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Do you have any recommendations for podcasts that are reliably happy/positive? Like, the podcast equivalent of a sitcom, or a family movie?

Hi anon :)

If you want non-fiction podcasts, we recently posted this list here, with a lot of feel good/funny podcasts! Also there are further suggestions on the Delightful Feel Good recommendation list.

If you want audio drama, well, here is what we found. Which is … not much, to be quite honest:

Happy and Funny Audio Dramas:

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Return Home

The first few episodes might make this podcast seem way darker than it actually is. It’s actually a lot of fun! Also hunting monsters.

The Adventure Zone

Now this one is the other way round: what starts off as a silly DnD campaign with lots of one liners and puns and pop culture references becomes way more serious as the story progresses. But it’s always goofy and funny, and very positive. But you’ll probably cry, just a fair warning.

Wooden Overcoats

This is most like what you had in mind I assume, anon. It’s the lifes and times of a family of undertakers on a small island. It’s hilarious, it’s very British, and even the side characters are amazing!

Big Data

A group of hackers tries to steal the keys to the internet. Two journalists try to investigate. Hilarity ensues.
This podcast is amazing, one of my all time favourites, and it was a wild ride from start to finish. The last two episodes are by far the best!

EOS 10

Very funny sci fi audio drama which hopefully will get another season really soon!

Not an audio drama but non-fiction, but I think you might like it:

Still Buffering: 

Three sisters (the youngest of them a teenager, the other two grown-ups) discuss teen issues, pop culture, and what’s important in life now and then. It’s very cute and never fails to make me smile

Buuuuut unfortunately I couldn’t find any “family movie” or “sitcom” podcasts. Maybe one day someone will turn the novel that I’m about to finish this nanowrimo into an audio drama. Then it would totally fit your description ;)

So followers, fellow podcastineers, if you can add some “sitcom-y”, “family movie-y” audio dramas let us know! 

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@lurkingcrow replied to your post: I was just going through some photos and MAN…

Wait, is this the same child who dramatically flopped on the ground while dressed as Vader of am I mixing things up again? Do you need to put a call out for a serious redhead to act as babysitter? ;-)

YES, this is the same child. He has both costumes, and he wears. them. CONSTANTLY. He is a TOTAL DRAMA-LAMA, too, so it’s the most fitting thing EVER.  

He used to charge around in the Vader costume and just yell random stuff at people like “I’m AN-KIN! I’m gonna FIGHT YOU!” which really is probably an actual thing Anakin said at least once in his life. 

Total Drama: Chris McClean [ENTP]

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Chris is a man full of many ideas. He often creates challenges on a whim, simply because he finds them enjoyable. Although he states several rules throughout the series, he never sticks to them, feeling constrained. Whenever there’s an opportunity for drama, he seizes it, and will create as much fun as possible out of it. 

Introverted Thinking (Ti): He is an analytical mind, and will do whatever he can to make his ideas work. When the money in Total Drama Island was destroyed, he solves the problem by creating Total Drama Action. He’s not very organized, but will use whatever logic he can to justify his decisions. (“Because I’m your wonderful host!”)

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Though he’s not a very emotional man, Chris is capable of understanding the feelings of others, and their struggles. He gives Ezekiel practical advice when he doesn’t fit in on Total Drama Island, and is genuinely touched by Trent and Gwen’s display of love. Definitely not one to stand by his principles, he allows Katie and Sadie to be on the same team, when he sees how much it means to them.

Introverted Sensing (Si): He’s bothered by references to his past and often tries to hide it, like screaming at embarrassing videos, shushing Sierra when she mentions his failed film career, and getting angry when someone insults his hosting skills.