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There was an interesting moment in the live show when someone typed "Emma Watson" into the chat, and Dan said "we all know what I'm going to say about that." I assume the person was talking about Emma Watson's recent interview where she talked about the backlash from her Vanity Fair photo shoot. But Dan's reaction was interesting. It made me thing about how he would have talked about Emma Watson a few years ago, and how he doesn't really talk about women like that any more. Thoughts?

this is so interesting to me bc i totally focused in on that comment during the live show as well. although i totally forgot about the vanity fair controversy and thought they were just asking about emma watson generally so in the moment i interpreted dan’s “we all know what i’m going to say” as being someting like “you all know i think she’s attractive.” though i think your interpretation makes more sense. and i also focused in a lot on the way he talked about that woman from broadchurch was the queen of his body or something like that. the tone of both statements really surprised me in the moment for the exact reason u stated which is that he’s shifted dramatically away from ever making sexual comments about women at all. like really i can’t even remember the last time he did–maybe daenerys from game of thrones ages ago? or mila kunis? both of those were probs mentioned back in 2013. his last loud female “crush” (j law) seemed to be much more driven by an interest in her personality than any frequently stated sexual attraction to her? and as soon as the whole j law thing started to fade in 2014ish it got replaced by pretty comparatively explicit sexually-driven statements of attraction towards boys: earliest ones in 2014 being evan peters (obvs), nick jonas, and dylan o’brien. he has talked about their bodies way more than he has done about any woman since 2013. i think the reasoning is twofold (and i’m so glad you picked up on the shift!) first, because i really think he was trying to make a concerted effort to push back on all of the distancing he did in the prior two years from expressing attraction to men. i think he really started wanting the audience to think of his attraction to men as valid and in order to do so he basically jst started talking about them way more, at the expense of talking about women. but also another important factor in this is that dan seems pretty aware of his audience and the fact that many of them are young girls. it’s my (perhaps optimistic) belief that he had a realization around 2014 that as an adult man well into his 20s it was becoming more and more inappropriate for him to sexualize and objectify women and talk about their bodies in a sexual way to an audience of mostly young girls. i feel like the awareness happened simultaneously with his growth and awareness in many other areas (he stopped making race jokes, he stopped making jokes about sexual assault/date rape drugs [jfc i hate even typing that], he [mostly] stopped making gay jokes and using gay stereotypes as a device for humor, etc.) i just think dan did a lot of growing between 13-14 and beyond, and that scaling back his sexually explicit comments about women was a piece of that growth.

how about an AU where Gaston defeats ( not necessarily kill ) the beast and, heralded for his heroism and such action that the people basically say ‘ HERE. THIS CASTLE? Totes yours now. ‘ Thus he becomes a king proclaimed by his people. Hell, his story sweeps across this little provincial area and outside and EVERYONE knows him as a ‘ Hero King ‘. Slayer of Beasts. Worthy of protecting his people.

MAN. AUs are my fave and I just love thinking about ‘ what if ‘ scenarios.

Hello 911 I’m watching Gremlins for the first time and I feel as if Gizmo deserves a loving home thank you and good day sir!

Gaston doesn’t trust them. BUT I DO. I TRUST GIZMO.

Writing to come after, and if not tonight, tomorrow. <3

God I fucking hate like this weird modern wave of tattoos having to have meaning amongst like…middle/upper class suburban America.Like tattoos have always either been a cultural thing or a total vanity thing but now people always tryna push getting tattoos with meaning and that more often than not just ends up with a weird tattoo with a meaning behind it. Like I’m not really gonna tell anyone they can’t do that but I’ve seen some bad ink dedicated to like pets and Shit. I’ve seen good ones too but like imo style ALWAYS comes first for tattoos. I’d rather have a million sick as fuck meaningless idiot tats then a big ugly pic that means something to me. Only vanity means anything. God is dead

The podcast I’m listening to about Hollywood History has led me to discover so many historical gems. Like did you know that an executive producer on Man of Steel got his start as a hairdresser for prostitutes?

His name is Jon Peters. He used to brag that he got his start styling their pubic hair (he uses more vulgar terms). He dropped out of Middle School and is completely illiterate, and proud of it! He’s also a producer on Tim Burton’s Batman and Superman Returns, and an ep on Batman Returns. Plus a lot of other hit movies. So did an illiterate hairdresser to the prostitutes wind up a big shot Hollywood producer? Two words:

Barbra Streisand.

Seriously. Peters got his break when washed up movie star Sonja Henie hired him to do her hair. From there he made enough Hollywood connections to land a job interview with Babs. Upon meeting her he remarked “You’ve got a great ass!” He seduced her, they were married, and he inserted himself into her career. He convinced her to sign on for a remake of A Star Is Born, and make the studio name them producers on the film. They turned the movie into a total vanity project, even using their own clothes and furniture as props for the movie, and fought constantly with each other and with the rest of the crew. But the movie made money, and Peters was established as a producer, although he still couldn’t read.

After their marriage fell apart on Yentl he landed at WB and became involved with Superman in the 90s. All those infamous failed reboot attempts Kevin Smith and others have talked about–the insistence that he shouldn’t fly, that he have a Chewbaka style sidekick, etc.–those demands were all Peters. He hasn’t actually produced a movie since 2001, and he’s considered unemployable in today’s studio culture, but for legal reasons he got the credits on Returns and MoS, and a share of the gross. He claims he still tried to be involved though, to the point that Christopher Nolan had to ban him from the MoS set.

And that is how an illiterate, prostitute hairdresser, Trump voter (but he didn’t tell Babs), was paid 10-15 million dollars to do absolutely nothing on MoS. If anything ever captured why we both love and hate Hollywood, it’s that.

These changes and the addition of playlists are going to seriously help her search engine optimization on YouTube!

Especially with the weird shit MDC is pulling, I’m glad she did this because with her view counts and activity, now people searching “grace helbig” will get her content and not just her collabs. This will also connect her better in the side bar of recommended videos when she does collabs on other channels to drive people to engage further.

Anyways, just some nerdery for all of you and a big thumbs up for Helbig! I have wanted to organize and optimize her and Mamrie’s channels for far too long. There’s still so many things they could be doing and it takes regular effort not to want to harass them about it!

Seriously, how amazing would Mamrie’s channel be with playlists organized by main alcohol ingredient?! Then when people search for drink recipes in google she’d come up more often in the suggested videos search section. She also needs to update her damn social icons too, and not just have google plus.

And Grace should totally use vanity URLs to track which kinds of content drives people to click to buy her book more often and which ones drive engagement with Tumblr etc.

With their audience, it’s like a data nerds dream. Ok, I’m done, I swear.

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All yours homeslice!

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I need fanart of Joker sat at his vanity (although he probably takes over Harley's, I bet 80% of the products are his haha) applying his best and most expensive red liquid lipstick 😂🙈

Any artists out there, you know what to do ;)
Taylor Swift Is Just as Obsessed with Selfies as You Are
A GIF-heavy look behind the scenes of her September cover shoot.
By Vanity Fair

We asked our taylorswift to play a quick word-association game, and the results are totally relatable.

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GER, A MOST SERIOUS ASK: Just how close was Apocalypse to sweeping Charles away to his own private island/pyramid to have his WICKED WAY WITH HIS BOOODY in XMA?

VERY CLOSE MY DARLING THEA, SO SO CLOSE! I say, if Apoc was just a teensy tiny bit less ‘Rawr I’m a god you are all my children’ and more ‘You and me, this world could be ours’ a la Shaw to Erik than things would have been MARKEDLY DIFFERENT.

I say (and I’ll continue to say forever) that we could have had a MUCH better movie if they had stuck to making Charles a Horsemen, and having Apoc seduce him with false promises of a peaceful world of coexistence between humans and mutants (achieveable ONLY if they work together natch), AND bringing all of his wayward family home to him. A total play on Charles’ vanity and pride and his need to DO GOOD and allow him to play benevolent god with Apocalypse’s honeyed words egging him on.

(Also, there is no reason NO REASON AT ALL why Charles and Apoc couldn’t ‘get to know each other better’ physically and in the astral plane ahem).

Then Erik is stuck having to lead a bunch of teenagers into battle against his former lover friend, having to go toe to toe with Apoc who is all ‘You and Magneto don’t want the same thing, Charles. Not like the two of us, Charles. We will lead the world to a better place, Charles, and Magneto only wants to tear it down and burn it to ashes. He has only ever hurt you and let you down, Charles. Stole your heart and your sister and abandoned you, Charles. Whereas I will never ever leave your side…’

And Erik is like ‘Bitch I’m gonna throw a giant metal X at you, unhand my soulmate!’

Oh and please let’s drool all over this amazeballs art by @kingkaneda again!

another set of Kris facts I tried to get my head around.

I thought bashing Kris era was over but obviously, it’s not, especially after Heechul made a statement about how he was discourteous to fans. I know, Heechul. Kris is just a bastard for leaving EXO-M (This is sarcasm by the way, just in case the point was not well made) 

Kris owes fans nothing. The band sells, we choose to buy it. If you think any of the oppa/unnie owes you an explanation or whatever, you need to get your priority straight. We can hope for it, but we cannot demand it. We choose to idolize a particular person with our own accord.

So, Here’s this ramble of thoughts that had been bugging my mind, which are not well put together. Wu Yi Fan, you make me boil with anger from seeing negative things being said about you. What have you done to me? Why did I decide to sell my fangirl soul to you?  

The following are my own opinions and are my opinion only. You are welcomed to throw in your two cents but please, do not go overboard with anger if you are against Kris. 

Here I go.

I think it is Kim Heechul’s right to express his own opinion. It is within his freedom of speech. It is also okay for SM to feel bitter about Kris because they were the one who invested on crafting Wu Yi Fan into Kris. But, what I don’t feel very comfortable is about how it has always been SM’s side making one statement after another, giving off an air that they think Kris is a traitor, while Kris’s side is being absolutely quiet after a few statements they have released. 


This might be an unpopular opinion but I don’t think Kris was enjoying his idol life, which probably led him to leave the scene pretty soon after debut.

Here’s what I thought. Long read ahead. You might want to go and grab something. 

In Showtime, I caught Kris being blank so many times. There were times where he was seen with his headphones plugged into his ears. Some people even pointed out that it was rude of him to plug in his headphones during the show. It was a show dedicated to expose the public with the real side of the boys and Kris might have been the one who showed his real self on the show, in my opinion. He was even caught sleeping on the seats during the episode when the boys went to Namsan tower. 

In episode 1, he didn’t look like he wanted to do this show. He was plain awkward and his face was pretty stoic, which I interpreted that he was just on the show because it is a part of his job. 

In other episodes, he preferred to stay in the background and did all the job he was supposed to do and not take the spotlight. He walked behind everyone. He stayed behind everyone most of the time, not just in Showtime, but other clips as well. Or that’s how I always felt like. 

Overall, Kris was just detached in that show. He might have been the saving grace of the show with his galaxy and ‘my style’ gags but to me, he didn’t look like he was enjoying the fact that he was in the show. 

Kris was always the awkward one throughout the career on variety shows. I think he is shy about what he has to do on screen. How do I explain it… He will do it if it is his duty to do so but it’s very awkward when he has to do something if asked to be done in the spur of the moment. Whenever he does something, he puts his heart and soul into it. I don’t doubt that I saw the glimpses of his genuine sides on Showtime. 

It seemed like he dislikes being sweet as an on-screen fan-service, too. I watched a few radio shows with him in it and he was just terrible at acting sweet. Like, the fake gf phone conversation at Shindong’s Shim Shim Tapa. I’m sure he could have gained like 1000+ extra fans if he said something like “Sweetheart, can’t you sleep? I’ll sing to you so that you can sleep. Let me talk to you until you can sleep” but he was plain awkward about the whole thing and kept saying he can’t do it and then doing it half-heartedly in the end. He was just hopeless at it. But it’s okay, it’s Kris. 

Yet, he’s a sweetheart for sharing chocolates with fans, giving them milk candies in real life, sitting together with them but he’s hardly like that on screen. I have no idea why.

In most of the behind the scene clips I watched, I hardly saw him being hyper. He would be just being himself with a stoic face, smile at the camera a little, speak a little, eat snacks and maybe a few peace pose here and there and that was it. If he was asked to pose pretty extravagantly, all he did was raise his arms. If he is asked to dance, he’ll just fling his arms around and do some random, embarrassing moves. And that’s it. Just go watch a lot of BTS(not Bangtan boys) videos to have a feel of what I was talking about. It’s quite hard to find him being completely random, irrelevant and hyper in those clips. 

Now, here’s another thought I mulled over, Kris said he wants to be an actor, how is it different from being an idol? Aren’t they the same?

There is a difference. 

With being an actor, you have a specific character that you have to be in front of the camera and that’s it. You can revert back to your normal self after it’s done. An actor’s job is to be the character in the script in front of the camera. An idol has to be in a cheerful, carefree character all the time in public. That’s part of the job description.  

So, this is what I make out from it. Even though Kris does act pretty well in front of a camera when given a set of instructions on what to do but when he is asked to do something in the spur of a moment, he turns awkward but retain the hilarity. Kind of like TOP from Big Bang. He probably hates variety.


Another set of reasons I saw about why Kris could have left is because of the unfair treatment. Actor could have been his sole reason about joining SM, we’ll never know his true intention as fans. We’ll never know what terms and conditions they have on Kris’s contracts.

Let us just assume that SM did tell him that he could act while in the band. I said 'let us assume’ so, beware that the above statement is not a fact.

Here’s the fact I observed. During the 2 years, Kris never got a chance as an actor. Most of the events he did were MC role and it is because of his fluency in English and variety shows because of his athletic abilities. He didn’t even have a single walk-through, special cameo appearance role in a drama nor MV like some of the members who got the chances to appear in MVs and dramas. I’m thinking on top of my head so correct me if I am wrong. 

That could have led him to think that he was getting unfair treatment from SM. We haven’t heard official statement about SM rejecting his casting offers, so I don’t want to make wrong assumptions and throw shades at SM.


There’s a factor that he might not be having a great relationship with band members too. That is something we’ll hardly know. Band members are people who he works together with. Think of an album as your school project and band members as colleagues you have to work together with on that project. We hit it off with some people and we don’t hit it off with others. It’s just the way life works. We cannot get along with everyone in the world. 

Kris might be close with EXO but I can surely say that he is not as close to EXO as he is to his best friend Kevin Shin. I can totally bet my vanity collection on it. Yes, he has Tao as his close friend but to me, Tao and Kris seems more like close colleagues than best friend and that Kris sees Tao as a younger brother figure whom he feels the need to take care of. 


Financial difficulty that Kris was facing was one of the rumours that is also floating around… it’s a rumour that I am having a hard time buying. For someone who is usually dressed in limited edition shoes, designer items that are hard to get the hands on (that LV white shoes he wore in LA trip. That dates back to 2009.. ), I don’t work in fashion industry so i don’t exactly know how the companies work. EXO, as an up and coming band, is highly unlikely to be sponsored by big name brands like LV, Givenchy, Pigalle… I am not sure whether SM buys the wardrobe just for the band to share. My common sense says no but hey I might be wrong. Have you followed his Chrome Hearts collection? I want to marry his wardrobe, seriously. His outfits are truly breathtaking in terms of price tags. The bottom line is “I’m sorry. I have a hard time believing Kris having financial difficulty.” Lol.

But, 'financial difficulty’ could also mean that he felt unfairness in the wages being paid despite their popularity and working hours they put in during the past year. 

This is why I want this lawsuit to be over! I want official statements from the court, not all the assumptions that is floating around on the web. I don’t mind if they are neutral but most of them are pretty damaging to his image. Kris pretty much burned the bridges with Korean entertainment, he doesn’t need more negative image. 

Right this is getting very long… I’ll leave it here. 

It feels good to write something out that had been bugging my head. If you have reached it up to here, let me give you a pat and thank you so much for reading.


P.S. Kris fans. Let us all pray for tomorrow. The big showdown is tomorrow…