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Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater


Charles just wanted to show is love. Haytham just want to be left in peace. Connor is a rabid wolf animal.

It seems like I ended up deeper in this fandom than I thought I would.


You’ve got wolf’s eyes and I’ve got a lion’s heart // Is it wrong to say this was doomed before the start. // You say you have no faith but trust that mine’s well placed // When you leaned in for the kiss did you know you slipped a knife between my ribs? (x)

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Headcanon that Yuuri decides to skate to some Panic at the Disco songs. Which songs would he skate to? I'm thinking Golden Days and Death of a Bachelor.

Oooo I love PatD! I can totally see both of those songs being good matches. Also I totally see him skating to this piano version of This Is Gospel and making Victor cry from how emotional he makes it. 

And Victor would skate to House of Memories and stare pointedly at Yuuri the whole time, because he still hasn’t forgiven him for forgetting all about the banquet…


Ok considering my recent Aleheather obsession,I wanted to anylise a little the song This Is How We Will End It.
Now I know many people talked about it,but in all the anylises I read noone mentioned that little Alejandro puppet!

So all fans probably know that this song shows how Alejandro controled everyone the entire season,like a puppeter.

Well the thing most interesting to me is the little Alejandro puppet.If you think about it Alejandro is the only person that controls his own puppet,showing he is the one not manipulated by anybody.
And then there is the Heather puppet,but what he does with it is important.

Unlike the Courtney,LeShawna and Bridgette puppets,wich he pulls closer to himself,he cuts her strings.THIS is the attention worthy moment,because he didn’t just drop her,he literally cut her strings.I personally think the the strings represent more than just Alejandro’s control over others,they represent his feelings for other people.With the first three girls he sees them as only pawns to get himself further,this is why is easy to keep them close.

But Heather is different.
He actually cares about her,loves her.And this is the reason why he cuts the strings,it is his way of geting rid of his feelings,because he knows Heather’s smart and if she figured it out,he wouldn’t be the only contestant in control of himself anymore.

And then comes one of the reason the song is so well known in the fandom,Heather shows vulnerability.
Troughout her Total Drama run,Heather became known as the one that would do anything to win and doesn’t like to show her emotions.This song is one of the rare times we see a softer side to her.

Why Alejandro did help her in the end?
It depends on how you look at it.
…Maybe his feelings were too strong and he finally gave in.
…Maybe Heather really convinced him.
Or maybe he didn’t like how Heather showd her softer persona,because he knows she doesn’t like to do that.It would be humilating for her and Alejandro is very familiar to being mocked for your weakness (thinking about Jóse).

Well this was my anylise!Hope you enjoyed it and I’m sorry if my English isn’t very good.



A couple of my favourite bullet journal spreads that I’ve made in the past couple of months. I was really anxious this week because of school and my bullet journal has been great at calming me down. I’m so glad I started one.
Also, I hit 2.5k on my studygram so thank you for that ♡

Beautiful Girl by Hedley ≫ I totally forgot how much I love Hedley songs!
ig: focusign

i’m in love with the fact that hobi and jin got their lines in spring day in the end

i’m also absolutely in love with how not only the song, but also the choreo screams “you never walk alone”. how there are so many points where one of the members stands alone and another comes and brings them back to the group. how there are points when you can physically see the unity and the love that holds them together and which they are trying to spread with this song.

i’m just totally in love with spring day and bangtan bye


‘Change’ was so so indescribable. I am loving it. I can understand every single thing and actually enjoyed it. The lyrics hit to the core and their voices compliments each other. Don’t forget Joonie’s smile at the end.

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I am obsessed with the band version of "Baepsae" that BTS performed live. Same way I loved their live version of "Hiphop Lover". I hope that one day BTS makes official audios for the band versions of their songs. I would totally purchase them.

same!! I really love their band versions!! yeah I hope they officially release the audios ;_; they have a lot of remixes in shows and videos I really love. For example, the wings tour teaser video, the remix on there is superb i want it.

Possible AU to the ending of 2.15, but maybe to 2.16, depending on timeline preferences. Because some people wondered if Rip knew who the Backstreet Boys were, and I decided to write it. Enjoy!


When Rip requested her presence in his quarters out of the blue, Sara thought it would be about something related to the mission, or the future, or something else concerning all manner of peril. He’d poured himself a drink, staring at the glass with the eyes of a man who looked he was haunted by a lifetime of tragedy (which, he really was, admittedly), but when he spoke, the question that came out of his mouth almost made Sara drop her own whiskey-filled glass in sheer surprise.

“So why the ‘Backstreet Boys’?” 

“Wait, what?” She swiveled her head around to look at him, raising a brow in confusion. Then she remembered her jab at the men on the ship, and chuckled. “Oh, that was just.. a joke. Why?”

Rip gestured offhandedly. “Well, after you mentioned them, I got rather curious about the reference and had Gideon run a search,” He explained. “Although I’m still not quite sure how you equivocate the males on this team with a disbanded pop boy-band that grew out of style in the late 90′s, even as a jab.”

Sara crossed her arms over her chest, shaking her head. “Have you even heard one of their songs? In your time or 2016 they might not be popular, but those of us who grew up with them still talk about them, you know. And they didn’t really break up, they just… took a hiatus.” 

“I was considering doing just that, actually.” Suddenly, realization dawned on Rip’s face and he raised a finger at her, looking, quite horrifically in Sara’s opinion, amused. “You… enjoyed them. A lot, I gather. Oh, Miss Lance, I never took you for the type to enjoy such music. I thought you’d be into edgier stuff.” 

Sara went pink up to her ears and bristled. The bastard was actually making fun of her. “They were a guilty pleasure!” She defended. “And you know… I may have had the hots for one or two of them when I was younger, okay? But their songs were catchy.” 

Rip scoffed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Yes, I’m sure. I’m assuming so much that they unfortunately get stuck in your head.” 

“At least they’re not Rebecca Black,” Sara blanched. “It took forever to get ‘Friday’ out of my head when I first heard it. Seriously, Rip, they’re not that bad.” 

Rip groaned sympathetically at the mention. “Oh yes. Now that has to be the most abominable song in the entire universe, both future and past.” He gestured to the radio. “Go on then, Miss Lance. I had Gideon reproduce a CD from between 1998 and 1999, during the zenith of their popularity. We’ll see if they’re not as bad as you say and if I enjoy them as much as you do.” 

There was a playful expression on his face that Sara could never remember having been there before. She didn’t even know if Rip could be playful; willing to be challenged, yes, but there was no hardness in his eyes. This was purely for fun, a relaxed friendly challenge that Sara nevertheless felt herself rising to meet. She flipped the CD on, and waited. 

They went through several songs: Don’t Want You Back, Quit Playing Games With My Heart, and Everybody (on which Rip looked at Sara as if she’d grown an extra head when she stared to dance a little), before Rip decided he was adamantly not a fan.  

“For the time period, I suppose it’s quite… catchy,” He used Sara’s earlier phrasing. “Therein lies the problem, however. It’s all fun and redundant, there’s no true emotional connection to any of it. It’s all just voices and words on a page. Sorry, Sara, it’s just not my style.” 

Despite being a little put out, Sara shrugged it off, chugged a drink, and let it slide. Rip was from the future, after all. Opinions and tastes on things didn’t always line up. No one’s did. So she didn’t take it personally that Rip had appeared to be almost forcefully against a band she had once (and guiltily, still did if she was being honest) loved. 

But over the course of the next several days, she could’ve sworn she heard various Backstreet Boys songs coming from his room. Once or twice, she even heard him humming the lyrics of ‘I Want It That Way’ and would stop immediately once she or anyone else was in close enough proximity to hear him.

Another time, Sara walked past Rip’s room and smiled when she glimpsed him grooving about, noticing the way he tried to cover it up as an unbalanced stagger as she passed. 

On the fifth day, his obsession had peaked. He’d accidentally woken all the disgruntled members of the team blasting ‘Shape Of My Heart’ all night. 

On repeat.

He had the audacity to look slightly embarrassed when Sara appeared in the doorway, laughing at him. “Not your style, huh?” She teased. 

A light blush touched Rip’s cheeks, and he looked at her with his head lowered in a way that Sara thought was adorable as hell. “All right, perhaps a little bit,” He admitted. 

When the song shifted to ‘As Long As You Love Me,’ Rip held out his hand as he had only once before, which now felt like it had happened lifetimes ago, when they were both still so broken that they feared they may never repair. “May I have this dance, Sara?”

The flirty smile on his lips had Sara more than a little stunned. When had he become so forthright? Much less, in flirting with her? She grinned, and she practically threw her hand into his. “You may, Captain Hunter.” 

His hand on her waist felt more personal, and more natural, than before. Something had undoubtedly changed between them since his brainwashing and her taking up the mantle of Captain, but this was an even further step. And hilariously, she had to thank a lingering childhood attachment to a groovy boy-band for it.

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people hating on pristins song and im like???? 10 seconds in i loved it like wow what a funky fresh bop

i know!!! i mean ok i can admit it’s one of those songs u have to listen to a couple times to fully commit but yO just by listening to it once i had the chorus stuck in my head it’s so cute and catchy!!


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