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I sometimes wonder what would have happened if BOTH Megamind and Metroman had landed in the Scott’s mansion that night.  If they’d both been adopted at the same time and were raised as brothers.  If their nemesis battles were changed to sibling rivalries on who could be the biggest force for Good in the city, always trying to one-up the other in villains defeated and kittens rescued, but teaming up when a REAL threat loomed.

Also, Megamind would totally be the nerdy Theater kid and Metroman would be the Jock and give Megs no end of grief about how he looses his head over the cute Editor of the school newspaper, Roxanne. But he’s the only one allowed to pick on Megs. Cause they’re brothers.


Okay SING fandom I raise you Buster getting to perform at his own theater

"Deleted" scene from Lego Batman
  • Superman *being interviewed*: Yeah, Zod and I have been enemies for a long time, he's like my greatest enemy.
  • *LexCorp Tower in Metropolis*
  • Mercy Graves: Sir? Are you alright?
  • Lex: *sobbing* I'm fine.
Actual Convo with my Spirit Companion

Ger: You should write something.

Me: It’s midnight. No way.

Ger: I’ve been bugging you for days about it!

Me: *sigh* I know.

Ger: It’ll only be like 10 minutes

Me: Fine.

*proceeds to write for the next two hours, until it’s almost 2 am*

Me: goddamn.


Total deaths: 122

So I am on vacation with very little access to the internet, but! I was also super bored and made this thing.
Hope you enjoy it as much as i did!
(Feel free to ask clarifications on some deaths btw ^-^)

Not a purse.

Male Rigger: Are…are you wearing your harness like a purse right now?

Female Electrician: Yes. I don’t have to put it on properly unless something breaks, so don’t judge me.

Male Electrician: I’m wearing mine like a men’s European shoulder-bag.

*Submitted by The Magic Numbat

The Accidental Meeting of Two Things I Love

I went to the Welcome to Night Vale live show on Monday, and I must report the funniest thing that happened, not to mention the most intense second hand embarrassment I have ever experienced.

It’s important to know that the Capitol Theater isn’t very large. I don’t know how many it seats, but it’s intimate. Probably about 600–700 people, not counting the balcony, which was mostly empty. That’s not as many as you might think.

I won’t tell you the specifics of the story, because it was good and I want you to be able to enjoy it if you get the recording, but near the end of the show, Cecil was doing a long, impassioned monologue, and there was a SILENCE FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT moment. He had stopped talking, Disparition had stopped playing, everyone in the theater was totally silent, waiting.

And then someone’s cell phone went off, really loudly. But not just a ring, oh hell no.


Fucking pandemonium. I didn’t see if Cecil was laughing too because I was too busy involuntarily curling into a defensive ball while simultaneously laughing and breaking into a cold sweat, but the entire theater was in stitches. When I could finally look up at the stage and assess the damage, Cecil was smiling at least and they graciously went on with the show.


Moana Live Blog Aftermath


Plot: 10/10

Character Development: 10/10

Animation: 10/10

Music: 15/2

I loved it SO much. I enjoyed being occasionally Hamilton’d or Washington’d or Laurens’d and was Pippa in there? i honestly was paying so much attention to CJack’s voice I forgot to listen for her. I love the overall message. The Animation was MIND BLOWINGLY beautiful. Highly Recommend. 

Yes, I know I’m jumping on this bandwagon a bit late. Oh well. When Moana came out, I was in the middle of finals and then I learned I’d be meeting Lin with @hamilzies and I never found the time to watch it while it was in theaters. totally regret it.

Moana Live Blog: It’s a Wrap!

Everything is better when sung in cat

The overture for Man of La Mancha is starting and our Deck Electrician accidentally locks her comm on.

Deck Elec: “Meow, meow, meow, me-meow, meow, meow, meow…”
SM: “What is happening?”
Light Board: (Trying not to cry from laughter) “Kelly, your comm is locked on.”
Deck Elec: “…”
Deck Elec: “… my bad.”

*Submitted by  time-to-take-a-shot

There’s a lot of headcanons that talk about a hobby-loving GTA Ryan, and most of them are about how he knits or bakes or takes care of plants. But what about a Ryan that is a total closet theater nerd?

Not only has Ryan seen almost every single musical, and he has most of the soundtracks hidden away in his music library, but he also likes to join productions put on my community theaters. He likes how careful and controlled the final product is, compared to the normal shenanigans the crew gets into, and any character he plays is just another mask to him, another persona he gets to try on for a certain amount of time. He refuses to tell the others, because Ryan knows he’ll never hear the end of it, but it’s a little difficult to hide.

After every rehearsal, Ryan refuses to remove his mask for the rest of the night, not if he’s around the rest of the crew. He’d rather take his food somewhere else and eat, and hold the mask firmly in place when Gavin tries to pull it off while complaining about how anti-social Ryan is being all of a sudden. Ryan just doesn’t want them to know he’d washed off his face paint while he was gone, because his face paint never came fully off as far as they knew.

Ryan comes home with excuses about having to “take care of something” or that he was just “causing a bit of harmless trouble”, though not everyone believes him when there are no news reports of anything bad happening in the city.

Jack is the one who finally figures it out. He figures out what show Ryan is in and when it’s being performed, and he drags the rest of the crew to a tiny ass theater that none of them has even heard of. Jack doesn’t tell anyone why they’re there, and has to listen to a bunch of complaints about how everyone could have been doing something much more important that night than seeing some shitty play. And he relishes the looks on everyone’s faces when Ryan steps out on stage.

To his credit, Ryan only briefly pauses when he sees the crew, and then he pushes on and finishes the play as normal. When it’s over, he disappears, and no one can find him for a whole day because he’s so embarassed that they managed to find him at that theater.

But when he does meet up with the crew, he just gets praise of sorts, more than he could’ve hoped for (”Not bad, for a fucking nerd,” Michael says in passing. Ray gives him a thumbs up. Jack tells Ryan he’s proud of him, while Gavin happily rants about how good Ryan was and how surprised Gavin was to see him there).

After that, the crew makes a point to attend every one of his shows, often without telling Ryan, though they do end up teasing him about it once he’s less worked up about it all.