show.

Youngjae: He’d be really proud of you and make sure to follow your every step. Before shows he’d always tell you how pretty you are before going into the public and watching you go down the runaway. 

BamBam: He’d be absolutely stunned when he sees you walking down the runaway and wouldn’t be able to hold in his excitment as he tells the people next to him that he’s your boyfriend.

Yugyeom: He’d support you just as much as you support him & always be blown away by the beauty of your photoshoots. He’d have a hard time controlling himself when he sees you advertising Victoria’s new underwear line.

[About Wally and Artemis] 08. Teach

Wally and Artemis had been dating for exactly sixteen days when Artemis realized that being in a relationship with someone you used to fight all the time wasn’t actually easy. There were lots of things she didn’t know how to approach him on and she could see he had the same problem and it was frustrating. They liked each other and they were over the love-hate phase. They were good together, there was no need for this weirdness and embarrassment.

So there she is, a day later, trying to decide if they’re close enough so that she could ask him to help her with her homework and it would be okay and not awkward. That he wouldn’t make fun of her for not knowing it – even if only teasingly – or that they would actually study and not make out.

“Uh, Wally?” She opens the door to his room slightly and asks tentatively.

“Hey, Babe.” He’s at the door in less than a second, a huge smile on his face.

Hey. Uh, listen… would you mind helping me with my homework? I’m not that good with Chemistry.”

He raises his eyebrows suggestively and she knows something terrible is coming. “Ooh, I have to disagree with that.”

She rolls her eyes. “I’m serious. I’m having a real hard time with these questions.”

This time he rolls his eyes. “Of course I’ll help you, come in.”

She sits on his bed, her book on her lap, and soon he’s sitting by her side, his right arm touching her left.

“Ok, let me see what you’re learning.” He takes her book and makes a quick reading – and by quick she means he reads the whole chapter in like ten seconds – and grins because oh my god I love this subject, it’s one of my favorites and looks at her super excited to help her because science. “Ok, that’s awesome. What are you having trouble with?”

She clears her throat, still a little embarrassed to let him know that she’s not actually getting anything and tries to explain the main points she’s having problems with. He looks and listens patiently, making some remarks on her notebook, and considers all of her doubts. Not once does he laugh or does anything other than look totally and completely understanding.

When she’s finished he takes her book and the notes he made and goes one by one, explaining all of them in different ways and showing her examples and trying to find practical situations so she could understand.

She finds it all a little bit hard in the beginning because he’s excited and thinking at his speed and she’s not actually following it, but he soon realizes that and slows down, figuring out the right way to teach her stuff so that she’ll really get it, not only memorize it for two days.

It takes him two hours to explain everything to her – he had to go back a little in the book and explain some old stuff – and so that she could finish all of her homework, but they finally do it.

She has no idea why she was worried in the first place, because of course Wally wouldn’t make her feel bad in any way. She was so stupid.

“Thanks for helping me, Wall-Man, couldn’t have done it without you.” She nudges his arm a little bit as she says it.

He smiles and raises his arm to circle her shoulders, bringing her closer. “Anytime, Babe. I really enjoy Chemistry and I really enjoy spending time with you and I really enjoy combining both.”

She has to laugh. “You’re a good teacher, you know?”

His smile turns sheepish. “Thanks, Artemis.”

She kisses him then, as a way of thanking him – and because she can and she wants to, but who cares – and he smiles into her lips.

“If this is the reward for the help, are you sure you don’t have anything else you’re having trouble with?”

She pushes him then and he falls off the bed and they both laugh loudly.

And it is then, seventeen days into their relationship, that she realizes it actually isn’t that hard. They’re already easy around each other.

They can totally make it work.


Scorpio x Capricorn

What separates graphite from diamond, is an incredibly strong, powerful and precise pressure. Just imagine how blown away would that diamond be if a snowflake rained right on top of it and told it that to achieve that regular, complex and marvelous structure it has, it only takes it a variation in temperature. Capricorns are cardinal: they impose over themselves and their life trying to make everything function in the most orderly way they can, turning dirt into gold; theirs is the founding and organizing effort. Even though they’re an earth sign, they have a tail suit for swimming, which is fairly odd: they couldn’t breathe underwater, but walking the ground with half a set of wrong limbs is quite uncomfortable to do. This is the true hardship of every Capricorn: dealing with their emotional part. They see it as a useless, cumbersome burden that they feel makes them inadequate and that they should get rid of if they truly want to go somewhere with their life; and that’s what they spend an incredible amount of their lifetime doing: trying to bury it inside themselves the best they can. Then there comes Scorpio, a water sign that not only is able to perfectly walk the ground, it can also climb walls with the same ease and its tail is nothing less than a powerful stinger that could make drop dead beasts a hundred times bigger and more powerful with its venom; so do Scorpios in life, perfectly hiding the deepest pit of emotions under a charismatic, imperturbable barrier, only hinting at people  how strong they can get. Capricorns are, usually, blown away by such precious natural talents.

As friends, if they have some good fire and air among their Moon, Venus and Rising signs, they would find chatting with each other to be very pleasant. If they don’t, and there’s some other earth and water instead, it will take them ages to have any kind of approach a bit more complicated than a simple “Good morning”. And thank God for that good morning too: that must have taken a lot of effort out of a shy Capricorn. They could share all the interests and taste in everything and they would still require the relationship to follow a long, precisely scheduled path before they become comfortable enough to let themselves loose around each other. When they do, they’re going to be a couple of total goofs together. They won’t be scared anymore to show each other how much they are not that strong, serious and scary monster as they want others to see them. Both loyal and stable, they could find the strength in each other to do everything, they could really become some kind of reckless pair of friends that would book a table for two among the courts of hell.

As lovers, the easiest, fastest scenario for them would be if it’s Scorpio the one deciding to predate the Capricorn: only the worst dice roll ever would make such a case fail. Scorpio is a born love predator that seeks dominance and depth, while Capricorn is a shy creature that strives for the approval and company of strong, ambitious people. If they were asked what type of person would their dream crush be, they would unknowingly describe each other.
In the case where instead a Scorpio misses to notice the interest of a Capricorn, things are going to potentially become tragicomically messy. An immature, closed up Capricorn, if he’s even able to get himself around a Scorpio, is capable of maintaining a solid, nervous silence for a very long time. Then, when he’ll finally reach the breaking point and try to show his true feelings someway, there’s probably going to be a very awkward, hardly interpretable show to witness. This kind of Capricorns truly run a high risk to be classified as creepy by a suspicious Scorpio, so it should be better for them to try to relax and express themselves with less anxiety. Then there’s the other kind of Capricorns, those with a natal chart that inclines them towards some more self-esteem, or who generally feel like they have found a stable method to deal with their interiority: they’re going to show the most classical by-the-book kind of romance, obstinately hammering Scorpio’s barriers with their trademark ambitious perseverance and submerging them in the strongest, hungry passion when they finally win them over. If they’re being a bit too much materialistic though they could encounter the slight potential to set the Scorpio off a bit: it’s still a water sign, and probably the most complicated, it’s always going to have some huge internal disaster that requires to be dealt with delicateness and patient understanding.
It has to be noted that, whatever’s the case for their relationship, whoever’s on the hunt and whoever’s being hunted, if they get to establish a coherent way of communicating with each other, this is one very functioning and satisfactory pairing. Capricorn is solid ground to count on: Scorpio will never fear to be abandoned anymore. And conversely Scorpio’s very good at diving into nightmares: Capricorn will never have to deal with them alone anymore.

As enemies, this couple that is so nice on a good relationship becomes instead a frightening sight of solid hate. They are both unafraid to battle a total war against each other, whatever the reason for that might be. It could become a real tragedy, because an angry, aggressive Scorpio can get really wicked: he will find in the blink of an eye the weak spot of Capricorn and totally exploit it to irreversibly, completely break him to a murder. But it’s going to come back to him. Earth signs register their life in building blocks: everything that happens to them gets compacted, made into cement. Pylons and bricks fail when they’ve got a faulty design, but they don’t necessarily have to be beautiful to work: Capricorns are going to build their palace over that ugliness, and they’re never going to change it, it will be just there, hidden, unmovable. It will make them heartless. Scorpios, instead, like the water sign they are, can’t lose contact with their emotions even when they reach their lowest: when they fall, they horribly pollute their interior wellspring and force themselves to breathe it until they will have choked themselves with their own hands; it’s going to be desperate to heal from what they’ve become, especially when their victims are so helplessly granitic on denying them any forgiveness. Capricorn will make Scorpio pay for what he’s done forever. Their best hope when they find themselves on their reciprocal bad side is to remain indifferent to each other, or there’s going to be absolute suffering next in their schedule.

Scorpio Sun ・ Capricorn Sun

colorguard problems

- “oh yeah so how’s the flag twirling thing going?”

- people asking if ur in band when u wear the unit/field show shirt

- “so what instrument do you play??? :))))))))”

- getting tagged in the patricia vine constantly by other non-guard people

- mat wrinkles

- “look, i totally respect what you do and all, but i just dont think colorguard is a sport ://///” (followed by literally fighting the person who said this)

- t shirts at competitions that say “you think dance/cheer is hard? try spinning a flag ;))))))”

-constantly being compared to dance/cheer

-the look of surprise on peoples face when you tell them that there is an international winterguard association (and that guard basically exists everywhere else)

- “wait…. you guys have a winter season TOO?????”

- “you guys practice after school? :OOOOO”

-*types colorguard and color guard in the same sentence*

y’know, i find it pretty ironic that SU fans have talked about how it’s suddenly “hip” to criticize the show even though the criticisms have been there for quite a long time.

in actuality, a lot of people (including myself) who have had problems w/ the show’s writing/story/characters/art direction/etc. for a long time have been afraid of criticizing the show bc we knew that if we did, we’d end up facing the wrath of the fandom and have our criticisms shut down by them.

it’s happened quite a few times before in the past (such as the criticisms w/ Coach Steven’s writing and characterization of Sugilite, the awful writing of Barn Mates, the Beach City-centric filler episodes, Pearl’s characterization and the fact that she seems to be so highly-favorited by the writers, the wasted potential of Bismuth as a character (as well as the awful writing of the episode), the bad timing and writing of Gem Harvest… those are the ones I could recall), but every time someone did criticize the show for something, they’d get dogpiled for it; the fans would go out of their way defending the show to death, seemingly insisting it was perfect and has no flaws. 

because of this, no one really criticized the show for a long time until now. thankfully, now that more and more people are pointing out the show’s flaws, the people who’ve had these problems with the show feel more comfortable speaking their minds about it and how the show could/could’ve been fixed.

despite this though, let’s not forget that the fans still attack them for it; hell, i follow some particular #su critical blogs who still get passive-aggressive asks, vagues and even spiteful anon hate from time to time.

(with that in mind, i also find it really ironic that even though the fans are all like “chill it’s just a kid’s show :/”, they pull this bullshit on the people who have valid constructive criticisms for the show; yeah, that totally doesn’t make the fandom look worse and more unsafe than it already is at all! //sarcasm)

from what i’ve heard though, i think the reason why the fandom gets so defensive towards criticism is that back when the show started, a lot of anti-SJWs were openly making fun of the show for being “too SJW-pandering” for the show having characters with different body types, races and sexuality, so people defended the show to death bc they thought the show had perfect representation (though when you really think about it, this doesn’t really seem to be the case all that much anymore)

however, it’s gotten to the point that the fandom can’t take any sort of criticism, even by people who still might be fans of it (such as myself; although SU is still sort of a special interest of mine for coping reasons, i can definitely see the flaws of it). 

it’s kind of sad, actually. the fans think it’s suddenly “cool” to criticize the show when in actuality people are finally gathering the courage to point out the flaws they’ve had with the show for a long time bc of how hostile the fandom is towards criticism.