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you deserve the best!!!!!!! you are beautiful/handsome/adorable and unique and special and you deserve an amazing person! don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

The girls on a walk


So it’s 1/1 New Year’s Eve according to the Lunar calendar, and since here at my place it’s kind of a big thing, here’s Sefikura wearing Vietnamese aodai LOL.

Btw, I just saw a post saying it’s the year of the Chocobo (aka year of the Chicken lol) but then you can say that it’s the year of the Cloud ahahaha.

theannoyinganon  asked:

Draw Eun wearing the clothes you are currently wearing? (Btw if you haven't noticed I love your blog and ur art and everything sorry for asking so much)

((I am currently wearing my PJ’s :)))

When you become really positive and nothing worries/fazes you as much it’s literally like

*something happens*

me: :o

also me: :)

We’ve had the anniversary with 3 Doctors fighting each other about practically everything, but I would pay real money to see Missy and Simm’s Master teaming up, like. First of all it would be hilarious to see the Doctor struggling to contain not one but TWO Masters, and secondly I imagine it as the total opposite of the Doctors meeting each other.

What I think would happen:

  • They would totally check each other out and be massively impressed. “Is that what I look like now?? I’m hot!”
  • Staying up late and talking about 500 different ways to pester planet Earth.
  • Staying up late and talking about boys, i.e. the Doctor. “He is so my boyfriend now” - “Shut up! Really?? I always knew he had a thing for me”
  • More talking about boys, i.e. the Doctor. “He’s Scottish now. I quite like it.” - “No! Really? Not fair!”
  • One of them can cause chaos, two of them cause utter mayhem. The Doctor would have all hands full juggling the both of them while they play as innocent as possible.
  • Both of them flirting with 12 simultaneously and not even 12 is oblivious enough not to see where that is going because the Master is hilariously unsubtle and Missy and him continuously try to outdo each other, resulting in 12 almost refusing to save the planet because he can’t handle all the attention anymore and he just really wants to be left alone.
  • Both of them realising they totally fucked up and got more than they bargained for with their plan and counting on the Doctor to fix it while they try to think of a new way to get his attention.

The kid: I like that you have a job that pays enough that we have a small, nice house but go do things all the time.

bounty  hunters   ,   the  galaxy  gutters   /   do  not  reblog .

decided  name  :   ria  .   captain  ,   natural  leader .  motherly  to  the  girls .  doesn’t  put  up  with  nonsense .  indisputably  a  genius .  used  to  be  a  remarkable  detective  but  couldn’t  find  any  money  in  it .  worked  closely  with  a  client  who  worked  as  a  bounty  hunter  ,  joined  their  ship  and  crew  eventually  for  a  steadier  paycheck .  when  they  were  killed  on  a  job  ,  the  crew  disbanded  ,  and  the  ship  had  been  left  to  her .

decided  name  :  bebe  .    locator   ,   knows  the  galaxy  inside  and  out .  only  remaining  member  from  the  ship’s  last  team  other  than  the  captain .  lost  her  hearing at  a  young  age . 

decided  name  :   glitch  .    systems  operator   ,   ex - scientist  ,  fired  from  every  respectable  planet’s  top  institutions  before  finding  herself  unable  to  get  so  much  as  a  janitorial  position .  brilliant  ,  recently  sober .  slow  to  trust  but  would  put  her  life  on  the  line  for  any  of  her  girls .

decided  name  :  venus  .     muscle  .  talented  strategist  when  it  comes  to  tracking  and  capturing .  known  for  her  clear  head  and  level  psyche .  has  three  children  ,  two  deceased  from  government  affairs .  third  one  mad  at  her  for  leaving .  she  sends  money  to  her  third  child  every  month  as  her  way  of  apologizing  ,  but  she’s  never  received  word  back .  

decided  name  :  trigger  .  muscle  .   quick  to  spark  into  action  ,  very  prone  to  recklessness  and  violence .  cares  deeply  about  the  girls  and  will  willingly  walk  into  battle  alone  if  she  feels  they’d  be  in  danger .  owes  her  life  to  them .  was  originally  adrift  in  the  middle  of  nowhere .  doesn’t  remember  much  of  her  life  before  ,  or  at  least  won’t  tell  about  it .  the  girls  suspect  it  was  something  traumatic  ,  as  they  found  her  in  a  damaged  escape  pod .

decided  name  :  baby  .     youngest  of   the  crew  at  seventeen  and  a  half  !  ) .  skilled  in  acrobatics  and  anything  ,  everything  to  do  with  sneaking .  generally  optimistic  and  bright  -  eyed .  showcases  a  remarkable  ability  for  happiness  despite  having  lost  her  family  two  years  back .  found  six  months  later  by  the  girls  in  a  big  bust .  venus  found  her  first  and  sympathized  with  her  predicament having  no  money  and  no  family  ,  and  needing  an  out  ––  ) .  venus  convinced  the  crew  to  take  her  on  board  instead  of  turning  her  in  with  the  rest  and  baby’s  been  proving  herself  worthy  of  the  chance  ever  since .  the  girls  love  her  ,  though  some  were  slow  to  come  around  to  it .

A Jolly Good Show Indeed (Regular Show Retrospective)


I recently went back and watched every season of Regular Show, all the way up to the whole big final season titled “Regular Show In Space”, which I didn’t get a chance to see when it aired back in January. It’s crazy to think that I have been watching this show for seven years or that a show has gotten me interested in Cartoon Network again after the dark period known as CN Real. (*Shivers*), but the strangest thing is how Regular Show went through this interesting maturing stage with the other seasons I completely missed out on until now. For instance, back when Regular Show was new, it was essentially animated Clerks. Two slackers working at a park turning normal situations into the most strange and bizarre circumstances. ( I mean, it isn’t every day you defeat a giant head’s high score in a rip off of Excite Bikes) 

But the show was simple, until the later seasons…..

Through my binge watching sessions of the show, I started to notice a pattern of continuity callbacks and interesting levels of character development. Back when I use to watch the reruns on Cartoon Network, I didn’t recall Regular Show being this “complex” in nature. Characters were given focal points, the show started tackling more serious moments between the characters, and the dialogue seemed more witty. Regular Show was no longer just about a humanoid Raccoon and Blue Jay pissing off their boss with their wacky antics, all of the elements of each episode had a point and an overall narrative was building to something now unlike before, and I was DIGGING THE HELL OUT OF IT! 

The entire time watching it, all I could say was “This show is alot smarter than I remember, these must of been the episodes I missed.” It was really refreshing to see another Cartoon Network show that had layers and complexity to it like others from the network’s past. Now, I am not saying it was like the smartest show ever, I mean, at it’s core, it is still about the two main characters, Mordecai and Rigby goofing off and getting into trouble. (Mostly due to Rigby not listening and being an absolute asshole. I never realized how much of a fuck up he was before, but watching the series back now…JESUS CHRIST…I wanted to choke Rigby) However, under the surface of that though was extremely interesting character arcs and amazing emotional moments. Episodes like “Bad Kiss” definitely showed how the writing was getting better. They took a simple premise of how Mordecai wanted to take back a bad kiss he gave Margaret into this amazing time traveling adventure. Of Course in Regular Show fashion, the guys take such a small situation and blew it up to such an unnecessary calamity, but these situations are handled much more cleverly than previous episodes in the series. 

As for the final season, I would say it is a hit and miss. Regardless, of how much I liked how they wrapped up everything, the whole space stuff seemed to slightly throw the entire series a bit off course for a bit. Like they had to sacrifice some of these individual complex stories in order for these characters to all have a roll in the big finale, which I am sort of cool with slightly because they did make my favorite character, Pops, even more bad ass. I mean, I had liked Pops already. He is child-like guy with an old soul and wanting noting more then to love everything. What’s not to love? (He defeated Childish Gambino with Poetry for Christ Sake) However, the last couple of episodes made him this all powerful badass with telekinetic, Telepathy, and teleportation. I was like “FUCK YEAH…GO POPS”, and the noble sacrifice he made at the end did make me tear up. Alot. Pops is the fucking man. 

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However, the whole “Spark initiative” and spaced-themed episodes seem to come out of left field in a way and it seemed to come in at a very abrupt time, like right when the characters were getting VERY complex. I mean, the episode right before the whole space stuff, Rigby received major character development by graduating from High School, in the same episode Mordecai admitting that he liked Rigby being a failure because he always took happiness in knowing he was always better then him, The Whole CJ and Margaret Relationship dynamic, introducing a whole new romantic character for Benson, and even a few episodes back like “Special Delivery For Maellard”, Mordecai finally coming to terms that him and Rigby are slackers and wondering if working at the park and getting nothing done is “The best they can do.” Personally, I feel like all of these were all really intriguing plot lines that could of been explored alot further, but was all dropped because of…You Know…..Space!!! It really seemed like a missed opportunity to me. Again, I love the conclusion of the series in retrospect, but if I could choose, I would rather had some of these more complex storylines explored rather for the writers to completely beat us over the head with Star Wars references. (Although, I have to mention that I liked Anti-Pops’s erasing powers and the episode “No Train No Gain” with the the gang literally having to stop an actual “training montage” was fucking amazing. I mean, I was dying when Mordecai and Rigby had to escape screen wipes and transitions…FUCKING HILARIOUS!) They sort of hinted on these topics slightly such as in the episode “Stuck In An Elevator”, but not to the degree when they were back on Earth. 

All in all though, Regular Show is a really great show that I would recommend to people that haven’t checked it out before. It’s a fun show that again gets surprisingly more complex as it goes along, and it’s social commentary on pop culture is hilarious. All the episodes and everything concerning the whole “format wars” stuff is genius. I fucking died when the character Blu-ray made a literal Blu-Ray Bot set of all of the memories of the characters. Speaking of characters, I am really glad though that Eileen was given more screen time in the last season, which one of the characters in the show actually make a joke about. She was a really cool character. However, I really wish we could of learned more about CJ. If Regular Show was an anime, (Minus The Evangelion Intro they had in the Brilliant Century Duck Special) CJ would totally be best girl in my eyes. That’s the other thing about the whole space stuff. It was other characters I wanted to learn more about, but the park going into space completely just dumps out all of these interesting characters and replaces them with Ok new ones, and the ones I liked didn’t get much time to develop. ( I mean, Roxy was only in one episode..What’s up with that?) 

Regardless of my minor complaints, Good Job J.G. Quintel for giving us this great show. I am really going to miss the park. And the Crash Pit…..We can’t forgot about the Crash Pit.