Male Marianne, anyone?

I hadn’t seen it done yet, so here is a rough draft. :)

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I’m honestly so done right now. Luckily for me, my parents did not out me to the rest of my family. Even though that didn’t happen, I cannot live like this. This is absolutely horrible. My mom teases me about being genderfluid and pansexual (gay to her) in front of my homophobic grandfather. I’ve been uncomfortable recently and she knows that I want a haircut to help with the dysphoria. Today she said that I could get a haircut. Out of the blue. After months of fighting, saying I need to keep my long hair. After that, she said it’s because I wanted to be a boy. I told her to stop teasing me about it because I feel uncomfortable with it and she said she wasn’t joking. I’m not really sure what to think anymore…

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idk anything about animorphs at all i think i read like 2 books in 2nd grade or something but i trust you and i trust axmarco

 thank you. thank you. i hope to be the guiding light to axmarco for many folk.

I was starting to wonder why Dean doesn’t just skip wearing a shirt altogether since it gets ripped/taken off every match now. But then I thought about it:

Dean’s a total tease

He actually enjoys the act of his shirt being ripped off, or taking it off himself. Especially because of the reaction he gets each time it happens. If he just came out shirtless it’d spoil his fun. It makes so much sense now.

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Has anybody ever mentioned this one? "There was also, of course, Mrs. Weasley's usual package, including a new sweater (green, with a picture of a dragon on it)..." GOF p.410 Like IMAGINE Draco finding this amongst Harry's things some time in the future and teasing him about it. "It's ME Potter!" Wearing it when Harry's not home. Harry catching him wearing it sleeping curled up on the couch. Too many canons!!!!

I’VE NEVER HEARD THIS BEFORE- uh well I mean I don’t remember it from the book anyway, but I am currently reading that one and yes Draco would totally tease him about it!

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ok but hellhound parrish when in cute puppy form getting along famously with prada. lydia is torn between this is so cute and ok prada that's my boyfriend not yours

OH MY GOD lmaoooo that would be so cute! and funny at the same time bc prada totally tries to snuggle up with parrish on her bed and lydia totally shouldn’t be jealous bc they’re puppies for crying out loud and u know parrish totally teases her about it when he turns back into a human and can you imagine prada just knowing that parrish is that same cute puppy and her just following him around and crawling into his lap whenever him and lydia are cuddling on the couch and lydia starts to wonder how she started getting cockblocked by a dog named after a purse brand 

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well, what did you expect? Poor Joshua has have to ear that sound so many times now he is an expert. He probably just do it sometimes to mess with the doggie's head.

I totally accept Joshua teasing Pip as canon.

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➨ Put their hand between mine’s legs //wink wink

It had been quite sometime since Ark and Estinien’s shared kiss and much had changed between the two dragoons. Their nervousness around one another had dissipated, allowing them to show affection easier. Much was going well for the duo. However, Estinien made a drastic alteration. In the prior weeks, he had become quite a tease and flirt towards Ark. 

It had taken a week or so for Estinien to finally become acclimated with these feelings, but now with new found confidence, he was often causing a bit of a mischief.

It had began when Estinien had invited Ark to join him as he was to meet with Ser Aymeric. The red head had agreed willingly to his offer. 

The Azure Dragoon had made sure to seat the three of them accordingly. Aymeric sat on one side of the large table while Ark and Estinien shared the other. The conversation was becoming quite boring to say the least. Speaking of what Estinien needed to accomplish in the nearing months. Soon, there was a slight lull in the conversation and such was all Estinien needed. In a moment, his hand ran down Ark’s thigh and then laid itself between the poor dragoon’s legs.

Ark gasped and looked over at his companion, noting the quiet smirk which played about Estinien’s lips. Aymeric as well was unsure of what had transpired, but at Ark’s audible intake of air he attempted to investigate. 

                     “ Is there something amiss? “

And with that Estinien removed his hand from Ark and crossed his arms above the table, expression its usual tightly formed frown. 

                         “ No, no, everything is quite fine. Do continue with what you were saying. “

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cissnei and yazoo?


1: sexuality headcanon

I think Cissnei is pansexual. She seems pretty buddy buddy with Zack, but I also love my girl/girl relationships. 

2: otp

I don’t really have one for her. Sorry. 

3: brotp

Rude/Cissnei. I can totally see Cissnei teasing him about all his crushes and than ganging up with him to get back at Reno. I just want to see them fistbumping really. 

4: notp

Cissnei/Any ShinRa director. The power play in that relationship makes me squirm. 

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

Tseng gave her the idea to use a shuriken. He talked about growing up in Wutai a lot and she liked the stories…at least the ones that weren’t too sad. 

6: favorite line from this character

“Wings symbolize freedom for those who have none,”  Cissnei sympathizes with the SOLDIER deserters, perhaps because she feels the same way. 

7: one way in which I relate to this character

She had to chose between protocol and doing what she felt was right. Sometimes I feel the same way. 

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

That line about Cissnei looking good in a swimsuit. I just…gah. 

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

Cinnamon roll that can actually kill you. 


1: sexuality headcanon

I feel Yazoo is aro ace. Despite being a representation of Sephiroth’s allure, he seems pretty aloof, completely disinterested in everyone else. 

2: otp

I don’t have one for him either. 

3: brotp

I’m taking it quite literally with Yazoo/Loz. They seem like they pick on each other the most, but it doesn’t always seem to be that biting if you know what I mean. 

4: notp

Yazoo/Reno. I’d rather see them killing each other for some reason. 

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

It was frighteningly easy for Yazoo to get the children to trust him. 

6: favorite line from this character

Does he even have that many lines? Not many good ones stick out. 

7: one way in which I relate to this character

Mommy issues. 

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

That he’s playing second fiddle to a younger, angrier sibling. I don’t get a as much professionalism out of Kadaj as I do Yazoo. 

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

Problematic to the extreme. 

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confession: when i was a freshman i made friends with a senior (who turned out to give really bad/creepy vibes) and he asked me out (i was 14 and he was 18) and i said no, that he was too old for me but he was still wrapped all over my finger and i still caught him checking me out all the time so i let him hang around and was a total hoe and teased him and faked like i was really innocent bc i knew he was into that and teased him for months to get back at him for trying to get with a 14 year old

lmao omg 

send me confessions!

mypatronusisdoctorxrose replied to your post “mypatronusisdoctorxrose replied to your post:doctordaisydana replied…”

It’s not, it’s definitely not, but I was not expecting this. x_x

I have to spread the Aiden love. He’s no appreciated or loved enough, our darling Aiden. 

moltobenebananas replied to your post “doctordaisydana replied to your post “Aiden Hoynes, Brendan Block,…”

Oh gosh all the Aiden, Brendan & co you are putting into my head. It’s your fault I can’t sleep now! (Btw: Aiden wins! Ha!)

There you go. Problem solved, right? ^-^

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Imagine Chie pricking/cutting her hand and then teasingly offering the wound to one of her bfs to lick it clean

Again, Shuu would totally take the tease and lick her cut.

I could see Chie saying something like, “Don’t bite it Shuu.”
He’d kneel down as if he were proposing, and wrap his tongue around her finger/hand.

He’d probably turn his kakugan on just to emphasize how much he enjoyed her blood.

Kanae wouldn’t stand for the  teasing. He’d most likely cover his nose and his mouth, he doesn’t even want to think of eating Chie. He thinks it’s inappropriate.

He’d probably tend to Chie’s wound like a normal person, and kiss the band aid when it’s over.