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W. Kamau Bell watches a cross burn at a Ku Klux Klan gathering in his new CNN series, “United Shades of America.” Here’s what he told Terry Gross about meeting with Ku Klux Klan members: 

“My curiosity led my fear. I was more curious than I was afraid until I got there and then…the fear sort of crept in…The clan is wrapped up in their mythology and I think they know they’re the boogeyman and I think that they like that side of it…there’s also a side of it where they’re aware if they’re on a bright road wearing those outfits, they’re going to attract a lot of unwanted attention. They know those robes are as unpopular as I know those robes are unpopular…All the Klans members I met who were dressed like that were on their own property or at night by the side of the road. Nobody was like “Meet me at a coffee shop in downtown Arkansas and let’s get together at the Denny’s and talk about this."’

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Comic W. Kamau Bell On Standing Tall And Finding Humor In America’s Racism

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Today, Rand Paul ONCE AGAIN mentioned the “Make Chai, Not War” tour I was on in a Senate hearing! Even though the tour was 2 YEARS AGO, he and Secretary of State John Kerry had a conversation about it. SEE FOR YOURSELF: Again, my reply is the same as ABOVE from Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.


I was on W. Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery’s podcast “Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time Period” discussing “Mississippi Masala.” In addition to having a smart, hilarious conversation, it was great to have a mini “Totally Biased” reunion in NYC. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you really support Empire? Terrence and Taraji are great actors that deserve opportunities. But this is a show being put out by people who routinely use their network to demonize black people. Its a show that proliferates the idea that in order for black people to succeed on the same levels as whites we have to turn to crime and gunplay and made by a coon that believes reverse racism is a thing. Totally willing to sell out black people for a quick buck. Dr. Boyce Atkins wrote an article on it

*pours a bit of Orangeade and sits down to type this*

I don’t watch Empire. Never really caught it. But I understand why people love it.

Now, with that being said, you need to understand how distribution works. There are 6 major media companies:

  • GE
  • News-Corp
  • Viacom
  • Time Warner
  • Disney
  • CBS

Now… Netflix and Amazon are distribution companies, but they don’t have a foot in TV but seeing how people are cord-cutting, I won’t be surprised if the next race is media content distribution ownership. (They are already ahead of it with Hulu, so yeah)

Let’s be clear… if you are pitching a TV series, one of these six companies will be involved. The network (News-Corp) that owns Fox also owns FX, and they had shows by Ice Cube (Black. White.) and Chris Rock (Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell). So, let’s not condemn one show and yet praise the other two because they are pretty much own by the same networks. Empire would probably do as well on Netflix as it will on the other networks. The owner of the networks don’t care what’s on his network as long as they are making the dollar signs. So, while it’s ironic, it’s also worth noting.

But that’s not why I’m talking about this today.

I’m here to talk about the epidemic that is Crystal Meth because Breaking Bad has inspired so many drug lords to make their own drugs. It’s a problem that White people have face for years since it’s first aired on AMC. It represents the evil that White people will commit just to get ahead in life and have been a bad reflection of…

*someone tapped my shoulder while I was typing this* 

… what? What you mean White people are doing just fine? Didn’t Breaking Bad shame the White race? Really? Then what happened? 

*shows tablet* They won Emmy’s? Really?

*clicks on tablet* They inspired niche businesses? 

But I thought Breaking Bad was, you know… a shame that White people tried to hide? Wait… what you mean the series been off the air? Oh… so it’s canceled! Well, that’s good… *been stopped again* What? It’s done? You mean just like that? Okay… well, it should stop White people… *stopped again* NOW WHAT? What you mean there’s a prequel series called “Better Call Saul”? Oh, he gives White lawyers a bad name? Well… betcha they won’t renew his series!

*shows tablet* Series been renewed with episodes to be released next year…

… so, this isn’t the shame of White people, isn’t it? Thanks… 

Anything else you wanna tell me?

*shows tablet*

We need to show people that we’re nothing to be afraid of, so by simplifying characters, we will have better representation in society? 

This is what we’re supposed to be? Magic people? 

What’s my point? 

“in order for black people to succeed on the same levels as whites we have to turn to crime and gunplay“

But everyone loves crime. That’s why there are so many shows that is based around crime. That’s why the Blacklist is in season 3! 

These shows are not based on reality. It’s that what sells?

“Sex, murder and mayhem, romance for the streets.
Only wife of my mine is a life of crime” Jay-Z said that once.

Anyway, my point is… Dr. Boyce Atkins… oh, can you go away now… I’m done using you as an aside? *figure goes away* thanks…

… is entitled to his opinion. But the same show would have helped out Netflix, or other networks. It’s so easy to target the little Black shows we do have and not hype up the ones we want to see more.

Sadly, what can we do about it? There was a similar show called “Platinum” that flopped years ago. There’s a market for these shows and you can’t magically change it. I bet you there’s 100+ people wanting to do a different take on A Different World and they can’t do it because the majors want to see results. 

However… times are changing. Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo and YouTube are new media. They are slowly positioning themselves to become part of the major 6. And with this new type of competition, along with award shows for these types of content, there’s going to be more quality Black programming. 

So, while there’s people who’s going to say things like “Empire is coonery”, I say let them have their fun. I say start making gifs for series other than the majors. Start talking about the other forms of media.

Cause trust me… this generation of college students: the majority of them are cord-cutters. Why Comedy Central are promoting their apps? Why MTV trying to reinvent themselves so they can be on the edge? Why you think there’s choices like  KweliTV, Urban Movie Network and so on? Why you think Netflix drop the Epix deal so they can get more original content?

Cable and Network Executives are now in the race to keep up.

So in all honesty, I can care less what’s going on in Empire nor am I interested in bashing people that do watch it. 

I’m interested in what’s going to happen 5 years from now, when Internet subscriptions are up, cable subscriptions are down. 

WWE had the right idea… build your own network and charge what you want.

So, stop thinking I’m small minded. Watch your Empire and build one while you’re at it. 

But please, don’t try to build it in an hour. Unless it’s a Lego set. Then go ham on it.

The Orlando Jones Interview
Proudly Resents

Check out my interview with Adam Spiegelman, host of the podcast Proudly Resents.

It’s the podcast for fans of films, crazy filmmakers, funny comedians and typos. This podcast has comedian and writers recapping their favorite good/bad and cult film.  Comics like Steve Agee, Jimmy Pardo, Al Madrigal,  Chris Gore, Rob Schrab and writers from “The Daily Show,” “Colbert Report” & “Conan.”

Plus – From time to time we get interviews with the people who make them.

People like; Bobcat Goldthwait, Shadoe Stevens, Lloyd Kaufman, Tommy Wiseau from “The Room” actors from  “Troll2,” “Pluto Nash,” Uwe Boll’s films, “Dirty Love” and the founder of the Razzies.

“Proudly Resents” also had the exclusive interview with the man who claims he secretly directed the worst movie of all time, “The Room.”

Adam Spiegelman (Host/Producer) – Adam’s love for cult and good bad movies goes back to childhood when he heard that people would go to Rocky Horror Picture Show just to make fun of it. At 13, Adam lived his dream by going to a midnight screening of Rocky Horror. It was in New Jersey so in stead of a floor show, there was one guy yelling stuff. Still he was hooked.

Adam works as a TV producer. He’s  produced for shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Arsenio Hall Show, Lopez Tonight and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.

When he’s not working or doing the podcast, Adam likes to spend time with his wife and write bios about himself in the third person.