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This is just a really crappy preview of a few of the awfully shitty recolors I’ve been working on for a ridiculously long time. So far the set has ballooned to a perfectly reasonable 158MB, LOL. I might be done early 2017, or it might end up in the pile of stuff I never share (not that anyone would miss it).

College au hamilton headcannons:

-Laurens totally has a turtle pillow pet
-Alex falls asleep with it all the time
-Laurens, Alex, and Lafayette will burst into song at any given moment
-nobody knows who Alex’s roommate is bc he spends an equal amount of time in Laurens and Burr’s rooms
-nobody knows who he’s dating either
-Alex is an octopus, he’s just that grabby
-he’ll cuddle Jefferson if he’s drunk/tired enough
-they all spend the holidays at Mulligan’s house
-Peggy and Alex tell each other e v e r y t h i n g
-Angelica starts the ghost hunting club
-Mulligan uses Alex as the model for all his clothing designs
-Alex also lets the Schuyler sisters dress him up
-Laurens loves it

anonymous asked:

Do you think Lauren goes down on other girls or do you think she is a total pillow princess

I know I perv on Lauren a lot and I joke about Camren sex, but I will draw the line at some point lol. I don’t care if Lauren eats booty like groceries, or eat pussies like a thirsty puppy. let’s NOT discuss whether or not she goes down on girls 😳

…. But, ahem, I mean… the way she uses her tongue when she poses could suggest she had had a lot of tongue exercises… For singing and enunciating I mean. (See, I’m making a crude joke again. Idk when to draw the line)

Lol, but seriously, don’t ask me this question ever again. 😑 I’m trying to be a good and respectful girl 😐

  • macarthur: hey sanders
  • sanders: i'm sleeping
  • macathur: sanders guess what
  • sanders: macarthur it's 2 am go to bed
  • macarthur: i have to tell you something, it's important
  • sanders: fine, what?
  • macarthur: i love it when you call me big chungo
  • sanders: i'm divorcing you
Monsta X: MLT To Be Loud In The Bedroom
  • From Least to Most
  • Shownu - Is probably the guy that just breathes heavily or softly groans
  • IM - A TOTAL PILLOW BITER. Or lipbiter, what ever you prefer.
  • Hyungwon - Can either moan in that low dark tone or silently scream.
  • Wonho - Moans porn worthy but really airily and not with much volume.
  • Minhyuk - Probably dirty talks non stop
  • Kihyun - Moaning, whining, begging, dirty talking, the whole shabang!
  • Jooheon
Hamilton Modern AU Headcanons:

• Laf would love Snuggies. He’d have an American flag Snuggie and just walk in public with it. Why? I don’t really know.

• Laurens would totally have a turtle pillow pet like the pillow pet that lights up.

•Mulligan loves Disneyland and he has a lanyard with all the pins too.

• Hamilton would love Ace Attorney and Super Smash Brothers but then one day he chucks his 3DS at the wall and ends up putting a hole in the wall so Eliza has to confiscate it. It’s Peggy’s now.

• T. Jeff and Madison, man these two asshats always find themselves at a Dance Dance Revolution machine.

• It’s been said before that Jefferson probably vapes but Mads would try vaping and he’d just cough like crazy into his little handkerchief that has a picture of Jefferson printed on it.

• You probably guessed it but the Jefferchief was from Jefferson.

hamilton characters in a pillow fight

hamilton: threatening to fight every single person, but when someone comes near him he screams and drops the pillow to throw his hands in the air to surrender

burr: beating on alex and only alex

laurens: probably breaking burr’s leg for hurting alexander

lafayette: fucking breaking everybody’s neck with one hit to the head

mulligan: is sitting in the corner alone because people try to approach him to hit him and he just gives them this look and they run away in terror

washington: trying to calm people down and running around dodging pillows in total fear that someone will get v v hurt

jefferson: laughing at everybody being lame and getting hit but the second a pillow touches him he loses his shit

madison: squealing and hiding behind jefferson seemingly enjoying himself for no known reason

eliza: probably the most badass one out there tbh she’s just beatin all the bitches

angelica: has no problem hitting people but when someone is about to hit her she screams and calls for a time-out

peggy: pillow shields ftw

king george: being a pompous ass and taunting everyone like “lol bro try to hit me” and basically talk shit get hit

Christmas Pillows

Kissen, Kissen, Kissen ist alles was der Sim braucht… na gut, nicht alles! Aber Kissen sind immer gut, oder?
Ich habe jedenfalls ein paar für euch im weihnachtlichen Stil gemacht. Es gibt insgesamtdrei Kissen und jedes hat unterschiedliche Farboptionen & sogar ein Custom Catalog Thumbnail (Ja, wurde ja auch Zeit!).

Die Kissen sind Grundspieltauglich. Der Mesh ist enthalten - es ist ein Recolor meines Mesh Edits *blank pillows*

Ich wünsche euch allen viel Spaß damit, freue mich über Rückmeldungen und bitte gebt Bescheid wenn irgendetwas nicht funktioniert!

Die Grafiken stammen von
- Google Bilder
- AMBillustrations
- SibylDesign
- FRANCEillustration

Vielen Dank für die wundervollen Grafiken! <3

Pillows, pillows, pillows is everything the Sim needs … well, not everything! But pillows are always good, right?
I have a few for you in the Christmas style. There are a total of three pillows and each has different color options & even a custom catalog thumbnail (Yes, yes, time was also!).

The pillows are basegame. The mesh is included - it’s a recolor of my mesh edits * blank pillows *

I wish you all a lot of fun with it, I’m glad about feedback and please let me know if anything does not work!

The graphics are from
- Google Pictures
- AMBillustrations
- SibylDesign
- FRANCEillustration

Thanks for the wonderful graphics! <3

Farboptionen Kissen/ Color options Pillow 1

Farboptionen Kissen/ Color options Pillow 2

Farboptionen Kissen/ Color options Pillow 3

Download seperated: SFS

Download merged: SFS


Mahiru: “I will make sure that these vampires won’t follow you and you will go and save your boyfriend from that Ferid guy. Got it brat?”

Yuu: “Yeah! I will go and save my boy-”

Yuu: “Wait a moment!!”

Mahiru: “What?”

Yuu: “Mika is not my boyfriend!”

Mahiru: “…”

Yuu: “I swear! I don’t love him in that way!”

Mahiru: “Now it’s not the right time to be a tsundere!”

Yuu: “I’m not a tsundere! I only love Mika as a friend!”

Mahiru: “Yeah, sure. You ONLY love him as a friend just like Guren ONLY loves me as a friend. And the photo of that vampire brat with the red hearts drawn all over it, which you hide under your pillow, is totally not evidence that you have feelings for him”

Yuu: *blushes*

Yuu: “How do you know about that photo!”

Mahiru: “Guren is your dad… He sees everything”

Yuu: *looks up to the sky and starts to scream* “DAMN YOU STUPID GUREN!!”