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What happens in the Road that fucked you up?

jesus christ man where to begin

1. his wife leaving him and their son to wander out into the darkness to die and he’s begging her to stay

2. the fact he has taught his son how to kill himself with a shot to the head because shit is that bad

3. the poor people locked up in a basement ready to be taken to the smoke house to be eaten and despite encountering the man and the boy and having a chance for freedom they’re still left in the dark to die even after begging for help from someone who is ultimately supposed to be the “good guys”

4. the old man who says probably one of the most devastatingly delivered lines I’ve ever heard when asked what happened to his own son

5. this fucking scene is probably the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever watched, I can’t stand seeing that poor guy just left standing there to freeze and die. 

6. the entire father-child relationship like I have to call up my dad after I watch this movie and just sob at him for 10 minutes while he laughs 

7. “if I were god I would have made the world just so. and no different. and so I have you. I have you.”

Bleach volume 74

Like… For real ichiruki fans think ichihime ones are upset about this? Of course we would have loved one more picture of Kazui, but i already said that if there were going to be a 2 character cover was either Kazui and Ichika or Ichigo and Rukia, understand this guys: this doesn’t make ichihime less canon, neither do we want to make Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship less, we know they both started Bleach, and we agree it’s perfectly okay that it ENDS with them, but not because they’re lovers who want to cuddle up and kiss each other, they’re not that, you should know by this point, just take Kubo’s precious words in mind and accept them, they’re NAKAMA, and that doesn’t mean they are not important to each other of course they are! Keep shipping them if you want to, nobody is going to stop you, but at least stop trying to make this into a war again, enjoy the cover, if someone says they don’t like it screw them, if you do you do, Kubo put them in the cover for a reason, because he thought they two deserved it, and because that’s what bleach represents, not fluffy romance, not war and tragedy, bleach represents friendship, a strong and unbreakable bond, just like the one we see in the cover

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  1. i feel like a lot of people on here don’t know that i do archery? so i do and it’s my literal other half, i started to train to go to the 2016 rio olympics like 4 years ago (but i had a mental breakdown and. anyway.) and i have a ridiculous setup for my equipment and it’s actually the love of my life
  2. i’ve never dyed my hair, like at all, bc my family threatens me about it jdknsgjknfsjkg apparently, and i quote, “people pay to get the color of your hair, but you just can’t get that out of a bottle” so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. when i was in like, 5th grade i was a part of this thing called Future Problem Solving, so essentially they give you a prompt as a problem in the future, and you have to go through 6 steps, written out, to come up with a final, futuristic solution to the problem, then you have to create a skit about the solution you devised in a clever way and perform it in front of an auditorium of people. there were 4 people on the team (one of them being me) and we had 2 individuals, and my team made it to internationals as we were ranked 14th in the world 👍

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it's so funny how the m&g pics with guys are totally different than the ones with girls lol with girls they're all cozy and stuff and with guys they're just standing

*whispers* lesbos

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Out of curiosity, have you ever shape shifted before? Or do you mostly just speak with animal spirits?

Mostly, I just speak with them, or bring them around places with me. Several years ago, though, my practice did include a kind of shape-shifting ecstatic dance. I would meditate for a while with one of my tails, then attach it to my belt loop and invite the spirit of it to move through me. Once, I even invited the species-spirit of Fox (Vulpes vulpes) to dance, and that was exciting and fun. I wound up “telling” a story through the dance.

Only ever did it on Wednesdays, though. Not for any spiritual significance, but because on Wednesday my roommate had bellydance club for an hour and a half, and thus I would have the room totally to myself.

One year, Halloween happened to fall on a Wednesday. I was working that evening, but when I got home from work, all three of the people I lived with were out for a Halloween party. Amber and I must’ve danced for a full hour (most of the dances only lasted about 15-20 minutes) that night. It was one of those nights where the moon was bright enough to cast shadows, and all but one of the parking lot lights was out. 

I think the most “magical” I’ve ever felt was when I was laying on the floor of my room after that dance, panting and stroking Amber’s tail, which was draped over my belly. Once I’d caught my breath a little, I started barking and yipping and screaming in my best imitation of a fox, to give her a voice again. I still shiver thinking of it.

I did really enjoy the dance, and I’ve thought about trying it again as a way of bonding and having fun with tail-spirits (my fox tail, Amber, loved to dance with me), but at the same time, it just doesn’t feel like part of my practice anymore. As with so many other things from the past, I’m totally okay with it returning in the future.

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What are you opinions on transmen (primarily) who use their 'original parts' for sexual activity, or get pregnant? I mean not be to be rude but if you say you're supposed to be male surely using those parts like how women do would set dysphoria off? The literal definition of 'man' is 'adult human MALE', which would of course include sexual organs. Trans people want to be the opposite sex, hence their transition from one sex to the other. But wouldn't that make using their pre-op junk a red flag?

Alrighty here we go.

Not everyone experiences dysphoria in the same way, at the same time, about the same things. Also, most people don’t experience dysphoria in the same way throughout their life. This means that you can be totally fine with one area of your body, then a few years later be triggered by even thinking about it. There are lots of reasons for this, which I won’t go into fully here cause it would make this super long, but let’s just start with the fact people are different.

When you get down to it, it feels good to use your anatomy the way it was meant to be used. And when your sex drive is through the roof like it usually is with trans men, even dysphoria gets pushed to the sidelines for a while.

That doesn’t mean this is always true though. Many trans men wouldn’t even consider using their biology that way. That does not make them any “truer” transsexuals than anybody else, it’s just how they handle their own business.

As for pregnancy, it’s only a rare few who have gone through it, and usually they did it pretransition when dysphoria isn’t something they thought about. For some reproduction is extremely important and they would do anything to have their own children, even if it made them uncomfortable.

I’ll also give you kind of a TMI personal note. There have been periods in my own life where I have used my own anatomy in the female way. They were times I was at my best place possible with dysphoria, and when I just started hormones (so I was horny literally all the time). Now that phase in my life has passed and I would be sobbing on the floor if I tried to do what I used to.

TLDR, it comes to priorities. Sex and reproduction are HUGE motivators for many people than can push aside everything else, and for others they matter very little.

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How does Rollins view Barba's and Sonny's relationship in the beginning? How about fin, Liv, Carmen, hell, the various lawyers and cops they work with?


I think that the entire squad would be happy for them, honestly. First of all, Rollins is Sonny’s best friend and Liv is Rafael’s. Of course they would be happy to see their best friends so in love! Plus, now they have relentless ammunition for teasing.

Fin, on the other hand, is surprisingly the only one who totally called it from the very beginning. When Rafael and Sonny come out to the squad as a couple, Fin just sits there and says, “Took you two long enough.”

Carmen is so happy for Rafael, as well! Not only does having Sonny around just generally put him in a better mood, but Carmen has done some eavesdropping herself, and knows just how long it took Rafael to actually get the courage up to ask Sonny out.

I really, really wish that so many of my potential career plans right now didn’t involve going back to school. University has never been good for my physical or mental health, nor for my mounting student debt. I’ve failed out of a program twice, and I spent about a total of seven years worth of university in total to get one bachelor’s degree. My track record is not good, and there’s not much to indicate that my future performance will be any better. 

Honestly, if it wasn’t for financial matters, I’d probably go for it. The problem is, every failed attempt leaves me worse off than before: deeper in debt, stressed to the point of breakdown, and at least a year older with nothing to show for it. Plus, it deeply shakes my confidence, as you can probably tell. I try to fix the issues that keep getting in my way, but progress is so slow, and setbacks so common, and there always seems to something new waiting to ambush me right when I think I’ve got a handle on things. 

Can I really afford at this point to spend another six years in training before I start a career? Can I handle another six more years of shitty apartments, worrying obsessively about the smallest non-essential purchases, and depending so much on the charity of others? Do I have any other choices?

I’m going to come back to career planning later, when I’m finished being overwhelmed by the scope of the task ahead of me. My anxiety wants me to live out every day of those upcoming years all at once, right now, in my head, where it’s obviously too much for anyone to handle. Fortunately, that’s never what actually happens. For now, I need to consider the future in an abstract sense, make the necessary plans from an objective standpoint. If that really means committing to six more years of school, I’ll handle them one day at a time, the same way I’ve handled every other problem I’ve ever faced.  

#stayaliveoctober - Weekly report #3

Welp, this was a bad week. Between being stressed at work, feeling very bad about my body/weight (which, unfortunately, doesn’t motivate me at all but leaves me going “Might as well stay in bed and eat chocolate, I won’t ever be happy with my body/weight anyway”) and the weather being fairly unpleasant, I only did two runs this week in total, one of it rather short at 2.3k. Meh. It can only get better?

However, this morning I did the Virtual Race nevertheless! I decided to go slow and not care about the time at all, so the pace is indeed very slow, and I took several breaks to stretch and catch my breath. But the story was a lot of fun, and I’m just proud I did it anway, despite the week I was having!

It was really funny and helped that the first song that came up on my playlist when I started was “Born to Run” :) (by V6 (Coming Century), not Springsteen).