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Jaehee the Zen fangirl (ft. bonus Yoosung who knows what’s up)

peasant: oh ya i love The Outsiders its a very good movie i love the part when johnny, is that his name? whatever, anyway when he’s like “stay golden horseman” dude im like a total fangirl over that movie but dude robin lowe is such a good actor, he’s so cute, he’s literally the reason pepsiman is my favorite characte-


Gasoline: Part 5

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 3.4k

Warnings: Language, fluff, fluffy smut (YAAY FINALLY), unprotected sex (be safe!!!)

A/N: Part of this dialogue is inspired by a fan question at Houscon Afternoon Panel. So props to her cause that was amazing. Also, holy fuck I was excited about writing this. Feedback is appreciated. Hope you liked it.

Gasoline Masterlist

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When you awoke the following morning, your muscles ached. It wasn’t as if you ran a fucking marathon, but you did have a few too many champagnes with Jensen. Wracking your foggy head, you remembered something about…

“You have beautiful eyes, Y/N.”
You snorted a laugh. “Like you can talk, green eyed god.”
Jensen smirked and reached up, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear, his thumb lingering longer than necessary on your cheek before pulling away.

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  • Aelin: how do I even begin to describe Rowan Whitethorn?
  • Aedion: Rowan Whitethorn is flawless
  • Aedion: he has two legendary warrior friends AND a badass hawk form
  • Aedion: I hear his feathers are insured for 10,000 silvers
  • Aedion: I hear he does almond oil commercials in Wendlyn
  • Aedion: his favorite symphony is the Stygian Suite
  • Aedion: one time he met Mab and she told him he was pretty
  • Aedion: one time he punched me in the face... it was AWESOME

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Who'd like Hamilton (if anyone would even listen to it lmao) and totally fangirl/fanboy over it night and day and sing it to the extent of annoying everyone around them? (Totally not based off if me pft)

Would like it: Annie, Marco, Historia, Armin, Ymir, Nanaba, Moblit

Would obsess over it night and day: Bertholdt, Eren, Sasha, Hanji, Mike

Sing songs and annoy people: Reiner, Jean, Connie

Wouldn’t like it: Mikasa, Levi, Erwin

finally this series is over and I’m proud of myself xD

the RFA and some of Mint Eye

catch them all, haha

“game adapts to the choices you make…” this is a phrase all telltale games start with and it makes me shiver with excitement! So I totally have this feeling when I log in MM.

if you can choose only ones who will you go for? 

was totally fangirling over panic! at the disco while drawing them all 

I can totally imagine France fangirling over Hamilton with America because Lafayette’s in it.

And one day France & America are late to a world meeting and everyone’s just wondering where they fuck are. And then America shows up and doesn’t anything at all. Everyone’s getting worried because he always says something. And then he suddenly shouts, “Everyone give it up for America’s favorite fighting Frenchman!”

And then the soundtrack starts playing and France just comes out of nowhere rapping along it. Needless to say, they must’ve done it at least three times and got kicked out all three times.

By the third time, England just said ‘fuck it’ and sang along to ‘You’ll Be Back’ as America & France were getting lead out by Germany. And yes, England was kicked out.

Eventually more nations joined in on the musical until it was impossible to kick everyone out. It was a fun time.

I’ve read that part of “Unseen Academicals”, where Vetinari throws party at UU for football captains and gets drunk, and I have too much feels.

I’ve loved Vetinari from the beginning, which for me was “Guards! Guards!”, but in comparison to other characters, Vetinari, once established, hasn’t changed much (although of course he had his relationships’ developments, especially with Vimes). 

But in “The Last Hero” and especially “Unseen Academicals”?

Oh my. He is kinda softer, and really jokes, and he is more open - well, as far as Vetinari can be open. He is still “tyrant, remember”, and manipulative, and all that professional stuff, but I have the impression, that he is more confident in a way: city runs itself more effective, his authority is unquestionable, and he can let himself appear more human.

And I can just imagine, how his communication with Vimes must look like these days. Like, they’re totally old married couple after all these years, and there is no way they don’t understand each other with just half a glance, but they continue their little play of “I have nothing to do with it, I don’t know, what did you do, no way, but it was awesome” - “Sir”, cause that’s what they do, and now it’s rather their way of revealing the truth than hiding it.

And at one point (somewhere in “Raising Steam” I believe) I was imagining, what would happen, if Vimes and Moist became sort of friends, cause they have at least one thing in common - their pain-in-the-ass boss - but, considering how Vetinari is in UA, I can now imagine, that it’s rather him and Vimes would be having some kind of disguised inside jokes about Moist.

And when I think of that time, when Vetinari threatened to take away Vimes’ badge, all of this development gives me even more feelings.

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Hi Marc, Proud Fangirl of Arrow here. Is there a show past or present that you totally fangirl over? Cheers! V.

Oh jeez.  Too many to list.  I’m a huge WISEGUY fan.  Arrow and Legends are both replete with Wiseguy references/easter eggs.

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What authors do you look up to? Not compare yourself to because that's dangerous, but the ones that inspire you? Or maybe the ones that you would totally fangirl over if you met them?

I don’t look up to people, and I’m not inspired by people. I know that sounds really cynical, it’s just how I am. My inspiration is internal.

That said, the authors who have most moved me and I find most impactful are Angelou and Poe.

Writing characters of color without making their ethnicity clear

400daydream​ asked:

Hello! I’m new at writing and I want to write POC. Is there a way to write them without mentioning their skin color or origins? Mentioning traces that will lead the reader to just know they are? (Am I making sense?)

Because we live in a world where white media dominates, even in countries where white people are a minority, if you never describe your characters or give obvious clues to their origins, even people of color will read your characters as white. It’s best not to leave room for any doubt because racist people and even well-meaning clueless people will imagine that they have plausible deniability.

There’s an assumed default due to the skewed nature of mass-consumed fiction, in which everyone unless mentioned otherwise is thought to be white, straight, male (which is REALLY weird because it’s not like women are actually in the minority), and come from either a Christian or Christian-based areligious background.

Try this little thought experiment:

The chef cleaned the last of the knives and put it away in the block.

Who did you picture? A white man? A woman? What color was their skin? Were they fat or thin?

I bet you didn’t picture a heavy-ish brown Middle-Eastern-coded woman. But a chef just like that is a major character in my series.

Let’s try another one.

The commander scowled at his team before handing out a fresh set of weapons.

I was thinking of a Black man with an ocular disability. What, you didn’t get that from my sentence? You couldn’t tell I was totally fangirling over Nick Fury again? (He’s dreamy. This is a factual statement.)

In addition, there’s no reason not to describe your characters. It’s not offensive to say someone has dark brown skin, “medium brown skin” (I have a lot of that in my books), is Korean-American, is Black, is Navajo, etc. Just try to stay away from food words or any kind of description that sounds like you’re literally turning a human being into an object or consumable product.

Here’s my description of a man who owns a music shop in my latest book:

He was tall, and broad, and very fat, and he seemed nonthreatening and kind. Shulamit studied his appearance, trying to parse his ethnicity. His skin was the same medium brown as her own and that of her people, but his hair was thick and coarse and pulled into the rough locks that looked like braids but weren’t, like the people to the south whose skin was darker.

Would you have gotten any of that if I hadn’t described him? You would have assumed that both of them were white and that Tzuriel was thin, most likely. It matters to me that they look the way they’re supposed to look, so I had no qualms about describing them plainly.

Here are some of the ways Fiona Zedde describes some of the characters in her Black lesbian short story anthology When She Says Yes:

skin like the bark of a baobab tree

the ascetic lines of her face hewn in rich tones of rosewood

My short Afro wouldn’t wilt in the rain.

I knew what I must have looked like to her – a petite, brown-skinned girl with wide, long-lashed eyes and rounded cheeks who’d never seen the inside of a tattoo parlor, much less wanted a tattoo.

>> Mentioning traces that will lead the reader to just know they are? 

You have to be careful with that. A lot of my readers, including women with dark skin and my own mother, thought that the Perachis were supposed to be Black, not brown. One of my best friends got all the way through my book four draft and thought my Portuguese-coded characters were supposed to be in Spain. And there are people who read Hunger Games and didn’t know Rue was Black, although I feel weird mentioning that because I haven’t read or seen them myself.

In short (too late!) there’s no reason not to mention it and a lot of reasons mentioning it is actually vital if you want the representation to be meaningful.


As a Chinese-American person who writes Chinese/Chinese-American characters, even if their heritage has little bearing on the plot, I make a point of  describing them as Chinese, whether it’s through cultural markers (surnames, or speaking Chinese dialects) or appearance.

We live in a world where readers will default to white unless it’s specifically spelled out for them: otherwise they will bend over backwards trying to justify why this character is white and not PoC. Here’s an example: a book I read in middle school featured a Japanese-American teacher whose only marker was her surname, and yet when we had to do collages depicting her, everyone used a photo of a white woman instead.

I strongly recommend against using traces to describe your PoC characters: we suffer from enough invisibility as is, and your method implies that describing our races would be shameful.

–mod Jess 

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: I just experienced every emotion it is possible to experience as a human at the hands of a 22K word update of the blessing more well known as Chrmdpoet's Lover in Low Light. I laughed I cried I sobbed I grinned. Literally there wasn't a single emotion left untouched in that single chapter. My life has been forever altered by the love story between Clarke Griffin and Lexa Woods and I don't think I'll ever be the same.
it was you who taught me so (the grace in letting go)

Title: it was you who taught me so (the grace in letting go)

Summary: Timestamp oneshot from a bigger fic idea where you were trickster!Gabriel’s target and he pretended to be one of your professors. But then he met you and accidentally fell in love. 

Here reader and Gabriel are in an established relationship, he’s still her professor (some days), and he comes home one night to find you tired and stressed out and you gracefully ask him to make love to you.

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 2800+

Warnings/tropes: Smut, grace play, angel sex, grace-soul sex, (Reader has learning disabilities and social anxiety disorder in the main plotline but that isn’t addressed in this fic)

A/N: This is for my gorgeous plant baby @bogganheart, who needs a little love right now. Also, she and I totally fangirled over Whit Merule’s incredible and beautiful In His Image series and it made me crave more Gabriel fic so I wrote one. This fic was kind of experimental in terms of the actual angel grace and soul sex part of it but I hope I did it justice :)

Title of the fic is from Lang Leav’s poem “All There Was”

Gabriel watched you, seated at your desk and bent over your laptop with your hair in a bun that was sliding to one side, the soft skin of the back of your neck tickled by the tendrils of baby hairs that escaped your updo. He could feel the tension emanating from the hold of your shoulders, could see it in the way your hair was frizzed from running agitated hands running through it.

He pushed himself off the doorway to your bedroom and quietly strolled up behind you and touched the nape of your neck with one finger. You inhaled, shivers rising to your skin, and bunched up your shoulders to your ears. Then he ran the finger down to the knobbly bone at the base of your neck, swirling the tip around it a little, and then observing the tension seep out of your muscles until all that remained was exhaustion.

“Gabriel,” you murmured, letting him squeeze your shoulders to massage the sharp, deep ache that had built up over months.

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Got7 reaction to their girlfriend being a figure skater

A/N - An anon requested reaction~ Sorry this one is a little shorter but I hope you all enjoy it and continue to send in your requests!

Mark: Mark would find it so amazing how determined and talented his girlfriend was; nothing could stop him from being super embarrassing at events when he cheered her on like “that’s my girl! that talented girl right there is my girlfriend!”

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JB: I think JB would be really impressed if his girlfriend was a figure skater. He’d find it so amazing how hard she worked and whenever he watched her skate, he’d love seeing the happiness on her face as she did it.

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Jackson: Jackson would totally fangirl over his girlfriend and would not stop being her number one fan. He’d constantly be showing his love for her and her figure skating activities.

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Jinyoung: Jinyoung would want to learn some of her moves. He’d ask her in such a sweet way to see how she did a certain routine he liked and it’d be adorable watching him try and do it on the ice.

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Youngjae: Youngjae would be such a proud boyfriend and would never stop showing his support. He’d gush about his girlfriend to all of his friends and family so much it’s unreal.

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Bambam: Bambam would show off how talented his figure skater girlfriend was all over his instagram. He’d want everyone to see how good she was and how much he loved her for being so passionate.

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Yugyeom: Yugyeom would love it so much. I can see him being completely invested in his girlfriend’s figure skating and would always want to help her train and attend any competitions or events she enters.

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