totally awesome drink

So I never drink, but I had a glass of wine and now I’m just chilling in bed, you should message me / send me asks!

Name Tag

Rules: Enter your answers, then tag 10 people! Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. If the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use the same word twice.

I was tagged by @elsarenard Thanks!

Name: Mable
4-letter word: Meow
A boy’s name: Maxim (as in De Winter from Rebecca)
Occupation: Magazine Editor (my dream job when I was growing up)
Something you wear: Mascara
Food: Mashed Potatoes
Something in a bathroom: Mold (ew! gross!)
A place: Montreal (I’d really like to visit)
A reason for being late: Missed the Bus
Something you shout: MOVE! (when I am driving behind slow people)
Movie: Muppets Take Manhattan (totally awesome)
Something you drink: Margaritas!
Animal: Marten
Type of car: Mazda 
Title of a song: Modern Love by David Bowie

I tag (no pressure, only fun!) @bookcub, @thelibraryofmars, @freckles-and-books, @kitcatbookmad, @booksandotherimportantthings, @wishingstardust, @heretherebebooks, @stargirl-carraway, @hufflepuffkitten93