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August 24, 1988 ~ Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint 

Happy Birthday Rupert! ❤

The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye
A podcast host investigating corruption in a small mining town stumbles upon a secret race of werewolves in this 10 episode webseries.

ICYMI the Tin Can Brothers have a new project on Kickstarter that looks absolutely awesome and you should totally check it out and pledge if you can! Obviously they had me at “Tin Can Brothers project starring Mary Kate Wiles”, but every cast reveal is somehow making me more stoked. This needs to happen!

Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day! - A Thorki Edition

In the spirit of celebration and appreciation, I just wanted to do a little list of some (not all, otherwise we’d be here for a month, and in no particular order) of my favorite Thorki fics – old, new and in progress. 

Catalyst by @fourletterwordsstartingwithl

The Seidrmaster and the Stormbringer.

Loki and Thor were brought up in two very different worlds; one in the halls of Asgard and her golden city and the second from within the largest frozen forest in all the nine realms. A chance encounter after becoming lost in the great forest becomes the catalyst for change and they suddenly find themselves mere pieces in a chess game, far greater than they ever thought possible.

Thirst and the Water Quest by @darklittlestories

Loki is the Agent of Asgard, Awesomeness, and Asskicking.

His motivations are Absolutely, Totally Pure AF™. Definitely he lives to serve the goodness. But if the affection in Thor’s ridiculously beautiful eyes gives him slightly inappropriate feels, that’s mere coincidence. And so the sexiest super spy embarks on a quest for the All-Mother and lives for the reward.

if this is hell (then let me stay) by @thorduna

“Where you going?” the driver asks as they pull off and start driving down the dark road.

“I don’t know. Wherever.”

Thor picks Loki up from the side of the road, saving him from the vicious cold. Loki is prepared to pay a lot for it - but not this much.

The Witch’s Room by @amethyst–witch

Thor isn’t too fond of New York, even after living there for a few weeks. Still, certain things make it manageable– Steve and Bucky, for one, college friends who happened to have a spare room in their apartment, his new job (even if it is a little stressful), and in particular, his new roommate: Loki, a sardonic college kid with an emphasis on privacy (Thor doesn’t really mind– well, not at first, anyway).

Side Projects by @laydee-liesmith​ (currently on temporary hiatus)

Now, Loki tries to ignore the team of workers who have taken over his back-yard as they embark on a much-needed reno project. But, the one with the long blonde hair and the booming voice has taken a special liking to him. He flirts, he winks; he goes out of his way to tease Loki. Loki finds himself spending more time talking to “Thor” than he would like. He also finds himself blushing around Thor more than he would like. One day, Thor stumbles across Loki doing something he really shouldn’t be… and suddenly Thor has decided to make Loki his after-work “project.”

Stranger in a Strange Land by @pohjanneito

He was a big bear of a man. His shoulders alone seemed to take the space of two grown men where he was seated on his high stool, leaning against the counter. His long, blond hair was half-hidden under a black fur-felt Stetson, his face covered in thick, bushy bristles.

Loki drew his hand back, and as if sensing his curious gaze, the man turned his head to glance over his shoulder. His blue eyes met Loki’s from beneath the rim of his hat, and Loki felt his stomach jolt at the contact.

You’re All I Want, so Bring Me The Dawn by @thisdorkyblogthing

Loki grew up being told that the bond between an omega and an alpha was unbreakable.

Well, that’s a lie. A big fat lie.

Lullaby by @radiatorfromspace

Thor is babysitting his younger brother Loki tonight. They have the house to themselves, parents won’t be back until 1AM, and Thor looks at Loki the way he should be looking at girls.

At girls his own age.

Friends and Neighbors by @rynfinity

She has a faint accent Odin can’t quite place, except to be certain she’s not from around here. Finnish, maybe. “My oldest is twelve, and my middle son is ten.” Her son’s tiny hands come up to grab at her bracelets. “They like their teachers, but I miss having them around. And I could use their help with the baby.”

“They don’t go to school here, then,” he asks.

“No,” Farbauti says. She gently works her jewelry out of Loki’s shell pink, chubby hands. “They live with their father.”

Only the broken hearts (make you beautiful) by grimmie_me

Thor is a doctor who treats Loki when he’s found unconscious on the street after being brutalized by a client. Later Thor can’t help but look for Loki in the streets and when he finds him, he becomes a client, though everybody, including Loki, is quite surprised that a man like him doesn’t want a better whore to have fun with. Some time later Thor takes Loki away from his occupation and tries his best to give him a normal life, which is hard for a person who’s not used to it and doesn’t find himself worthy.

mouth full of white lies by @thorkidumpster

"No,” Loki insists. “No. I’m not meeting him again. He’s got two kids, for fuck’s sake! He fucked me into the bed, then called them right as I was leaving to say goodnight!”

“Sounds like…” Sigyn mutters off-hand, flipping through her texts with a pink-painted nail. “That he’s looking to be a daddy of three.

crash into me by @raven-brings-light

Thor moves back into his childhood home to take care of Odin in his final months. Putting up with the old man’s moods and taking care of his failing body is stressful enough - and then Thor meets Loki.

Loki is the son of Odin’s neighbor and he pushes himself into Thor’s life with all the dogged determination of youth and the subtlety of an avalanche.

He’s the prettiest thing Thor has ever seen. He’s also 16.

Thor is fucked.

the ashtray by @curds-writes

There’s a boy in the garden that Thor doesn’t recognise.

facing the vast by needleyecandy

England has just declared war on Napoleon, Naval captains are winning their laurels on a daily basis, and Thor’s ship is ordered to the South Seas to seek out a lost scientific vessel. It is an assignment for an old man, but the Admiralty will hear no reason. All hope of glory lost, he takes to sea in a foul temper.

Loki is an artist employed by the naturalist who accompanies HMS Hope on the expedition of rescue and research. He is to make quick and accurate sketches of those plants that catch his employer’s eye. For the first time in his life, the rest of his time is his own.

Back home, their paths never would have crossed, but life at sea is different, and their shared journey brings many kinds of discovery.

fimbulwinter by @illwynd

Fimbulwinter, the winter without end, has begun. The people of the village have somehow endured. But then one day, Thor, born at the end of the last summer, meets a stranger in the woods.

Number One Contender for My Heart by @guardianinthesky

Loki has never been into sports, but one day Amora drags him to a pro wrestling event, promising him lots of hot, sweaty guys. He finds himself less than impressed until a particular wrestler named Thor shows up.

cocky boys by @incredifishface

"Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power” (Oscar Wilde)

In which Thor and Loki are the top stars in a studio of online porn, famously hate each other, but by popular vote they get paired to perform together in the Christmas Eve Live Event, and are not happy about it.

Eeee, sorry! This list got long. THERE ARE A LOT OF FICS THAT I LOVE OKAY. And honestly, this list just barely scratches the surface. Anyway. 

Thank you to the amazing fanfiction writers that put their blood, sweat and tears (sometimes literally) into creating amazing works for us to read and savor and cry about. You’re fucking amazing, and I hope you really know just how loved and appreciated you are!

Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!

Okay, so I just saw a Tony and music headcanon which I absolutely and totally respect, because a classical music Tony is an awesome Tony that is a valid way of viewing the character.  However, I also completely and totally disagree with it and didn’t want to highjack that post to disagree.  Basically, fellow writer, you’re awesome and so is your headcanon which is totally valid and legit, but I’m gonna rift off it because I keep arguing with the post in my head.  

Maria started Tony on the piano at a young age.  Howard yelled and complained about how the kid could never keep still, so Maria taught him cords and basic piano warms ups.  She told him if he couldn’t keep still, he could go over the piano fingering in his mind.  He could even move his fingers if he needed to, going through the motions with his hands at his side as Howard ranted at him about how his latest robot was a failure, and keeping him still enough for photographers to take pictures of the engine while Howard put on his fake smile.

Tony would often hang in the doorway as his mother played and sang, hesitant to come in and interrupt her.  Music was numbers and frequencies and all sorts of things that were fascinating to Tony, but he couldn’t quite manage to fit them together into a song.  

It wasn’t until Maria came upon Tony struggling through “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from Carousel that she teaches him how to play music.  Maria the brilliant scientist who loved show tunes could explain to a young Tony Stark how to make music from the notes.  

From then on, Tony was a quick study.  He would often play as Maria sat by his side and sang along, from My Fair Lady to Evita, he would play and sometimes hesitantly sing along.  He fell in love with the quick wit of Cole Porter, often playing a quick bar or two and sing in a sarcastic tone when Howard railed on him for his failures.  Maria was always more fond of Irving Berlin, and he’d play “Blue Skies” whenever she was tired or angry.  

He always liked it when she played Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Sometimes she’d play “Impossible” from Cinderella when Tony felt like he couldn’t meet Howard’s high standards.  He was always mesmerized when she sang “Some Enchanted Evening” or “Something Good”. 

He sometimes thought about running away and working on Broadway.  He never had a way with lyrics, but he could compose a tune.  Surely he could find a partner and they’d create loads of shows that would become world famous.  But Howard would surely find him, so close to home, and the one time he tried to sneak off to the West End while visiting Aunt Peggy in London ended with her taking out a man who had been following Tony for nefarious purposes.  She was kind about it, but she had to take him home.  

Soon enough, he gave up on that dream and entered MIT, but he still couldn’t shake stealing away into one of the music shops and playing the occasional tune.  Some of the others found out about it and bullied him until he stopped.  But Rhodey could sometimes pull him away and ask him to play a song from The Wiz or some of the old Ella Fitzgerald jazz standards.  He also started to branch out at this time, coming up with piano versions of rock songs that he would play to make Rhodey laugh.

“Try to Remember” was the last song he heard her play before she died, and was always one of his favorites.  It was years before he could listen to the song again, much less play it.  Rhodey was the one who sat with him when he finally managed it, softly singing along even though he was never much of a singer because Tony couldn’t quite manage the words.  

Steve was shocked to hear old familiar songs coming from the Avengers common room one night when he couldn’t sleep.  He walked in to see Tony at the piano, singing some of the old Cole Porter songs.  Tony switched over to his own piano rendition of Highway to Hell as soon as he realized Steve was listening, but Steve had already found out.  After that, he’d sometimes join Tony, sitting at the piano and listening to the old tunes.  

It was during one of those times Tony admitted his mother had taught him, and he played “Try to Remember” for Steve.  It wasn’t one he recognized, but it had a soothing melody that made him think of Bucky, who he was still trying to find.  It was then Steve decided he could never tell Tony about what the Winter Soldier had done.  `Tony was finally in a place where he could play the song as a fond memory, and learning the truth would only cause more pain.  

After everything burned down, Steve only felt guilt when he heard the song or looked at a piano.  There were a lot of things he would never do differently, but not telling Tony the truth was a mistake.

After everything burned down, Tony sat at the piano, but couldn’t play.  He stared at the keys, but couldn’t will his hands to move.  When Rhodey would ask him to play, Tony would smile and say he was fine.

He’s always fine.

Sometimes Peter would hear haunting melodies of songs he had never heard before when he visited Avengers Tower.  He never found out where they came from, but he kind of liked listening to the old melancholy tunes before Tony finally showed up and gave him the latest upgrades for his suit.

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might this humble anon (WHO ABSOLUTELY LOVES YOUR WORK AND TOTALLY STALKS YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE AWESOME) request a 5D's Star Wars AU? Because this humble anon is a fan of all things nerdy and also all your artwork. :D

(I bet you’re the same who asked me the Rogue au too xD) I don’t know star wars at all, (awkward, I know) just a bunch of the most important characters… so I made an extra quick sketch just because lol

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So, I actually checked out the AvAc reddit (confusing place. Like, how do you guys do it? Haha.) and I saw this post. Now THIS is a totally awesome gif! Haha. I absolutely LOVE Power Rangers/Sentai/Kamen Rider, like that’s my thing! So, seeing this and Amadeus perfectly chosen to be Zeo Green is just the best. Kudos to you, AvAc reddit user! :D

Original post:

So Some Stuff Happened While You Were Gone

It was strange to come home.

Except it wasn’t home anymore. Somewhere in the intervening years of grinding through undergrad and graduate coursework, the house Jazz grew up in had stopped being home.

Danielle had been given Jazz’s room when she left halfway across the country to Yale. During holiday visits they would share, Dani insisting that all her time “camping out” under overpasses and old mausoleums as proper precedent for her to sleep on the floor.

A few times Jazz caught herself thinking of it as her room, instead of Danielle’s. She could still recognize the room she’d stayed in for seventeen years, an old imprint she felt in the air, pins and needles in her scalp; her hands itched with the impression that if they just peeled away the sci-fi posters and anime wall-scrolls and the global Polaroid collage the old room would still be there, waiting beneath like a layer of wallpaper.

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Human!Swerve meeting a Cybertronian reader?

*squeals* another drabble opportunity!!!! x3

After a long night at the bar, Swerve was relieved that the long night was over. He had just finished cleaning up the place and was left was to take out the trash and lock up.
He walked out the back way to the alley where the dumpsters were and threw the large black plastic bags into the dumpster then locked the door.
Twirling his keys around on his finger as he started to leave, he started to head towards the sidewalk where there was street lamps and people, but a noise caught his ear.
He paused, listening intently to the sound.
It sounded like a car being worked on, but it was almost two in the morning and the only people who knew that worked on cars at this hour were never up to no good.
Taking his cell phone out from one of the large pockets of his khaki shorts and holding his keys between his knuckles, he quietly made his way towards the noise.
He pressed himself against the wall and peeked around the corner expecting to see some thugs in black stripping down someone’s car for parts, but what he saw made him drop his phone and keys and left the bartender slack jawed.
You somehow managed to give yourself a flat and were now hiding in alley way awkwardly attempting to change it in your robot mode.
The wheel in question is apart of your foot which requires a lot stretching to get to.
You heard the noise of keys hitting the ground but ignored it, you were too focused on not losing the bolts or bending the hubcap.
“Y-you’re… you’re a… a… a…” you heard someone blubbering.
You then realized that this blubbering is right next to you.
Surprised, you turned dropping the bolts and cursing yourself for being so careless and clumsy.
You looked down at the short man with shaggy brown hair in the Hawaiian shirt and blue flip flops, you are unsure if you should trust him, although he isn’t running.
Shyly, you wave, “hello there… I’m y/n.”
“Uh… people call me Swerve,” he studied you, “what are you doing?”
“I’m trying to change my tire,” you answered, “I blew it when driving and am sort of struggling.”
Swerve picked up his keys and phone with trembling hands, “I could help. I mean, it’s not the same as changing a car tire but I could certainly give it a shot.”
You smiled, “really? Thank you! And if it is easier, I can always transform to my alt mode.”
“Alt mode?” He asked, “what do you mean by that?”
You hold picked up the bolts you dropped as you explained, “I can transform into a vehicle form. You see, I’m not from this planet. I’m from another planet called Cybertron which is in another galaxy far from this one. I’m here because my planet went to war and are now in a galactic civil war that led here.” You glanced at him, his eyes were wide with shock and his mouth hung open as he tried to form words. “Sorry, Swerve, I guess that’s a lot to take in, huh?”
Swerve cracked a smile, “that is awesome! Not the whole galactic civil war part, but everything else is totally awesome!”
“You really think that?” You laughed.
“Absolutely!” Swerve approached you, “you know what y/n, I think you and I will be friends.”
You smiled handing him the bolts, “I think so too, Swerve.”


It was totally awesome and an absolute honor to have Ve Neill judge my makeup as one of the judges of the competition. She is one of my idols and getting to talk to her and present her with a makeup was so cool and surreal I can’t even begin to describe it. As a woman in effects makeup I look up to her so much and I hope one day I’ll be like her inspiring makeup artists like she inspired me.

(The third photo is the actual scores she gave me and the last photo is the note she wrote to me on the score sheet at the top of the packet of score sheets I received)

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Hey there i just wanted to start off by saying i love the blog and that you're totally awesome for doing what you do! So.... I absolutely loooovveee the solemate aus and I was wondering what the best ones are? It can be literally any kind and im down

thank you so much anon! here are my top 5 favorite soul mate AUs!

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Morning Check In and Reunion

“Hey Xavier!”

Leona peered into the room, and puffed out her cheeks, he was still sleeping, but at least Mama’s dream catcher seemed to work, and she walked in, “I was doing my morning jog, and I figured I’d bring you a present,” she took out a small diamond lion and put it with a few other animals she had shaped for him, “Anyways, when you wake up, we’ve got a lot of practice to make up for. In that battle, I didn’t anticipate some of your moves, and if we’re going to do that again, we need to be perfectly on sync. It’s more effective that way.”

She chewed the inside of her cheek, resisting the urge to peek and see how his wounds were healing, “Papa says it’s gonna be a nasty scar, but he has lots, so it won’t make any difference. Besides, he said something about chicks digging scars. Though why you want to attract chickens makes no sense to me. Eggs maybe?” she grinned, “He also practically promised me that he’ll give you some lessons too! So maybe you can help me with Uncle Vonic in telling him that Papa’s way is the best Oathblood style!”

Still no answer, and she sighed, “Trade-Lord likes you I think! So you gotta come visit Sunspire sometimes. I’m going to try and get in one of the Pit nights, maybe you can fight against me!” she chewed the inside of her cheek, “Well… I’ll come check on you tomorrow!”

Still sleeping, but his color did look a bit better… though he was sweating, and Leona frowned as she walked back outside from the halls.


She looked in surprise at the voice, then her eye widened as the familiar scent of rain and apple blossoms hit her and she stared at the red-haired girl, “Kit?!?”

“Man! This is great!” Kit grinned, "Hey! Wanna help Ilyea and me glitter bomb the place? I’ve got buckets of the stuff, and then I figured we’d head over to that port.“

"Please don’t,” Leona said quietly, just knowing that it’d be her job to clean it up, “Where’s um… where’s Evie..?”

“He’s napping right here,” Kit opened her bag to show the girl, “I was able to get some shrinking pots… hey, how come you’re never on the comms anymore?”

“I’m not allowed to have that or the Atlas communicators. Mama said that there was a lot of inappropriate things on there.”

Or I could tell her the truth, that I lost it when I had that fit a month or so ago.

Leona frowned, was it really a month? That seemed so long ago.

“You met Ilyea at Tavern Night?” Leona guessed, “How’d it go?”

“Pretty good. Hey! You should host one for me again! Vel seems much happier when you or Serene do, and I can’t find her like at all… when’d you guys move anyways?”

“Um, right before Broken Shore.”

Papa and Mama were behind enemy lines, and then the valajar made me stay in Skyhold, and then we had to go rescue Papa from Helheim…Oh and then I went camping in Highmountain and joined a crew of pirates… 

Leona chewed the inside of her cheek, only half listening to Kit as the older girl cheerfully prattled on about her adventures.

She’s… actually matured a bit. Not much. But a bit. The General made the right decision, but… if this Kit was the Kit that had been given my egg… he may not have made it.

Kit paused, then tilted her head at Leona, “You alright? Hey, where are Varotin and Mira anyways?”

“We’re all working,” Leona said placing her hands behind her back, “I’ve got a job as an apprentice to the best rig-master that ever lived. If you had him instead of that flighty bird, you might still have the Dragonfox.”

“Don’t remind me,” Kit sighed, “Noooooooo faiiiiiiiiiiiiiir. Even you’ve got a ship!”

Then again… maybe she hasn’t matured that much at all.

“Well, one day when I’m captain of my own, I’ll give you a job,” Leona scrunched her nose in thought, “Scratch that, I’ll give Evie the job. You can be in charge of the galley. I don’t mind everything being apples,” she grinned, “Course I don’t think I want to be Captain ever, I’ll just be the second best rig-master to ever live! And go on adventures with my crew!”

Kit puffed out her cheeks, “DAMNIT! No fair! That means you’ll get the wedding like the one at the end of that pirate trilogy we read together once!”

Leona turned bright red, “I’m not gonna get married! That’s sissy stuff!”

Though… she did have a point, getting married in the middle of an epic ship battle, killing enemies as you struggled to say your vows…

NO! Absolutely NOT, no way! Even if that was totally awesome… I am NOT going to fall in love with a stupid girl or a idiot boy!

“I’m gonna to be blood brothers with the Crew! You said yourself, you don’t marry blood brothers!”

The older girl laughed, “We’ll seeeee…” she teased and winked, then waved, “Welp! I’m off to find Ilyea! This place won’t paint happy rainbows on itself!”

Leona waved as Kit walked away, and breathed a sigh of relief, “It… was really nice to talk with her again…” she smiled sadly, then giggled, “I should have told her about the noodle stand!”

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(mentions: @velerodra @farflights @rizzythemonk @generalcero @xavier-sunshadow and does Ilyea have a blog or am I completely missing it?)

The most stressful moment of Underdark so far

Our ranger (Baird) is scouting ahead of the party

Gets carried away and gets too far away from us

Gets attacked by a monster whose bite STEALS YOUR LEVELS

My Paladin (Madge) and our druid (Lucas) hear him struggling and are in a dead sprint trying to get to him

Our DM is like “you’re six rounds away”


He fucking kills the monster as soon as we get to him

It was simultaneously incredibly badass and also absolutely terrifying, we totally thought Baird was gonna die it was awesome

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I found a totally awesome RP partner a mo the ago and I absolutely love RPing with them. We have fun in game, leveling together, chatting in discord. But lately I'm in a bad slump. I don't feel like being on WoW, I've been responding less and less to my RP partner (and guildies for that matter), and I just feel out of it. I'm scared my inactivity will chase my friends away, but I just don't have any motivation to do anything anymore, and I don't know how to tell them without scaring them off :P

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Hi! Can I request a name validation? I'm Louis and my pronouns are he/him. I'm gender non conforming and I love history books, and plants. Thank you!

Absolutely! Louis is a totally awesome name! His interests are so cool and he is totally valid! 

/shuffles paper around //mumbles about theories

I felt a little bad about not doodling an actual facial view of Simon before, so as a thank you gift to @whoatess for being so patient with all my many curious questions and for being totally awesome, I thought I’d fix that

whispers I absolutely failed haha come on Simon why you gotta be like that

Thank you, Tessa!!

Credit goes to a lot of people:

bakenekogirl for the totally awesome kimono pattern, Horhew for the absolutely stunning bamboo brushes, and of course, MoustachioPenguin for her legendary AoKise fanfiction “One Day, He Says”.

My totally favorite part:

Because he’s so comfortable with the man, Kise doesn’t think twice about shrugging off his kimono. Once his back is exposed and his furisode only stays up from the crook of his elbow though, Kise pauses and looks over his shoulder with an easy smile, “Maybe Daiki could—“

Please read the rest because it’s just that awesome.