so one day, after neil and andrew have moved in together, neil buys andrew a “kiss the cook” apron (as a joke, really) and all andrew does is roll his eyes at it. but some days when andrew cooks, he’ll wear it and neil, obviously, never passes up on the opportunity 

Tyler and Josh are okay, I promise

The pictures and videos I’ve seen from twenty one pilots at Reading Festival reallllllyyy pissed me off. Tyler’s shirt was torn, his shoes gone, Josh was confused and concerned about what was going on. That is totally not okay. Twenty one pilots concerts are supposed to be safe places, for both the fans and Tyler and Josh.
Most everyone knows that festivals are rough. At any festival you go to, whether it be in the UK or the US, crowds are a little rougher than usual, and alot of people are often very drunk or very high which increases the rowdiness of the crowd. Tyler and Josh know this, they’ve played many festivals before, and pretty much all artists know this.
It doesn’t excuse what those people did to Tyler. It doesn’t. I promise. It was downright mean and disrespectful and violating.
But I also want to remind you that Tyler and Josh are tough, they aren’t little babies. Tyler got up on that platform and that boi flexed his muscles like a true champ lmao.
I’ve heard that they decided to end the show because they’d gone over the venue’s allotted time slot. Most venues have a curfew and artists have to be done playing by that curfew time.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say here is, Tyler’s liking all the memes and tweets about it on twitter, he’s got Josh and other good friends to chillax with, and he and Josh are grown men and professional performers who know that sometimes, unfortunately, this kind of stuff is in the job description.
Tyler and Josh are okay, I promise. We obviously have a right to be concerned for them. We love them, and the clique is a family.
But don’t work yourselves up too much lovelies. Don’t stress, because Tyler and Josh are strong guys who will be just fine.

(I agree the disrespect shown towards the boys was disgusting. I feel so god awful for them.)


When Rob mentioned being outside her house, Lorelai felt a wave of emotions: curiosity, shock, angry, frustration, and finally, fear. It was obvious that things weren’t the same for them ever since Lorelai’s career started to tank. She took out a lot of her anger on him unintentionally, and it wouldn’t surprise her if he was here to return the favor. But this was Rob and he would never do that, no matter how much she’d hurt him. He wasn’t the vengeful type. Which only made her wonder if this was supposed to be some sort of surprise visit; something to try and spark the romance that once existed in their relationship. Was that even possible at this point, when they hadn’t even spoken in who knew how long?

Wrapping her robe tighter around her body, Lorelai walked to the front door and pulled it open, having a difficult time looking up at him as he stood in front of her. Was she supposed to kiss him? Hug him? She had to at least give him a smile, which she did though it felt incredibly forced and not at all genuine. “Come in,” she spoke, turning around to lead him into her house. Like clockwork, the sound of her tea kettle began whistling in the background, giving her the perfect excuse to avoid the impending conversation as she wandered into the kitchen instead. “Want some tea?”

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Can you tell us more about Billie and Rosey? They look interesting!!

Billy is Mabel and Gideon’s child. They’re not a couple or married. though Gideon probably wishes. It just happened and they both love their kid. Billy is a total sassbaby and no one knows their sex. Billy likes it that way. They’re just Billy.

Rosey is Steven and Connie’s daughter. She’s a sweetheart with her Several Grandmas and one one cool grandpa. She’s one Hell of a fighter.


The rest of the construction paper from their signs (and maybe a few rejects) has gotta be on somebody’s floor.

Imagine inspecting Stripe or a Red Racer VHS with Craig nearby and he just goes on and on until you walk away and maybe not even then. Or he stops mid-monologue because he accidentally mentioned Tweek, who he’s really starting to miss.

And I’m gonna lose my shit if we see Tweek’s room and all the coffee cups and toys and books have been picked up because his bf makes him feel like can organize his life and doesn’t need to hoard and live in chaos.

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Okay, but I totally knew a goth girl in college who carried a parasol around to deal with sun and with whom I once had a conversation about the best way to make a drink that tastes like blood. I'm not saying that vampires definitely walk among us, but I am saying I was totally good friends with one.

They only walk among us during overcast days


This cuff fit for a goddess will also be available at 4PM EST. It features a rare and high quality specimen of Thunder Bay amethyst with hematite inclusions, flanked by two flower adorned moons. 5 ¾ inches total length plus one inch gap. 💎

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Dinosaur Tattoo

I remember when I was a kid, my grandmother took me to an amusement park. Up until my grandmother died we spent every day together when I was a kid. Every day. My mom was off working in Dallas so I stayed with her and she always wanted to go out to Six Flags. So we went a couple times a week.

This one time I remember her asking me if I wanted to get one of those little tattoo things on my arm. Ya know, where they paint on a cute little dog or something like that. I totally wanted one.

So we’re picking out the one I’m gonna get from the designs they have available and there’s these two dinosaurs. One is big and scary, with sharp teeth. One is sweet and nice and fun. I said I wanted the nice one.
Then I saw the kid before me get the one with the big teeth. I immediately changed my mind because I saw this other kid get the scary one. And he was really cool to me. I wanted to be like him, I thought. So I was preparing for the tattoo thing in this little chair and I said I wanted the big scary one.

My grandmother knew why I changed my mind and insisted that I get the one I originally wanted. She told me I could be myself and I didn’t have to be like anyone else. But I had already made my mind up. Big Scary for me, I wanted to be cool.

She insisted as well that I do the original one and so that’s what the tattoo lady put on me. The sweet, cute dinosaur. For the rest of the day I covered my arm around the other kids, I felt like everyone was staring at me. So I asked her to take me home.

When I got home, I immediately washed it off with water. When I finished, I stepped out and sat in the living room and she saw I got rid of it and I remember her looking sad. She didn’t say anything about it, but she was upset.

Then I remember feeling like a giant asshole for the first time in my life. I felt ashamed of myself for something I should have felt no shame in. I took something innocent and fun and sweet and killed it because I was scared I wouldn’t be accepted.

I was that sweet dinosaur tattoo, and I was eaten alive by that kid with the scary dinosaur tattoo. Funny enough, if it were happening now, I’d still get that sweet dinosaur tattoo. That’s just who I am.

When I meditate, I sometimes feel a kind of pressure pushing in my mind.

In your mind, if you feel a kind of pressure, it means that your heart is invoking something which the mind feels is beyond its capacity to receive. The heart invokes, and the mind allows the reality or divinity to descend into the heart to some extent. But when it has not become totally one with the heart, the mind after a while resists the entrance of the higher Light. First try with aspiration to bring everything into the heart from above. If there is resistance or pressure or pain in the head, all of which are caused by resistance in the mind, just think of the mind as an unruly, undivine, violent, cruel and hostile member of your family, and grab it and pull it into the heart. When you bring the mind to the heart, the divine heart, the soul will keep the mind in the prison cell of love, where there will be all protection.

It is very good from time to time to feel that the mind is inside the heart. A day will come when you will see that there is no mind at all, that it is all an illumined instrument. As the heart is the illumined instrument of God, so also you will find that what you call the mind has become a devoted instrument, an illumined instrument of the Supreme.

- Sri Chinmoy, Meditation: man’s choice and God’s Voice, part 1

Pilot Officer Richard Stevens of 151 Squadron was very different from most of the men who flew Hurricanes.
He was older for a start, joining the RAF after the outbreak of war at the age of thirty-two, which was the maximum for pilot training, having flown 400 hours at night as a commercial pilot.
Above all he had a personal hatred for the night bombers, which had killed his wife and family in an earlier raid, and he pursued them into the thickest AA fire quite regardless of his own safety and with total ferocity.
On one occasion, after blowing up a bomber at point-blank range, he returned with his Hurricane’s wings stained by German blood and refused to allow the grisly traces to be removed.
—  They Flew Hurricanes, by Adrian Stewart