everyone knows that Even is super smooth and that Isak gets all cutely flustered but less people know that it actually kinda intimidates Isak how smooth and romantic his boyfriend is because Isak is still finding his feet as a young gay man let alone a young man in his first relationship

so when Even slips up and one of his plans don’t go quite as planned Isak can’t help but feel relieved and he jokingly asks what happened to being the director of your own movie huh that wasn’t your best scene Director Næsheim and Even doesn’t miss a beat he just grins and winks at Isak and replies all movies have a gag reel baby!

and yeah it was cute and funny and Isak loves their banter but damn does Even have to be able to recover everything so smoothly like damn

it totally becomes one of their inside ‘couple’ jokes though. whenever something goes wrong they just look at each other and go well that was one for the gag reel!

Antisepticeye is like an entire pitch black house. No light anywhere aside from your dying flashlight, faint and blinking in and out of life. Open a door, slowly, carefully. More pitch black. You’re so afraid of something being in that room, aren’t you? So you don’t go in. Your flashlight dies and you freeze up, completely, unable to comprehend the deafening silence of static filling all of your senses. Run, hide, get out. You can’t. You can’t move. It’s only static now- your vision is tricking you. But the static never ends.

Darkiplier is like a house dimly lit. You can’t see what’s behind objects because of their shadows, and it’s mildly unsettling. You want to leave, but why would you? There’s nothing to be afraid of. Until you go exploring, and find that one room. Totally pitch black. The faint light from the hallway you’re in should cast some light, right? It doesn’t. The room is perfectly pitch black, and you don’t wanna go in. But your curiosity is killing you. A voice in the back of your mind is telling you, reassuring you, “it’ll be fine, it’s fine, go in, go in!”. But if you go in, there’s no getting ou.

“This creative work didn’t sit me down and explicitly explain all the plot points and character development in excruciating detail so I feel this creative work has Bad Writing ™ and I must tell EVERYONE and then also shame them when they don’t agree”
Analysis | Donald Trump’s streak of falsehoods now stands at 33 days
The president's odd relationship with facts continues.

Donald Trump has been president for all or part of 33 days. He has averaged four falsehoods or misleading statements a day(!) in that time. There hasn’t been a single day of Trump’s presidency in which he has said nothing false or misleading. 

Detailed Fact Checker with further information at this link

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i see your lesbian kindergarten teachers and rise you marliza, who met at university and are Good Buds being stalked by small children who think they are together (and they totally are) and one time one of the children catches them kissing (just a bit) and they all go wild

The kids would plan a little wedding for them it would be SO CUTE



Went into London yesterday to lift some cute shit for myself since it’s my 18th today [ happy birthday to meh :3 ] 🎈

I got to go into shops that I’ve never lifted from before aswell which was pretty fun 🛍

H&M: £59.94
BOOTS: £43.97
M&S: £39
LUSH: £12.98

TOTAL: £284.88

One of my fav hauls tbh 💕

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Hey, um, i really wanted to say sorry cuz i'm one of those people that only leave a like to ur art.. I absolutely adore it, ur style is amazing, and i always reblog art.. but idk, when its porn i feel kinda insecure to reblog it or something.. im really sorry, I swear that i'll share all ur art when i stop being such a coward lol

HEY don’t worry about reblogging my art, I’m one of those peeps that doesn’t mind just getting likes! Sometimes sharing porn can be really freaky and I can totally understand why one would wanna keep it more private! Even if you decided never to reblog, I don’t mind at all! Have fun surfing!

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so i know that codb isn't new, but im reading for the first time now as i rewatch the series, and i just wanted to say that first of all, your writing is amazing and i love everything that you've done with this. second, i really love that youve inserted actual quotes from the bible into it. i just that that's really cool. really great fic! :)

thanks dude. i’m glad u like it, i spent a year of my life writing that dum thing

G1 Hoist dating headcanons with a human s/o because hoo bo y… I lo v e this bot so much like talk about ultimate husband material lmao

Hoist (G1)

  • He adores being smooched by you!! He’s sad he can’t smooch back because of his faceplate though…
  • Gives you nicknames ranging from “my dear” and “sweetspark” to kinda sappy and/or dumb stuff like “light of my life” and “squidget” 
  • He’s always there to give you a pep talk if you’re feeling down or anxious about something. He may not always understand, but he wants you to feel better so he’ll try his best for you
  • He’s very fond of movie dates, and will gladly take you to a drive in movie, or just watch a DVD or stream something at home. You take it in turns to pick what to watch
  • Hoist loves it when you hold his servo or rest your hands on it. The difference in size between you is pretty big and he thinks it’s adorable

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-Cassian wouldn’t classify himself as a nerd (he totally is one) he just likes to keep his head down and pay attention and learn things

-he secretly hates school but doesn’t show it, always doing the work and even joking clubs and committees to make it seem like he’s dedicated when all he really wants to do is get out of there

-Bodhi hates the school too…just not so secretly

-he keeps his uniform deliberately scruffy, is the opposite of school spirited and takes every opportunity to rebel against the system in irritating and petty ways

-one day Cassian rounds a corner and bumps straight into Bodhi who drags him away and panickingly asks him if he’s knows how to get pain off skin

-turns out Bodhi graffitied a wall and if the teachers find out he’ll likely be expelled

-Cassian is a prefect, he should report him

-he looks into those wide pleading eyes and he doesn’t report him

-he takes Bodhi home and cleans his hand with white spirits whilst Bodhi jokingly mocks his childish bedroom and nerdy collections

-Bodhi kisses him in thanks and leaves Cassian in a state of shock and confusion and with a crush the size of Europe

An Old Friend, A New One

For @pota-totoo. This fic was totally inspired by one of your tweets in which you said Shaw would outlive Bear. So I had to write a little something on it. But there’s a surprise for you in here and I hope you like it! 

Warning: Major character death. 


Bear was perched by her leg, his chin resting on her boot and chocolate, watery eyes wandering from person to person and dog to dog. His tail thumped happily and his tongue lolled from his mouth, getting droplets of saliva on Shaw’s shoe. He hadn’t been in a mood to chase his ball for a little bit, but Shaw could understand that. Like him, her body was slowing down too. But that didn’t stop her from going on missions and shooting bad guys and getting to blow things up. With Bear, it was a little bit of a different story. He couldn’t walk as far and slept for hours on and off during the day. He was getting arthritis in his joints. There were patches of white fur on his chest and snout and around his eyes. Shaw teased him from time to time about having grey hair and he would look at her as if to say you have some too.

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4) do you smile at strangers

oh totally. all the time. one of my happiest memories is this one time in my life when I was super depressed and I was walking with a group of friends and they were all laughing and having fun in front of me and I was walking right behind them. we walked past a starbucks and high up on the patio i locked eyes with a woman who was around 35-45 years old and I smiled softly at her. she smiled back a little wider, and in turn i smiled back even bigger. suddenly we both burst out into laughter and we both had to explain to our group of friends why we were so gleeful. I never saw her again, but I still think of her sometimes. 

thank you, friend!!!! :D

‘since youre autistic this gender thing is probably just another obsession youll grow out of like you did with [insert unrelated childhood special interest here]’ k so the hell do i do, fuckin wait it out in total misery until one day the Miracle of Womanhood hits and im magically restored to my correct self?? forgive me if im not all that stoked at the prospect