total rager

Whaddup, peeps?! Sugar Motta is in the house and is here to give you all some sugary sweet dish! With my birthday a month away now, I’m totes open to party suggestions since I’m turning the big 21 along with my twinster, but lbr, it’ll totes probably be a total rager that you’ll all be invited to as long as you’re not a total loser loner because those people suck and totally bring the mood down and they totally don’t belong in my world.

Straight White Boy Problem #654

Ok guys I’m glad you could come to this meeting….the frat brothers and i think that we should….*Paul says something inaudible in the background* shut up paul!! we are all brothers here and even if we have disagreements, we have to get along! now we are going to have a total rager here on Friday night and I need everybody to text as many girls as you can so we can have the best party of the semester.

Hide and Seek Preference

REQUEST | TUMBLR | “hellooo! can you please do a blurb of 4/4 where your bestfriends with them and your all playing a game of hide & seek (bc who doesn’t love hide & seek???) and because time is almost out you accidentally take the same hiding space as him which is extremely tiny (closet for example) and your back is to his front and your both trying to stay quiet and he ends up getting a boner and you can feel it. I will be so happy if you write this omg ok ok thank you.” |


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anonymous asked:

Will you please make my day and write a drabble of student katniss and professor peeta having had a fling in senior year of her college and then like 3 years later they meet again at a friends house or something with a 2 year old blue eyed little girl tagging along katniss (peeta + katniss' child but he didnt know)

I’m not sure if anyone else got to this request, but here’s my interpretation.

My husband says that I’m a story tease…

But, happy reading!


Her back hurt.

Opening her eyes, Katniss found herself sprawled out on the floor of her living room surrounded by empty beer bottles and confetti. She groaned as she sat up and was surprised to see that she was covered by a simple white button down.

Sniffing it before putting it on, she was surprised by the sweet, yet familiar scent. Katniss searched her blurred memory trying to remember what had happened last night.

Johanna, her best friend and roommate, had decided to throw a party to celebrate the end of Finals Week.

It had been a total rager—everyone that they knew had decided to come to their modest one-level house for the celebration.

Everyone including—

“Good morning.”

The voice caused a sudden throbbing in her center.

His voice often did—and always in the most inappropriate places.

Like his classroom.

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Basically badmooonrising said derek hale running in sweatpants commando and we came up with a bunch of dialogue and I kinda wrote it into this. enjoy! disclaimer: i know nothing about science. Science and I are not buddies. sorry

“I’m sure he’s a shower and not a grower. Otherwise, that guy has a horse dick, and I’m not sure my ass can handle that.”

“I would rather not know what you can fit in your ass,” Lydia says without looking up from her notes. “The real problem is, why haven’t you tapped that yet?”

Stiles shrugs even though she can’t see it as he bends over to look through the microscope. “Don’t even. You know I once tried to fit a Coke can.”

From his peripheral vision, he can see a flick of strawberry blonde hair. “…I would rather forget that.”

“So why don’t you, huh?” Stiles challenges, sitting up and spinning his chair to face his friend.

“I will never be able to forget that let alone that you have a butt plug shaped like a pylon,” she says dryly.

“Fair point.”

“Or that you buy lube by the tub,” she adds in.

Stiles winces at that one. “Okay well maybe you know a little more about my sex life with myself than you should.”

“In bulk.”

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“I heard that there is this total rager going on,” Zara said looking up from her phone. “I could totally get us to the front of the queue. How epic would that be?” She asked, her thick British accent clinging to every word that came out of her mouth.