ღ Tevinter Necklace ღ

just a high poly necklace i made for secondlife ported to the sims – enjoy

Information // What Am I Getting?

you are getting a zip file with one sims3pack/package - a png file of the thumbnail in game for easy finding, and a readme (four files total)

  • one color channel
  • two presets
  • female  (to use for males I believe you use Master Controller from here to enable it. though may clip - idk)
  • teen-elder
  • no morphs/all LODS
  • categorized as necklace - should be base game compatible however
  • custom mesh & textures by me
  • polycount (warning: high – lowered it as much as i could but eh, don’t download if you don’t want etc. it’s disabled for random though as usual so your sims wont spawn in high poly stuff): high ~ 11k , medium ~ 9k, low ~ 5k.
  •  custom spec ✓
  • this download is not compressed with the Compressizor tool (mainly because it slows down my game when I compress) however, when exported from TSRW I export as a sims3pack first, which compresses the file, then I use Delphy’s dashboard to turn it into package format for youuuus. howevahh, if you want to run it through the Compressizor because it works fine for you and compress it again feel free~ <3

Feel free to tag me if you use this (not required). Also please let me know if something is wrong (other than what was stated). My terms of use is on my page. (but if you wanted a TL;DR its basically do whateva you want just ask me/credit me, I’m more than likely going to convert my things to Sims 4 myself though, anything else is alright (just check out T.o.U first) – mesh edit, retexture idek just have fun & ask/credit pls~ I’d like to see what you do.)

DOWNLOAD : SimFileShare (adfly, wait 5 seconds then hit skip) I Dropbox (non adfly) ღ

Thank you to all the CC creators who created the other items used in the photos.

                       Enjoy ~ (& insert motivational quote here)

I got asked out by two (2) cute boys this week, one from linguistics and one from beat gen, and I don’t know how to text either of them that I’m flattered by their offer but currently in the middle of a deep internal pilgrimage ripe with sexual confusion and muddled self-identity on the crossroads of a structured, religious past and a fogged future ultimately culminating in the fact that I am not in a great place to date.

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I would happily transfigure myself into a snake purely to hang around your neck (on a side note, i read your tags, and i feel you'd be tickled pink to know my coworker has a pet snake named Danger Noodle)

“Is that so? Well, let’s see you try it then.” Riddle taunted, leaning in just a touch too close for comfort.

((That’s freaking adorable. Is it’s nickname DN or something? XD I totally want one.))

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tbh I love reading about you and your partners poly adventures??? Like??? I really like JBM but I always thought it was a bit of a best case scenario and real life could never be so cool and fun? But you guys seem to really have it worked out and that's just so cool to see? Like, it just gives me so much enjoyment to see how cool this can work out and tbh it's one of the main reasons why whenever my sis brings up love triangles i just yell POLYAMORY at her

Ikr now whenever my friends talk about their relationship problems I’m always just like “hey you like this guy and he’s dating someone but she’s poly right? So like.. poly is an option here” because I don’t think people really get that poly is an option and If done right you can totally have one of the most loving and healthy relationships

Magical Plants page coming soon!

Hey guys! I’m currently working on a few pages about finding magical plants and their effects. This gives wandering through nature an extra dose of excitement, as well as a source of magical effects for creating magic items, and another use for the nature skill. I’ve already come up with with some simple mechanics for how this works, as well as many effects for the plants to have.

I am trying to get a total of one hundred plant effects. I’ve got most of them, and I would like your help to come up with the rest! So feel free to message me any magical plant effects and I’ll take all suggestions under consideration for the page that I’ll be posting :)

i love how the zoldyck family doesn’t give a shit about gender norms at all like they don’t care what their children wear, let them wear boys’ clothes or girls’ clothes and they’re fine with it. boy or girl hairstyle, totally cool. one of their children is trans, and yeah, they have her locked away in a dungeon and consider her a monster but it’s not even because she’s trans. that part most of them (i’m lookin at u illumi) are fine with. they think she’s a monster because she’s got fucked up powers, not even because she’s trans. kalluto dresses like a girl and illumi wears god damn chun-li outfits with boob windows and that’s all fine. you do you kids, just be yourselves as long as you’re the world’s best assassins you can wear dresses or slacks, whatever helps you kill more efficiently

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assumption: u can cook but you cant bake

Totally true! I have one or two recipes for baked goods but other than sourdough and biscuits I can’t bake anything reliably. It’s more of a science than regular cooking!

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totally forgot I ordered one of your patches, just got it in the mail today and it's perfect, it made my day! thank you and keep up the good work!

Ooo that’s so good to hear! Thank you so much 🌻