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im getting skater boy yoongi and soft pastel jimin vibes from the recent photos please give us cute headcanons for that please ❤

this somehow turned into something else but

  • they met when jimin was on his way to meet his friend taehyung in the park and somebody on a skateboard (one of yoongi’s friends, namjoon) accidentally collided with him and knocked him over
  • yoongi came over to laugh at namjoon but then he saw jimin with his pink hair and flushed cheeks and (holy shit is yoongi weak for Cute Boys) totally forgot about namjoon so that he could help jimin up
  • then he started to apologise for his dumbass friend and jimin!! started giggling!! and yoongi tried to play it cool but it totally made him blush
  • (namjoon noticed and could not stop snickering at him)

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what would wonho get you for your birthday? Thank you!

So I’m not sure whether you wanted it to be as if you’re dating or not but I’ll assume so, let me know if it’s not what you wanted!

Getting you a birthday gift - Wonho

  • So I don’t know if you guys have seen the last episode of X Ray or not but !!
  • so emotionally harrowing
  • I cried a few times ngl but anyway
  • Wonho is a super sentimental and thoughtful person
  • he remembers everything you like/dislike
  • ex. he bought Changkyun a jacket to match the sweats he always wears and was talking about his favourite colour
  • so if you told him, even just in passing, about something you saw that you thought was cute or something you were thinking about buying
  • like ‘wow that jacket is so cute but damn $$$”
  • he’d make note and remember to come back for it
  • but he’s also hella good with clothes and designs(?!?) stuff for the group and customizes his own stuff
  • so I feel like he’d want to do something like that for you because he’d want to get you the jacket you want but he wouldn’t want it to be too boring, like he’d jazz it up
  • ( i know i do this a lot so ill use it as an example) if you complain about all of your jackets not having decent enough pockets or wanting pockets on the inside
  • or like if it was a leather jacket and you wanted something a little more distressed/zippers or something he’d take the time after buying the one you talked about to add all this extra stuff to it to personalize it
  • he’d be bouncing off the walls if you liked it because his mission in life is to make you happy and !! he just gave you down to the T what you’ve been looking for and you literally mentioned it once when you were window shopping
  • he was looking at his phone when you were talking too so you didnt even know he heard you ??
  • what an angel ??
  • the funniest thing would be that he goes to all this damn effort to do this for you and he doesn’t even wrap it
  • gives it to you in the 5 cent plastic bag they gave him in the store

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Hello!! Could I have sole headcanons for Gyro, Johnny and Giorno as husbands and fathers? Please and thank you, I love tour blog ^^

[ I’m so glad you asked this. At first I was like oh no idk what to write and now that I’m done im just like oh no thats adorable i want to marry them all.]

✖ Gyro Zeppeli ✖
- He’d be the kind of husband that if you we’re to complain about any work aches, he’s already giving you a back massage telling you to just relax, even if he himself just came home from a long day at work, he’d still place your comfort over his
- Gyro would be one of those husbands where you wake up on a lazy Sunday morning to see his hair tied up as he cooks you breakfast in the kitchen as he sings his own song. Or be really cheesy about it and ask you to come over so he can feed you those scrambled eggs he just made. “ Do you like them? I woke up early just so I could cook them for you!” 
- Though because of his upbringing, Gyro would probably be the kind that wants to have a lot of kids, he thinks a big loving family is the best thing and at the very least will have two children, he doesn’t want his child to ever get lonely.
- There’s nothing he loves more than coming home after a long day of work to his partner and kids welcoming him home. It just fills his heart with pride knowing that his family is always there for him.
- He’d also try to bring the whole family out on vacation once every two years maybe to travel Italy or even visit his friend Johnny in America. The Joestars and Zeppelis would be quite close.
- If you have a daughter you bet he would be the one doing the hair braiding instead, he loves it if his daughter was to end up tying his hair instead. If she wants a tea party sure as hell he was going to sit down with Mr. Fluffles and talk about how nice the air tea is.
- If its a son he’d be the sporting kind of dad bringing him out to look at horses or continuing the Zeppeli tradition and teaching him about the medical uses of the Spin from a young age.
- Gyro would also be that dad you see cheering the loudest at school sports carnivals or anything the parents can attend. He is supportive dad number 1 and even if his kid doesn’t win he still celebrates like they came in first.
- Though when it comes to academics he always tries his best to teach his children whatever he can, if they were to ask him any nonsensical questions, why the sky was blue or why does grass grow, no matter how busy he is he would try to sit down and explain to them never brushing off their curiosity. 

✖ Johnny Joestar ✖
- Johnny would be the kind of husband that’s more like a best friend, he’d pull small jokes on you at home every once in a while like scare you out of bed in the morning or switch the salt and sugar before your morning coffee
- He’d love to feed you whenever you guys get to eat together, he finds it adorable and loves teasing you with it to like offering you a spoonful before eating it himself and laughing.
- He does have bad days though, [bad flashbacks to the Steel Ball Run] so there’s some days where its just quiet nights with him sitting beside you, leaning into you for comfort. Running your fingers though his hair and telling him how you won’t ever leave him is the only thing that makes him feel better. He cherishes you dearly for that.
- Johnny would try his best to be a good father, but there’s always the residing fear in the back of his mind that he’s going to end up like his own father. [ When you assure him he’s doing a good job though he just can’t help but to smile]
- He’d always be trying his best not to make the same mistakes his own father did, he makes sure to never downplay any of his kid’s efforts, always being as supportive as he can with whatever they do.
- If his child is proud of something he is to, today’s the first time the horse let you pet it? We’re celebrating. He wants to make sure his kids know they’re loved.
- He’d make a super big deal out of their birthdays too, who cares if his child is only 10, he’d buy them their first horse. He just tries so hard to be the Best Dad™
- Johnny would probably be satisfied with having one child though if you wanted more he wouldn’t complain, he’d just get nervous hoping favouritism won’t ever be a thing, but when you assure him that you’d keep him in check he’ll calm down.
- He’d love to teach his children the beauty of horse riding though he wouldn’t push them to it if they didn’t want to. So from a young age he’d bring his kids to visit the ranch and to teach them the very basics of taking care of horses, so even if they didn’t pursue a career in it, you bet they all do ride in their free time.
- If its a girl, Johnny might end up spoiling her, he just loves his daughter so much he can’t help but try to give her anything she wants, so its up to you to play the bad guy here and lecture her when Johnny can’t bear to.
- If its a son though Johnny is probably stricter with them, wanting to make sure they don’t end up like he did in his younger days, as a playboy wasting his life away.

✖ Giorno Giovanna ✖
- Your husband is the Don. You want something, you get it. Unless you really wanted to work, he would be fine with you just being a housewife, being around him in Passione would make him happy enough.
- Giorno would be one to bring you out on dates once a week to some expensive restaurant making sure you only eat like royalty and he’ll pamper you to bits.
- When it comes to official D & D events in the mafia, expect him to bring you around, he’d love to buy you gorgeous gowns or tuxedos and show you off to everyone. 
- To most people in the Mafia, you are well known as Passione’s Consigliere. An outsider yet it was because of your cool that Passione’s power just continues to grow, if you’re seen in a meeting between gangs they know it will go well for both sides. You we’re not only the wedded partner to the Don but now a mother hen to the whole of Passione too. Everyone trusts you as much as they trust Giorno.
- Everyone even out of Passione know not to mess with you as Giorno himself would personally wipe an entire gang from power if he so hear’s they threaten you. He would do anything to ensure your safety yet make sure you didn’t have your freedom taken away from you.
- When you both finally have a child, Giorno would be the happiest dad. Making sure they had the best childhood. Education came from only the best private tutors, with Giorno being the Don he didn’t want to risk the child getting kidnapped thus making sure they were homeschooled
- Giorno would only want one kid, being part of the Mafia he felt it was unfair to bring a child into such a dangerous world, but yet he’d still want an heir so for him, one is enough.
- Though he would still want to make sure they had friends, so if any other members of Passione had children expect to see them out on play dates a lot, with the Don himself overseeing their playtime if he’s free.
- Although he’d try to keep his children out of the mafia, if its a boy, eventually when they reach their late teens, Giorno himself would expose them to the mafia, assuming they inherited a stand, he would teach them self defence too.
- If it was a girl, she would eventually grow in popularity amongst the boys in the mafia, known as Passione’s Principessa it took Giorno’s personal strict teaching to ensure she wasn’t spoilt by the amount of suitors she gets. 

[ Oh shit I got too carried away with this omg i typed so much??? but its so cute though I like the idea of these precious jjba boys as parents]

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

For Fruitshipping Fluff Fest Bonus Day 1: Valentine’s Day

Fandom: Arc V
Pairing: ofc fruitshipping
Genre: fluff of fluffing course
Words: ~1158
Notes: How do you romantic?

In which PANCAKE(S) FOR BREAKFAST a Sakaki tradition

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Happy 20th anniversary for Red/Green and announcement for Sun/Moon <3