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Could you write a blurb where for one of your first dates Harry takes you to a festival or stuff like that to see one of your fav bands or singers and he's all cute but also cheeky yknow? and maybe a really smutty ending with you sucking him off for the first time to show him your appreciation? thank you, love your writing!!

Rating: It’s on the R side.
Warnings: Oh, it ends dirrtyy
Category: fluff-SMUT
Word Count: 2,104 (wtf I write too much)
Request:  yes so thank you so much!

Note: EYYYYY for the sake of plot imma act like a BJ on the third date is a common thing (it’s not for me, although no judging here) plus it’s harry so wink-a-link-dink

07. Thanks For Tonight

There was a lot of screaming. So much that your ears rang, and you took it with the biggest smile on your face, as you saw Chris Martin jump around on the stage in front of you. Your breath was caught in your throat in excitement, you couldn’t believe you were watching Coldplay, so up close, finally after years of wanting to, all thanks to Harry.

It’s your 3rd date really, and Harry being the cheeky bastard he is had already stolen various kisses from you, even before the first date, when you were just really close friends. When he showed up 2 weeks ago with tickets to the concert he know you’d been saving up for and claiming that “I didn’t want yeh to buy ‘em before I got ‘em for yeh” you’d jumped in his arms and kissed him for god knows how long, making him extra cheeky for the past week.

You turn around and press a kiss on his lips when “Charlie Brown” comes to an end, and the lights dim on the stage. The smile on your face making it hard to properly kiss him.

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Informal Letters -- with Crosses (?)

I was tasked to make an informal letter during English Class today, and frankly had no inspiration to do so – unless I write as My Cross, Schwarzer to @mandoesthatfeelgood ‘s Cross, Rourke. …About his wedding. Apparently :’P 

So I thought it’d be fun to post that here lmao. It more or less has crelma in it, too. I just changed the address from mine to somewhere random. :’D

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Sparks Fly (Alex Summers x Reader)

Anon Request: Please could I request an Alex Summers one shot where the reader is Scott’s best friend and Alex secretly likes her and she likes him (which Scott would totally tease her for) but she thinks that he only thinks of her as ‘a little sister’ or something but in the end they both confess and it’s all cute? Could her mutation also be to be able to create and manipulate electricity? Thank you so much! :)xx

Here is your request, darling! I really loved this one! Thank you for sending it in! Also, I was so considering naming this after a song from Victorious since it would work so well, but I didn’t. Any questions or criticisms? Message me.

Alex Summers x Reader

TW: None (maybe some bad puns)

You knew how cliché it was to be the person that fell in love with her best friend’s brother, but it had happened anyways. Now, Scott Summers learned about your crush on his brother by asking Jean. The days following were spent with him taunting and teasing you, claiming you were using him to get with his older brother, and you wished his girlfriend wasn’t a telepath. You just hoped he didn’t open his mouth around Alex because you knew Scott couldn’t keep a secret to save his life.

“I just don’t understand why you don’t go up and ask him out!” Scott said, his arm hooked around your shoulders, and you nudged him off with a roll of your eyes, “Besides, you two would look cute together! Make some adorable babies.”

“Scott, have you met your brother? He’s not exactly the approachable type. Besides, he probably doesn’t even look at me like that! I mean, how could you look at your brother’s friend and think how much you want to date them? I’m nothin’ more than a little sister to him,” you responded.

Scott scoffed and shook his head, scoping out the campus. Suddenly, he was tearing away from you and racing across the yard, ignoring the sound of you calling after him. You stumbled as you followed him, clenching your fists. You could see Alex slumped against a tree, and you knew Scott was going after him. Gold flickered around your pupils as you stretched out your hand, sending a numbing voltage of electricity in his direction. It struck him in the back, and he fell to his knees, his legs no longer capable of holding him up.

Alex Summers stood and rushed to his brother’s side, staring up at you with wide eyes. He asked, “What did he do now?”

“He can’t keep his mouth shut. Don’t worry. He’ll be fine.” You took Scott by the back of his shirt and lifted him off the ground, little jolts of electricity dancing across his skin.

“Figures. You got him, Sparks?” Alex asked, glancing at you, and you were momentarily halted by the sight of his handsome face. Blush darkened your cheeks, and you grinned, nodding your head. “Alright. If you need help, just send a little bit of electricity into the sky. I’ll get to you as quickly as I can.”

You dragged his brother away, your heart beating at a mile a minute, and you giggled.

“You got it bad, Y/N,” Scott whispered, and you sent another jolt through his system.

You’re thinking about him again.

You tore your eyes away from the mess of paper balls scattered across your table, and you narrowed your eyes at the telepath. She was across the room, but you could see the faintest of smiles on her lips.

Stay outta my head, Jean. And I wasn’t. It was a passing thought.

She rolled her eyes at you and shifted in her seat, giving you a better look of her face. There was a mischievous gleam in her eyes that made you frown.

So, you weren’t thinking about his abs? Or how great he’d look in a suit?

As she wasn’t paying much attention to you, you took the chance and prepared your paper balls for war. Bringing them close, you supercharged each of them, watching the electricity that sparked all around them. A few of the pieces caught fire, and the smell of burning paper filled the room. Just as you were about to throw them, a voice spoke up behind you.

“Charles will probably kill you if you set this room on fire. It is the library after all.”

You tipped your chair back and blushed, staring up at Alex. He smirked and pulled his own chair out, taking a seat. His eyes focused on the paper balls, and you startled, realizing they were still sparking. A slew of curses fell from you lips as you patted them out, shoving them into the bin on the floor.

Alex was chuckling and shaking his head, staring at you. You could almost hear Jean’s laughter from across the room, and you sent her a heated glare, wishing you could still attack her with something.

“Hey, so, there’s this, uhm, place. It’s not far from here, and I really want to take you. If you want!” He said, and you noticed the slight blush in his cheeks.

“What about Scott?” You asked, and you heard Jean nearly choke on her own breath.

“What? What ‘bout him?” Alex stared at you with disbelief in his eyes, and you frowned.

“I don’t know. Usually we all hang out together.”

“Maybe I just want to hang out with you, Y/N,” he said, “Is that such a problem?”

You leaned away from him, not used to his hostile side to be directed at you, and you frowned.

“Shit, sorry. I…I just want it to be us. Alright?” He asked.

You nodded, bringing a wide smile to his face. He rose from the chair and, after a brief paused, walked out.

Just a passing thought?

You quickly wadded up a piece of paper and threw it at her, watching it hover before she tossed it aside. God, you really hated telepaths sometimes.

You were walking through an amusement park, your arm hooked around Alex’s. As a child, you had loved going to these, especially with your parents. You hadn’t realized one had opened up near the school, and the sight of it brought a broad smile to your face.

“You like this?” Alex asked.

You nodded, your eyes already on the first ride, and he chuckled at how quickly you went into a more child-like form of yourself. You nearly dragged him toward the Ferris wheel, your heart a drum against your chest. Climbing into one of the seats, you were nearly on top of Alex as the rest of the ride filled with patrons, and you smiled.

“The first time I rode a Ferris wheel, I got scared because I was afraid it would roll off its hinges and spin through the town,” you said, drawing another laugh out of Alex, “True story. And I rode on one with my brother. He spent the entire time telling me it’d do exactly that. After that, my parents decided I wouldn’t ride on a Ferris wheel with him ever again.”

As the wheel was slowly turning, lifting the both of you toward the sky, Alex said, “Hey. Sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I…I just wanted to spend some time alone with you.”

You hadn’t noticed the way his arm slipped around your shoulder until the tips of his fingers brushed against your shoulder. You turned your head to look at him, and you worried your bottom lip, a fiery blush on your cheeks.

“O-okay, Alex. Uhm…why? Not to be mean! I…I just thought you believed I was like a little sister,” you whispered.

Incredulous, he looked at you as the Ferris wheel came to a stop, and the both of you stepped off. You led him away from the growing crowd of people, suddenly nervous. You faced Alex, but your eyes were on your hands.

“Did I do something to make you think I only saw you as a little sister? Because if I did, I’m sorry.”

“No! Not really. I mean, I don’t know why you would like me. I’m your brother’s best friend. How awkward is that?”

He rolled his eyes as you continued to ramble on, and he pulled you into a kiss. Alex saw your eyes widen, and it made him smile before he tugged you closer, his arm hooked around your waist. He felt a strange jolt of electricity, and his eyes darted down to see little sparks dancing through your fingers. Pulling away, he smiled and tilted his head, watching you.

“Guess that shocked you,” he teased.

You shoved him, and he laughed, slinging his arm around your shoulders. Alex led you away from the Ferris wheel, and you were grinning the entire time, sneaking in a few kisses in between rides.

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What is your best tip for being a total tease?

Literally be an ass about it.

Go to kiss her but don’t. Rub your thigh on her pussy. Grind on her fully clothed while kissing her neck. Go to touch her but glide ever so slightly instead. Rough to soft (n vice versa): slaps, bites, sweet talk, lick her skin. Kiss her thighs from knee to vagina but skip over n let your nose glide over & immediately kiss the other thigh. Eat her out in parts: kissing (pecks) first, French kiss, just tongue with diff patterns, then escalate from there.

@bloodflora gave me this image, and then I had to draw it. Yuri totally did something in order to receive such an awkward punishment.

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It really is hard when it comes to thatch since we know so little about him. How about a headcannon with Thstch and Sanji's S/O wanting to learn how to cook?

ok lets do this!


  • Thatch thinks it’s a really great idea
  • First step is getting them a really cute but kinda silly apron
  • He’d be a very patient teacher but also a really good one
  • He’d let them try and mess with all the ingredients right away, they’re totally free
  • But he’d give them tips every now and then during that
  • He’d totally tease them when thinks like the oven or the stove don’t work 


  • Sanji is not as thrilled as Thatch but still very willing to teach them
  • he takes cooking overly serious, so I’d recommend his s/o to sincerly mean it, because otherwise Sanji could get slightly upset
  • Sanji is sensitive about food getting wasted so he’d be very watchful whenever he actually lets his s/o do something on their own 
  • He’d exactly explain every step and then let them do it
  • After all he’d compliment the shit out of their first own meal even if it didn’t taste good

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Boys with their lover's lipstick stains?

Rem would cover them up around others, but around you he’d totally use them to tease you and be flirty. However, if you were the one that brought them up, he’d blush.

Urie would basically strut around with an attitude of “see that? Yeah. I’m gettin lip action from my butterfly.” And if anyone *cough* Mage *cough* went “ew” or something he’d just tell them they were jealous.

Mage would be so fucking embarrassed, like holy shit. His face would constantly have a pink tint. He wouldn’t hide them, but he’d hope no one brought them up. Awww~

Shiki doesn’t give a shit. He has lipstick stains on him? Oh, okay. He’ll make fun of his lover later and watch them get flustered.~ 

Lindo totally hides them haha! When it’s just you two, though, he’s not shy, and just lets them out in the open. He may even get a little flirty with you about them, depending on you guys’ mood.

Roen is like “UM” and completely covers them up. He’d also probably want them off asap. But if he couldn’t wash them off for a while, he would definitely use them against you as revenge for putting them there in the first place.

Requested by @bxby-paige: Hey ! If you weren’t busy I wanted to know if I could be shipped with a TW male character I’m female My names Paige I’m 5'1 black hair dark brown eyes, I’m considered cocky from all my friends but also sweet and kind I have a huge heart I love to be there for everyone I’m a very passionate person and I play soccer really chill and I’m in love with music and everything beautiful, anything you choose to write is fine with me :) thank you ❤️ 

I ship you with Isaac Lahey! First of all your height difference is incredibly cute and he totally teases you about it all the time because he has to get everything from the shelves for you. Before you got into a relationship, the two of you were an explosion of cocky lines in every conversation and the others were just glad when you sealed the deal, although you are falling back into that old habit sometimes. On the other hand, you have those amazing late night talks whenever you or him have a nightmare and he opens up to you like he hasn’t to anybody before because he knows how trustworthy you are. He also cheers you on like hell at every soccer match and you have to admit that you find that rather adorable.

Originally posted by teenwolfict

Cute daily situation:

“Okay, why do we have to do this again?”, Isaac asks you once again while you place all the ingredients on your kitchen counter, perfectly sorted. You turn around and roll your eyes at him meaningfully.

“Because I promised to bake Cupcakes for this city festival thingy”, you explain, exaggerated patiently.

He just shakes his head in disbelief and heaves himself up onto the counter. “When did you have the time to promise something like that with all the supernatural catastrophes going on right now?”

“I guess in a weak moment that I wished my life was normal.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t date a werewolf then”, he suggests teasingly.

“Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t”, you agree before you stand on your tiptoes and kiss him softly. You both know that neither of you means anything of that. “It’s just so hard when said werewolf is a hottie.”

A grin spreads on Isaac’s face, this sassy smirk that you love so much on him. You are well aware of the fact that this might turn into a full make out session soon but you have a job to do.

“Now come one. Let’s make those cupcakes”, you order and he slips from the counter with a sigh.

The thing about your kitchen is that many of the stuff you need to make those cupcakes is stored in an unreachable height, at least for you. Usually you would just climb onto a chair and get it like that, risking your life while doing so, but with your very tall boyfriend around you just decided to use him instead. What a mistake.

“Isaac, could you get me that bowel, please?”, you ask him while you weigh the right amount of flour.

Isaac grins down at you with mischievously sparkling eyes.

“That one up there?”, he retorts, pointing a finger on the shelve.

“Yes. So?”

“I bet you could get it. If you just stand on your tiptoes or…”

“You are an idiot”, you state, punching him in the side which only makes him chuckle.

“Alright, I’ll get it.”

He wraps one arm around you and grabs the bowel with his other hand. Instead of handing it to you, though, he just holds it out of your reach.

“Don’t be such a child”, you sigh.

“Come and make me.”

You shake your head, quickly decide on a strategy and turn around to face him. Then you look up at him, pursing your lips and putting your hands on his chest.

“So you’d prefer me climbing on the counter and risking my life to not being a pain in the ass?”

“I’d catch you if you’d fall”, he promises with an amused grin.

“How sweet of you. You know, it’s not my fault that you are such an extraordinary giant.”

“Naw, see? That’s why I like doing this so much, it’s just too good.”

Before he can say anymore, you carefully stand on his feet and kiss him passionately. You wrap your arms around his neck and move your lips against his in perfect unison, enjoying the butterflies freaking out in your stomach. This has never changed. He returns it immediately, running his tongue over your lower lip, obviously eager to make out right there. You know you are about to win.

As soon as he lowers his own arm to wrap it around your hip, you snatch the bowel out of his hand, take a few steps back and grin at his dumbfounded face triumphantly.

“Men. So calculable.”

“I love you too, little smurf.”

Ship requests are closed. Other requests are open.

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[In a universe where Elliot was once a merman, Leah would totally tease him. She wouldn't tell on him, no, but she would totally joke around with him. (I'm thinking mermaid puns and referencing mermaid movies.) Yes or nah?]

Yes. Absolutely. And at first ppl r like “why is she always making mermaid jokes to him?? But then they just assume it must be some sort of inside joke. Elliot isn’t even nervous anymore. He’s just tired.

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Power Bottom Blue? He ties Paps up when Papy is sleeping and when Paps wakes up, he's like either confused but so turned on. Blue is like, totally teasing the hell out of his brother by slowly touching him and teasing his boner. Like shit Blue.

I like to imagine Blue bossing Papy around like telling him to sit down and that he wants to ride his dick and Papy is just like okay babe you do your thing I’ll smoke one and look at your pretty orgasm face.

Hiroki Eniwa: Living together summary

This story came out at 4am here. I was awake because my baby needed a feed so I thought why not. I wasn’t going to buy it at first because his main story left a very interesting impression on me. Not necessarily a good one either. (I had to read it twice to fully understand and enjoy it and that was because I read a review which changed my original opinion.)

So on with the summary. Again their will be major spoilers to the plot.

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Have a couple completely unrelated headcanon-y things, one for Dragon Age and one for SWtOR:

~Astrid is 5′5″ and lithe. Carver is 6′4″ and has arms like tree trunks. Her one concession to childishness is to occasionally( totally light-hearted teasing, and only when he’s not already mad at her) call him little brother, even though he can and has picked her up with one hand.

~You remember that video that went viral a few years ago with the guy coming out of surgery who couldn’t believe how hot his wife is? Yeah, 100% Tel. Even when he’s awake and sober he can hardly believe how much he lucked out with Elara, coming out from anesthetic would make him more vocal about it. :) 

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"I'm NOT jealous!"

jealous / possessive  meme

Yes you are. Terra states calmly, reaching over with his fingers to grip Veni’s cheek, and pull on it. Don’t even try to deny it. He says with a grin, before letting the blond go, and smirking at him. We all get jealous sometimes. It’s normal, and human instinct. Besides, you’re cute when your jealous. No, he totally wasn’t teasing him, or trying to make the other blow a fuse, totally not, nope not at all.