totally did not take this while driving

Y’know, if I were an adult in fandom who was looking to get close to a bunch of kids and teenagers for grooming/manipulation/power game purposes, I’d totally do it by being a Protective Fandom Mom/Dad in a fandom aimed at young people.

Set up a blog about how against the various problematic ships in that fandom I am, how the other adults in the fandom clearly aren’t taking the concerns of younger fans seriously, while I obviously DO take them seriously because I’m not one of those gross problematic adults.Maybe help the young people lead a witchhunt against other adults to drive them out of the fandom.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did that at all.

Come for Me||Shay+Naya||Para

Shay was more excited to see someone then she was in a while, and it was just a friend. Since breaking up with Nick Shay thought she would be down in the dumps, but she wasn’t. The actress hadn’t felt this good in a long time to be honest. Maybe she should have did what she done sooner. Not in anyway did Shay regret her time with Nick. Shay could honestly say 2017 was a new chapter in her life and felt good starting it totally fresh. 

While driving she texted Naya after what she found out from yesterday, and was glad she caught her in time. It looked like Naya would be gone a little while and Shay was drying to be with her. It was like Naya fell of the earth for a long time and when she suddenly popped up Shay knew not to take it for granted. Naya was unlike anyone else and was a ray of sunshine. 

Getting to the actress, singers house Shay parked in the front and locked the car. Licking her lips as she pushed some of her brand new short hair out her face as her heels made the sounds of her arrival. Naya was true to her word as she pushed to open the unlocked door. Looking around she gasped in awe at her nice it was, before making her way to Naya’s room after looking around some more. A grin on her face as she walked into her room, and looked down. “Hi baby. Hell you are looking damn fine today.” A whistle leaving her lips before her smile replaced the grin.