totally followed the bus out of the city

soulmate!5sos au: luke.


summary: soulmate!au where your vision is made of shades of your soulmate’s eye color and it stays that way until you meet them.

pairing: lukexreader

word count: 1380 words.


in your world, everyone who had a soulmate saw the world in shades of one single color, the color of their soulmate’s eyes. people saw the world in shades of brown, others in green, some in blue, sometimes the colors were mixed. since you were born, your world was blue. the sun was a light blue, the grass was a darker, jade-tinted shade of blue, and your parents were both shades of blue. everything but you and your reflection was blue. that’s how it was for everyone but the select few who never got a soulmate. they were chosen to do other things, like jobs that required no love life at all.

for you, seeing the world in blue was completely normal, and in all honestly, you loved it. you didn’t really want another color – not that you’d be able to tell. you didn’t know what green, or brown, or other colors looked like. blue was pretty enough for you.

for some odd reason, your body had decided that four a.m. would be a great time to wake up, and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t go back to sleep. so you decided on a very early morning walk to tire yourself out and perhaps go back to sleep.

you got ready in a pair of warm sweatpants and a large sweater, and then hurried out the door. almost immediately, you were hit with a wave of cold air. in a way, however, it was very refreshing. it woke you up a bit. the sun was still hidden on the other side of the earth, but the street lights provided enough light for you to see. the streets were abandoned, only parked cars lining the streets instead of pedestrians like how it was in the daylight. the moon was high in the sky, its light blue a contrast to the dark, navy blue of the sky.

early morning was beautiful.

you walked a little further, getting some needed exercise so you could go back to sleep, and admired how peaceful and blissfully quiet it was outside. you made a mental note to remember to do this another time. but you were also really cold, your hands turning numb in your pockets. you decided that maybe a hot cup of coffee or tea would help warm you up, so you set your course to the local café.

when you got to the café, you stepped into the warm shop and immediately felt a lot better, the numbness of your hands and nose slowly melting away. you pulled out the few bucks that happened to be in the pocket of your sweatpants and stepped up to the register. the boy smiled at you, “hi! what can i get you?”

you ordered your prefered warm beverage and paid the cashier the amount the beverage costed. you took a seat as you waited for your drink to be prepared and looked out the window. you looked up at the clock and noticed the time, the little hand pointing in between the four and the five, and the big hand pointing at forty-three minutes. you had walked for quite a while. you jumped when the cashier set your beverage in front of you, and you thanked him just before he walked away. you kept your gaze out of the window as you occasionally sipped the drink in your hand.

as the minutes passed by, the streets became a little lighter and a few cars had started passing. you knew it was the early rush of people going to work. you could never imagine how people could wake themselves up so early just to go sit at a desk for hours. it seemed so boring to you, you never understood that people willingly had applied and had been interviewed for those jobs. and it seemed completely mad that some people actually liked those jobs.

you were a little peeved that you couldn’t see the colors of the cars that passed, but that was a rare occurrence for you. most of the time, you loved the blue hues on everything and everyone. but sometimes it got annoying and you just wished your soulmate would show up. you kind of wanted to see what green grass looked like, or what the red lipstick some of the girls at your school wore, or the color pink in people’s cheeks when they blushed. but all you saw were varying shades of blue. it was completely normal to feel this way, even you parents said that they were a little sick of seeing the same colors. but they told you the wait was worth it. so you stuck it out.

during your second cup of what you had ordered, you watched as a large bus had pulled up in the parking lot of the café. it wasn’t an ordinary city bus or a dial-a-ride bus, and you were genuinely curious what the bus was actually for. there was no logo, or any real design on the sides, so you were left with total curiosity. soon though, two men dressed in black uniforms had stepped out, followed by a group of four boys. you looked away before any of them could make eye contact with you, though.

you continued to sip your drink, even as the group had walked into the café. they were a little quiet, but then again, it was almost five in the morning. you looked around and noticed that you and the group – besides the cashier – were the only ones in the small café.

they ordered, five coffees and a hot chocolate, and then took the table on the other side of the shop. the group began to talk, first small chatter, but then they had started to wake up as the coffee – and single hot chocolate – had hit their systems and gave them the needed energy. by their accents, you realized that they were not from around the town, but australia. good ole ‘straya. you laughed as you thought about australian sayings and that crocodile dundee movie you watched a few years back.

after your last sip of the warm beverage in your hand, you stood up, tossing your cup into the trash and stuffing your hands back into your pockets and bracing yourself for the cold outside and the walk back to where you lived. luckily it was only a few blocks from the café.

as you walked closer to the door, you weren’t looking up, and suddenly you ran into someone, their drink spilling onto the right sleeve of your sweater a little bit. you looked up, apologizing profusely for bumping into the stranger. your eyes had made contact with his, and you sighed internally as you realized that he wasn’t your soulmate either.

“hey, would you maybe like to join us?” he asked suddenly, australian accent thick. you were about to decline, but then he offered to buy you another drink as compensation for bumping into you and spilling a little bit of coffee onto you. so you accepted and told him your drink of choice.

while he was gone, the group he was just sitting with invited you to sit down, so you did, greeting each of them with a smile. except, when you smiled at one of them, the tallest looking one with lighter colored hair and a piercing adorning his bottom lip, you had suddenly been blinded by a white light and a throbbing headache. you groaned, looking down and trying to shake this headache off and the sudden blinding light. when it had gone away and the headache eased, you looked up. your eyes widened, seeing so many colors, colors that weren’t just blue! there were colored that you imagines were green, pink, yellow, red, orange, just so many colors! it was amazing!

you looked across the table at the boy who you’d made eye contact with and smiled. sure enough, his eyes were a gorgeous shade of electric blue.

“it’s you,” he mumbled.

“it’s you,” you had replied, your jaw dropping.

he grinned, “i’m luke. and you are?”

you smiled back, “(y/n).”

“(y/n),” he tested, still grinning. “i think we’re soulmates.”

you nodded, laughing softly, “i think so, too.”