totally could happen

  • Roan: we are sharing the ship
  • Echo to roan: can I share my room with Bellamy??
  • Roan: OMG ECHO STOP!! Y gave my suite to Clarke and Bellamy
  • Echo: *sighs* but...
  • Roan: stop!! They need a big room so they can start repopulating the earth
  • Echo: ...
  • Clarke: ...
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Roan: ¿WHAT?

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1/5 During the ILY-scene, six seconds are passing between Molly first admitting "It's true, Sherlock" and him then finally replying “If it’s just true just say it anyway”. Within those six seconds, he doesn’t say anything, he seems to be processing. The reason I’m pointing this out: considering what his mindpalace can do within just seconds ("You’ve got three seconds of consciousness left", like when he's shot in HLV), that's a lot of time for him.

2/5 After Molly first says it’s true, we can see Sherlock’s face for a brief moment: he’s shaking and seemingly just plain shocked by her confession. When she then says it’s always been true, we can see his face again: he just stares (at her on the screen) for two full seconds, looking almost a little sad. I was wondering, after the first one or two seconds of shock after Molly’s confession, could Sherlock’s mindpalace be “replaying” memories of his moments with her or something like that?

3/5 Could this be the moment he’s realizing he might actually have feelings for her as well, feelings that he had suppressed and his mindpalace slowly lets them surface now that she confessed her love and he’s close to losing her? The way Sherlock says “If it’s true just say it anyway” sounds more like a slightly disappointed “If it’s true, why can’t you say it then”, at least to me ;) Like he actually wants to hear her say it to him for real, and not because of a threat.

4/5 If he really might have realized his feelings for her at that moment, I would guess he’s looking a little bit sad that she didn’t say ILY to him after she admitted it’s true because he might just have realized he’s actually longing to hear those words from her. Him then repeating “Say it anyway” is rather an instruction again, like he just came back to reality and the situation they’re in.

5/5 But while he’s saying “If it’s true just say it anyway” he seems to forget the threat of death for a second, as if Molly and him would be alone at this moment, as if he doesn’t want to hear those words to save her but rather because he knows she means it. I’m sorry for spamming you with my ramblings, not sure if this even makes sense, I’ll never be over this scene ;) Have a nice day! :)

Renji: “you love her right? You should confess…”
Ichigo: *sweats nervously*
Renji: “you shouldn’t keep a nice girl like Orihime waiting.”
Ichigo: “Wha- Orihime? Oh yup yeah, we’re totally talking about Orihime.”
Ichigo: *thank god, it would’ve been awkward of him to tell me to confess to his now wife*

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Your blog is simply amazing. I've read all of your prompts and godd I didn't think I could love this pairing more but you've made it possible. I was wondering though. Could you write a fic where they don't know what personal space is.. like they're always graviting towards each other but don't realize it until several people point it out. You would make my day like you did today and put so many smiles on my face and I felt really giddy. Love your work so much 💕

Hey, you’re awesome! Thanks so much love! I love this prompt, I could totally see it happening on the show.


Reaching over to grab a handful of chips out of Betty’s lunch box, Jughead threw his arm over her shoulder, effectively dragging her even tighter against his side.

Kevin elbowed Veronica in the ribs, causing her to turn and raise an eyebrow in annoyance, dramatically throwing his eyes over to the pair he made some sort of quiet noise along the lines of “mmmhmm”

Veronica’s eyes widened at The sight in front of her, Betty leaning into Jughead while his arm was wrapped lazily around her. To anyone else in the world you would think these two were a couple, the level of comfort and intimacy They shared was unbelievable, they didn’t even seem to realize the closeness continuing with their conversations as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Strike two.” Kevin whispered into Veronica’s ear with a wicked smile. She returned it and quickly sent a text to the redhead sitting across from her.

VERONICA: Cheryl, you seeing this?

Cheryl’s eyes turned up from the text on her phone, casting a glance to Betty and jughead

CHERYL: this is totes nothing compared to the walk to physics class.

Veronica laughed out loud remembering the hilarious scene she had watched take place.

Betty and jughead couldn’t seem to stop tripping over each other, every time Betty would move right Jughead was right on her heels, stepping on the backs of her flats, if jughead moved to head the opposite way Betty just so happened to be going the other direction causing at least three collisions in the middle of the halls.

She was silently laughing so hard at the memory tears were streaming down her face.

“You okay Ronnie?” Archie said eyeing her watery eyes and reaching a hand out to wipe a stray tear.

“You’re crying!” Betty jumped up knocking jugheads arm right in his face , causing her to break into another fit of uncontrollable giggles.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m just having….spacial issues.” At this she set off Cheryl and Kevin, they were now laughing equally as hard she was.

“Did I miss the joke?” Jughead said confused

Betty raised an eyebrow as the lunch bell went off “apparently I missed it too.”

Everyone stood to head back inside, feeling slightly high from there five minute long laugh fest

“You guys are so weird.” Betty huffed as she grabbed her bag.

Jughead just shook his head, nudging Betty over so he could walk beside her.

As the group walked to their final class of the day, one of the mathletes accidentally shoved Betty into jugheads arms

“Watch where you’re going! I’m sure solving derivatives can wait.” He snarled towards the tiny freshman.“you okay?” he asked, his arms still comfortably holding her from behind

She nodded, resting her head against his chest.

Veronica stared at the pair, looking around at her swooning friends, she had to get to the bottom of this.

“Okay what’s up with you two, it’s like you can’t be apart for more than three minutes and it’s like gravity keeps pushing you two into each other.” She said sassily

Jughead dropped his arms from her waist and Betty stepped away blushing.

“What are you talking about Ronnie?”

“Oh come on guys, everyone can see it except you two, you’re like destined to be close.” Cheryl answered giddily, she loved a good romance.

“Totally agree, like Romeo and Juliet.” Kevin nodded.

Archie laughed “its totally true, I haven’t seen one of you without the other in weeks.”

Jughead was smiling down at Betty now and she looked up at him with a curious smile

“Whaddaya say bets? We can’t let the universe down can we?” He smirked holding his arm out for her to take.

She laughed loudly, sliding her arm into his.

“You’re so right juggie, physics and all that.” Smiling and holding each other close the couple made their way down the hallway, leaving their friends to stare in shock

The silence was broken when Archie mutter d happily

“I ship it.”

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ok so one time after jonah and amy have recently started dating, they're in the break room and jonah is passing by amy to get something but stops to spontaneously kiss her forehead and amy (who was not expecting that) gets a little overwhelmed and just...bursts into tears bc she hasn't felt this cared about or valued in a long long time. and then the others come in and misinterpret the situation and get mad at him for making her cry.

who do i have to kill to have this happen?!! 

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Hi!! So I love your writing! Masterpiece was honestly such a beautiful series and Purple is really good and just all your scenarios are amazing! I was just wondering if you could recommend some bts fanfics to read? Thank you :)

Really? That’s so sweet of you! Masterpiece and Purple are basically my favourite pieces that I have written :)

So yes, I have a few fanfics that I would love to recommend but ask other people too because I haven’t been able to read that many on my time here, and I would love to read more.

Note: None of the pieces of writing I recommend will be smut because I don’t read smut but I know some of the writers do write smut so if you like reading that then check do out those as well :)

Also, make sure you check out every writer’s masterlists and all their works because they’re all amazing writers, I’m just recommending a few in particular which are my personal favourites 

And I have a fic rec tag to which I reblog some of my favourite fanfic so definitely check that out too!

I even made a banner for this guys

It’s serious

They are in no particular order, I just love them all, okay?

And sorry if the majority is Jimin fanfic *hides*


I am so thankful I found this author because I don’t really see much of platonic BTS scenarios and she writes platonic BTS!!! And I just started reading LaFT and let me tell you DAMN it’s amazing. By the way, the last two aren’t actually called that, that’s just the prompt she used to write it, but it’s one of my favourite pieces by her :)



Honestly so good!!! I loved it! It was so fluffy and cute and just !!!!!!!!

I don’t KNOW how to describe how this fic made me feel except:



Photographer Yoongi is so adorable and this fic is so adorable and my heart couldn’t take it. She’s so good at describing and making each moment worthwhile to read.

I loved it <3


This story hurt me and I can’t explain how much I loved that pain. I love the way the author writes, it just made me keep wanting to read even though I started to fear what was going to happen




This story is actually the first gang au I’ve ever read and it’s so good?? L is so good at writing, like her descriptions are amazing and you can tell she put so much thought and work into her writing

Make sure you read all her stories

ALL of them


Idk if you know how much I love angst, and heartbreak so like… Farewell is literally my type of scenario, while Simply Loveable is super adorable and asdfghjkl imagine dating Taehyung like…. it’s so cute



I love me some Jimin CEO stuff and she writes tHE BEST CEO PARK JIMIN


This story is so angsty I love it so much. I honestly don’t know why I do this to myself but I just love reading angst even though it hurts me both mentally and physically… I still do it

Make sure you check out this scenario as well as all their work!


Okay but who doesn’t die when they read about Jimin as a dad? (Was about to write Daddy Jimin but…) This story is so cute and fluffy and asdfghjkl You need to check out all their work!


So, as I stated before, I love dying. So I read angst, it’s good for the soul you know? 



It’s angst guys


Idk if you know by now but I love angst more than anything else in this world and






This writer is amazing and I keep reading fluffy stories so like…. it’s super fluffy and cute.


SO FLUFFY I DIED WHEN READING THIS. I just love the character Jimin has in this story and ahhhhh she’s such a good writer!!


If you’re have a BTS tumblr and you don’t know Kaye, then what are you doing with your life? And if you haven’t read the story about the adventures of Prof V, what are you doing with your life? This is personally one of my favourite stories on tumblr/wattpad, so if you haven’t read it, get to it! And if you already have read it, why not read it again? XD


This is super cute, if you like super cute then read this super cute fic


Beautifully written, honestly


So some are super cute but then the others…. you know…



Guys!!! This is so frikin heartbreaking I just-

I love it so much


Both of these are sooooo damn cute!!!! I especially love the first one because like I feel like I could totally imagine it happening. The writer is actually so good in their detail and I just love reading her work <3

And now you see that I really haven’t read that many fics in my time here, and the ones I read are mostly Jimin

Love you guys!!

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You know Magnus texting Alec like: Alexander you know I adore you and I want to help your parabatai, but he’s leaving sex stank all over the place. Please get your adorable self over here and handle it before I zap him.

And then he’d add: Only two people are allowed to leave sex stank around my loft and neither of them are Jace. 

It would take Alec a moment but he’d get it and make that little blushy sweet eye roll face, and then smile for a moment before heading over to handle Jace. 

What? It could totally happen that way.

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Consider: lance being straight up no nonsense when he isnt feeling well. Like "hey guys this is fun and games and all but ive got a headache." Or when its serious "i really feel bad. Like unbelievably terrible." And they believe him well enough but the first time he gets seriously ill- maybe after a long week of goofing and over the top dramatic arguments, they just think hes playing it up. Not intentionally or maliciously, but it ends up disasterously somehow

Omg, anon! I don’t know why, but I have a thing with people not believing someone when they are seriously ill to the point where the sickie ends up collapsing and everyone is like “oh shit!” in a panic. And, I could totally see this happening with Lance because he’s the “jokester” of the group. Like, maybe him running a really high fever and feeling genuinely like shit, but everyone thinks he’s over playing it. So they go to training, and he’s like “guys I really don’t feel well.” And they aren’t necessarily rude, but they definitely don’t believe him. And Lance is just so tired and so ill, but he keeps going and ends up fainting. That’s my jam right there!

The Younger Marner Part 2 - Auston Matthews Imagine

I’m already requesting a part 2 to the Marners little sister imagine!! I know you just posted it but it’s so good and I really wanna part 2!

This took wayyyy longer than expected… Whoops? Anyway, I’m making this an actual fic apparently ??? I kinda want to so tell me what you think and yes requests are closed, but not for this okay cool. Lol I hope you all like it, I do. Thanks for reading! -Accius

Part One

Keep reading

Important Penguin Facts

I’ve recently been watching Batman:  The Animated Series, and let me tell you, Oswald Cobblepot absolutely owns in all forms of media.

A few facts about BTAS Penguin:

  • In one episode, he successfully fends off a gang of thugs using his umbrella.  His ordinary, non-weaponised umbrella.  Ozzie is a heavyset gentleman of about five foot nothing, dressed in eveningwear, and he creams these guys.
  • Plays poker with the other villains.  While drinking tea.  It’s heavily implied that this is a regular thing for them.  (Oswald is also the only one to pick up that the Joker is cheating.)
  • This magnificent clip, which not only shows off one of Penguin’s more multi-layered schemes, but also features Penguin’s Aviary of Doom (which, after the other villains tease him about it, he corrects to “my big birdhouse”).
  • Also in the poker episode - there’s a conversation where the various villains trade theories about Batman.  While most of them are wildly off (Two-Face speculating that Batman is actually an entire SWAT team pretending to be one person; Croc suggesting he’s a robot), Penguin muses that Batman probably had “a crime-related trauma at a young age” and even suggests it might have been a mugging gone wrong.  That’s right.  Of all the villains at the table, Oswald’s the one who’s got Batman pegged.
  • He steals a stealth helicopter at one point and wears this for the occasion, and you must admit it is motherfucking adorable:
  • There’s one episode where he’s telling a joke to his date, and we only get to hear the punchline:  “So then I said, ‘But Warden, these aren’t my pants!’”  Which is awesome enough, but what fascinates me is the inflection.  You’d expect it to be, “But Warden, these aren’t my pants!” suggesting a hilarious mix-up of some sort, but Paul Williams actually delivers the line as, “But Warden, these aren’t my pants!”  I just… I am left with so many questions.
  • Apparently undresses people with a knife, which, in all honesty, is something I could totally see happening on Gotham:

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Hey, I'm bored and sending people random asks! :) What two ships would you most want to see interact? They can be from different shows, books, whatever.

Oy vey, that’s tricky.  Mostly because I have so many ships from so many sources.

I think I’m going to go back to my fandom roots and say Whouffaldi and Butterfly Bog.  A combination of Doctor Who and Strange Magic is what got me into actively shipping in the first place, and I’d love to see Twelve and Bog being grouchy and Scottish while Clara and Marianne roll their eyes and compare notes on being awesome.  Not to mention Bog and Twelve being overly dramatic rock stars and Marianne and Clara having friendly swordfights, and just, yeah.  The more I think about it the more I need it.

and the fact that I consider Strange Magic to be the Whouffaldi Happy Ending AU has nothing to do with it

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