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At the hospital
  • *Victor wakes up after an accident*
  • Victor: where's Yuuri?
  • Yurio: who do you think gave you this heart?
  • Victor: *starts tearing up* no...
  • Yurio: I'm jk he's in the bathroom
My Top 20 Anime-Influenced TV Series

This is a list of my most favorite TV series from my PreTeen to my Adult Hood years. Hope you guys like it.

1. Steven Universe

2. Kappa Mikey

3. My Life Me

4. Totally Spies

5. Martin Mystery

6. W.I.T.C.H.

7. Wakfu

8. Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

9. Code Lyoko

10. Avatar: The Last Airbender

11. RWBY

12. The Legend Of Korra

13. Teen Titans

14. Ben 10: Alien Force

15. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go

16. Samurai Jack

17. Jackie Chan Adventures

18. Xiaolin Showdown

19. Magi-Nation

20. Boondocks


//wakes up in the middle of the night// WE WERE ROBBED!!!


Sasusaku reaction to their future selves?

This has probably been done before so many times but i just needed to get it out of my sistem… PLUUUS Sasuke loosing his chill would be fucking hilarious :)


I THINK the only reason Perfect Model Boy™ isn’t shown to also be good at drawing is because he would probably doodle a lot of Ladybug with/out her mask and THIS would happen pretty much right after Stoneheart—-.

and his drawing style would totally be anime+shoujo i’ll fite you on this

Aaaaaand! Thank you for 2000+ followers! I’m so happy and scared. Have another dumb reveal comic as celebration yay! ヽ(≧◡≦)ヽ

Bonus (later that day)—-


Baku Squad + nicknames

Also I noticed Bakugou picked friends that went well with orange (next stop Bakugou realizing Deku’s green+red matches his own green+orange fashion style and they finally become friends)