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21/03/17:: A productive Tuesday morning

I decided to not set an alarm for this morning as I have been quite overtired recently, and despite waking up at 6:30 for a bit, I managed to get back to sleep until 9am! Mum and dad are due home this afternoon so after a very leisurely breakfast/reading the news I did a little hoover downstairs (it was a bit messy where I had brought the logs in yesterday), sorted out some little bits and bobs and then jumped in the shower. Post shower saw me sort through some of the clothes in the “maybe” pile from the other day’s ‘sort out’ and I can now proudly say that I have filled around 6 BAGS full of old clothes that I will be sending off the the charity shop! IT FEEL SO GOOD. And I now plan of chilling for the rest of the day, I’m going to read the paper, and then headover to dog sit for the afternoon (which means lots of netflix/reading/crochet). Oh and it’s really really really sunny today and that always makes things feel a little better. 


I was listening to latest Yuri on radio episode yesterday, and then there’s this figure skating quiz time and the question was something like “What was the big mistake that Sacha Cohen made before the competition at the Salt Lake City Olympic?”

and then Toyonaga-san (Yuuri Katsuki’s voice actor) was  like “コーチとイチャイチャしてた?( making out with her coach?)”

replied by Murase-san (Kenjiro Minami) “それはあなたでしょう!それはあなたでしょうが!(THAT WAS YOU(Yuuri)!!! THAT WAS TOTALLY YOU!!)”

i burst into laughter… holy viktuuri…

anonymous asked:

Is the object particle and subject particles the only particles dropped in speech or is it as well as other particles?

Can of worms totally just burst open… ^^

Particles are tricky, but due to specific circumstance they can be dropped in colloquial speech or given the correct context. But they usually always remain in written form. 

Object particles and subject particles (especially in post vowel forms) are freely dropped after a noun in fast or sloppy speech and in common expressions. Though this is usually more of a colloquial speech style.

This topic could be a really long one, so I’m going to explain the few that I know of, as simply as I can! 


은/는 are commonly used to stress or contrast information - so they can often be dropped entirely if the speaker does not want to provide any potential comparison in a sentence. However, to save from confusion in these scenarios, 은/는 can also be replaced with 이/가.


을/를 can be dropped when the noun is obviously paired with the verb. But the further the object gets from the verb in a sentence, the more necessary the particles 을/를 become. In colloquial speech, it is also common for the post vowel form 를 to be shortened to just ~ㄹ. Especially in common expressions such as 날 ‘me’ and 이걸 ‘this thing’.

의 is liable to be dropped quite frequently in casual speech when possession is clear or evident. Since Korean possessive must always be followed by another noun, 의 can be omitted due to context. For example, in constructs that identify possession that requires the noun 것 (or 거 in casual speech), 의 can be dropped since these nouns directly follow the possessive particle. Remember that they are usually only dropped in colloquial speech.


이/가 are used to mark the noun which is the subject of the sentence. But in colloquial speech 이/가 can commonly be dropped when the subject of the sentence is obvious through context.

들, which is the plural marker can also be dropped, but under very specific circumstance. When 들 is used in a sentence that specifies a number when the noun is human (사람, 학생 etc.) 들 becomes unnecessary and is usually not required, so it can be dropped, although it usually isn’t. BUT if the noun is proceeded by a demonstrative (이, 그, 저) then 들 must remain if you’re talking about something that is plural.


Only when 에 is a particle of movement (close to the words ‘to’, ‘at’ or ‘in’) as it expresses moving towards a location or goal, can it be dropped in colloquial speech. 

에서 is likely to be abbreviated (not dropped) to just 서 in colloquial speech, especially in the expression ‘어디서’.


In casual speech, 서 is frequently dropped so 에게서 and 한테서 can become 에게 and 한테.

This is all I can think of, but just remember that these particles are usually only dropped in colloquial speech or when context allows for it. This is really comprehensive grammar, so it’s not expected for you to know it! But I hope you found it interesting!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and I will do my very best to answer! ^^

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… they forgot to lock the door

Can’t Wait

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To say that you were excited would be an understatement. Elated, overjoyed, completely and totally bursting at the seams; those would be more accurate ways to describe your feelings. Honestly, you were so far beyond excited that there wasn’t really any particular word for it.

You were finally going home for a visit.

You’d been living in Korea for several years. You originally moved to Seoul for school but ended up beginning a new life. You found an apartment, a job, and even a boyfriend. But you between all of that, you hadn’t found much time to visit home.

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Leading up to June 7, we’ll be counting down by previewing Sheldon’s new weapon combos one by one.

Introducing the Grim Range Blaster: a Range Blaster remodeled by Sheldon! Inklings have described it as “totally metal.” Between the Burst Bombs sub and the explosive main, it’s truly an aggressive set capable of dispatching opponents with frightening speed.

My Adorable Flower Balthazar x Reader

Title: My Adorable Flower

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader, Dean x Reader x Sam (friendship)

A/N: I thought this was cute I do hope you enjoy anon! I love you guys and don’t be afraid to request!!

“Say Y/N? Can you tell me what we’re hunting again and use details?” You looked up from the book that you were reading and smiled slightly.

“O-oh, uhm, we’re hunting a v-vampire well a, uhm, nest to be exact..” Your sentence faltered once you saw the brothers giggling behind their hands.

“Did I, uhm, did I say something w-wrong??” They shook there heads, their shoulders still shaking with silent laughter making you frown.

“N-no keep going..” You stared at them for a couple of seconds before continuing.

“Uhm.. t-there should be at least m-maybe uhm t-twelve in total..” They burst out into laughter and you looked down in shame. You probably looked and sounded stupid.

“Hey, Y/N. Say Mississippi.” You paled slightly and took a deep breath.

“M-missi-issip-pi.” They laughed more and your eyes filled with tears. You ran to your room and buried your face in your pillow, your sobs blocking out the sound of your favorite archangels wings.

“Ma Cherie.. what is wrong?” You shook your head not wanting to embarrass your self even more or even in front of your boyfriend, Balthazar. He picked you up and set you in his lap.

“Do you want to tell me what’s wrong…?” You sniffed into his shoulder.

“D-dean and S-sam were making fun of m-my uhm stutter…” He frowned deeply and kissed your forehead.

“We are going to watch a marathon of Doctor Who and eat some sweets but first we are going make those boys apologize.” You were going to retort before he disappeared. A second later painful groaning came from behind your door. The door opened and Balty had the boys by their ears.

“Apologize. Now.”

“Ow! We’re sorry Y/N!” You smiled slightly and Balthazar let them go.

“I-I uhm except your a-apology..” they ducked out from under Balthazar and ran out. Snapping his fingers, sweets and doctor who popped on the TV.

“I love you,B-balty.”

“I love you too, my adorable flower..”

  • Maeno: What's a five letter word dick?
  • Ken: [Bursts in through the door screaming] MAENO!
  • Maeno: Hey, that works!

An old Optimus design from a story I never did anything with [cuz, at the time, Shattered Glass kinda stole my thunder xD]

I was gonna go all kinda into what the story I had was but the basic jist is a ‘what if prime killed megatron in TFTM and then fast forward to the future and the Autobots kinda became an “evil” police state type thing and the Decepticons disappeared/became extinct/legend’ and it was gonna be a whole ‘what if the autobots were bad/decepticons were good’ thing and then shattered glass came out totally burst my bubble and I gave up

It was gonna be cool. And I had a couple neat designs…. And now I totally wanna revisit this idea :X

The Russo brothers said that, at the beginning of Civil War, Steve will be like a model for Wanda. After losing her twin brother, we can easily imagine her desperately needing someone to trust and to guide herself in her new life post Hydra and as an Avenger.

They also hinted Steve’s death.

Can you imagine what it could be for our poor Wanda, alone one more time, losing her only real friend and mentor in this new life?

Enraged, she could totally have a sudden burst of power and… I don’t know… Maybe resurrect Steve? And Pietro?

She might consider Tony responsible for all the deaths in her life and kill him, too, but it’s another question.