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7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?

Marvel/Stucky. It was fun! Season One of Agent Carter had some good femslash prospects! Bucky was a super-traumatized woobie!

And now it’s like… Literal Fucking Nazis all over the fucking place, and AOS killed off my favourite people, and I am old and bitter and worn, and the Nazis aren’t even doing anything good or interesting or worth the pain, and the comics are a flaming trash pit on fire, and I am so sick of Bucky and his plums. How did I get here? I’ll still reblog content on my mainblog if I think my friends would like to see it, but the joy is all gone.

22.  Popular character you hate?

oh god oh god please don’t kill me Nursey /o\ I’m sorry it’s a gut reflex to hipsters en masse

There’s this really important concept in the work I do called “validation” which is having someone else recognize what you’re seeing, acknowledge it, and treat it as real, important, and worthwhile (even if they don’t agree or feel the same). It’s suuuper important for mental health. And “chill” is as invalidating as you can fucking get.

So I can like… sometimes grit my teeth for stuff that deals with how he, as a Black man, has been invalidated and asked to disown his anger but being denied softer emotions, and I’m a lot more on board for him having BPD (which comes, literally, from growing up in an invalidating environment). Those interpretations are AT LEAST better than the rich white Vancouver hipsters who would tell me how their organic non-GMO quinoa was totally awesome and then when I, a farm child, tried to explain how many things were wrong with that sentence, would tell me not to get so worked up, brooooo, I should go to this ashram in India they had a totally enlightening experience at. 

But when he’s just like… acting like a jerk to Dex, riling him up because he thinks it’s funny and then telling him to “chill”, I super super dislike him.


Rune Magick

Hey, all! So today I’m going to teach you about runes and how to use them in everyday magick. There are, of course, many different types of runes but for this, we are talking about Germanic runes. 

So, first off I’ll tell you a little about what runes are. Runes are a form of script, dating all the way back to 150 AD. They were eventually replaced by the Latin alphabet somewhere around 700 AD. Because they are so ancient, some witches use them not only as a secret script but also in their magickal workings. 

You might be asking, “Well how do I do that? Wouldn’t that be like using the letter A?” Well, yes and no. I have no doubt someone could find a way to use the Latin alphabet for magick, but in this case, runes are more… symbolic I guess? Take the rune peorth for example (see “p” above). It resembles a cup lying on its side. When the opening points to the right, it represents birth and beginnings. When the opening points to the left, it represents death or endings.

Each rune symbolizes a specific thing or idea. Say, for example, you wanted a quick charm for safe travels. You could draw Raidho ® somewhere on your person as it is the rune of travel. To use rune magick simply draw, paint, or inscribe it where you want to use it. You can also “draw” it in the air or on an object/person with your energy. 

 Below is a list of all the runes, their names, and their uses/meanings (order is from left to right).

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Stages of Twin Flames

From both research, experience, and intuition, these are the energetic and physical stages incarnated twin flames tend go through together. Like with all relationships models (i.e. a “healthy relationship” or a “codependent relationship”), there is a model that leaves for infinite variability when it actually comes to the details of the interactions! Twin flame relationships are just as variable and unique. 

Twin Flame…? What is that?

Let me do my best to define a twin flame. A twin flame is most often a singular other partner/spirit/soul who balances your energy, so that we can enter an energetic state together of unconditional love. This energy balance is done by sharing similar lifetimes (i.e. experiences that lead you towards being able to empathize with the others trials in a compassionate way, as well as forming similar or complementary egoic traits). 

There are also polyamorous twin flame groups, though! All that is required is that they inspire deep empathy and unconditional love, in a way that mirrors our own past pains and trials so that we can relate in an incredibly synthesized way. Love is an energy, that transcends the emotion specifically. Twin flames can have a range in how they express their love to another (it’s not always the romantic ways). Platonic and quasi-platonic relationships are just as valid. Twin flames are all in the extremely deep empathy, unconditional love, and mirroring. 

Twin flames are different than soul mates. Soul mates help us reach a point where we energetically evolve to be able to handle and express this love to our twin flame(s), and then to the universe as a whole. Twin flames are sort of like the “final” soul mate. Soul mate relationships are crucial and loving as well, as they help us become brighter and more evolved individuals! 

What are the (typical) stages twin flames go through?

Twin flames have to energetically evolve to a point of union with each other. Because of the intense empathy, knowing how to take care of ourselves and handle a deep release of past wounds is important. In some twin flame couples, this turns chaotic and painful quickly, when they aren’t yet ready to have such an intense reunion. With our twin flames, our wounds are freshly exposed, and we can feel this rawness. Not all of us are ready and willing to handle this immediately! 

In this, it’s a chaotic and often painful journey done together but also apart. We ultimately are our only healer, not our twin flame. Relying on our twin flame for support can be healthy, but relying on them to mend us quickly turns codependent and can start the cycle of separation. 

Stage 1:

  • We meet our soul mates and learn from them or we have other karmic relationships. Our healing journeys begin and deepen and we become more energetically balanced and able. Our energy and “vibration” raise. We do not have to be perfect or enlightened or anything to meet our twin flame(s); we just have to evolve to an undefined point, but a point where a union becomes possible. Typically, this evolution involves understanding two major things: that we are our only true healer, no one can heal us if we aren’t willing to do the work ourselves; and a willingness to face our past with honesty and compassion, gently healing our wounds and welcoming loving relationships into our lives to aid us in how to best do so.
  • We do not have a tangible, physical, relationship with your twin flame at this stage. Sometimes we can spiritually communicate with them, but we have not both met on the physical plane. Perhaps in passing glances we have seen each other! It’s also common to have dreams, intuitions, and other sensational experiences that note us becoming closer to our twin flames. 
  • This stage can take place even if we don’t meet our twin flame in our current life, in they case they aren’t incarnated with us. We are always evolving through every lifetime. But, if our twin flame(s) is/are incarnated on the planet at the same time, we will most likely meet and have a twin flame relationship. As long as we focus on healing, we’re constantly heading towards a reunion. We just need to be careful not to zone in and focus too much on this reunion. Missing the journey of life that we’re in will turn us away from our twin flame; it’s important to fully enjoy the journey in the present too. 
  • We’ll begin to desire our twin flame(s). We start to feel a deep and often painful yearning and longing.  Sometimes we will have increased dreams where our twin flames and us meet spiritually or astrally. Often the twin flame will have the same or a similar dream.
  • It’s possible we’ll find your twin, but not be able to get close them. Often, there is something in the way (a relationship one of you is in, if you’re monogamous; age gap; physical distance; parents; etc). Although frustrating, working through our own past pains in this time is the best thing we can focus on. Make sure not to bury yourself in work and distractions to avoid the ability to heal. It takes a lot of self-awareness and attention to embark on a deep healing! This goes for the running and chasing points of our twin flame relationships too. 

Stage 2

  • This is the stage where we meet our twin flame(s), in this physical life and incarnation. We may have watched each other from a distance, with one or both of you conscious, or they could appear out of nowhere. We feel a connection, but sometimes it’s brushed over. Later, we often can’t get them out of your mind. Sometimes this is similar to a typical crush or squish, but if often feels more intense.
  • It’s the idea of love at first sight, whatever love means to you. We may not feel ready for it, but this love is not something you can defend yourself against feeling. 
  • Often, the thing that pushes this relationship beyond a typical soul mate or other relationship is a deep moment of empathy. We talk or interact with our twin flame in a way that we drop all of the barriers and walls we’ve carried around with us. This opens a flood of past wounds, but also an incredibly empathetic moment. It’s a mutual discussion and understanding that the other has experienced pain as well. If there was one moment defined as a reunion, this would be it! 
  • The attraction lasts for a very long time if you knew each other before meeting. This ‘crush’ can go on for months, even years. 
  • After meeting and ending up “together,” we experience a near to perfect relationship. Everything in our lives start to work out and our past wounds heal deeply. 
  • With poly twin flame partnerships, it appears that most will meet each twin flame at a different time (i.e. not all reuniting at once). Each has a deepening empathy to offer! 

Stage 3

  • When we meet our twin flames, we are not energetically perfect. We and our twin flames often still have “baggage” that sometimes seemed to have vanished in the first part of your relationship. Unfortunately, it comes back up in this stage. Not all relationships follow an exact “perfection then chaos” model. Many release the past wounds through a deepening empathy throughout! Running and chasing can and does happen in cycles, often–just like a normal relationship. The key is that the running and chasing does happen–we at times worry that we cannot handle the deep empathy and our egos cause us to run. Then the other will sometimes chase. Depending on the health of the relationships, how this stage manifests is highly variable.
  • This is a kinetic stage where the amount of spiritual evolution increases more than in any other spiritual relationship. Arguments combined with intense love and respect that transcend other past fights happen. We begin to realize that this is so different than other relationships, because so much growth happens even through anger and pain–we trust and love each other through it all. 
  • Our twin flames reflects us back at ourselves, making us realize all the things we need to change to really fulfill our full potential. We can see the barriers we held up in our twin flame, and recognizing this in another allows us to learn how we can drop our own walls. 
  • There is usually the runner and chaser in this stage: one twin flame runs and the other chases (with poly twins, it seems this usually happens at different times for each pair within the system). The runner feels like they are losing control over their relationships, lives, and self, and flees in fear. The empathy can become too much to handle, we worry the walls are crashing down too fast. The chaser, afraid to lose their ultimate partner(s), will pursue the runner and often push them father away. The chaser wants a commitment and feels further spiritually evolved (usually they have the energy that lifts the other, and the runner is afraid to evolve to that final point). How this manifests and how long this lasts depends on the willingness of both in the pair to face the empathy and understand that only healing will happen, even if it hurts to reopen the past wounds and let down our walls. 
  • Not all twin flames who incarnate pass this stage in one life. Sometimes, we will separate and reunite in another, future, life. 
  • Eventually, and usually within one life, we reunite and all past pains and energy that was a burden is resolved. Neither twin is perfect, but we have evolved because we commit to facing the pain, knowing that this awareness is empathy will allow us to truly heal. We also recognize that healing is a process and there isn’t one definite line we cross–empathy allows us to continuously heal and deepen our connection to life in general.

Stage 4

  • This is where the twin flames reunite and become energetically synthesized and connected as one. Once committed to empathy, our hearts collectively sing together. Our healing intensifies with this compassionate reunion. This stage is where twin flames become clearly distinct from soul mates. Your twin flame(s) are an integral part of your energy and will become one with you, in a spiritual sense. There is a necessary union and an incredible awakening of energy. This awakening can and does sometimes happen periodically throughout the relationship, growing deeper and deeper after each moment of running/chasing and committed to reuniting. 

Stage 5

  • The twin flames are totally “enlightened,” energetically, at this point, and they can fulfill their purpose as a joined pair (or multiple). This means we have fully recognized that empathy with another loving individual (or individuals) is the most spiritual experience we can have. This empathy shows us how to continue healing and growing. We recognize that enlightenment is a constant process, not an end goal.
  • Love, harmony, peace, and light radiate from their union, and each twin glows with the energy of the other.
  • The twin flames are in a constant state of intimacy, where one is always in energetic union with another. This occurs via emotional intimacy and deep empathetic connection, and sometimes also includes physical intimacy.
  • This stage is not totally free of human emotion, but the emotion is filled with peace and love as the foremost feelings. Communication is at its best, and pain, although felt, does not stick and cling to the energetic body or weigh us down like our past pain did.
  • Here we realize that empathy and unconditional love is something possible in all relationships, twin flame or not. We becoming willing to face all past and present wounds and trust ourselves in our ability to heal. Our twin flame(s) likewise trust themselves, so we embark on a beautiful and complementary partnership together.

Notes on Twin flames

  • Not all twin flames are monogamous. Often twin flames can have other lovers, as soul mates, and/or multiple twin flames. 
  • Twin flames can be any gender (or agender, etc); energy is not dependent on gender.
  • Aromantic and asexual individuals can and do have twin flames; it depends on the individuals’ involvement (like with any twin flame couple) whether they will meet their twin in their lifetime. These identities don’t erase the possibility of meeting one’s twin flame.
  • Twin flames are not all that common relationships for everyone in every lifetime. They require a lot of spiritual growth beforehand and it takes much self awareness for us to evolve to a point where it would be beneficial to meet our twin flame. But, our twin flames could be here for us! A lot of people are spiritually evolving at a faster rate now, so it appears more and more twin flames are reuniting.
  • If we want to meet our twin flame(s), don’t focus on them; let’s focus on ourselves. This is about our evolution, and we will meet them when the time is right. We have to commit towards our own individual healing journey first.
  • When we are with our twin flame(s), if you only have one, this doesn’t mean you can’t have other partners if you’re polyamorous. Twin flame relationships don’t limit other expressions of love or act as a block for this being the only manifestation of unconditional love. Instead, they teach us how all relationships can be founded in empathy and unconditional love.
  • We can always spiritually know our twin flame(s), but they will not always incarnated physically with us. Sometimes this is to learn a healthy detachment, and how love can transcend a physical attachment, but the reasons are as individual as the relationships themselves! 

“Don’t think you can attain total awareness and whole enlightenment without proper discipline and practice. This is egomania. Appropriate rituals channel your emotions and life energy toward the light. Without the discipline to practice them, you will tumble constantly backward into darkness.”

Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching

Stages of awakening: First awakening to knowing that you are a spiritual being. Second: awakening to the truth all around in this reality, the real truth. Third: Awakening to a non-duality view and existence. Fourth: Awakening to who you are outside of this reality, remembering. Fifth: Awakening to the truth in the Universal. And then, having the ability to be totally enlightened.

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What kind of music/songs would the batboys listen to?

lets see…

Dick- I think Dick is the kind of person who is into whatever music is popular at the time, one of the longest stints was uptown funk. But he is also pretty into classic rock, Journey, Led Zeppelin, the such. Don’t stop Believing is probably his favorite song (to lip sync at three in the morning, dancing on the bed in his apartment)

Jason- Jason of course has to keep up his image, so he mainly listens to punk/alternative rock. Like seriously. Most of his playlist is just Green Day, (although I’m pretty sure theres some Fall Out Boy on there too). His favorite song is most likely American Idiot.

Tim-Tim’s playlist basically sounds like he went onto spotify and had a seizure. Like it’ll go from Twenty-One Pilots to bluegrass whistling to Beethoven’s Fifth. He mainly likes to listen to Indie/Alternative Rock, bands like Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, The Killers. His favorite song is Viva La Vida or Warriors.

Damian- Damian likes Arabian pop, as a nod to his heritage. He also is actually quite fond of the Beatles,Of Monsters and Men, and don’t tell anyone but he most definitely has The Devil Went Down To Georgia on there. It seems slightly random but he likes to branch out. His favorite song is The Last Rendezvous (أخر ميعا) by Ahmed Gamal. (here’s the translation for it x, and song is here x)

The Strange Subconscious Fantasy Worlds of Lucid Dreamers

Recent studies have shown that the phenomenon, called lucid dreaming, has been experienced at least once by 47 to 82 percent of people. For most of those individuals, lucidity is rare and fleeting, but psychologist Dr. Joe Green insists it doesn’t have to be. Lucidity, the therapist claims, is a skill that can be learned and perfected. It’s a skill that Green has used successfully in his therapy practice for decades. “If people are motivated,” he told me in a recent interview, “almost anybody can have a lucid dream.”

Determined to see for myself, I bought the book A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming—a compendium of lucidity techniques. Within a week, I had the first real lucid dream of my life. It lasted for less than a minute, but it was intoxicating. I had a taste of what felt like an almost Buddhist enlightenment, a total transcendence of reality.

A month later, I found myself sitting in a Hollywood café across from Field Guide author, Jared Zeizel. I wanted to learn more about how to wield my new power. We began the interview, of course, by looking down and touching our own hands—a simple test to determine whether or not we were dreaming.

VICE: How can someone learn to lucid dream?
Jared Zeizel: Well, the first thing that I always tell people is, you have to start writing down your dreams every morning. After a while, you’ll start noticing patterns. Maybe you’re often dreaming of clocks, for instance. If that’s the case, what you want to do is, every time you see a clock in the waking world, just take a moment and ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” It’s called a reality check, and if you do that enough during the day, you’ll start to train your mind. Eventually, you’ll ask that question in the dream world and go lucid.

What reality checks do you do?
I’ve got a few different checks. In high school, I had a lot of dreams about zombies, so during the day, I’d just rehearse those dreams in my mind, and know that if I was seeing zombies, there was a pretty good chance that I was dreaming.


Don’t think you can attain total awareness and whole enlightenment without proper discipline and practice. This is egomania. Appropriate rituals channel your emotions and life energy toward the light. Without the discipline to practice them, you will tumble constantly backward into darkness.
—  Lao Tzu

1. While saying ’In all the time I’ve known him, he’s never let me down’ Finch turns to Ali. Somehow this simple movement makes the whole line sounds especially genuine and touching. It turns a few simple words into almost a declaration of love. Besides, now Harold seems to be following John’s example enlightening a total stranger how special Reese is and how much he means to Harold.

2. Although it was already mentioned about shaking hands, I would like to point out the contrast between Harold’s calm and composed appearance and his badly shaking hands. He seems to try his best not to let his own issues disturb people around or ruin the whole the mission.

3. John seems to take ’John, remember to be careful’ for what it really is. A love declaration. He looks very touched.