total noise

alexfrankelnyc: Was an honor to be the Musical Director on The Tonight Show this evening. Despite what people might think about Steve and Louis, they busted their asses to make the song work live for the first time. Louis was 100 percent singing live ( 0 backing track ) and Steve played the bass, claps, and white noise fills totally live. Not easy for guys who are used to playback situations. Rehearsed it 80 times in a day. Was insane. Congratz. And thanks @mattaveli.

Supercat AU

-so since she is the queen of all media, Cat is incapable of sleeping without the tv on. She’s use to the hum and is comforted by the buzz

-one day Cat gets attacked (as she would because shes Cat Grant and Kara decides to be tooootttttally selfless and start protecting her around the clock

-Cat falls asleep on the couch with the TV on and Kara goes to turn it off. When Cat hears the click, she immediately wakes up and turns it back on and Kara just lets it go

-sometime the tension breaks and they have their moment, their heart to heart and they end up falling asleep together in Cat’s bed

-Cat wakes up the next morning with Kara’s body pressed up against her back. The only sound is Kara breathing against her neck

-looking to confirm, Cat discovers that the tv is off. The Queen of all Media had completely disconnected

More British Humour

- u wot m8???
- no likely, no lighty
- ant and dec (more like BANT and dec)
- Dave saved money on his car insurance and now he feels EPIC
- Elaine the pain
- the Isle of Fernandos
- Jeremy Kyle (top notch lad)
- Ed Milibae
- the weather
- gogglebox
- Susan Boyle
- woolworths
- the go compare advert guy
- simples! *meerkat noise*
- total wipeout
- should’ve gone to specsavers
- there’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!


these looks they give… I swear it was like a new sexual awakening for me tbh

Basically Yuko was me

anonymous asked:

When Daddy!Prompto gives his lil chocobeans piggyback rides, he totally makes 'kweh!' noises. They mimic him, and it's the cutest thing.

He even makes obstacle courses in the backyard so that he can run and jump with them on his back. He loves the screeching laughs that they make when he pretends to run into little makeshift jumps.

had a couple of moments today where i felt kind of like.. “this is it. this is what i’m here for”

just small simple things

Kai’s first snow. zoomed in circles, leapt up to knock it off of tall grass. pounced, chomped, playbowed, scrabbled around on his elbows, took off too fast and tumbled over himself. 

i cried watching him run around because. he is very small and very new and this world is. hard. but it’s also one where puppies experience snow for the first time.

second moment was after letting the sheep into a new pen with fresh grass. Spooky (tiny black cat) came up to me. i crouched to pet him, he climbed onto my shoulders and snuggled against my neck.

 i just sort of

sat down in the snow-tipped grass and soaked in the hillside. for a very long time. too-busy-brain totally silent. small noises of the sheep grazing, bundled up in their woolly coats. warm purring cat. snow drifting down in loose flakes, softening everything. songbirds, wind through pine needles, not a trace of chaotic human noise.