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Sounds Like Home

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

  • So after a while, the paladins would totally get homesick for simple things, like music. And Coran and Allura would notice.
  • Coran goes back to the shop where they found Kaltenecker and buys this old-timey record player and a few records. They set it up in the ship and turn it on.
  • And it only plays 1920s jazz and swing music
  • Lance, absolutely starved for Earth music, “I can probably get down to this” and does a few dorky dance moves.
  • Coran and Allura look at each other like “what was that?”
  • “Dancing?”
  • They look on in confusion. And the paladins are shocked.
  • They try to explain the best they can about what dancing is and why they do it, but the Alteans just don’t get why it’s fun. They would use it for formal events, but never just for goofing around with friends.
  • Luckily, Hunk knows how to swing.
  • He turns up the record player, takes Allura by the hands and goes at it. She struggles to keep up for a while, but eventually, she’s just laughing and doing her best.
  • Coran is so excited about this strange human custom, so he takes Pidge as a partner. She was never one for dancing, but Coran takes the lead. They are by no means actually swinging, but they’re having the time of their lives and almost rolling on the floor with laughter trying to do each other’s foreign steps.
  • Shiro’s content just sitting next to the record player and watching all his friends have so much fun (he’s also keeping an eye on the ship so they don’t crash)
  • Which leaves Lance and Keith
  • Lance looks at Keith like (¬‿¬)
  • Keith rolls his eyes “Fine.”  Lance takes lead.
  • Except Lance can’t lead for shit. He keeps looking at Hunk’s feet, which are doing stuff too complicated for him to keep up
  • And eventually, Keith gets fed up “If we’re going to dance, let me lead.”
  • Keith also knows how to swing. It goes hand-in-hand with being so agile and precise in fighting.
  • Everyone is amazed. Lance and Pidge knew Hunk could swing because he would listen to it in the Garrison. But KEITH?!
  • “I had a lot of time out in that desert shack, okay?”
  • Lance goes heels over head, literally. Keith dips him.
  • They pull out the record player anytime they’re feeling particularly down or homesick. It never fails to cheer them up.
Why Newt Scamander is NOT a cinnamon roll and why he’s flawed:

First of all, I am NOT saying that I hate Newt at all – I LOVE Newt, I LOVE Eddie and I’ve loved watching Eddie act since I saw him in “The Theory of Everything”. I think Eddie is fantastic, and I do love Newt’s character.

HAVING SAID THAT, this rant is more to do with the fandom than anything else – as in, me being pissed off with the fandom because of their “Newt is a precious cinnamon roll/Newt is too good for this world/Newt is perfect/Newt needs protecting” mentality. This isn’t all of the fandom, of course, but it’s a fair few and I’ve found myself getting gradually more and more infuriated over the past few months about it. This shouldn’t be regarded as hate, more as a retort/insight as to why I disagree with this silly mentality.

Let me start off by saying: Newt Scamander is VERY flawed. There, I said it.

Newt is NOT perfect. He’s awkward, has little to no regard for other humans, and is pretty untrustworthy to be honest. How? I present to you, an extract from the screenplay:

So, you got your wand permit? All foreigners have to have them in New York.

I made a postal application weeks ago

Small but think: if he’s lying about a postal application, chances are he’s lying about a lot more important stuff too. Either way, she was going to write him up. He had very little to gain from lying. I would also like to add that he’s breaking yet another law (even if it’s silly, it’s still breaking a law).

The thing that we, the audience, have to understand about Newt is that we like him because we know he’s a protagonist – we know he’s Eddie, we know the kind of person he is even before we watch the film. But if you look at it from an inside perspective – i.e. someone who lives in the universe of the film – he’s shady as fuck. He not only didn’t bother with a wand permit application, he also smuggled beasts into the country illegally (he had full knowledge of what he was doing, don’t deny it), apparated with a No-Maj, then didn’t obliviate that No-Maj, accidentally set a Niffler loose in a bank and basically decided “hey, fuck the law, I’d rather expose wizards than lose my Niffler/miss the egg hatching” when he apparated with Jacob. Standing on the steps of the bank, talking to an abusive woman/leader of the NSPS, he probably looked even more suspicious (especially seeing as she openly called him “friend” – which, to be honest, doesn’t really mean a lot but just imagine you’re there and that happens…you’d probably be a bit iffy about it).

How else is Newt untrustworthy in the first half of the film? He lies to Tina about why he’s in New York in the first place and he then blackmails Jacob into sneaking away from the girls’ apartment even though they gave them food and hot cocoa. You know when Newt says “you do realize that once they see you’ve stopped sweating, they’ll obliviate you in a heartbeat”? It’s sly blackmail. He knows that Jacob doesn’t want his memory wiped, he knows that Jacob is enjoying this new world that he’s been exposed to, and Newt is using that to his advantage. The choice in front of Jacob he’s setting out is: “Help me find my creatures and remain in this wonderful world…or, you know, stay here and have your memory wiped”.

I’m not denying the friendship between Newt and Jacob – their friendship is wonderful. But at this point, they aren’t exactly friends really, even if they’re starting to head that way. Newt was perfectly happy to attempt to sneak out of the apartment on his own before Queenie called him out – part of the reason he’s probably bringing Jacob is because he knows that Jacob will say something otherwise. I mean, Jacob is a good guy – he didn’t want to leave because he knew it would be rude to just leave the girls after all they had done for them. I’m not saying that Newt isn’t a good guy, I’m just…well.

Newt also has a total disregard for other humans/safety; “yep, let me throw a Swooping Evil in a No-Maj’s face for a joke”. Total dick move, even if he thought he knew what he was doing. “No-Maj is lying on the floor bleeding – nah, he’s fine, where’s the creatures?”. “Let me bring a No-Maj on a hunt to find potentially dangerous creatures”.

Actual thing in the screenplay when Jacob has been bitten by a Murtlap:

“With TINA’S back turned, NEWT makes towards the door”

What makes Newt turn back?

“TINA emits a guttural scream as the Murtlap comes scuttling out (…) NEWT spins, catching the creature by the tail”.

Newt wasn’t concerned at all for Jacob – “oh, it’s not serious”. Yeah, maybe not to a wizard but to a No-Maj whose physiology is different? Potentially extremely dangerous.

But, yeah, no - Newt is absolutely perfect of course so we’ll forget about it. (sarcasm)

He isn’t just awkward either, okay? He had no problem dragging Jacob down into the case, nor when it came to pushing Tina’s hair back at the docks. Every time I see a fic where he stutters out “I-I-I-I l-lo-love you”, I puke in my mouth a bit. That is so OOC and silly. When it’s humans he knows and likes (loves, in Tina’s case, fight me), he’s more confident and assured – so please stop saying that he’s awkward and will forever be so awkward that he cannot have human friends/love interests.

Newt has great qualities, of course, I’m not denying that…but please stop writing him/saying he’s perfect…or that he’s “too good for this world”/”too pure”/”too innocent”. He’s really not. He’s flawed, as all the best characters should be, and if you love his character then you should also be able to say “he’s got flaws and that’s okay”.

With this image of him being “perfect”, there comes my next pet-peeve: Tina hate.

I have legit seen people say that Newt is “too good/perfect” for Tina. I can’t even begin to sum up the stupidity of that idea; shipping aside, they’re both flawed characters in their own ways and that’s totally fine. I feel that some of the Tina-hate stems from either jealousy or the idea that Newt is too perfect; it’s like “oh, my OC is perfect because she’s just like Newt”. Please, no. Don’t.

Tina-hate also seems to stem from the fact that she “turned Newt in”. The usual rant goes here: a) it was her job, b) he’s pretty shady, c) you’d all complain if she put a guy she barely knew over getting her career back on track….etc. etc. Suddenly, because Tina DID HER JOB and it happened to involve arresting Newt, that makes her the fandom’s number one enemy.

Tina isn’t the only one I’ve seen receive hate: I legit saw someone say that they hated Queenie for “forcing Newt to get with Tina” and I just…? Since fucking when? How does “you need a giver” translate as “you have no choice but to marry my sister and live in Dorset with her”?

As I said, this fandom is so obsessed with the idea of “precious cinnamon roll Newt is too good too pure he needs protection”. He’s NOT this. Please stop making him like this. He’s a flawed man, he makes mistakes, as do we all, he’s far from perfect.

As I said before, I love Newt, he’s a great character, but the way that the fandom categorizes him as “a perfect sexy wonderful cinnamon roll who is too good for this world” is actually vomit-inducing and makes me start wanting to hate him – it genuinely puts me off being in the fandom when they push the idea that a character is too flawless, and Newt isn’t flawless which is why he’s a great character.

This rant made little to no sense really and I’m now off to write fanfics.

anonymous asked:

Ok we all know Zelda is a total bada** who can handle herself against ganondork and the works, but I didn't see her wielding any weapons in BOTW?! How about Link teaching her how to wield a sword or shoot an arrow because he needs to ensure she's safe at all times?

“I still fail to see how this is necessary.” The bow was held awkwardly within Zelda’s hands as she examined it, plucking the string gently.

“Only a precaution. In case I am ever not there to protect you.” Link insisted, holding his own bow like he had been born to wield it rather than his infamous sealing sword. “Now watch.”

Zelda observed carefully as Link pulled back on the string and let an arrow loose. It shot dead center of make-shift target he had put together. Link waited a moment longer before he relaxed his stance and looked towards her expectantly.

Zelda wrinkled her nose then exhaled.

“Alright. I can do this.“ She breathed to herself.

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It’s a Date

Anon asked: could you do a haechan we got married scenario pls :) similar to the Mark one but you can change the theme if you want

yO I LOVE. MY KIDDO. so much that this turned out longer than i anticipated but whaTever. i also still know next to nothing about wgm so. here you go i hope you enjoy.^^

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So I’m putting together this “BEST OF” list for @unforth-ninawaters and because we recently lost “tell me about the big bang” and because I’m procrastinating.

This list makes up, what I think to be, the best Stormpilot fics out there. I know I’m forgetting some and missing some amazing people, so feel free to reblog and add your own recs. Keep the love going!

This post was made on 5/20/17. Only has completed works. Now, in no particular order:

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anonymous asked:

hey, i looked through your "captain america 2" tag and didn't find anything about this so. what's your opinion on nat's characterization in that movie? bc i see a lot of people (comics fans) talking about how they gave her sharon's personality/role, and that the only movie that did justice to her comics character in the mcu is iron man 2

In my experience the people who think CA2 gave her Sharon’s personality/role are Sharon Carter fans, not so much diehard comics Natasha fanatics.

As someone who likes Sharon Carter I do think the MCU has done her wrong and kind of boiled her down to only the love interest aspect of the character, rather than the compelling foil to Steve that she can be when used well. Sharon in the comics was be pretty conflicted about abandoning her duty and job to follow Steve in Civil War, and removing that internal conflict gives her a lot less to really do in the movies.

As to whether Natasha has Sharon’s role, well, that’s something else. If you see Sharon’s role as “being a spy” and “being cynical foil for Steve”, then yeah, that is what Natasha does in Captain America 2. But a lot of characters share those traits in Captain America stories, including, like, Wolverine and Nick Fury. Natasha has served that role from time to time, too, notably in the Ellis Secret Avengers comics that featured Steve in an uncomfortable role with SHIELD. Those qualities are both pretty broad and entirely in keeping with Natasha’s personality.

But I see Sharon’s specific role in the Captain America mythos as more detailed than that. Sharon someone who grew up believing in the sort of values that Steve sells by breathing, who joined SHIELD to honor Peggy Carter’s legacy. Sharon is driven by a dedication to duty and service that mirrors Steve’s own, and that inspires and undermines their romance. Predictably, she and Peggy both suffer for being women introduced in the Silver Age, and Sharon dies and becomes one of the many people Steve feels he has failed. But then Sharon comes back, traumatized by years as a deep cover operative, and feeling betrayed by Steve for never rescuing her, and betrayed by the things he represents for the hell she went through subsequently.

The Sharon of this era probably occupies the place Natasha has in Captain America 2 the most directly. Natasha and Sharon both have a semi-flirtatious rapport with Steve and have more brutal methods. They challenge his idealistic way of thinking over the course of the story, but at the same time are drawn to his dedication to doing the right thing.

But importantly, for me, Sharon’s relationship with Steve is colored by her own past with Steve and by Steve’s own perceived failures. Natasha in CA:TWS, on the other hand, is more informed by her own attempts to find redemption and her complicated relationship with trust. Steve’s skepticism of Natasha is motivated by her own past betrayals and reputation, something that mirrors her early experiences with the Avengers and SHIELD in the 1960s, and her decision to leave SHIELD and spying and look for herself elsewhere is frequently repeated in Black Widow stories.

Also, the role that Sharon plays in Brubaker’s Captain America run isn’t that, cynical, flirtatious deep cover operative; her role in that story is one of Steve’s tragic true love.  That plotline goes places the films never do, with Sharon being brainwashed and pregnant and in love, fighting off her attackers alone.  In some ways, with Bucky’s reintroduction as the Winter Soldier, he’s the one who comes to occupy the narrative space that Sharon did in the Mark Waid run, and Sharon’s later brainwashing is a mirror of Bucky’s trauma.

What I’m trying to demonstrate here is that Sharon Carter is both pretty cool and constantly screwed over, but also that comics don’t always repeat themselves but often rhyme. And so a lot of similar stories get told with the parts rotating around, creating a thematic continuity. And that’s kind of what adaptations hold to.

I was initially pretty skeptical of Natasha having a larger role in Captain America 2 because I was worried, as always, that it would be handled poorly, and because I was especially worried about them handling Bucky/Natasha, a pairing I like, in a way that I didn’t. I was generally pretty pleased with the film though, and most of the story beats it hit felt true to Natasha even if the details were mixed around. 

For me, Natasha’s appearance in Iron Man 2 was mostly unremarkable and bland, which was still a step up for movie superheroines, so I was mostly glad they hadn’t totally screwed her up. I really liked Avengers, and from there I just kind of pick and chose the parts of each film I like instead of taking them as separate incarnations. One criticism I do have of Natasha’s role in Captain America 2 that I haven’t seen echoed elsewhere is that by sticking these beats into a Captain America story (instead of the Avengers context where they happened originally, or even better in a standalone BW film) they sort of end with Natasha’s moral journey framed in terms of the triumph of Steve’s idealism.

I’d say that “Steve is always right” is at least accurate to the comics, but one of my favorite things about the original Winter Soldier comic is how Steve wasn’t successful in getting through Bucky’s brainwashing, and needs to use the Cosmic Cube to do it. So maybe that’s where my real dissatisfaction comes from. Who knows?

I also find there’s this impulse to criticize MCU Natasha for “taking over” things that rightfully belong to other characters— Wasp’s place as a founding Avenger, Bobbi’s batons and her relationship with Clint, Sharon’s role in Winter Soldier— just as there’s an impulse to blame Carol for getting the solo film that Natasha hasn’t. I don’t think that’s a particularly great way to frame feminist media criticism or a particularly fun way to be a fan, but that’s another convo entirely.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: 04/02/17

I was going to make this a short one but I think I failed… There was just too much to talk about! So without further ado, let’s do this. 

(Apologies for this recap being almost entirely about James Le Lacheur, Nicola Alexis, and Tom Mackley… I don’t know what to tell you. I love the covers and the ensemble.) 

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“Love…For Better Or Worse” …Pt. 4

I’m in the studio spending some time with the family. I didn’t plan on coming down here today, since we just got in from Bridgeport late last night, but my little “brothers” begged me and I couldn’t say no. It’s been a while since I’ve hung out with them and I’m starting to feel like I need to be in their lives more. Shit, they look up to me. With them being teenagers and my uncle not being the easiest person to talk to, they definitely need someone else they can get advice from. We’ve been here all day, goofin around, grilling them about shit they have no business doing, and showing them the basics of how to make beats. Mitchell, as expected, was more interested in learning. He’s always had a good head on his shoulders and stays out of trouble. We didn’t find out about him until he was around nine and since he lives with his mother and step-father, he’s not tainted by this rich ass lifestyle. Micah, on the other hand, is spoiled as hell, worse than I was. His grades are good, but he has that “zero fucks given” type of attitude. I feel like he needs the most attention, so I’m definitely going to be around more. Since he decided that texting his little girlfriend was more important than learning the business, I decided to fuck with him in true older brother fashion. Just as I was going through his phone, teasing him about the emojis they send each other, the last person on earth I wanted to be around came storming through the door with security following behind. With the drama that Levi caused, quickly shut down, I figured that anybody who wanted to benefit off that shit would eventually come out the wood works. It’s no shocker that my Ex is standing in front of me. She’s always tried to slide her way back into my life when it seems like my relationship is having issues, so I know exactly why the fuck she’s here.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, i saw you give fic recommendations to that one person. I didn't know you did that (Maybe I'm just an idiot??) Do you know any good Non-AU MikaYuu works? As much as I love MikaYuu fanfics, it's like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes tbh (I mean one time I ran into a fanfiction that was Mika x His child self. I was actually concerned for the author's mental state. Mind you it was rated explicit...)

Haha you’re definitely not. Feel free to ask me for fic recs.

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A Shared Passion

Okay well I don’t know how it happened. I got an idea, ran with it and somehow I wrote 13 pages worth of I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

But its fine. So I hope you enjoy, I’m sorry its so long, and I’m gonna put in under a read more because its so long. Let me know how it is guys.

RIP me.

Prompto x Reader (Gender Mutual)


Word Count: 3,888

    To everyone who knows Prompto Argentum, they know he’s a photo fanatic. The boy loves photography and isn’t afraid to show it when pulling out his camera to get the best shots; although, sometimes not during the most convenient or safe moments.
     But that doesn’t stop him.
     It was this particular time that the boys were coming back from a particular fight, that had almost went south. If not for Ignis’s quick thinking, one of them could have gotten hurt. Which put most of them in a somber mood. But not Prompto. He was just happy to be alive and that his friends were okay.
    Driving along in the car to a certain rest stop near by, because none of the Chocobros really had the energy to camp and were close enough to one, Prompto called them to a stop because they were about to pass by a certain landmark that the photographer of the group just had to get a shot of. Ignis pulled over on the side of the rode to stop, and told him to hurry, while the others waited in the car. So he grabbed his camera and off he went to said landmark.
    Although he didn’t expect to run into you.

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Let’s do a quick recap (and I legit mean quick!) of what each diamond on Emma’s wedding band represent mmkay? And I’m gonna be forgetting a lot here so just bear with me.

1st diamond - first meeting, they were foes who both had quests, hers - getting back to her son; his - revenge against the man who took not only his love, but his hand as well: also you can be a part of something or you can be alone and he turns his ship around because he needed that reminder that he could be a part of something *wails to infinity*

2nd diamond - the neverland trip aka the moment people lost their shit because of that kiss (i wasn’t around tumblr when it happened but hearing people talk about how amazing it was then makes me smile always) / let’s throw in the next greatest moment “I swear on Emma Swan” HAHA I’M FINE NO I’M NOT then she gave up her magic to save him “Hook, come back to me.” HAHA THE MORE I WRITE I START TO CRY also followed by only the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME - THE CAPTAIN SWAN MOVIE, plus “it’s okay swan, not everything gets to watch their parents fall in love” plus “you’re a hero swan” followed by “so are you” *smile* followed by only the greatest moment in history “you traded your ship for me?” she says with wonder in her voice and his lovely “aye” and that kiss that lasted for so many minutes aka days, it was so long and beautiful and that time they broke away and both smiled before going right back for more, i’m dying thinking of it again

3rd diamond - season 4 rolls around and they’re pretty much learning the basics of coupledom, we’re witnessed to their first date (everything was sweet and pure) he got his hand back because should she let me, i’d like to be able to hold her - whatever the damn line was *i’m horrible because i don’t remember, i know but bah* it was still pure af, I should get my own place - foreshadowing i see you and i love you - followed by that kiss woop woop. then we got ‘i’m a fan of every part of you’ AHHHHHH and then “i’m not a goodbye person, but maybe just this once” *full on sobbing* now / 4b rolls around and 6 glorious wks have passed they’re being pretty fucking cute, when the queens of darkness roll into town, but who cares about that “DON’T YOU KNOW EMMA? IT’S YOU.” and that beautiful af kiss with a single tear rolling down emma’s cheek *puddle of melt* then we get cute au and deckhand swan and ‘i sensed we were close in that other realm’ ‘very’ WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE? LIKE STAPHHHH then he dies for her and her son and the curse is broken and she runs to see him, worried he’s not there when he smugly shows himself over the banister in the loft with snowing looking on and she throws herself at him and we would get an ily but then wasn’t the time, so she stares at him in awe and he’s all eyebrow raise because HE. DOESN’T. STOP. then comes heartbreak #1 emma sacrifices herself to save the town from the darkness yada yada *still sobbing btw* “Emma, don’t do this” he says with tears in her eyes, emma replies tearfully ‘I love you’ follow by a push and then she’s gone and the camera pans to him with tears in his eyes and the dagger with her name on it

4th diamond - s5 begins with hook desperately trying to get her back and then he finds her in the enchanted forest as a dark one, going through the transition and ‘heroes and villains here because of you, for you’ and then he calmly lets her make the decision to return merida’s heart and then they hug and ‘you don’t look like a crocodile’ ‘guess i lucked out’ and then as they leave hand swings aplenty then another curse happens and ‘where’s emma?’ ‘relax i’m right here’ in full dark one outfit and white hair and then emma why are you doing this and then dark swan is all because i am the dark one and poofs away, and then episode 2 back in camelot flashback and we see them get married HAHA J/K BUT THEY TOTALLY GOT MARRIED THEY LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL and then that dance at the ball and then UGH SO GOOD, BASICALLY EVERYTHING WAS CAMELOT AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERED - but then he died saving her and she refused to let him go and turned him into another dark one because i’m not gonna let him go and i won’t anyone stop me HAHA REMEMBER HOW I SAID I WAS FINE BEFORE, WELL I WAS BUT NOT ANY MORE, NOT FINE ANYMORE and then he’s all ‘how could you do this to me swan’ after finding out that his love did this to him and she’s all “i wasn’t gonna lose you killian” and then HE SACRIFICES HIMSELF TO SAVE HER AND HER FAMILY AND IS ALL “LET ME MAKE UP FOR MY MISTAKE, LET ME DIE A HERO” AND THEN SHE’S LIKE ‘NO IT SHOULD BE ME’ but he won’t let her do that, no sirree, *KILLIAN JONES HAS ALWAYS AND WILL CONTINUE TO ALWAYS PUT EMMA SWAN SWAN FIRST, YOU CAN FIGHT ME ON THAT* and then he dies and there back to normal and she holds him IN HER ARMS AS HE’S DEAD AND THEN REFUSES TO LET HIM GO WHEN THE PARAMEDICS CAME *PTERODACTYL SCREAMING* BECAUSE WHYYYYYYY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF?? then she finds out his death was taken from him (fucking rumple boo hiss) and decides she’s going to the underworld to get her man back ‘you two share a heart, so will we’ and then they reunite and there’s an argument and then all is good and then they’re trying to find a way out and then there’s TRUE LOVE’S TEST AND “IT’S TRUE LOVE. EMMA YOU CHOSE ME THAT WAS THE TEST” AND THEIR SMILES *SQUEALS* OF COURSE THEY PASS; THIS IS FUCKING CAPTAIN SWAN WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE. and then they find out that hades (boo hiss) is a turd and lies and he can’t go with her back to the land of the living and that FUCKING HEARTBREAKING MOMENT #2 THE ELEVATOR GOODBYE THAT DESTROYED ME, LIKE HOW DARE THEY and even after they’re realms apart they still work together and stop hades and zeus (thank you) brings back killian to where he belongs with emma and that tiptoe kiss in the rain after they’re reunited and he’s giggling and she’s shooketh and attack kisses galore, then that ‘i love you’ that’s said with no threat of death, villains anything. just said it to say it and of course don’t forget that LIFT KISS LIFT KISS WOOT WOOT

5th diamond - s6 the hottest couch makeout we’ve ever been witnessed to with hands on the butt and leg pretty much in the air and earth-shaking after that there’s ‘move in with me’ then there’s you’re the product of true love and that cute af hand kiss to stop her shaking vision hand of imminent death and then so much separation and then she gets sent to the wish world and meets his older much heavier still attractive self (yep i’ve reached the point of finding older hook attractive sue me hehe) and then she comes back and he’s all “you’re amazing swan” hug and then that cute moment in 6x12 - ‘I JUST DESPERATELY NEED TO KISS YOU’ LIKE WHO SAYS STUFF LIKE THAT, KILLIAN JONES THAT’S WHO and then things happen and i’m crying because we all know what comes after, she finds the ring, he’s drunk off his ass, tainted proposal ensues (still beautiful tho, even knowing what we know) then they halt that proposal (more like she gives the ring back) and he’s about to leave when he changes his mind and gets ready to come back only for dark one jr creeping up on him and stopping that in it’s tracks and they’re separated for 3 fucking episodes YES YOU HEARD ME 3 FUCKING EPISODES WORTH OF SEPARATION and then he’s all “i’m trying to find my way back home to you” “i’d never abandoned you” and “i love you” and then they work their way back, he takes out his shadow to take him back to her, it fails his shadow makes its way to emma followed by A CARESS TO THE CHEEK THAT I WILL NEVER BE OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, then she goes to get him with encouragement and a push from mama snow, in a door she finds him, pushed some lost boys out the way, grabs her man’s hand and back through the door and they land on top of each other and he apologizes, she apologizes and then re-proposal, followed by the same yes as before, she gets on his level of kneelingness (yes it’s not a work but bah) says yes, kisses him and the ring goes right back where it belongs.


We’re Home, You’re Drunk (M)

Originally posted by cutemins

» taehyung x jungkook (vkook)
» 5.1k
» Exhibitionist ficguy ends up yanking him onto the sofa andfucking him raw into it
» warning: smut 

Bitter sweetness was all that ran through Taehyung’s mind.

Why was he officially the biggest idiot to exist? He’d let Jungkook leave again without saying anything about this crush that was growing.

Yes – very unfortunately – Taehyung had the biggest crush on his younger and instead of being normal about it, he kept quiet and left Jungkook to be completely oblivious. Wait – no. Taehyung did make it kind of obvious he liked Jungkook because he’d stood outside the bathroom door one day when he was sure that Jungkook was doing more than showering and multiple times had Taehyung imagined what Jungkook’s hand would feel like stroking him.

Obvious indeed, but only to himself. Taehyung wasn’t even sure right now if he wanted Jungkook or wanted Jungkook.

The tall boy looked like he’d be great to cuddle up to at night but that wasn’t the thing that Taehyung creamed his pants over. Oh, it was something completely different that starred in Tae’s wettest and most dirty dreams.

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watching the puppeteer
  • (it's been twelve years since one of these oh my goodness)
  • marinette: *playing with chat noir and ladybug dolls*
  • marinette: *as chat* i love you my lady
  • manon: he wouldn't say that
  • marinette: i mean, let's talk about the akumas lol
  • manon: i like the akumas
  • marinette: sweetie nO
  • *children playing with dolls and mari wins*
  • marinette: pull ur shit together
  • marinette: no bc u see this chat doll is my most prized posession mkay
  • manon: can i have the ladybug one then
  • marinette: i don't see why not
  • manon: sweet
  • nadja: hello my child i have returned for thee
  • nadja: oh manon, you can't always expect to win
  • marinette: wow that's some good life advice right there if i do say so myself
  • nadja: anyhoo give mari her doll back
  • manon: *manages to rip the arm off the ladybug doll*
  • nadja: gdi child let's leave before you screw up again
  • manon: *screams about dolls and somehow manages to score the lady wifi doll from mari while her mum ain't looking*
  • *at the tv station thingy*
  • manon: *playing with lady wifi doll and a freaking ladybug magazine like good lord get this child an actual ladybug doll like where is that ml merch at*
  • manon: *le cry and scream*
  • hawkmoth: aaah, what could be more pure than an innocent child's emotions?
  • hawkmoth:
  • hawkmoth:
  • hawkmoth: lol learned that one from neglecting my son
  • hawkmoth: hey there smol bean how would you like to be my new child
  • manon: sounds legit
  • *at subway train station thingy*
  • alya: LOOK IT'S ADRIEN
  • marinette: o shit waddup
  • alya: *fucking FLINGS them onto the same train like wow*
  • *meanwhile manon is being a creepy little shit elsewhere*
  • marinette: god damn look at adrien that's a fine piece of ass right there hooo boy i do enjoy looking at him
  • adrien: *waves*
  • alya: *gets transformed into lady wifi by manon*
  • marinette: o shit waddup
  • adrien: oh no one of my only friends is in danger i better help
  • *bada bing bada boom cat boy is here*
  • marinette: o boy i better transform
  • marinette: tikki, spo-
  • marinette: sweet jiminy you scared the dickens out of me
  • marinette: anyways yeah lady wifi reminded me of this one bitch who was talking shit this morning and she's tryna get my ladybug and chat noir dolls
  • chat noir: omg wait you made a chat noir doll
  • chat noir: that's really adorable hold on
  • chat noir: let me relish in this moment forever
  • chat noir: someone actually cares about me
  • chat noir:
  • chat noir:
  • chat noir: and the feeling of loneliness and utter despair is back
  • chat noir: anyways i should probably get those dolls so where do you live
  • marinette: at the swankiest bakery in town
  • chat noir: okay thanks good to know for future reference
  • marinette:
  • chat noir: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • marinette:
  • chat noir: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • chat noir: gotta blast *run runs*
  • marinette: shit tikki we gotta transform and get to the bakery before chat does or else he might find the marichat smut i wrote
  • *bada bing bada boom ladybae is here for the party*
  • *at le ba k ery*
  • lady wifi: *casually stealing dolls*
  • ladybug: hey there shitface
  • lady wifi: gdi the goody two shoes are here
  • chat noir: there's only on goody two shoes and i'm not her
  • ladybug:
  • lady wifi:
  • chat noir: geddit? because i'm literally walking sin
  • ladybug: fuking tru
  • lady wifi: *hits one of marinette's MANY MANY MANY pictures of adrien with a pause button*
  • ladybug: o shit
  • chat noir: wait are those pictures of me
  • chat noir: that means that marinette
  • ladybug: hOw StUpId cAn YoU gEt
  • chat noir: *goes to destroy the wifi signal and all that jazz*
  • *cool ass fighting*
  • *lady wifi flees*
  • chat noir: did you get the dolls?
  • ladybug: i only managed to grab mine lol
  • chat noir: *sheds a single tear* that's okay
  • chat noir: but don't let her make me a puppet, you know i like to be in command
  • ladybug: that was sinful aS FUCK MY GOODNESS
  • *chat noir runs off to detransform*
  • *sweet baby nathaneal is transformed into the evillustrator and then rogercop also but NATHANEAL YEET*
  • ladybug: *doing mission impossible stuff*
  • chat noir: *sneakity sneaks*
  • ladybug: *FUCKING WREKCS HIM*
  • chat noir: oh boy oh boy please let go of me waht did i do to deserve this
  • ladybug: lol sorry thought you got posessed
  • ladybug: *stares at chat noir's body*
  • ladybug: god damn
  • chat noir: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • ladybug: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • *children break down the door*
  • puppeteer: CHAT NOIR COME TO LIFE
  • chat noir: nuuuuuuu *leaps in slow motion to get the doll but fails*
  • ladybug: shiiiiiiiiiit
  • chat noir @ladybug: suck my ass
  • ladybug: gladly
  • ladybug: i mean YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE
  • *more cool fighting*
  • ladybug: *accidentally hits chat with her yoyo*
  • ladybug: oh my goodness gracious i am so sorry i didn't mean to no no oh boy please don't be hurt i haven't confessed my love for you yet god dammit
  • *rogercop and evillustrator show up*
  • ladybug: are u fuking serious
  • *even MORE cool fighting*
  • ladybug: *flings chat noir off of the FUCKING ROOF*
  • ladybug:
  • ladybug: ...he'll be fine
  • *ladybug is totally badass and saves the day*
  • chat noir @ladybug: fyi you can pull on my heartstrings anyday
  • chat noir: OF COURSE I HAVE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • ladybug: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • chat noir: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • *hawkmoth screeching in the distance*

anonymous asked:

i love your writing and your blog and i dont want to sound pushy or rude but i was wondering if you have any future plans for your sterek hp au? all of your fics and even little drabbles make my heart swell but that set just stuck in my head the most and i always wonder about it, thank you for doing what you do and being awesome!

year 1, day 1 | years 1 & 2 | year 3 | year 4 | year 5

year 6:

Their sixth year, Derek spends more time than ever in the library, fretting about N.E.W.T.s. He’s thinking tentatively about following in Stiles’ footsteps and setting his sights on a career as an auror. His marks right now are good enough for it, and he knows they’re looking to recruit more werewolves into the Ministry. Most of all, though, it’d mean working with Stiles.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I've just discoreved this site and I'm so TRILLED! It's AMAZING, I love you! :) But to the question: OK, Sherlock loves John, so.. why was he acting so wierd in SiB, after The Woman left the country (him), he was really sad, looked depressed, wasn't talking for days, was composing sad music, he acted as if she broke his heart.. as if he was indeed IN LOVE WITH HER. Why do you think he behaved like that, he shouldn't have been if he didn't have ANY feelings for her! It's really bothering me..

Hi, and thank you so much!!

That’s a great question, and I get lots of Irene asks, so I’m just going to go for it here…

Irene Adler: The Woman, The Myth, The Meta

Let’s start with A Scandal in Bohemia. Often, when writers set out to create another Sherlock Holmes adaptation, they decide to use Irene Adler as his love interest, despite the fact that she only actually appears in one canonical story. Why? Because she’s beautiful and clever. So naturally canon-Sherlock was in love with her.

Of course, anyone who actually bothered reading the story knows that isn’t the case at all. 

Canon Sherlock Holmes is intrigued by Irene. She’s highly intelligent and she outsmarts him. He keeps a photograph of her as a souvenir once they part ways as a reminder of the woman who beat him. 

If I had to make a list of guesses to Canon Sherlock Holmes’s sexual orientation, “straight” wouldn’t even crack the top five. So it irks me to no end that people assume his interest in Irene must be sexual. God forbid he really is just impressed with her mind. Who cares how powerful her brains are?? Look at her boobs, for chrissake!

There was no romance between them in the canon story. Period. 

I imagine Moffat and Gatiss were beside themselves with glee when they wrote this episode. They made it through the first season loading all three shows with crazy homoerotic subtext, setting up the beginning of their slow build to Johnlock, reading reviews and criticism that pointed out All The Gay while at the same time heralding it a fine bromance, with a minority of fans crying “queerbait.” Queerbaiting? the writers thought. No no no. Quite the opposite, dears. Just you wait.

Enter: The Woman.

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how to murder someone | cth

(photo source)

a/n: inspired by the above photo, but altered slightly. thank you for reading :)

warnings: language & possible angst

word count: 2.3k

Calum has a routine every night, mind you. He 1) performs a show, 2) checks his phone for a text from you, 3) answers quickly, 4) takes a shower, and 5) returns just in time to reply to another message from you. Sometimes, you’ll send him a long string of messages which makes him procrastinate the shower to reply to you which elicits a “whipped!” from Michael who disappears just in time to escape earshot of Calum’s creative reply of “fuck off!” 

You’re a key part of that routine though, so lately it’s morphed into 1) perform, 2) check his phone for zero notifications from you, 3) shower, and 4) return to zero notifications from you. It’s not because he hasn’t started the conversation. In fact, Calum has sent you a string of texts that start as simple a friendly conversation (“show was great today! :) you should have been there x”) and increasingly grow more and more desperate for any form of contact with you (“are you okay? tell me what i did wrong. i’ll do anything to fix it.”). Each text was accompanied with a call, but you made sure to send a denied back every time. Still, though, every course of twenty-four hours lately has failed to provide him with a reply from you. 

“She’s probably studying for finals,” Ashton comforts him one day, clapping a hand on the shoulder of the raven-haired boy seated on the couch.

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msdistress said: Hey, you asked for prompts. Yesterday I saw my ex (we were together for years) who cheated on me and acted horribly during the breakup, and I’m still pretty torn up about it. How about a Sterek fic where one of them convinces the other to fake!date them, just to show to the ex that they can, in fact, get dates, and hot ones at that. You know what happens next… :) (Also, girl!Stiles would be awesome, but if it doesn’t fit/you’re not interested, no biggie! :))

OKAY, so I got lightning-strike inspired by this, so this is TOTALLY fast and dirty, and also TOTALLY girl!Stiles, which I’m always happy to write.  It’s also not really fake!dating, but there is a douchebag ex in it, so I hope this cheers you up :)

“Oh shit, oh crap,” Stiles says, trying to squeeze in between Scott and the shelves of candy and disappear, somehow, even though it’s 3 am on a Sunday and pretty much the only people in the CVS are Scott, Stiles and the douchebag that Stiles used to date until Stiles caught him cheating and punched him in the face.

The punch had been pretty satisfying, actually, but Tommy’d had that skank to comfort him and Stiles had gone home and cried for three days afterward, so—so it’s been two months and Stiles has no desire to see Tommy after she’s been up all night eating tacos and peanut butter cups and playing video games with Scott. She’s pretty sure there are grease stains all over her t-shirt and there’s a ninety-five percent chance she’s wearing Scott’s Batman boxers as shorts.

It’s not her finest moment.

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'Opposites Attract'

requested by teenagedorkbags

summary: with Ashton blind and me deaf we never thought it could ever work, but he wouldn’t stop trying

warningif you liked ’I See You’ you’ll love this (also it’s really long)

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anonymous asked:

been thinking about niall, and narry, and that very first trip to mullingar. I've been thinking about why none of the other boys went, why they didn't take up the invite, especially considering niam were friends during boot camp. Got me thinking about how Niall was probably super super keen to be liked by them all. Whether that put them on edge slightly, you know the feeling you get when maybe someone is trying too hard and you desperately want them to calm down and take it easy, p1

because you know if they chill out slightly you really will like them. But their enthusiasm is a lot to take. Made me think about how everyone says niall is 1d’s biggest fan and wonder whether niall and harry both went into the band with a wide eyed motivation and belief that they would become a band of brothers and take it on together, where the other boys were more reserved in investing themselves 100%. Louis especially who would be simultaneously self-assured in the cocky way 18y/o are and desperately afraid to fail again. Made me think about how the larry/ziam divide would have affected niall from the beginning. Little niall who probably craves attention but has also learnt to just be happy with whatever he’s given because he was a bit of a latchkey kid. But most of all how niall was probably full of excitement at the prospect of this gang he was joining. I was also thinking of how harry was the only one to see niall at home in Ireland before their fame got them. And how whether he will always love harry a bit more than the rest because harry knows the him that existed completely outside of x factor, knows niall in the very first place that formed him minus the fame, where the other boys don’t. Whether they have a special bond because of it, and whether that’s why they seem so happy together doing the Ireland shows, because it’s like being 16 and on the cusp of something together again. I’ve made myself happy and sad at the same time!!

I have been clutching this message to my chest all weekend because there is SO MUCH HERE. 

I’m having particular feelings about this idea that Niall and Harry were the ones who really let themselves get excited in the beginning. The ones who just wanted to be together and bask in the excitement and strangeness of the situation and stay up all night talking about what they wanted to do and the songs they would sing and who they wanted to meet and maybe what they were afraid of too? Like…this sounds so legit, that Harry and Niall were the ones who allowed themselves to be open to the experience and each other, back then in the very beginning. 

–Louis, older and scared to put all his hopes in one basket and allow himself to be vulnerable, Liam who was SO DELIBERATE and cared SO MUCH about making it on his own and who was cautious around other boys because other boys were something to be wary of and to steel yourself against and Zayn who was terrified of the whole thing and nearly incapable of opening up to a bunch of total strangers– 

Niall and Harry were the ones who just wanted to EXPERIENCE the whole thing, and who saw the whole group thing as icing on the cake maybe. I get to do this thing! And I get to share it with other lads! They were the youngest and the most sociable and the most unabashedly stoked, maybe. 

This all feels super crucial because the tables have turned a little bit. Harry and Niall are now the two members who are the best at playing their emotions close to the chest. They both have this way of presenting as warm and charming and friendly, but their engagement is always on their own terms. They’re both so great at maintaining necessary emotional distance. BUT. BUT BUT BUT…

They don’t feel that way when they interact with each other? Harry and Niall interacting, on stage and off, feels so authentic and open and warm and maybe that’s got to do with the way they related way back in the beginning? They each wanted to open up and let it all hang out, and maybe they found a safe space for that in each other. A safe kind of space that still exists between them, hence the particular access they seem to have to each other’s joy. And…i don’t know…maybe each other’s pain too? Niall talked about Zayn leaving bringing them closer. Did Harry and Niall lean on each other? Is Harry the one who got to play emotional midwife to Niall’s feelings and vice versa? Ouch. Yikes. 

I don’t know. I just….narry. I just narry.