totally crossed out

correct me if I’m wrong; but Tuls seems to be signing love?

some preliminary ideas because i have no chill:

  • sad miserable werewolf feelings who is probably trying to isolate and push himself away from the people he ‎cares about
  • a free frankenstein who won his freedom at a cost 
  • a creator/creature hot mess relationship
  • something beauty and the beast incarnate 
  • a trash squad a la penny dreadful  that is #awful
  • i also am totally here for sad artists and basically if anyone wants victor frankenstein he’s my problematic fave and love him dearly
  • also a barren character bc i love pain
  • a robin hood gang/other found families

if any of this jives for anyone i’m totally open for plotting ❤ cross outs indicate the characters i’ve already filled with my reserves

Why yes, Marvel Studios, I do have a question I’d like to ask about Ant-Man...

Will Hank Pym’s abusive behavior be addressed in the movie, and does that have anything to do with the absence of Janet van Dyne? If so, was it intimidating to tackle such a mature topic in a genre that most people still think is “just for kids” or were you excited by the challenge and the opportunity to address something so important?