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What I don't understand is that people believe we forget that they're brothers? Sure some people don't consider it as incest because they're adopted. But if they've really paid attention, a lot of the fanworks are, if not focused on, at least makes it Thor and Loki's biggest hurdle. People don't ship them because they're brothers, they do because of the years and years of codependency. How Loki feels overshadowed by thor and yet wants his attention. How Loki does fucked up things and yet

thor forgives loki. How Thor says it’s Loki’s last chance, but still cares for him earnestly. Yes all those could be familial. But they should at least open their eyes that Thor and Loki’s relationship OVERSHADOWS any of their other relationship with anybody. How they really gravitate towards each.

I’ve often thought the same thing!  But, in fairness, if you’re against Thorki as a pairing, you’re not going to be reading those fics that fans of the pairing are, so  you can really only go by what you see popping up in the common tags or on their comments or whatever–and sometimes I do see the “They’re not brothers, so we can ship them!” thing come up.

But I suspect those are more casual or newer fans who feel they need an excuse and if an anti sees it once, then they assume that’s how the rest of the fandom is, not digging any deeper.  (And why would they?  I certainly wouldn’t want to dig any deeper into something that I hated!)  And sometimes it’s used as an easy way to shut people down about how it’s incest, to say, “Well, they’re not really related, so it’s fine!”

In truth, though, the actual Thorki fandom just does not care.  It’s fiction, which can be a tool to help us navigate our reality, but is not reality itself, and thus the majority of us do not give a shit and I’ll tell anyone who tries to give me shit about it or suicide bait me about it to just Fuck Off Already.  That’s the only way to handle it–I don’t care about arguing with them or justifying it to them or, really, even explaining it to them.  (People who are simply curious are another thing entirely, of course!  And people who dislike the ship but just scroll on by are great!  And I do enjoy talking to other Thorki fans about it and how I see the situation!  Especially if it helps us better sit at ease with the presence of antis and being able to tell them to fuck off if they try to give us shit.  If they’re just doing their own thing on their own blog, eh, that’s what the internet is for, same as my blog is my space for me.)

If someone wants to ship them just because they’re brothers, they’re perfectly welcome to!  If someone wants to ship them because they like the dynamic of them as a pairing, that’s great, too!  If someone can tolerate the ship but leans towards them just as brothers, that’s totally cool!  If someone hates the pairing but is fine that shippers exist, that’s great as well!

I’m with you, in that I ship it because their relationship overshadows just about everything else in both their lives (though, I will get into pretend internet fights over how Thor does have other important relationships, too ^_~), that the actors have the most chemistry, that they look like they’re going to kiss before Thor kisses his love interests, how it’s exactly how I like all my ships–I like it both ways.  If I really love a pairing, I love it as gen just as much as I love it as a pairing, and that’s exactly how I am with Thorki.

They’re brothers, they were raised together, they played together, they are family to each other, and shipping them doesn’t negate that, adopted siblings are real siblings, full stop.  But if you get anywhere in Thorki fandom, you know that’s part of the dynamic, not something that’s ignored or shunned.  Even in Raised Separately AUs, almost all of those authors also write canon-based fics just as easily, but we’re all fine with it.  If someone else isn’t (and that’s fine, too) the door is right over there.