Oh, Jesse.
  • Jesse: I don't know. I don't know. Again, I'm not sayin' those fanfics are right--but the pictures I've seen--it doesn't look like you're hating me, first off. And second off, I'm preeetty sure? that that hate is just latent sexual tension.
  • TotalBiscuit: *is distracted and set on fire* Ow!
  • Jesse: If I knew what latent meant, that would have more impact.
  • TotalBiscuit: ...Probably would.
  • Jesse: But it's--it's there. Just--you know.
as I rewatch this series I feel like I rediscover more and more innuendo
  • Jesse: Monsters... Always trying to eat me! I am not delicious.
  • TotalBiscuit: I can confirm that that is the case. I tried to eat his--
  • Jesse: Heheheh.
  • TotalBiscuit: --corpse one day.
  • Jesse: Oh.
  • TotalBiscuit: I was hungry.
  • Jesse: Oh... alright. I wasn't sure where that was going. I was like, "Well, okay then."

Just a really lazy sketch made while watching Terraria. Eugh, I wish I had my scanner with me.

Headcanon to explain the armor differences:

  • I’d think that each person gets unique armor that reflects them, and the different sets just mean different hues/modifications to that armor to reflect an upgrade. That’s why the only thing that remains the same with their armor is the centerpiece, with a health-meter ringing the outside of the gem-thing (divvied into 17) and mana-meter on the inside (divvied into 6).
  • TB’s armor is a little more badass and stealthy-looking, I was thinking of giving him almost a Batman look, didn’t really work. but I guess it’s okay. Jesse’s… I just don’t know, lol. I was thinking 300 mixed with an Azn feel (Fujimora Pantsu FTW), but really only got the 300 feel, I think. And a bit of Thalmor Justicar somefuckinghow. And yes, that might just be a certain AMURICAN flag being used as a long-loincloth. What can I say, it’s classy (and TB has UK flags painted on, so there). I was going to do something else far more risque, but thankfully TB’s wings were blocking the codpiece area. (And yes, I have the demon/angel headcanon in mind now because of that line from the episodes someone pointed out.)

TL:DR; armor is a weird bitch to draw but it’s fun to imagine. ;D Also wings are motherfuckers that I am impatient with.

It’s unlikely I’m going to color any of this, since I’m not entirely satisfied with it, but thought it was worth posting as a sketch. :)

so.... someone was asking about a TotalCox pairing song?
  • Jesse: Oh, I found a whole field of like, daisies 'n stuff. It's so beautifuuul! I feel like we should be holding hands and running through it. So happy togetheeeeeeer~
  • TotalBiscuit: I will pay you for that not to happen.
  • Jesse: I can't see me lovin' nobody but you, For all my liiiife~! C'mon TB, let's run through the flowers together!
  • TotalBiscuit: Nnn--No. NO. You couldn't pay me to do that.
  • Jesse: I'll pay you to do it.
  • TotalBiscuit: No.
  • Jesse: For $14.99! 'Ey, if you want to see TB and me run through a field of flowers, for only $14.99....!
Finally watching the episode, and...
  • Jesse: I'm trying to dig here, you stupid... ass-beasts!
  • TotalBiscuit: Are you getting attacked by the stupid ass-beasts?
  • Jesse: The ass-beasts are all up in my grill, bro! All up in my grill. You know what I mean. Do you know what I am saying?
  • TotalBiscuit: Yes. Yes, I do. But I can now finally craft the ultimate weapon.
  • Jesse: Which is?
  • TotalBiscuit: The Night's Edge.
  • Jesse: Which is?
  • TotalBiscuit: Really big sword.
  • Jesse: Heh, I guess you wouldn't be used to that, so... I can't wait to see you learn how to use one.... I feel a little better about myself because of that.
  • A little bit later:
  • Jesse: You know what? You just need to find the right chasm. That's how I view life. Gotta find the right chasm to settle down in.
  • Realization: Jesse has "ass-beasts" in his "grill" and "can't wait to see" TB learn how to use a "really big sword", and TB is understanding about it, and chasms.... REALLY, GUYS, REALLY?
The best and worst thing to watch when sick, seriously
  • TotalBiscuit: I need some wood first though. Show me the wood. Throw me some wood. C'mon. Give it to me...
  • Jesse: Wood.
  • Totalbiscuit: ...NO. Give it to me.
  • Jesse: ...Wood.
  • Totalbiscuit: GIVE ME. THE BLOCKS. OF WOOD.
  • Jesse: *tosses wood after a pause*
  • Totalbiscuit: Thank you. See? How hard was that?
  • Jesse: ...Ugh... I don't... What were you saying about too easy? I have to restrain myself.
...yeah, okay, I could do this all night.
  • TotalBiscuit: Speaking of quite behind me in that respect, I'm going to have to defend this area until you get here.
  • Jesse: Heh heh heh heh... Heh heh heh.
  • TotalBiscuit: Not EVEN funny. In any way.
  • Jesse: [giggling] It's what you make of it!
  • TotalBiscuit: [sigh]
  • [LATER]
  • Jesse: Oh--oh your level? I see how it is.
  • TotalBiscuit: Pretty much. I mean, you've been beneath me this entire time.
  • Jesse: Heh heh heh.
  • Jesse: Mmmm... Five-dollar footlong in yo face!
  • TotalBiscuit: [mumble] Oh God. Alright...
  • Jesse: ...Whaeehahhaha! I just had a wave of dirty wash over me--and I was like oeeeoooh. Oeeeoooh! That's dirty~
  • TotalBiscuit: ...
  • Jesse: Aaaanyway...
  • [LATER]
  • Jesse: You know what? Don't look a gift Jesse in the mouth.
  • TotalBiscuit: I never asked for this.
  • Jesse: Because it will smell like subs. Delicious, delicious subs.