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I'd love to see a scene where everyone is at Emma and Killian's house trying to figure out what to do about the Black Fairy into the early hours of the morning and Killian crashes on their couch with baby Neal. So of course Emma and Snow grab their phones and take approximately a dozen pictures each. Also imagine Killian telling Neal a secret and looking in his eyes and saying "good thing babies tell no tales".

also…… Killian would poke neals nose when he says it and would get all heart eyes and smile really softly before gently kissing his forehead


Hiddlesweek 2017 | Day Five

February 7th: Role I’d Like To See Him In

Tom Hiddleston as Cosmo Brown in Singin’ In the Rain

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I think you mentioned before that The white weasel was sick when you got her? How is she doing now? I just love her

in general, she good! today she’s rather sick - all sneezy & dour. 

Grim will sneeze every couple months (& has since kittenhood), so I’m guessing she passed the virus to Ping, who is enjoying it less. if this continues tomorrow, it might be vet time :(

If something is your passion, listen to your heart. If it’s what you love more than anything else, don’t stop doing it for anybody. 


~ INFP Anime Characters Part 4 ~

[ Photo taken by me / Ponies also drawn by me ]

盤緣馬系列01 最近想拿以前照片來畫,所以可能會有其他張XD

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*shiro slips onto the floor* *thousands of photos of emo Keith spills out* Shiro *picks them up slowly* Shiro: would be a shame if anyone would just come up and LOOK at these TOTALLY NOT EMBARRASSING photos of KEITH

shiro: ohhhh :( noooooo! :(( how :((( could this :(((( happen? ;) i sure hope no one LOOKS AT THESE PICTURES OF KEITH while i’m lying on the floor :((

keith: i prefered it when you were missing tbh. can we go back to that?

shiro: wow keith, that hurt all five of my feelings :(((( anyway i have a suspicious flash drive that i need to give to lance so bye lmao