On my neck I have a scorpion that I got on our third tour. Actually the band helped pay for it because I didn’t have enough money. We were at this venue sound checking, I fell asleep and had a dream: I didn’t ever want a come-back plan. I didn’t was to be able to go back home. We were working so hard and what we were doing was really rough and it looked like it might not happen for us. So I thought I might have to go back home and get a job but I didn’t want to give myself that option, so I woke up and I decided to get a tattoo on my neck. I wanted a scorpion as I am a Scorpio. I did it in a way so no collar can cover it. It was my first visible tattoo.

- Frank Iero - Total Tattoo Magazine 2006

I got the ’Forget me not,’ after we did the Ghost of You. We were in this boat and it started sinking. I really thought that we were done for. We were all dress up as soldiers and the boat started to capsize and water came up to my chest but I got pulled out. I remember my life passing before my eyes and kind of accepting my faith. I got the tattoo to remember that feeling of the end and that I was pretty OK with it. I found out that I wasn’t afraid of death. It was scary, I mean I shit myself but at the same time it was a relief. I thought OK, it’s time to go and I was fine with it.

- Frank Iero - Total Tattoo Magazine (2006)

The second tattoo I got done is a band on my arm that says 'Loyalty, respect, honesty.' I did it because that’s the kind of person that I want to be in my life so I got the qualities tattooed in my arm. I got them at a young age but at the time I was just starting to have relationships and you get burnt a lot, you get made fun of and, with that, you learn a lot of things. It’s a time when you learn more than any other time of your life about the person you want to be. So I got the qualities tattooed on me, almost like a flag.
- Frank Iero, Total Tattoo Magazine (2006)