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The story of the Kubdel pocket watch

I’m finally learning japanese on memrise, I just started and I find it nice since you learn the letters first, not like others sites where you learn with only hearing the sentences and pick what you hear

こんにちは :D


It’s that time of the year again! Happy February, Starkid fans!

This month, we have the release of Trail To Oregon to look forward to! It’s gonna be - allow me the overused expression - totally awesome!

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hey hey just lettin ya know you're doing great with A Little Change, i know that i personally totally appreciate the work you put into it and i love it whether it takes a few days or four weeks to update. you're doing good!!! you've got this! take your time and have fun! i know whatever you update and whenever you update it, its gonna be totally awesome.

hi yes thank you. I’m really tired right now and I should be asleep and I’m not taking in words too well but thank you. This is a very sweet and supportive message and I appreciate it. Thank you.

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Can we just talk about Hiccup's hands? Idk I just really love the way DreamWorks animated his hands to be so realistic. In the scene in httyd 2, when he was showing Astrid the smoke from Eret's camp, you could see his hands, and if you look closely they actually look real. And also when he was drawing toothless and the map in httyd 1, the way they curl and the little wrinkles that appear, they look exactly like actual human hands! I just really love DreamWorks' animation <3

Official Hiccup Hand Appreciation Post
because woohoo!

If you zoom into screencaps like this, you can see great texturizing. Freckles, little hair, the little “scaling” one gets especially near the side, even the little white of the distal free nail from his fingernail.

Here let’s just zoom in because HANDS.

Elsewhere, we see some fun animation of knuckles and tendons.

In both movies, of course.

You can even nicely see the lunula and cuticle of the fingernails in HTTYD 2 along with more wrinkles on the knuckles as he bends his joints. Yeah, that’s detail alright.

The second most expressive body part is the hand (the first most expressive being the face). Hands are versatile instruments, able to curl about and move in many ways that can express the emotions someone is feeling. They are one of the areas of the body most sensitive to touch, meaning they really feel a lot. So they’re going to express a lot. Hands are the tool by which a human navigates their world, constantly touching and arranging and exploring the world by these ten fingers and two palms; it means that they are some of the key ways in which we understand the environment around us, and are full of hints of us emoting and interacting with our surroundings.

This means that animators who get hands animated correctly help us feel even more emotion and understanding for our characters.

It’s not just Hiccup’s hands are animated nicely in a variety of positions… 

(which they are)

…it’s the fact that they animate Hiccup’s hands moving in such a human and emotional way.

Aw look at how happy his hand is.

And how scared.

Oh gods.

He has these little gestures that recur over and over again with his hands which makes him personal and emotive. Hiccup will take his thumb and rub it up with his first two digits when he is idle or trying to act casual. His fingers fiddle around sometimes, as they do with the writing device in HTTYD 2. And there’s the way he’ll just hit his head and pull back his fingers when he remembers something obvious.

And he flaps his hands and his arms around when he talks. Over half of communication between humans is gestural rather than verbal, and a large portion of those gestures come from the hands. Let’s not get started on sign languages, either! This means that Hiccup’s wild hand movements are a manner by which we as audience members can get in and feel him more. It’s because he’s radically communicating with us!

And really, some of Hiccup’s single most touching (pun intended) moments with Toothless are those without words. They’re just moments with him, his dragon, and his hands.

Even when there are words, the hands make so much a difference.

You can tell entire stories with just pictures of Hiccup’s hands and Toothless. In fact, there’s almost a symbolic story within the first HTTYD on this very idea.

When Hiccup first meets Toothless, his hands are curled around the hilt of a knife. His hands are tight, squeezing, hard. They are the opposite of opened up to Toothless.

The next time Hiccup approaches Toothless, his hands still are not free. This time, he brings a little book and a writing utensil with him, by which he sketches Toothless. His hands are still not open up and free to the dragon, but they’re not holding something threatening anymore. They’re filled up with something more peaceful.

…and then he drops his pencil, opening up one of his hands. It’s the first time he really opens his hands to Toothless.

The third time Hiccup and Toothless interact, the start of the Forbidden Friendship sequence, is really special. Hiccup again comes in with his hands full. But this time, he’s coming in with the intent of freeing his hands and opening them up.

He’s bringing a fish that he wants to feed Toothless. The entire point of the gesture is to get on the dragon’s good side; if Hiccup is successful, the dragon will take the fish out of his hand and free his hand up.

So first time Hiccup sees Toothless, his hand is holding an object meant to kill him. Second time, it’s hold an object meant to study him. Third time, it’s holding an object meant to befriend him.

And Toothless takes the fish. This is now the first time Hiccup and Toothless have been around one another with Hiccup’s hands truly free.

But they’re still acclimating to one another and don’t have enough trust to really make it work. When Toothless sees Hiccup’s free hand reaching out to him, he growls. Hiccup is reaching out to Toothless in a friendly gesture, a gesture meant for him to feel the dragon and get to know him better. But touch is sensitive and requires touch, and that is something Toothless is not ready for.

Throughout Forbidden Friendship, we see the interaction between Toothless and Hiccup’s hands. 

And the moment they finally connect is when Hiccup’s hands are free and open… and able to touch and fully feel Toothless.

His hands go from closed, gripped on a dagger, to open, touching Toothless on the snout.

And from there on out, they are able to touch one another, feel one another, understand one another, care for one another, live for one another.

Hands are so totally awesome and important like yes yes yes wow and yes.

in chapter 700 mirai is going on a 3 day life changing trip with kakashi and gai that girl must have the patience of a saint

So, the dream started that I was watching tv with my father and there was like TBHF anime and I was so hyped. There was like this cool intro and stuff. ut the story was different: it basically was just Ren wondering thru hell like a superhero. At one point two bad demons came and kind of wanted to kill a little girl because she was insulting them. Ren sprints to go and save her but then Saitama from One punch man appears out of nowhere? And he yells at Ren: “Step back, unknown person of italic origins!” And then I see Ren in midair (probably he jumped while he sprinted) with an arrow in his shoulder. Then he just… falls and just suffers in agony of the ground while Saitama defeats the two demons. And in the dream I was like “ Yeah, it makes sense because Starfleetrambo watches One punch man”.
Then I woke up and I was like “WTF?”.