By the time of The Speckled Band it is noteworthy that the intimacy between Watson and Holmes has very considerably developed. Watson is no longer ‘Doctor’ but 'My dear Watson’; Holmes’s clients are bidden to speak freely in front of his 'intimate friend and associate’; if there is danger afoot, Watson has but one thought: Can he be of help? 'Your presence’, Holmes told him in the case of the Speckled Band, 'might be invaluable.“Then’, comes the quick reply, 'I shall certainly come.’
—  Sir Sydney Castle Roberts, Doctor Watson, 1931

omfg one of the things the boys hesitated on was whether they wanted to take the Chalice to save Barry from Phandolin

the next time Red Robe-Barry shows up, he thanks them profusely for not choosing to use the cup, saying it must’ve given them an incredibly tempting offer to turn down

he doesn’t know that they nearly gave up the whole timeline to save his life

so many fucking space memes between the IPRE y’all

- “so long space cowboy”

- “to boldly go where no man, woman, dwarf, elf, or gnome has gone before”

- “stabby the space roomba”

- how long before a rogue plant monster ends up roaming the ship, merle

- “no dogs on the ship, they just run right off the goddamn thing”

- *tour guide voice* “-and if you look on your left you’ll see… nothing, as we are currently floating endlessly through the fucking abyss”

- “we will rule over this plane, and we will call it… This Plane”

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Wait what picture of Felicity clutching a pipe???? Where is this at omggggg

Hi Anon,

This is the picture that was referenced in a recent post.

I’m not sure if Felicity is clutching a pipe or if she’s lying down on some kind of cot or bench. It’s difficult to see clearly, but I think it also looks like she might have some dried blood on her forehead near her hairline. Marc Guggenheim recently answered this ask:

So there’s lots of speculation now that Felicity either gets injured or Helix hacks into the chip in her spine causing it to malfunction. This could even lead to Felicity considering starting up Smoak Technologies. I’m good with all of these options, because this is the kind of angst I love. Not pointless drama, but my faves dealing with their issues together. If Felicity’s chip does malfunction and Oliver is also distressed while trying to help her, I’ll probably turn into an emotional mess! I can’t wait!

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To all the people who say that Ava will either continue living her life as is or die after fulfilling her pact:


Ava is an extremely sensitive and innocent girl, who also tries to be really nice to people, in order to fit in, to not be noticed, to be seen as ordinary because she fears she will not fit peoples’ expectations once they see her as special. 

NOW THOUGH. Now she has power. Power enough to wreak havoc and destroy anything that is in her way. To DESTROY all expectations. She has something now that she never realized she wanted above all: to be stronger than everyone. NOW she can make everyone see how truly special she is. NOW she will not stop using her power. She might be nice and humble. But that was before. NOW she has power, and she does not to be just a grain of sand on a beach. NOW she can do anything she wants.

I’m not a comics person so someone more informed than me can let me know if this is accurate…

When MG said they would be following the Vigilante storyline as it’s told in the comics, I did a quick search. And from what I remember Chase’s family or fiance/wife was killed by Bratva (I have no memory of the circumstances). So… I’m wondering if we “meet” his wife in upcoming flashbacks and discover she was killed by Bratva operating in Starling at the time. And in present day either Susan releases the information she has on Oliver *or* Adrian overhears her asking Oliver about the information she has gathered. And that would lead to Vigilante targeting Oliver as Mayor Queen in the 5x15 synopsis.

there’s an interesting dynamic between lup and barry

lup is generally the firecracker, the one more likely to start shit than barry “afraid of mongeese” bluejeans

but lup is also gonna turn tail the fastest when shit goes south, while barry treats death like an inconvenience at best

if there’s no immediate consequences to dying and being resurrected multiple times from the white ring core, then i bet barry’s the one who uses it to its full advantage in collecting as much info as possible about the Hunger

Re: the theory about Croix being Andrew’s mother–
Croix’s profile on the LWA site says “She’s made a number of achievements in magical development at a young age”, which seems to imply that she’s still fairly young (so probably mid-30s at the oldest).

If they do end up being related, maybe Croix is Andrew’s older sister? Maybe the reason Mr. Hanbridge is so against witchcraft is because he feels like Luna Nova “stole away his daughter”, or (if he’s aware of the seemingly shady stuff Croix is up to) he figures all witches are up to no good?

I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, but I kinda feel like Croix is a bit too young to be Andrew’s mother, especially with how old Mr. Hanbridge looks.

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OH SHIT did you see they released quotes from next episode and one of them is "we are standing in [spoiler]" omg do u think the spoiler is like the glowing forest of somethingsdfghj

I did and I have predictions:

1. Sounds flirtatious to me, so I’m thinking it’s one of our canon confirmed couples (Kabby, Marper, Briller or Memori). 

2. The one you messaged me about! I’m uncertain about, I hadn’t attached it to Bellarke though.

3. This sounds super sarcastic, so I’m leaning toward Murphy, Miller or Bellamy (but not said to Clarke). If it IS a Bellarke quote, I’ll die. 

4. This is a two-parter. The second line is confirmed to be Bellamy (thanks @forgivenessishardforus) so I imagine the first is Clarke. 

5. I think this is said in Farm Station, so the line has to belong to Brian, Miller, Harper, Monty or Bellamy. As Bellamy is probably the leader of this mission, I’m going to say it’s him. 

6. I’m wondering if this is Kabby, discussing the Chancellor’s pin. But I think it might be a Raven/Clarke moment (or at least I hope it is.)

7. I think this is either Echo or a group chant. 

8. Another two-parter. The first line is confirmed Bellamy (This is said in the original trailer released two months ago). Thanks to Chris hinting at discord between Bellamy and Monty in Season 4, I think the respondent is Monty, especially as we already heard them having a bit of a disagreement in the trailer for 4x02.

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Hey! Aspiring television writer here, and I'm loving the show! I've beens searching for a new show in my wheelhouse to write a spec script for, and I'm really considering Riverdale! Was wondering if you could give me any pointers to help in making it the best script it can be! Or even any pointers about the job pursuit in general! Episode 10 was excellent, by the way!

Oh, great! Riverdale is a fun show to spec, good luck! Structurally, we usually start by arcing out each character’s storyline – beginning with Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and the parents. There’s always a parents piece of the story, so don’t forget about them. We’re a six act show. Usually every episode has a lunch scene in act 1 or 2 where the characters discuss their stories for the episode, and a big event that brings everyone back together in act 4 and/or 5. Beyond that, make it fun, fast-paced, suspenseful, and a little funny, and you’re well on your way. Good luck!

Umpteenth theory about Prometheus' true identity.

Okay, last night, while I was discussing with the dearies THIS THEORY by @almondblossomme where she claims that Malcolm Merlyn is Prometheus, my head made click and remade an old theory.

I’m sure I’m wrong, and the retractors are going to give me the same old argument to refute it, but… what if instead of Malcolm, It’s Tommy who’s behind the mask. I know, I know, we’ve been speculating about this possibility since the season started, and I know by heart the reasons why he can’t be (Colin being busy with Chicago med and blah blah blah…) That’s the old part of my theory.

What’s new this time is that it wouldn’t be a Pit!Tommy, which is how most of us explained how he’s alive in the old theory. In this one, I explain it, making a little crossover with Legends of Tomorrow. If The Flash and Flashpoint affected Arrow too, why not this, right? In LoT, Malcolm is one of the villains this season as part of the Legion of Doom. They’re looking for the Spear of Destiny, and with it, they’ll rewrite reality, changing their past or future, depending on which baddie you’re talking about.

I saw somewhere (don’t remember where and I don’t know if it’s true) that Eddie will appear on the Flash at some point of what’s left of this season, also LL will be in the season finale of LoT, so I’m guessing that Malcolm, Darhk, and Eobard are getting the Spear momentarily, rewriting reality and getting what they want. Eobard will bring Eddie back, so he’s not erased from the timeline anymore; Darhk makes sure that he survives his final fight with the Green Arrow or maybe he chooses another city to carry on with Genesis, and Malcolm probably would like that on 2013 he succeeded with the undertaking and nobody found out that he was behind it, and more importantly to my theory, Tommy didn’t die.

Of course, the legends won’t let that stick forever, ‘cause if not, it’d not be a heroes’ show (maybe they take the spear back and rewrite reality as it was before or whatever). In any case, as things are never that simple or perfectly fixed, what if some little details changed forever, like Tommy’s life status. it becomes a time aberration.

If that all happens, and Tommy is alive, he had 4 whole years to prepare. Malcolm would have helped him, probably putting him in contact with Talia so she could train him.

I know this is a long shot, but as we all know, In arrowverse everything is possible.

crazy, right?

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Tbh I deffo wanna hear each of the IPRE chatting with their specific created Relic

Taako dealing with the Stone’s Joe Pesci voice would be wild, but they’d totally get along over looting and transmuting anything into weird food concoctions

The Gauntlet being like “YEAH let’s go set stuff on FIRE” and Lup is all over that

Merle and the Sash betting over how long Merle’s arm can grow before he topples over

The Bell criticizing Barry’s denim lifestyle since it spent so long with the Vogue Elves

Davenport wearing the Oculus as his monocle, trying to convince it to conjure up an illusory sailor’s outfit and hat

Magnus and the Chalice awkwardly exchanging apologies like “sorry for leaving you in a desert for ages” and “sorry for guilt-tripping you with visions of horrific murder”. They mostly get along fine after that.

Lucretia jokingly threatening her oak staff to not breathe a word regarding her late-night musical sing-alongs. Especially when she twirled it around like a prop dance partner. The staff makes no promises.


Japanese Calligrapher
Suitou Nakatsuka

This beautiful lady is not only a traditional calligrapher, but also an artist to create new type of works. Her works have even been displayed at the Louvre Museum. The last two pictures are … in the popular Japanese drama “SPEC”. She made letters instead.

中塚 翠涛 (なかつか すいとう)