totally cant afford


Knox: So the reason I showed up here for no reason is to ask you guys something………so you know how I live in the big city or whatever? Yeah….it’s expensive, at least for me, and I know you guys are filthy rich and-

Perrie: We can help you out a bit, honey, don’t worry about it.

Imogen: We can help you out a lot, really. We’ll get you a new place if that’s what you want.

Knox: Really??? And here I was prepared to beg for it! You’re the best!

church is ticklish. 

his sides are so so fucking ticklish. full on flailing and curling in on himself  if you tickle him.

and tucker is an asshole and uses this to his advantage, like he’ll walk past church in the morning while church is getting breakfast and squeeze right above his hips and church shrieks and drops the bag of cereal (bc they totally cant afford the name brand cereal + caboose thinks the off brand tastes better)  and it goes everywhere.

and then tucker “”“"accidentally”“”“ lets it slip to caboose and church hates tucker with every fiber of his being.


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