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Blasphemy, AGRA, and TJLC Crack

So awhile ago I made this quick crack post of about the Greek village, Agra on the Isle of Lesbos (yes that Lesbos). 

There is more than one Agra in the world and the Greek one has a tiny wikipedia page with only one real fact about Agra: Agra has three temples. One for Saint George, the Dragon Slayer, one for Saint Demetrius, the Soldier, and one for an Archangel (with a 50% chance it’s Micheal).

What’s so cool about Saint George and Saint Demetrius? Well lets look at how they are depicted in religious icons:

Here are George and Demetrius- They’re often depicted together.

No, I didn’t draw it. That’s from google. Let’s keep going…

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So I never ever post my stuff in here but I started writing this and it got out of hand and I have no idea where this came from but I like it very very much and I thought I shared it…

I’ve see many fics where Cat doesn’t miss a beat in correcting Kara to call her ‘Cat’ instead of ‘Ms. Grant’ when they start getting involved, and I have this headcanon:

Cat actually likes to be called 'Ms. Grant’ by Kara instead of insisting on being called Cat everytime Kara says it. And, not just in bed for a dom! sub! thing (though that would totally happen as well), but like just day to day because they are so used to it, and it’s a respect thing, since we see most people calling her Cat unless they are afraid of her (say Winn), and Kara says it in a very affectionate way that makes Cat’s heart skip a beat, and sometimes Kara says it teasingly, and other times she just uses it almost like a term of endearment (and she tried to teasingly use kitty once but got a slap on the face and a week on the couch, of her own apartment).
Because 'Cat’ is personal, 'Cat’ is private, 'Cat’ is intimate. It’s for when it’s the two of them and Carter, sometimes even Adam though Kara and Adam are still awkward around each other; 'Cat’ is for when they act like an old married couple and Cat does or says something so rude or stubborn that a simple 'Ms Grant’ reprimand isn’t strong enough, it’s for when Cat does something so amazing that Kara can’t help but gasp 'Cat!’, it’s for when Cat does something so considerate when Kara is down that all the girl’s emotions just spill out in a soft sigh or whisper of 'Cat’. It’s for when they are having breakfast or getting ready for the day or watching tv on the couch on a lazy Sunday at home with fluffy socks and worn out tshirts that Cat will never admit to ever wearing. It’s for holidays and long weekends on their private beach when Kara keeps trying to coax Cat into dropping her book and going for a swim with her, for when she calls excitedly to show her the sand sculpture she and Carter did, for when she slips behind Cat pressing her whole body cold from the water against Cat’s sun heated skin and they watch as Carter has the time of his life playing with their dog and Adam and Cat presses a kiss on Kara’s salty neck. It’s for the heated arguments over 'truth justice and the American ways’ they have at home that always start in the public areas of the house like the living room or the kitchen, or even their home office, but they always take it to the balcony of their bedroom when they notice things getting ugly so Carter won’t have to watch them tearing each other; it’s for the apologies after that and the i love you’s that follow, and the promises of open minded reconsideration, and the suggestion of ordering take out and having a game night with Carter. It’s for the hard moments of pain and doubt (and Cat has many of those because she might have a rough exterior but she actually is very caring and vulnerable) when Kara will wrap her arms around Cat’s tiny body and pepper kisses on her neck and shoulder before just burying her nose there and listening to Cat’s heartbeat waiting for her heart rate to go back to normal and her body to stop shaking. It’s for the pleas in the supermarket to get an extra tube of ice cream or box of sugary cereal or bag of chips combined with pouty lips and wide puppy eyes from Kara and Carter; for the excitement of waking up to the first snowfall of the year, and fireworks on new year’s eve followed by a kiss that starts before the count down and ends long after it’s done. It’s for the first time Carter spends the weekend at a friend’s house and Cat wants to call every five minutes and can only sleep after Carter calls (because Kara told him to in a discreet text) to say goodnight despite Kara insisting she can hear him and he is fine. It’s for when Cat is sick and being adorable yet extremely stubborn and doesn’t want to cooperate in Kara’s care to make her better; it’s for the whines when it’s Kara’s turn to get sick when she blows out her powers and Kara is literally the worst patient ever in direct competition with Cat herself. And it’s for when Supergirl is needed and Kara has to leave a very worried Cat behind (be it on the street on the office or on their bedroom) and she bids goodbye with a soft kiss on the lips a promise of coming back safe and an extra kiss to the forehead just to make sure, before flying off, up up and away, to save the day.

'Cat’ it’s only theirs.

(much like Keira/Kara is for Cat)

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your stories. They tend to hit me right in the feels but I can't help but love them. Anyway, a thought occurred to me just now when I read Imaginary Friend about the other Pines finding out about this. Like Ford is going over plans to stop Bill with Dipper and Mabel, and Stan walks through and sees the journal page. He's like, "Huh. That looks like Bill." The others stare at him, because as far as they know he's never seen him. Ford (part 1)

(Part 2) suddenly worries as he realizes that Stan’s been here for 30 years and he was vulnerable to him. Stan just shrugs him off and is like, “He was just my imaginary friend was as a kid.” And Ford realizes that Bill been involved in their lives for a whole lot longer and worries Bill did something to his brother (though luckily Stan didn’t make a deal or anything).

Aw, thanks, anon! I’m glad you like my work, especially Imaginary Friend, which holds a special place in my heart. I still love the concept, that being “young!Stan & Bill interaction before anyone knew Bill was relevant.”

 I also really like you take on Stan recognizing Bill much to everyone’s dismay (and Ford’s reaction is perfect, yes please, thank you) but in terms of canon I now headcanon that either the kids explained to Stan what happened to Bill right after Dreamscaperers and he pretended to brush it off but filed the information away for safekeeping or that after The Last Mabelcorn a concerned and still slightly traumatized Dipper warned him about Bill.

But now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m going to ramble about the “Bill & Stan memories” topic for a bit because in a way, canon has not necessarily undone my old theory. If anything, it’s given the idea a unique garden in which to flourish, and here’s why:

Many people have speculated about Bill’s return (myself included) and how that might happen, the fallout, etc. Most of the stuff I’ve seen, however, tends to focus on Stan possibly being possessed and everyone’s reaction to that. Which is great, I’ve even got a fic in the works on that very subject but…

Does Bill even have to bother? I’d argue that he wouldn’t even need to possess Stan to mess with him and the rest of the Pines.

Back up to the finale: Bill was basically obliterated, or at least, mostly obliterated. Whatever incantation he used must have allowed at least a bit of him to survive. But even the smallest fragment was all he really needed.

Because the whole reason erasing Stan’s mind was such a foolproof solution was that Bill only existed within his mind at the time, and so by destroying Stan’s mind, no more Bill. 

Thus, the moment Stan’s memories began to return, the danger of Bill’s return became real. It’s why I fell in love with @losersday’s fic where nobody dares mention Bill’s name or any of the explicit details of what occurred in fear of jogging a memory - because if Stan remembers Bill, Bill would then exist again. Of course they would try to avoid that at all costs.

So let’s say nobody mentions Bill in Stan’s presence forevermore. Never mind all that! as they now say. Good. That might have been enough, if not for that fragment of Bill lying around like a fungus, growing in the darkness. He would be weak, I imagine, after such a blow. Hungry, maybe. What does he eat?

(Oh, right. He does enjoy eating childhood memories)

Anyway, I’m building to a point, I swear. Because in this scenario, there are some very interesting yet frightening implications. So at this stage, Bill would be nothing more than an idea, perhaps even only the stirrings of an idea. He needs to gain a foothold into existence again. He needs to be known.

Meanwhile, all around him are Stan’s budding, broken memories. He’s only got a tentative grip on them, especially the older ones, the traumatic ones, the ones where nobody else was there to now confer or confirm, etc…

It would be so easy for Bill to infiltrate a childhood memory, introduce himself like in my old fic. To enter a not-so-nice one, offer Stan a helping hand. Make him believe he’s an ally. A friend. Make him believe certain friends were enemies. Twist the facts. Shape them to meet his ends. With each memory he steals, each reality he fabricates, the realer he becomes. Bill would never need to take control of Stan, if he played his cards right. All he would have to do is manipulate and confuse him.

Memories are so, so important. They are what ties you to the people around you, to the world, they are what make up your subjective reality. That’s why Stan losing all of his memories destroyed who he was, murdered him in every sense of the word. Now Bill has the power of those memories within the palm of his hand. And he could use that to his advantage.

At least, if I were an evil triangle who had fallen from my pedestal like a ten tone brick, that’s what I would do.