totally different that my usual stuff

Title: One Long Night (pt.1)

Words: 3,923
Rating: T for Teen (death mention, swearing)
Pairing: Bea x Mae, Gregg x Angus
Summery: Life had seemed to change in the quiet little town of Possum Springs. To Mae Borowski, the changes in the town seemed to have been for the better, especially after that one night in the woods. She had just gotten a job over at Taco Buck, and her two friends Angus and Gregg seemed to have also move to settle down over in Bright Harbor as well. The only thing that hasn’t changed was her friend Bea, who still continued to work at the Ol’ Pickax. One visit however, would ultimately give Mae the impression that perhaps change was going through to her childhood friend as well…

Author’s comments: Gosh dang, it took me long enough to get back into writing… I’m going through an artist block anyway, so I thought I’d continue this story from where it was… I hope I can continue this one as well cause that would be really amazing, but lets see how it goes shall we?

Enjoy my friends~!!

[no secondary parts as of yet]

Honorable mentions: @j4m-ch4n​ (Who was my editor for the most part… Thank sis~!). @cryssalia​ (who is still an inspiration to me, and also I think that perhaps she would maybe like to read my stuff too ). And also @werelupewoods , cause like… I haven’t wrote in a while and I thought that maybe you could read this little thing im doing that is totally different from my neo stuff lol. (>w<)b

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As if the previews for next week weren’t enough to ruin me emotionally, I apparently decided I needed to torture myself some more by adding to Robert’s pain. Yeah, sorry. This is somewhat different from my usual stuff, but after fiddling with it for ages (partly together with my sis, proving it is totally possible to draw together on an A4 sketchpad), I’m quite happy with it and now dump my Robert!suffering on you all (specifically @wycombewanderer - I hope it is okay to blame you for this ;)).

H-hey guys, I’ve got several anons about making friends and starting convos so I thought I’d do a post!

I am… m-maybe the worst p-person ever to ask about m-making friends, but my sister, Summer, is an expert at it, so I went and a-asked her for advice, and here’s w-what she said:

Find Common Ground: The best way to start a conversation is to find something in common - usually stuff like sports, video games, food, hobbies, music and tv/movies are a great place to start. Definitely stick to things that are non-divisive - even if you have different views about stuff, you can still be friends, but that’s definitely not the way to start building a friendship.

Laugh: A serious conversation is totally okay, but the real way to get people to open up and connect with you is through laughter. Jokes, memes and stuff like that can break the ice pretty quick and put everyone at ease. Remember to keep your jokes and memes and stuff NON-OFFENSIVE though - if you’re a jerk no one is gonna wanna hang with you (except other jerks).

Pay attention to body language: this is really important, you can tell a lot by how a person is standing/sitting and you can react to their body language to accommodate them. If someone is hanging back, putting distance between you (or someone else) and themselves, etc, give them their space, don’t force yourself into it. Invading someone’s personal bubble is not cool and is definitely going to make things awkward.

Be Open, but don’t Overshare: You want to find common ground, and a big part of friend making is relating to one another, but make sure you don’t dump everything about your life out on the table in the first meeting (or the first bit of friendship). It can be overwhelming for the person you’re trying to be friends with, and it can make you vulnerable by sharing information with someone you don’t really know and trust with.

Accept your own limits: There’s a lot of pressure to make friends and be popular and go out and do stuff, but some of us aren’t totally social people, and even total extroverts sometimes need a break to stop and recharge. If you’re not comfortable going out to crowded places, or hanging out all the time, or if you only have a few close friends and you feel pressure from society to make more, just, you know, give social pressure the middle finger. You are you, we are a mix of all kinds of social types, from extrovert to ambivert to introvert, and if you’re comfortable with how stuff is, or if you prefer internet socialization to physical (or vice versa), I cannot stress enough how OK that is. You are you, and accepting and knowing what makes YOU happy is the most important thing you can do.

I’m no expert but these are things that I try to use and apply to my friend making! Good luck! 


I hope that helps, everyone!

Meant to be

okay, so I couldn’t sleep last night (it’s too fucking hot 😩, looking at you summer😅) and this sorta happened. It’s a bit different from how I usually write these, and J and S are probably totally out of character but I hope it’s not completely horrible, so please enjoy

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Author’s P.O.V

At a party

“So why exactly are you and Y/N fighting?”, Shannon asked his brother, who is focusing on his phone. “Because, I told her that she and I could and should not be in a relationship.”, replied Jared, putting his phone away, preparing himself for more questions. “But why not? You love her, don’t you?” Jared sighed,“ Yes.” “And she loves you.” “I guess.” Shannon raises his eyebrows, “Then where’s the problem?” “Being with me would ruin her life, that’s the problem!”, Jared answered, sounding annoyed and frustrated. Shannon looked at him confused. “I’m too old for her, she needs to be with someone her own age.” “Y/N wants you, not some random guy.”, Shannon countered. “Doesn’t matter. Even if we were to date, I’m never around. She deserves someone who can give her time and attention.” “Has she ever complaint about you not being around?” “…no”, Jared mumbles, “but she doesn’t have to, I know.” Shannon lets out a sigh, “You know what I think: you’re purposely trying to ruin this relationship, because you don’t think you deserve her, deserve to be happy. Y/N and you should be together. I know it, she knows it and everybody else does, too. The only obstacle is you.” Not wanting to give in, Jared gets his phone back out and ignores his brother. “Fine, whatever man, but don’t come to me when you finally realize you’ve made a mistake and miss her." 

Shannon turns away and starts talking to a mutual friend of theirs. "Hey man, have you seen Y/N? I thought she was at this party, too.” “Yeah, she was at least. She left like 10 minutes ago.” “Alone?”, Shannon inquires. “No, with Jason.” “Jason? And who is he?” Luke chuckles, “Jason is a friend of a friend. He’s always at all the parties, picking up chicks etc.” At that, Jared perks up his ears. “And you’re sure Y/N left with him?” “Yeah, why?”, Luke asked confused. “Nothing, is just she usually doesn’t go home with strangers. It’s not really her thing.” He glances back at Jared, noticing that he’s been listening in on the conversation. “That’s what Jason’s good at. He finds woman who seem like they have nothing left to lose, he empathizes with them, and then invites them home to ‘just talk’, gets them drunk and has sex with him.”, Luke continues. Just as Shannon is about to speak, Jared joins in the conversation, “Where does he live?” Luke laughs nervously, “Why?” “His address, Luke!”, Jared says more demanding this time. Luke tells him the address and Jared quickly makes his way through the crowd towards the exit. “Sorry about that, but I got to go. I need to go with him, got a feeling something bad is about to happen.” Shannon excuses himself and follows Jared.
They take a cab to Jason’s. When they arrive, Jared almost jumps out of the car, headed towards the apartment building. Shannon is right behind him. 

At Jason’s place

Y/N is sitting on the couch in Jason’s apartment. “So, can I get you something to drink?”, he asks her, sounding quite charming. “Ehm, no. I’m good right now, thanks.” Jason silently cursed to himself but smiles on the outside. “Do you mind if I?”, he gestures to the bottle of champagne. “Oh, no not at all.”, Y/N quickly replies. He nods and pours himself a glass, sitting down next to her. “It’s a nice apartment you got here.” Jason chuckles, “Why thank you. But I believe, you didn’t come here to talk about interior design.” He sets his glass down and moves closer to Y/N. She’s beginning to feel more and more uncomfortable, questioning why she agreed to come with him in the first place. Oh, that’s right, to forget about Jared. The man she loved, who apparently didn’t want her. 
“Yeah, you’re right. Although you did say, you just wanted to talk so.”, Y/N lets out a nervous laugh. Jason rolls his eyes,“ Please, Y/N, don’t kid yourself. You knew exactly why we came here tonight.” He lays his hand on her thigh and moves it slowly upwards, while his face inches closer to her neck. She can feel his breath against it, “Jason stop, I don’t want this.” He ignores and places kisses on her neck.

Suddenly there are loud bangs on the door, “Jason! Open this fucking door, now!”, Jared yelled angrily. “Excuse me for a moment.” Jason gets up and walks to the door, opening it. “Hey man, calm down. What’s your fucking problem?” Jared ignores his question, “Where is she?” “Where is who?” “You fucking prick! Y/N? Are you okay?”, Jared calls out, hoping that you’ll answer. “Jared?”, Y/N ’s voice breaks. Jared returns his attention back to Jason,“ Move!” Jason scoffs, “This is my apartment, you can’t tell me what to do!”
Jared shakes his head, turning to Shannon, as if to ask for approval. Shannon nods, and Jared punches Jason in the face, causing him to stumble backwards. He quickly walks past him, to find Y/N sitting on the couch, her legs pulled up to her chest. “Are you okay, love?”, he asks her softly. “Better now.”, she chuckles quietly. He pulls her into his arms and holds her tightly. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said all those things. I love you, so much.” “I love you, too. Does this mean, we can maybe, you know, date, be an actual couple?”, she looks at him hopefully. Jared nods, smiling, “If you’ll have me, then abso-fucking-lutely.” Y/N wraps her arms around his neck, and he pulls her closer, finally kissing the woman he loves. 

“Hey asshole, what the fuck do you think you’re doing!?”, Jason intervenes, holding his hand to his bleeding lip. He steps towards Jared, ready to fight him again, when Shannon comes between them. “I suggest you take a step back, buddy or it’s gonna get really ugly in here. No one messes with my brother or his girl, understood?”, he says, his voice harsh and demeaning.
Jason shrinks and rushes to his bedroom, “You’re all fucking bastards!”
Shannon laughs, “Wow.” “Yup. Thanks man.” Jared says to Shannon, hugging him. “Anytime, little brother. Now I’m gonna go and I suggest you do the same, before 'captain-superprick’ calls the police.” Jared nods. “Thank you, Shannon.”, Y/N smiles at him. He winks at her, “ Don’t mention it, just make sure I get to be best man at your wedding and godfather to all your kids.” You all laugh, “Definitely.” Shannon leaves.
“So, where do you want to go?”, Jared asks softly. “Home.”

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I've finally found your tumblr! I love your Instagram very much and I'm not sure how you feel about things on Instagram, but I've seen so many of your drawings reposted, but usually with credits, and if there's no credit then people in the comments are usually "this is @djsadbean, give some creds." I just wanted to ask if I see stuff like that if I should report the post or just ask the people to credit you, or ask to take it down completely.

ah thank you for asking! im glad you found me :D alright… reposting…

Lets just do some basic rules for this problem:

  1. No repostng on tumblr (this means no reuploading of my art on different accounts but reblogging is totally fine and it helps me get out there more)
  2. No reposting from my tumblr to instagram (this is because i see people credit me like “credit to djsadbean on tumblr” on instagram like no fam i got an insta pls dont do that because there’s no link to my instagram when people do that)
  3. No using my works in fanzines, distributing it without my permission, or using it in fan videos or something without permission (i distribute my own art. i have a store where i make real life money and use it to buy real life necessities to continue making art)
  4. DO NOT CROP OUT MY SIGNATURE (i make my signature obnoxiously big because of people doing this. if you want me to either make the signatures bigger and uglier or just stop posting my art all together than this is the way to do it but i know a lot of you like my content so if you see people doing this please report them and the post.)

 Now what to do when you see these rules being broken (you dont gotta but it really helps me out :D) :

  1. If you see someone reposting my work on tumblr: messaging doesnt always work to get these people to take down posts but you can try that first. then if it’s not taken down then reporting them is the next thing i can think of since if they do this to me theyll do it to other artists. (and if you can help other artists with this thatd be good too :D)
  2. If you see someone reposting from my tumblr to instagram: Please leave a comment like “this is @djsadbean please @ credit her in the description and tag!” and if they still dont do that then please report the post so it’s taken down.
  3. If you see someoneusing my works in fanzines, distributing it without my permission, or using it in fan videos or something without permission: if theres a place to add comments or something similar please ask the user to remove my works if its a video and if they dont please report them. for fanzines or products please report them since theyll be making money off of what i spent hours doing and thats not okay at all.
  4. If you see someone cropping out my signature: honestly dont even message these people. they knew what they were doing. just report them and their posts. people who crop out or cover signatures are the actual worst people.

Thank you so much for messaging me about this! This makes me feel more secure as an artist since I have people out there looking out for me and other artists so thank you so much! I want to continue providing content and the best way to help me with that is to make sure people are obeying these rules!

note: if people are reposting to instagram from instagram and their post has me tagged and im clearly @ credited in the description (”credit to @djsadbean”) then they’re fine since it provides two clear links to my instagram :D thank you again for messaging me! it really means a lot! <3


Hey guys, sorry it’s been awhile.  I actually did some scanlating this week!  


Anyway, I promised quite a few releases in October, and obviously I have failed you guys.  I did actually work on all of those projects, but I have yet to finish them.  I need to just do one at a time, rather than a little bit of each project (because then it feels like I haven’t made progress).  

In other news, an awesome friend (@rasher-translations) is helping out with translating the Ichikawa Kei project.  I translated half of it in a few days, and haven’t been able to work on it since then (been too busy, and lost momentum).  But she will be finishing that soon.  

Additionally, a totally awesome typesetter (@fantaisy06) is going to help out on quite a few projects.  She’s really awesome and super quick (like 500% faster and better than me), so that will leave more time for me to translate (yay…). 

I did just translate another Mou Ichido extra page, so you’ll probably see that tomorrow.  

The typesetter will be finished with Drugless Sex chapter by tomorrow, so then it just needs to be QCed.

I’ve been halfway done with typesetting chapter 2 of Pink to Mameshiba for awhile now.  I will fucking finish it this week (I really like it too, so what is the hold up???)

And Red Beryl ni Sayonara is half translated, so I should be finished with that by the end of this week.  I’m really excited about this series!  It’s actually a brand supernatural Michinoku Atami series!  As far as I know, this is her first supernatural manga, and is totally different than her usual stuff (I mean, her smut is awesome, but this one actually has a plot!).

The hold up on Namaiki Hierarchy is purely me not getting around to proofreading it.  So I will 100% finish that this week.  Man, do I suck right now. 

Anyway, after all of that, I’ll finish translating chapter one of the Abe Akane one. It’s so fun to translate.

Sorry for the rant!  I just felt like I owed you guys an explanation/update, since i’ve been pretty flaky with my releases lately.  I have so many exciting projects, but I’m just one person with very little free time, so you’ll have to bear with me for now (unless other people want to help!).

But seriously, check out how cute these guys are ?? (from Suki Kirai wa Iwanai yo - Abe Akane - see picture below).  

I did promise a mini synopsis awhile back, and then totally forgot.  So, in a few words:

Our main character is brand new freshman in college.  He’s quite an idiot (he’s the blonde guy below).  He’s then joins the “The Food Club,” although he’s mostly interested due to the promise of cute girls.  My favorite line so far is when our main character says, “If this cool onii-chan (the black-haired guy below) says it, then it must be true.” [lol, what an idiot] Anyway, despite all the title pages having imagery of food, there is actually very little food involved in this manga.  There’s lots of drama, and a super killer sex scene at the end (which is fairly usual for Abe Akane). There’s also a random one shot about some kids. - this was a fairly lame synopsis…but that’s all I can remember at the moment.

So that’s the end of my super long post!  Clearly, I like to ramble incoherently. I’m gonna go to sleep now (as usual, I have to wake up for work in 5 hours…), but anyway, you guys should cheer me on, so that I get fully motivated to finish my impossible amount of work.  If anyone has any questions/spoiler requests for any of the manga I mentioned in this post, feel free to ask me!  I love answering questions.

~Good night, everyone!!~

Check out those abs… 👍🏻

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hello carol! I am watching fight for my way and hit the top and I gotta tell you: fight for my way will leave you rooting for the romance of the main leads but you will also be rooting for the second lead couple, it's an amazing drama!! Hit the top has a different plot from the usual kdrama stuff & what I hate about it is the confusing love interests but tbh the romance is not really relevant. the time travel plot will make you desperate for the next episodes it's totally worth to watch!

aah ok thank u so much for the recommendations bub!! i’ll definitely check them out. i’ll probably watch fight for my way first bc it seems to be a unanimous hit ✨

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Hi! I'm totally at the edge of my seat with the pajama fic. A proper post would be the way to go. uhm, and I hope i'm on your permanent tag list. As for a title, "Nobody Expects a Pajama Inquisition" maybe?

Originally posted by budburnswell

I laughed so hard at this. A girl after my own heart. 

And I’ve got you down, dear! I wasn’t sure if my permatag folks would want in on this one, since it’s lower quality and so different from the stuff I usually put out. I’ve got you covered, though! :)

Read the pajama fic here.

anglaziegler  asked:

raspberry, passion fruit, strawberry, coconut, lychee, blueberry, kiwi, papaya, cranberry, nectarine, apricot 🌈🌻

raspberry: favorite flower?

roses, lavender, forget-me-not, daisies, sunflowers and hydrangeas   

passion fruit: how would you describe your style?

casual, athletic, femme if I feel like it, tbh I don’t really have one and it totally depends on my mood that day but in general I’ll wear whatever is comfortable (which is usually oversized stuff or like I already said, sportswear), cute n playful in summer and basic skinny jeans and big sweaters in winter

strawberry: favorite desserts?

fruit, ice cream, homemade cookies/brownies/pies

coconut: favorite perfume?

yours of course<3 (but also my rose one haha)

lychee: satin or lace?


blueberry: what do you want to dress up as for halloween?


kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?

cultural differences, languages, sociology, (raw) veganism, nature in general and some other stuff that I can’t think of rn,,, wow that list probably makes me sound really pretentious lmaoo

papaya: what song describes your aesthetic?

?? uh idk but let’s go with “Strange or be Forgotten” by Temples and “Late Bloomer” by Haley Blais (go listen to her asap she’s lovely!!!!)

cranberry: favorite time of the day; morning, afternoon, dusk, or night?

dusk or very early mornings (if I’m up and well rested that is)

nectarine: would you consider yourself an emotional person?

actuall yes but I have been a bit out of touch with my feelings for the past 10 months or so (except anxiety because boiiiii do i feel that), usually though yep I am v emotional and feel things very deeply

apricot: what do you do when you’re sad?

isolate, sleep, play games for hours and depending on which kind of sad I’ll either eat loads or nothing at all and distract myself with netflix

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Tang is a flavor sort of. Usually associated with smokey meats. Tangy (garlic/honey) chicken. Tangy (honey)barbecue. Sort of soured and spicy I guess but not. It's a zap. like I can't do spicy stuff at all nor do I really like sour but tangy flavors are AMAZING. Or maybe something totally different idk. Go get a bag of tangy barbecue potato chips and get back to me. -J<3

This is hilarious, you’re my favourite anon, and I know what tang is I’m just not sure of what a “tangy” personality is 😂

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Hi Hannah! I'm new to the acowar fandom and I was wondering if you knew any lgbt+ users? I'd love to talk about the books from different point of views!

There are so many! Usually people have it in their profile. So that’s a good place to start. I’m really bad at remembering stuff like this off the top of my head. I know there are a bunch of people but I’m totally blanking! The only person I can think of right now is @itach-i. Hopefully people will see this and leave comments! Because I’m just so bad at this stuff. Lol.

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 8)

<- Previous Chapter | Chapter Index Next Chapter ->

Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Recommended you’ve played at least one of Zen, Yoosung, or Seven’s route due to small spoilers.

Shit. An icy hand grips your insides. You try to slam the door shut, but the intruder – Unknown, whatever his name is – thrusts his leg in its path and forces it back open. You almost fall over at the strength behind his shove and scramble to regain your footing, pushing off of the wall and running to the kitchen. There has to be a knife, o-or a frying pan… anything you can use to defend yourself…

The intruder is in the doorway to the kitchen just as you pull out a knife and brandish it in front of you with both hands. Goddammit, it’s your bread knife. The rounded tip and serrated edge do little to make you look menacing. Why had you spent all your excess time cooking and reading instead of studying judo or self-defense?

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Fic Recs #9

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

There are a few perks to having nothing to do, guys. I can read as much fanfiction as I want.


But really, I love you. And I’m so happy you all love fic as much as I do.

(Hey @realityisoverrated-fic, have some more light summer reading!)

Originally posted by julianamoreth

You’re Banging My Bedroom Wall by @angelqueen87 - Fluffy and FUN. Felicity moves into a new apartment and her neighbor keeps bringing home women every night and ENTERTAINING them VERY LOUDLY. The chapters are short, but the author updates so frequently I don’t even care! Super fun read for those sick of the angst and drama.

The Summer People by @olicitysmoaky - ARROW IN THE HAMPTONS. I mean, it’s AU and no one is a vigilante, but still. Felicity is spending the summer babysitting her famous cousin’s kids in the Hamptons. She happens across one Oliver Queen and things escalate from there.

Oliver Queen is a Mance - Yoga Oliver AU by @thealternativesource - The first part of an adorable series. Felicity is stressed - being a QC VP is harad work - so Sara signs her up for a yoga class. For some reason, everyone in the company keeps trying to buy her spot. CUTE CUTE CUTE AND SO FLUFF. The rest of the series is equally as adorable.

Working Out the Kinks by @dettiot - Felicity Smoak is a yoga instructor who was hired to start the yoga program at Battlefield Fitness. Oliver is the super hot spinning instructor. Annoyance ensues and sparks fly.

looking down from a great height by @wagamiller - Oliver has gone off to fight Ra’s and “died.” Felicity is dosed with Vertigo and it shows her her worst fears: her entire team dead. But all is not as it seems. Angsty but really, really beautiful.

Two Ships in the Night by @overwatchqueens - Oliver and Felicity are both military brats, constantly moving. They meet when they’re kids and begin an epic friendship that will span their whole lives. Basically, fluff, romance, ANGST, relationships, and more! I cried. I smiled. I made heart eyes at my phone.

Originally posted by nataliedormier

What Happens In Russia… by @hope27 - Another one of my favorite fic plots: the trip to Russia. Just read it. You won’t regret it. I promise.

Cabin in the Woods by @geneeste - Team Arrow has to stake out a potential arms deal, so they decide to rent a cabin for the night. Suffice to say, it’s the last time anyone lets Oliver make reservations. Fluffy, cute, and a little steamy. I would love a part 2 of this!

Snow In The City by @littlered-sourwolf - Everyone’s favorite OT3 (Oliver, Tommy and Felicity) are on a trip to NYC when they whole city gets snowed in. It’s, romantic, and definitely steamy enough to get you through a blizzard.

Originally posted by celesexually

With Our Back to the Wall (The Darkness Will Fall) by @theirhappystory - Oliver returned from five years in the military to a lot of changes: his parents barely talk, his sister is all grown up, and his sister’s best friend - Felicity Smoak - is smoakin hot. But a threat against Felicity’s life puts everyone on edge and makes Oliver and Felicity examine their feelings. BTW, there’s a pretty big age difference in this fic. Everything is legal, though. No underaged relations here.

Tell Me a Story by @anthfan - Felicity needs a date to her cousins wedding and Oliver volunteers. It’s before we learned about Felicity’s backstory so the family is different, but I don’t even care. It’s steamy and fluffy and romantic and so cute.

Originally posted by jhopq

Absolution by @ohmyemilybett - Not gonna lie, I wasn’t too sure about this fic. First person in fic usually isn’t my thing. But, @thatmasquedgirl recommended it so I gave it a try. And I LOVE it! It’s a zombie apocalypse AU where ARGUS “saved” everyone but you know how that usually goes.

An Officer and the Computer by @suchaprettypoison - Olicity WWII AU. Yeah, you heard that right. Oliver is a super sexy officer. Felicity does strategic planning things and code stuff. It’s totally sweet, cute and romantic.

What Wouldn’t I Do by @ruwithmeguys​ - I was hesitant to read this at first because it’s about saving Moira and I don’t really care about saving the lives of mass murderers (I also don’t think saving two people - no matter who they are - outweighs domestic terrorism), but then I READ IT. OH MY GOSH. Also, that’s only like the first two chapters. The story is REALLY about stopping Slade and the price Felicity pays for being a total badass.

Workin’ My Way Back to You by ME - Aww yeah, time for the usual shameless self-promotion. I’m writing a hiatus drabble series! I’m really proud of it. I’m choosing NOT to focus on Havenrock because people have said Felicity will be dealing with it mostly in S5 so I’m making this the Summer of Denial.

Ace!Felicity Series by @thatmasquedgirl - IT STARTED WITH A SPEED DATING AU. Now it’s about romance, puppies, and so much more. I’m not entirely sure how to find it most reliably, so I linked to the “fics by masque” tag! If something changes, please let me know. Or I’ll let you guys know.

Originally posted by capturing-kawaii

THAT’S ALL FOLKS! See ya next time :-)

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Got any tips for shading? I really need to know how to shade...

Watercolor tools are your friend. Depending on what i’m doing I will do a flat layer of my shade color and then soft-erase away and then use a watercolor tool to touch up a transition… I do a looooot of watercolor in and erase away with my dakimakura sheets. Honestly i’m probably not the best to ask about this stuff because i’m not totally understanding of colors/shades/etc. Plus for these I usually use only a couple different shades of the same color.

Also: never shade with blacks/greys. It washes out the colors. Which colors you should be shading with I can’t really tell you because i’m still learning (it has to do with cool/warm tones) but I do a lot of purples and reds. (using a multiply layer)

Honestly It’s hard to explain really ;w;” I would suggest watching some art streams or speedpaints from other artists to learn a little more!

True Names

Usually when talk about true name we think about holy spiritual stuff where our true names are revealed by a sage or something.

For me, it’s different. I don’t think the names parents give to their children are true names, for they are birth names. Mine was given by an old Buddhist monk who’s also my father’s mentor during his younger days. Even though, I was named in a very old traditional way (through calculating siamese horoscope) I don’t think it’s my true name.

I personally think that true names are the ones we decided for ourselves. Who we choose to be called. A figure we choose to be known as.

I chose a name. My name is Zarion.


@animaljamoutfits I made a map of the locations of the chests in the forgotten desert, you probably don’t need it anymore, but I did it!! I probably missed a ton tho… But this is where most of them are and it’s been like this for a few weeks, sorry it took so long, heh heh. Also, this was made on my macbook and I’m not sure how to edit stuff nicely, I tried my best.

There are usually 4-5 chest and every time you play, the position of each chest changes. And the different colours represent the combination thing of the chests, and there are a total of 7 combinations. 

Let’s say, you find a chest at the bottom where the dark green dot is, then the other chest are most likely where the other dark green dots are. Does that make sense? Yeah I think it does….

And if you want, you can post this on other websites, just credit my tumblr or my aj account or something.

Thot Thoughts: Beauty Budget

So excited right now. 

I was super bummed about how broke I am / will be this summer and my hair is a nightmare right now, my nails are not cheap to maintain, teeth whitening, all of that stuff - it costs money! The first thing I chop out when I have to downsize is my personal spending and that kind of personal maintenance is at the top of the list. I usually use my sugar money to pay for all of that stuff but obviously, things are different right now. 

So this week I wanted to do a big grocery delivery but also get my hair done… definitely could not afford to do both right now! I asked Thorin if he would mind covering groceries so that I could get my hair done, and he was totally fine with it. Then he said, “Since you’ve been such an angel this week, why don’t you take my spare card and get your hair done?”

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That got me thinking, I haven’t been particularly comfortable asking him directly for money for stuff but - why not ask if he would be willing to help me at least maintain the standard of appearance that he’s used to seeing? I asked him and he said yes! Not only did he say yes, he said it really turned him on to know that in some way I depended on him. 

So now that nails, hair, and all my other personal care stuff is out of my budget, I can pay down my debt even faster! 

Feeling so fortunate right now, and the girls on here were totally right - A closed mouth doesn’t get fed! 

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Mom, how does it feel to be compared with Willam?

You know, that’s actually been a surprise. It never occurred to me that people would compare me to Willam, but after seeing the early promo materials and the first teaser, I get it. (The look in my promo shot is not very representative of the stuff I usually wear. )  At this point in the show, after 6 seasons, it is totally understandable that viewers and fans will try to describe first impressions of the new cast in terms of previous ones. I think Willam is by far one of the smartest, entertaining, and funny queens of any season; but as you will soon see when the show airs, we are very different queens.