Romantic Gestures (Mikey x Reader).

Michelangelo was confused.
For years, he had dreamed about falling in love. First kisses, pizza dates, midnight cuddles, the whole shebang. He had been a hopeless romantic since he was a kid watching Disney movies.
And now, years later, here he was. Totally, completely, actually in love. And he couldn’t even call her his girl.
She all ready WAS someone’s girm, a jerk who never treated her right. A jerk named Jessie. You had told him about this guy, about all the crappy things he had done. And just the other day you had said
“This is the last straw. If he screw up agian, I’m ending things.”
His heart had skipped a little beat when he heard you say that.
But then…Mikey realized something. He couldn’t wait for him to screw up.
He had been waiting and waiting for his chance and now, when it was right there, right in his reach…he couldn’t wait anymore. He had to do something now.
He had to do one other thing he had dreamed of: a grand romantic gesture.
Michelangelo was going to put everything out there for you and, whether you accepted or rejected him, he wouldn’t know.
But he did know that he had to do it now.
Mikey lept out of bed and down the hall, bursting into Donnie’s room.
“I need the keys!” he shouted.
His older brother looked up at him, confused.
“I’m sorry, keys to what?” he asked.
“To the Battleshell! I need the keys to the Battleshell, dude!”
For some reason, possibly out of confusion, Donatello gave him the keys, tossing them towards Mikey. He grabbed them out of the air and ran out of the lair.
You were home, you had to be. He just hoped that Jesse wasn’t there with you. The drive to your building seemed to be the longest he’d ever driven and it was practically torture.
But he finally made it and he saw you there in the window, looking down at your phone. Texting someone? You always got that cute look when you were texting.
Focus, Mikey, focus!
Taking a deep breath Mikey stepped out of the car. And he started the music, singing along loudly.
“Jessie is a friend…”
You stopped texting.
“I know he’s been a good friend of mine…”
You were looking out the window now, mouthing his name.
“But lately something’s changing, hard to define…”
You had opened the window now, leaning out of it.
“Jessie’s got himself a girl and I wanna make her mine.
And she’s watching him with those eyes!
And she’s loving him with that body, I just know it! Yeah, and he’s holding her in his arms late, late at night…
You know that I wish that I had Jessie’s Girl!”
You were out the window know, running down the fire escape and then, then towards him.
He had stopped singing now, but the song continued to blast in the background.
“Y/N, I gotta tell you something!” he shouted.
“Me too!”
“Yeah, but I gotta tell you that I-”
“I broke up with him!”
“Love you! What?!”
“Jessie and me, we’re over! I broke up with him today!”
“What, what he do?!”
You stepped close to him, close enough where you could talk without raising your voice, and you looked up at the turtle.
“I just realized that I love you.”
And here it was. His first kiss.
Michelangelo kissed you softly and sweetly and sort of nervously. But when your arms wrapped around him and you kissed him back, he relaxed.
It was perfect, Hollywood worthy even.
Just a boy, a girl, and a love song.
“Where can I find a woman, where can I find a woman like that?
Like Jessie’s girl!”

TMNT Bodyguard!AU

Raphael/Part Two

Y/N was used to scary situations.
She had been born into a life of fame and fortune and glamour. And she was thankful for it, for the money and the opportunities that not everyone got to have. But fame and fortune have a dark side and Y/N had seen too much of it.
The constant cameras in your face, the the fake friends, the crazed fans.
Like her current problem. A fan of her father’s, who obviously needed help, had been trying to kidnap her in hopes of “becoming a true family”. And she’d gotten close too. Which is why her dad insisted on sending her off with a bunch of stangers, which, sadly, she was sort of used to.
Which is why she wasn’t scared of Raphael. Just annoyed.
She’d gotten the “spoiled brat” treatment from people her entire life and she was getting pretty sick of it. Which was probably why she was so sarcastic towards the turtle, honestly, but whatever.
He was a jerk. He deserved it.
At least, that was what she thought at first.
Over the next few weeks, Y/N became used to Raphael. She actually began to like him.
They had the same sense of humor, the same sharp tongues and need to prove themselves. Y/N was calmer, though, more gentle.
Raphael was rough around the edges, tall and tough…and actually pretty good looking. And what had started as an odd friendship became an odd crush.
A crush that was maybe returned? A girl could certainly hope. Y/N couldn’t ignore the looks he gave her or the way he stood close to her…
It was late one night and Y/N couldn’t sleep. Maybe the stalking and kidnapping attempts were finally getting to her. She was more frightened then she would like admit, even to herself.
Which is why she decided to change into her black bikini and swim. She always went for a swim when she was stressed or angry or anything really. It was like an anchor for her sanity. And lucky her, the safe house had a pool.
She changed quickly and crept downstairs, making her way towards the gym. She stopped, though, in front of the door when she heard splashing. Was someone already in there? No, Y/N, it was a ghost. Just open the damn door, she told herself.
She did and was greeted by the sight of Raphael doing laps. He stopped when he heard the door open but smiled when he saw her.
“What are ya doin’ up so late? Ya need your beauty sleep.” he called over.
“Take your own advice, Raphael.” Y/N replied.
She walked closer to the pool and Raphael tried (and failed) to act like he wasn’t checking her out.
“I like to swim when I can’t sleep.”
He seemed to understand and pointed to a red towel tossed over a chair.
“Hand me that, will ya?”
Y/N quickly grabbed it and reached out to hand it to the turtle. She regretted it instantly. Instead of taking the towl, Raphael grabbed her wrist. Her eyes widen as she realised what he was about to do.
He smirked.
“Don’t you fucking d-”
Too late! He yanked her into the pool and she fell into the cool water, shouting obscenities at him. When she burst to the surface, sputtering angrily, she found Raphael laughing loudly.
“You…I can’t believe you!!”
“Ya shoulda seen your face!"he said, his voice echoing loudly.
Y/N splashed the turtle, only to be splashed right back. Water War had been declared.
The splashed and dunked and fought and laughed until the were both breathless and in near hysterics. A time had been called as they tried to catch their breath…only to realize how close they were. In the water, Raphael wasn’t looming over her as he normally did, he was much closer.
Y/N suddenly noticed the scar on his lip and then that the turtle had moved closer to her. Really close.
Incredibly close.
So close in fact, that he could lean down, just a little bit and pressed his lips to hers softly. Nervously. Y/N’s heart was pounding wildly as she kissed the turtle back, one hand reaching up to touch his neck. His hands were on her waist, holding her closely, as he kissed her deeply.
And Y/N hoped that this wasn’t some beautiful dream.

Gotta love how it suddenly turns out Spock can totally just sight-read hand-written piano pieces, and play them without problem

And Kirk doesn’t even comment on it

It’s just a thing now


Osomatsu-san Season 2 Hoodies for Animal Crossing New Leaf!🎉🍃

You guys really liked the last set, so I decided to make some more! This time, the new baseball cut hoodies from the season 2 promotional art. I hope you guys enjoy them! I decided to condense them all into one post this time. I had trouble with the links last time, and I won’t be around this time to fix them…

…oh yeah, I’m going on vacation! 😃⛱️ I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks, so I thought I’d make one last post for you guys to enjoy while I’m gone.