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- we’ve got the world in our hands  : A mutants/superpowers AU. Louis and his friends attend the Cowell Institute for General Education and Mutant Training in London; when Louis meets Harry, the newest student at the Cowell Institute, he immediately recruits Harry to help play matchmaker for his friend Zayn. Harry and Louis are so caught up in meddling in Zayn’s love life, though, that they don’t notice that their own friendship is progressing into something more. Meanwhile, an ominous threat up north grows slowly until suddenly, no mutant - or human - is safe. (54k)

- Supernova  : It’s hard being a teenager. It’s hard being a teenager and at a new school. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school and also gay. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school, gay and a mutant. It’s hard being a teenager, at a new school, gay, a mutant and who has no idea that he’s meant to be the world’s next super hero. It seems like Louis has a lot of catching up to do. (172k)

- My Love is a Fortress (My Love is a Louvre) : Harry likes to think he’s juggling the whole part-time uni student, part-time superhero thing rather well, strictly speaking, because despite the fact that he has absolutely no social life outside of uni lectures and clandestine, midnight crime fighting, at least no one’s gone and died on his watch. Yet.  A Superhero AU. (51k)

- Tell me what you find :        Harry wanted to kiss Louis. He wanted to kiss Louis, and Louis couldn’t get it out of his head. He didn’t mean to peek into his new friend’s head, but he was tired, and Harry woke him up at eight a.m. on a Sunday. Harry was talking some shit about needing help with studying for the physics test the next day, and Louis was trying to focus on his words, but he maintains that he’s not really a person until after eleven.   Louis can read minds, and Harry figures it out much quicker than he was supposed to. (3k)

- you’re cold and i burn : superhero/mutants au in which fire and ice are opposites for a reason (so are louis and harry).featuring: liam, niall, zayn, ed, perrie, jade, and sam (smith) (36k)

- Don’t turn away now : If a year ago you’d told Harry he’d team up with a gang of semi-criminal mutants to save his ass and the world while falling in love, he would’ve laughed in your face but, alas, it’s exactly what he’s done. (34k)

- Sparks, Flowers, and Fuzz : Louis’ a mutant with electricity running in his veins and Harry would love to just hold his hand. (12k)

- Mind Games : Harry Styles was just a normal teenage boy, a normal teenage boy who had a happy life and was quite content to live it the way nature had intended: completely normally, with no weird happenings or crazy adventures. Yet some things, it would seem, are destined to be, and it would appear that Harry’s fate was to be abducted by insane strangers intent on experimenting on him, and their four other hand-picked victims. Harry sometimes feels so alone, even when his best friends are only a few metres away - and he can’t seem to help but be afraid, because there are so very few things left in his life for him to control… (140k)

- Bye Bye’s Are Not For Legends (I’m Forever Young)    : A Superhero AU where Louis, Liam and Niall are immortal and have superpowers - Liam can clone himself, Niall can inflict pain at the drop of a hat and Louis can kill with the blink of an eye - and want fellow immortal Harry, who puts a twist on the term ‘mind control,’ to join their group in order to save the world.  (51k)

- restore me, restore life the way it should be  : Superpowers!AU. Loosely based on Sky High. (3k)

- Weaker without you : Louis and Harry have superpowers but that doesn’t really define their lives. What does is meeting each other, and school and prom and life and bullies. But they get through that together because they’re harryandlouis and they were meant to be, right from the start.Or, the one where they have powers and grow up together. (14k)

My favorite thing about Lexa is that whenever Clarke challenges her, she just gets really really close to her face. Its like she is asking “you sure you want to test me?” and Clarke always looks a little flustered because she knows Lexa could totally kick her ass but she’s also kind of turned on? Clarke is like “Oh shit I should not have said that, wow she’s really pretty, wait what?” and I feel like Lexa knows she has this effect on Clarke. So she steps closer with a dual purpose of dont test me but also now you’re thinking about kissing me.


“I’m so sorry I can’t give you a ride, I would of but my mom said that I need to leave my car here"Lydia hugged you.

"It’s totally cool, I’m getting a ride with someone"you nodded.

"Oh right, who?"Lydia asked curiously.
You pointed towards the jeep, Stiles and Scott sat inside dancing.

"Those two?"you questioned your choice.

"Good luck"Lydia sang as she patted your shoulder.

"I’m going to need it"you mumbled as you walked towards the Jeep.

So I went to my first rave tonight!  I was expecting to see lots of weird things - candy necklaces, grown adults using pacifiers, the dropping of crazy sick beats.  But nothing could prepare me for what I saw in that warehouse - A TEENAGER SPLIT APART INTO TWO KIDS!!!

There’s only one explanation - Steven and his friend were hiding in a specially fabricated bodysuit built by the Illuminati for the purposes of international espionage!

You might have heard of it before under the official name: Project L.I.L. R.A.S.C.A.L. 

Local Illuminati's Latest Really Attractive Spy Concealing Approximated Life-form

It’s a shame because I was totally gonna go ask them to dance… you know, until I learned it was Steven and his friend.

i hit 10k awhile ago so here we are. (aka i can’t believe i’m making this in 2017) part 1, part 2

and then there was a baby by stilinskisparkles (M, 9817)

Derek stumbles into the nursery, takes in Stiles standing at the window holding their tearful baby. It’s almost enough to make his heart seize up with joy. Even if it is three am and neither of them have slept in days. It’s still his family.

I’ve Been Everywhere With You by Leslie_Knope (E,  61,551)

“Dude, you should totally come with me.”

“What? Like on the road trip?“

“No, come with me. To Austin. Get out of Beacon Hills.”

Derek paused. “What?” he asked again.

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in court felipi solano, who testified under a grant of immunity, admitted that he bought the stolen goods from a man he identified as defendant richard ramirez. solano said he paid ramirez a total of $2,000 and had hoped to sell the items for $10,000. he also placed the defendant in the san francisco area about the time a night stalker murder was committed there. he said ramirez phoned asking for money and he wired some cash to him in san francisco last july or august.   

Imagine Eric looking at you after your first………..

Your body shuddered as your first ever orgasm took total control of your body. Eric’s fingers and tongue slowed down from their rhythmic thrust and licks to let you ride out your orgasm. As your wave slowly receded Eric lifted his inviting lips off you, lifted up and searched your eyes before he asked his question.  Eric knew the answer as soon as you walked into the Dauntless chambers as an initiate and he just received confirmation as his fingers and tongue sent you into another stratosphere after only a few minutes of pleasuring you. Always a Dauntless leader Eric wanted to see if you still identified with your old faction Candor.

“You a virgin?” he asked his voice deep demanding an answer.  You sat up to gather your underwear and pants feeling embarrassed your innocence was so easily detected.

You nodded your head yes not looking up at him as you dressed your bottom half of your clothes Eric so easily tore off you with little effort only moments earlier.

“I don’t fuck virgins.” He told you in a dead panned voice. You almost lost your balance as you put on one of your sneakers looking up to a matter of a fact expression on his face. Was he serious right now?

“What?” you barely heard your voice as you watched Eric slowly get up from the couch you no doubt left a wet spot on.

“I don’t fuck virgins.” He repeated just as nonchalantly as before as he walked up to you as you held one sneaker in your hand.

“But you just went down on me?” you were so confused as you looked in his piercing blue eyes. His eyes seem to change in front of you in a matter of seconds from the man that sweet talked you to his bedroom to the cold hard Dauntless leader you were so use to seeing every day.

“Sweetheart did you think that was sex?” he asked in a condescending tone as his massive figure approached and towered over you. You didn’t answer as you put on your other sneaker. You weren’t an Erudite but you weren’t stupid.  Why did he even bother with you? He could have so easily got any girl as you seen how he was admired by other females. You quickly headed toward the door when you felt Eric’s hand grab your arm to stop you. Your Dauntless training kicked in as you balled your fist and punched him in the nose.

“Asshole!” you shouted and smiled as the last image of Eric was him grabbing his nose as droplets of blood dripped through his fingers just before his door closed.

Imagine Draco always comforting you when you’re in a bad mood. He wouldn’t be the person to ask what happened, he’d know that you’d tell him if you would want to talk about it, so he’d just be there for you, making sure you know that everything will be alright.
“Okay, listen: Whatever is going on, we’ll fix that and you’ll totally pack this, no doubt about that. You know why I’m so sure about it? Because it’s you. And because I’ll never let anything bring you down”

Request – Tommy Merlyn (Arrow) “Taking you out”

“I’m home!” You had already heard the door slamming when Tommy made his way in, back from one of the first days in his life where he actually had to work. You had the day off, and you were just ready to start cooking, but you decided to greet him first.
“Hi honey! How was today?”, you said while you stole a kiss from him when he was taking off his coat.
“Ok…” He was trying to hide a plastic bag behind his back, totally failing in doing so.
“What’s in there?”, you asked, curiously. He smiled.
“You’ll find out. Later.” He smiled, and started to take off the apron you just had put on.
“Don’t, Tommy. I still have to cook!” He shook his head.
“No. You’re not cooking tonight. I’m taking you out.” You tried to wiggle out of his hands, but he had been too fast, and left you without an apron. You cocked your head.
“We both know you can’t afford that right now, Tommy… Unless your father gave you access to your trust fund again.” He had put down the bag, but out of your reach, so you couldn’t reach it, and he walked you back to the living room, forcing you to sit down on the couch before sitting down next to you.
“I don’t need it…” He kissed you. “We don’t need it, and you know that…” Another kiss. You shrugged.
“I know. I told you we could do without. But we can’t eat out every time without that, maybe you’ve forgotten that?” The smirk on his face made you mad. He was never going to see what life meant for those who couldn’t just run to daddy when things got rough. You started to tug at the apron to start cooking again, but he didn’t let it go.
“Come on, Tommy, I still have work to do…” He shook his head, smirked again, and with a last kiss, he stood up as well, throwing the apron away and steering you towards the hall.
“Get your coat, we’re eating out.” You wanted to object again, but he put his finger on your lips. “And yes, we can afford this, don’t worry…” You just shrugged, giving up. If he was in one of these moods, you weren’t going to be able to talk him out of it, but you had to admit you were glad you had Oliver’s number saved somewhere on your phone. Even when you didn’t want that spoiled guy to come and safe you from embarrassment, it might be your only option. But to your surprise, Tommy didn’t drive you to the most expensive part of town, but he picked the road leading out of Starling city, until he reached a meadow that looked out over the city. You looked around. There was no building near, let alone a restaurant… Tommy offered you his hand.
“If I may?” You put your hand in his, not knowing what else to do. With his other hand he spread out a plaid, gesturing you to sit down, and out of the bag he took a bottle of wine, and a basket of food. You started smiling.
“You planned a picnic!” You gave him a kiss on the mouth spontaneously, before letting him give you a paper plate with your food. He smirked.
“Told you we could afford it?” You just smiled at him.
“I love you, Tommy Merlin…”

It was a very long day for Shay and he was left feeling frustrated and tired, and he just wanted to see you at the end of it. He was taking off his jacket and shoes while walking in the house, and laid down on you, burying his head in your shoulder. He sighed, making you laugh at him.

 “Bad day,” you asked still focused on the television. Shay started moving around and laid his head on your stomach.

 “It was awful.”

 “I’m sorry,” you said, looking at him and started playing with his hair, causing him to sigh with contentment; both of you watching the television. 

After a while, you decided to order take-out. Shay was still focused on the television, so you just ordered what he normally ordered; before sitting back on the couch.

 “You know what? I believe in love at first sight,” Shay said, staring at you.

 “Oh you do? That’s a lot coming from someone who doesn’t believe in fate,” you said winking at him.

 “Well, to be completely honest, I didn’t believe in neither until I met you,” he said, making you blush.

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I just got done reading the part in the manga where Sailor Moon asks what it was like for each of these three to be in total solitude. Which made me think about how they gravitated towards one another and you never really see them goofing off. Mostly you see them sitting together in silence, because they got so use to the silence but they wanted human contact since they went without for so long.

Its not just about them being older its that their shared experience being all alone for so long made them introverts. They just want to be around like minded souls in small gatherings where words aren’t needed for the most part.

They need each other because the other scouts wouldn’t be able to understand the utter loneliness they experienced.

Stiles Stilinski Imagine:

“Okay, take your seats! Yeah- that means you too, Greenburg!” Coach yelled, glaring over at Greenburg who was already in his seat. “Okay, so, get out your homework from last night. Now, raise your hand if you finished the homework, okay Greenburg, we all know you did you homework.” Coach snapped, everyone groaned, including you, tuning out the sound of Coach shouting at the poor boy.
“Alright, question number one! To the economist, total cost includes what?” Coach asked, glancing around the room. No one raised their hand to answer, Coach still standing there pacing in front of the room. “Anyone who answers this gets five bonus points and doesn’t have to take the next test!”
After the declaration of that, several hands shot up in the air, attempting to guess the answer. “Stilinski! What do you think the answer is?” Coach asked, leaning over to glance at Stiles.
You had only been at Beacon Hills High for a week and a half now and your only friend just so happened to be Kira, who conveniently sat next to you during Economics. “Who’s that?” You whispered to her.
She smiled at you before scribbling down something on her notebook. Stiles, why? You shook your head and turned to look at the flustered looking Stiles.
“Y’know, Coach, I think someone else could really benefit from answering the question.” Stiles said.
“Just answer the question, Stilinski!” Coach snapped back.
“I guess that it includes explicit costs.” Coach rolled his eyes before turning to glare out at the rest of the room.
“You, new girl, Anna! What do you think?” He asked.
Your cheeks flushed, brushing a piece of hair from your face you answered. “It includes explicit and implicit costs, including a normal profit too.”
“Look, Stilinski! Someone who actually knew the answer! Maybe you could learn a thing or two from her.” Coach went on to the next question just as Stiles turned around to look at you with a look of disbelief on his face, it soon disappeared as he noticed it was you who answered and gave you a small smile.
You blushed, looking away from him and back towards Coach, who was yelling at Greenburg again. By the time the end of the class period came, you were beyond ready to leave. It ended up that only the first two questions were answered before Coach went on a rampage as to why Greenburg was even in the class if he was too good for it.

“Way to impress, Coach.” You turned, noticing Stiles was walking beside you now.

“Thanks?” You said, stopping at your locker.
“Maybe we could, uh, or you could, uh, help me out sometime?” You looked over at Stiles, noticing that he was looking everywhere except at you. “You know, with Economics. Or any other class, you know, yeah.”
“Sounds fun.” You replied, before closing your locker and walking towards your next class.