totally fake spoilers

That one fake Rick’s haircut felt awfully familiar.


OMG, I’ve discovered some EXCLUSIVE LEAKED FOOTAGE from season 3 of Sherlock! I know that some of you are technically avoiding spoilers, but I thought that this was IMPORTANT FANDOM NEWS and you’d want to know about it IMMEDIATELY. Just don’t let Moffat and Gatiss hear about it. They might get annoyed that we know their secret plan.

(Alternatively, the whole thing may just be a sloppily constructed fake based on a famous movie scene. I’ll let you make up your own minds…)

Critical Hit podcast doodles of episode #311 and #313.
Slap on a fake beard, and it makes anyone a mammal according to Sparkle. Lolz.
Finally hearing more about Ket’s family life was such a huge highlight of this episode.
I think I really adore his sister Charlotte, I wouldn’t want to cross her.

Steven Universe - Kindergarten Kid: Peridot’s Durability

How was Peridot able to survive?

I assumed it was just a parody episode with a homage to Looney Tunes.

But then I saw something I never saw before….

Peridot’s gem has something very small inside it.

It was there all along but it was so small nobody caught on, until today.

After 1000X magnification, I was able to decipher why Peridot was able to sustain damage without poofing.

The finding was incredibly shocking


If we assume that the episode description that came along with the leaked Jasper pics is accurate, then there is even more evidence that Jasper was conscious after she separated from Lapis. And not only conscious, but also cognizant of what was going on around her.

The leaked description has Jasper blaming Steven for separating Malachite. On the surface, that makes no sense. Alexandrite was the one who shot them apart, not Steven. Jasper should be blaming the other gems. There is no reason for her to blame Steven.

Unless she remained conscious and aware after they separated. Jasper was too weak to move, but not too weak not to listen. She heard Pearl say, “Steven, is that you in there?” And then Garnet thank the watermelons with “thank you. We could not have done it without your help.” Jasper’s not stupid. She’s intelligent. She observes, and makes up her mind based on those observations. She knows that the watermelon Stevens distracted her long enough for Alexandrite to escape from Malachite’s grip. If Alexandrite hadn’t escaped right then and there, then Malachite would have won.

And so Jasper reasons that Steven must have convinced the watermelons to fight back, to act as a distraction. It’s quite an excellent tactic. And Rose was quite the excellent tactician. Steven might not be Rose, per se, but he must retain something of her, right?

Now I’m fully aware that this theory would be absolutely devoid of any evidence, if it weren’t for one thing. Jasper formed her hand into a fist as she fell into the crevice. I don’t think that was an accident, or a mistake in the art. I think she intentionally made the fist as she fell, because she was heard everything that was going on around her.

And – and here I’m just wildly speculating– what if she didn’t just hear what was going on, but also saw, albeit through a beige cloud of hair? When she separates from Lapis, we never see her face. What if her hair was over it not to hide a broken gem, but open eyes?