Coldplay Surpasses Madonna for No. 5 Highest Grossing Tour of All Time

The British band’s continuing A Head Full of Dreams Tour has now grossed $412 million.

Coldplay has passed Madonna to claim the No. 5 highest grossing tour of all time, according to ticket sales data reported to Billboard Boxscore.

The British band’s continuing A Head Full of Dreams Tour has now grossed $412 million, pulling ahead of Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour, which earned $408 in revenue in 2008 and 2009.

The all-time highest grossing tour remains U2’s 360 Tour, which tallied a massive $736.4 million during its run from 2009 through 2011.

The A Head Full of Dreams Tour launched in March of 2016 at La Plata’s Estadio Ciudad de La Plata in Argentina. It is currently on a short break until it picks up on Aug. 1 at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. The trek is slated to end on Nov. 15 at the same venue where it started: Estadio Ciudad de La Plata.

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My opinion on the Brooklyn show.

This will be controversial, but I think it was an absolute trash fire. I don’t know what Sufjan’s new obsession with the vocoder and autotune is, but it’s beyond annoying. I don’t go to concerts so I can listen to Kesha levels of autotune, I go to concerts for purity and candidness. Nico mostly hid in the background. James was okay but the drums sounded filtered through something, and I hated how much emphasis the lighting put on his hair, probably because he knew his teen girl fans would salivate over it. Bryce was the only one who actually did well instead of relying on goofy aesthetics and party tricks. 

Maybe I should have expected this, because Sufjan’s bent lately has seemingly been catering to gays who think Lady Gaga is the best thing since sliced bread. The freaking glitter? Come. On. He’s becoming a total sellout. I feel like at this point he’s just forgotten who he is and is focused on looking as flashy and tacky and accessible to drooling millennials as possible. At one point he said something like “Men, women, children, and everyone in between,” and I literally audibly groaned. He needs to stop trying to be political. Full stop. I almost left right then and there. 

I quit watching TWD after Glenn got killed off because that whole decision to do so was incredibly disrespectful bullshit to his character the overall storytelling integrity of the show, and his fans. He was my favorite character, and, in my opinion, the last one that actually made TWD feel worth staying emotionally invested enough to continue watching as a whole because he still had a profoundly hopeful, inspirational, emotionally complex, optimistic, dynamic, and relatable storyline that also still had so much unexplored potential for fresh things that I actually still looked forward to seeing in terms of backstory and development on this show. That’s something that I feel like most of the other main characters have lost at this point, and Maggie was totally sidelined, anyway.

I like Rick, Carl, and Michonne, too, Richonne is a cute couple, they are necessary for the overall plot of the show, but like I said before, they’ve kind of turned into static characters, who’s full development of character has been achieved to me at this point. Carol is boring, I can’t stand Daryl, and the other characters are too poorly written and/or underdeveloped for me to even care about at all.

Also, Negan is a shitty villain. I don’t mean that in the sense that he’s a terrible person, either. He’s the main villain. Of course, he’s going to be evil. I expect that, that’s the whole point of him being a major antagonist, and that’s not the problem with his character. The problem is that he’s a poorly written one-note villain, who Gimple and the writers clearly didn’t put any effort into creating for the show at all by humanizing, or toning down from his comic counterpart, like they did with the TV Governor.

Negan gets too much screen time as it already is, just about as much as Rick and Team Family, if not more, but what makes that even more unbearable is the fact that he’s not at all interesting in comparison to the Governor in S3 and S4 on the show. Hell, even Gareth and the cannibals were more humanized than Negan on the show, and I thought that was TWD jumping the shark back at the time…Boy, was I ever wrong…

Anyway, the Governor’s episodes never felt like they took away too much time from the overall plot with Team Family, and they always felt relevant because they gradually connected with each other, rather than just being thrust together for shock value all at once in one big mess. While I’m still very pissed off that the writers could give bottle episodes to every other AL5 member, two major antagonists, characters who were introduced much later on the show, and random red-shirt characters that we never saw after one or two episodes, but never to Glenn, who was one of the five core AL5 protagonists on the show from day one, the Governor’s episodes were always a treat for me to watch, and one of the biggest highlights of S3-4A for me that always kept me on the edge of my seat. It was not because Philip (the Governor) was a good or likable person, overall, but because he was an emotionally complex and well-written villain. His actor, David Morrissey, did such a fantastic job of bringing the character to life on screen. It was so fascinating to watch the writers psychically break the Governor down by deconstructing, reconstructing, and ultimately deconstructing his character again in his demise at the end of 4A.

Even though I mostly hated Philip Blake on the show, I also was fascinated by him, and I felt a bit sorry for him because I knew why he was a villain. I got to see him be broken down into someone worse than he started out as on the show, try to get better for a bit, and ultimately fail by reverting back to his old power-hungry, narcissistic, and sociopathic murderous ways that led to his ultimate demise. The Governor was actually a character with a story that had a worthy of being told on the show because he was there as more than just a presence of meaningless shock value that terrorized Rick and Team Family. The Governor contributed to the greater theme of being too far gone.

What is Negan’s greater purpose on the show beyond terrorizing Rick and Team Family and reeling in higher ratings by using him as a tool to create torture porn scenes and shock value death? He’s straight up evil just because he likes to be, as far as we know, and I don’t think he ever will be a complex villain on the show because Gimple and tptb aren’t even putting in minimal effort in terms of writing for characterization and storytelling anymore. I can’t love to hate Negan and appreciate him as a villain, like I did with the Governor. Rather, I hate to hate him because he’s not interesting to watch at all, and I wish that he never came into existence on the show, instead.

It’s all just cheap, cruelly manipulative, and meaningless ‘shock’ value gimmicks that are no longer shocking because the writers always kill off the most obvious characters for “shock” value to try and be dark and edgy. You know, they always kill off the incredibly kindhearted, loving, and selfless souls, who have everything to look forward to in their lives, who overcome every obstacle, who overcome every stereotype, and who, thus, are often POC, LGBTQ, elderly, mentally ill, disabled, etc. characters to try and create more of a tragic emotional impact from the audience, and/or to save Daryl, instead.

I’m almost positive that saving Daryl was at least one of the factors for AMC and Gimple’s decision to kill off Glenn on the show. They wanted to kill off a popular AL5 member, Rick and Carl are the main leads and without them there is no show, Carol was sidelined from Team Family, and so that brought it down to choosing between Daryl and Glenn. AMC would never let them kill off their cash cow, so they chose Glenn. I’m pretty convinced about this because Daryl’s got all the merchandise from AMC and Hot Topic for the show on his side, not Glenn. And while Glenn was still a pretty popular character on TWD with fans, I remember seeing an article that said he still ranked second after Daryl back in S3. Plus, why else would they make Daryl indirectly responsible for Glenn’s death that he should have gotten, instead, and then focus almost entirely on his pain and suffering over Glenn’s death more than anyone else’s, including Maggie’s, Glenn’s wife? That seems like obvious fan pandering and Daryl favoritism to me, at least in part.

I was alright with good characters dying from S1-S4 because Glenn was always the one character there to defy the otherwise predictable and discriminative trope of the “kindhearted, selfless, and loving character from a marginalized group of people just can’t survive in this world,“ and because the deaths of the characters, who did die, besides Andrea, who Mazzarra fucked over in the S3 finale, still felt at least somewhat meaningful. However, after Hershel’s death, it began to feel like an extremely lazy, predictable, and cruelly manipulative trope that had lost its charm because we were losing too many good characters for no good reason. It really started to stick out to me with Beth’s death that happened because *gasps* they must add in a shitty and tragic plot twist that failed to make sense, anyway, because the writers had killed her off in the most OOC way right when she had just had the chance of greater complex development right in her grasp.

Glenn’s death on the show was my last straw, not just because he was my favorite character, but because his death was even worse than Beth’s. He was literally the the last remaining heart and soul of this show that they killed off. It wasn’t just Glenn who got killed off in the S7 premiere, it was the TWD that I originally fell in love with as a show, too.

At least the writers gave Beth a full arc to explore her new character development, and they took the time to focus on her before killing her off. The writers didn’t even give Glenn that much before killing him off on the show. Gimple threw Glenn under the bus right after sidelining him post S3. They used that dumpster gate fake out death bullshit with Glenn (which never happened in the comics that they were so intent on following for the death of this one main character from them) throughout most of the first half of S6, a season before his death, revealed that he was still alive a few episodes before the S7 premiere, made him kill living people for the first time to protect Maggie and his people after coming back, never mentioned anything about it afterwards again, and then killed him off in the S7 premiere, anyway, all because they wanted to shock the audience and give Daryl another man pain storyline by making him cause Glenn’s death.

Gimple is so narcissistic that he is unable to see just how shitty of writing that was, and called us “children” for being pissed off about it. Really? Shut the fuck up, Gimple! Being creative and diverging from the comics when there is potential to do so is your job! You could get away with not giving every other comic character the same death from them, create Daryl Dixon for the show and let him still live on it, kill Sophia, kill Andrea, let Carol still survive, and switch up every other major death, but you couldn’t save Glenn Rhee on the show from his comic death when you already had every perfect reason to not kill him off set up, which made it feel like a total sellout, anyway. I bet you were just too afraid and too lazy to be creative and take advantage of organic opportunities for something better and new, as usual.

Also, giving the audience such sparse false hope by killing Glenn off in the S7 premiere, after faking his death only a few episodes earlier is bad storytelling that has lost you a lot of fans respect and viewership, Gimple, including my own, so don’t tell us that Glenn fans shouldn’t feel pissed off enough to quit watching because you killed him off and blatantly disrespected his character and his fans in doing so.

The writers killed off Glenn, the character who they just made kill ten living people to save Maggie for the first time ever in S6 with no deeper explanation of the effect that it had on him afterwards. The writers killed off Glenn, who they hid under a fucking dumpster to fake his death and cheaply manipulate the audience for most of S6. The writers killed off Glenn, who they had been sidelining since S4, and who never got full backstory, development, or a bottle episode. The writers killed off Glenn, and made Daryl, the overrated white trash fan fav, responsible for it, so that he could survive to get a storyline out of it, instead. The writers killed off Glenn, who was the only death from the comics of a main character that they decided they just had to follow from the comics on the show. The writers killed off Glenn, who also happened to be the only core MOC protagonist on the show from day one that these white, narrow-minded, and racist writers just had to give his comic demise to, even though no other main character who died on show from the comics was ever given the same comic death on the show. The writers killed off Glenn on the show, even though it wasn’t relevant or necessary to the overall storyline, or to the development of Rick because Daryl stole Glenn’s role as Rick’s main righthand man, or the person who mattered to Glenn most in the world, Maggie, (and even that’s a shitty and racist excuse for killing off Glenn, but at the very least his death was a game changer for Rick because Glenn was his righthand man in the comics, while Maggie was a damsel in distress in them before Glenn died and she learned to stick up for herself in the comics) because she was already a badass and independent leader on the show, and they totally sidelined her and made her husband’s death all about Daryl’s pain over causing it to happen, anyway. The writers killed off Glenn, who was the last major source of living hope and optimism on this show that made TWD feel worth watching through all of the bullshit on this show as a whole because he was a constant source of the possibility that a better life could be achieved because the world went to shit. The writers killed off Glenn Rhee, who was a deeply meaningful symbol of hope, growth, and optimism on this show, rather than just boring day to day survival that goes nowhere new, and meaningless action and torture porn scenes that no longer shock me, just disappoint me. RIP Glenn Rhee=RIP TWD.

Panic! at the Disco Leads Latest Hot Tours Recap

Panic! at the Disco leads the pack on the latest slate of Hot Tours (see list below), based on $7.8 million in sold ticket revenue recently reported from its 2017 tour that kicked off in late February.

On the road in support of the studio album Death of a Bachelor, released early in 2016, the band launched the tour Feb. 24 with a sold-out concert at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. The seven-week run through 36 U.S. markets wrapped April 15 in south Florida.

First-quarter box office counts from the tour, reported by promoter Live Nation, show that 247,447 tickets were sold at arenas in 25 American cities from the beginning of the trek through the end of March, with revenue from those concerts landing at $11.7 million.

The tour continued into April, though, with 11 more performances before the finale. Adding gross estimates from those concerts yet to be reported, the overall box office take was about $17 million when the tour closed. About 350,000 fans saw the Death of a Bachelor Tour during its run.

Following on the Hot Tours tally are three touring artists with ticket sales from shows performed at London’s O2 Arena during their treks through Europe. Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer each earn a slot on the weekly recap based on box office counts reported by the arena.

With the No. 2 ranking, Mars scored a $6.3 million box office total from four shows at the London venue during his 24K Magic World Tour’s 11-week jaunt through Europe. His concerts on April 18-19 and 21-22 drew a total of 71,135 fans. Also included in this tally is a later show in Switzerland on May 12. Mars performed for a sellout crowd of 13,888 at Hallenstadion in Zurich with sales topping $1.3 million.

Sheeran’s 2017 world tour launched in Italy on March 16 and hit 19 markets in Europe through May 3. The last date on the trek was his three-night stint at the O2 Arena on the first three days of May. He takes the No. 4 Hot Tours ranking based on $5 million in revenue from 55,708 sold seats during the run.

Mayer (No. 7) played the venue on May 11 and 12, the final two nights of his brief swing through six European cities during May. With 30,709 fans in attendance, sales from the two performances reached $1.7 million. The world tour in support of his April release The Search For Everything kicked off in Albany, N.Y., at the end of March and is set to run through early September.

 HOT TOURS - May 23, 2017 Ranked by Gross.  Compiled from Boxscores reported May 16-22  RankACT Total Gross Show Date Range Venue/City (Shows/Sellouts) Total Attendance (Capacity)  1PANIC! AT THE DISCO $7,862,407 March 4-31 DCU Center, Worcester, Mass. (1/0) Schottenstein Center, Columbus, Ohio (1/0) Wolstein Center, Cleveland (1/0) Palace of Auburn Hills (Mich.) (1/0) Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Ill. (1/0) Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, Minn. (1/0) Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, Iowa (1/0) Baxter Arena, Omaha, Neb. (1/0) Pepsi Center, Denver (1/0) UCCU Center, Orem, Utah (1/0) Taco Bell Arena, Boise, Idaho (1/0) WaMu Theater, Seattle (1/0) Moda Center, Portland (1/0) Viejas Arena, San Diego (1/0) The Forum, Inglewood, Calif. (1/1) Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix (1/1) Allen (Texas) Event Center (1/0) 170,806 (180,937)  2BRUNO MARS $7,733,170 April 18-May 12 O2 Arena, London (4/4) Hallenstadion, Zurich (1/1) 85,023 (85,023)  3GAME OF THRONES LIVE CONCERT EXPERIENCE $7,288,971 March 6-31 TD Garden, Boston (1/0) Madison Square Garden, New York (1/0) Spectrum Center, Charlotte (1/0) BB&T Center, Sunrise, Fla. (1/0) Amalie Arena, Tampa (1/0) AT&T Center, San Antonio (1/0) Toyota Center, Houston (1/0) Pepsi Center, Denver (1/0) The Forum, Inglewood, Calif. (1/0) MGM Grand Garden, Las Vegas (1/0) Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix (1/0) SAP Center, San Jose (1/0) KeyArena, Seattle (1/0) 102,049 (156,074)  4ED SHEERAN $5,093,280 May 1-3 O2 Arena, London (3/3) 55,708 (55,708)  5BILLY JOEL $5,046,093 May 13 Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles 48,162 (48,162)  6THE WEEKND $4,744,274 April 29-May 13 The Forum, Inglewood, Calif. (2/2) Philips Arena, Atlanta (1/1) 47,434 (47,434)  7JOHN MAYER $3,566,897 March 31-May 12 Times Union Center, Albany, N.Y. (1/0) The Forum, Inglewood, Calif. (1/1) O2 Arena, London (2/2) 54,567 (56,989)  8RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS $3,111,853 May 14-18 Schottenstein Center, Columbus, Ohio (1/1) KFC Yum! Center, Louisville, Ky. (1/1) Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis (1/1) 34,624 (34,624)  9GREEN DAY $3,067,150 March 5-28 Toyota Center, Houston (1/0) Verizon Arena, North Little Rock, Ark. (1/0) DCU Center, Worcester, Mass. (1/0) Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh (1/0) Joe Louis Arena, Detroit (1/0) State Farm Center, Champaign, Ill. (1/0) 58,792 (63,334)  10ELTON JOHN $2,939,841 March 5-23 Spokane (Wash.) Arena (1/1) Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque (1/1) Don Haskins Center, El Paso, Texas (1/0) 33,444 (33,720)  

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anonymous asked:

You do realize that cops don't just shoot people right? There's a reason why they do so. And where's all of the freak outs of all the killings of white people committed by blacks? Stop playing the race card. I'm black and I stand with the cops. It's not about race.

First off, let’s be real— you’re not black. And if you are, you’re a total sellout to support a racist/classist/sexist institution of tyrannical terrorism that’s consistently and actively proven itself the enemy of blackness. Where are all the freakouts when whites kill blacks? The courthouse and the jailhouse, cause you can’t find me a single notable case where the Black person wasn’t tried to the fullest extent of the law. In fact, you’ve had countlesss exonerations of blacks who were on death row under wrongful convictions based on what? Racist cops and racist “witnesses”. Get the fuck outta here!