total look alikes

This has been burning a hole in my brain all month

Consider this
Adrien planning on dressing up as ladybug for Halloween for months and poor Marinette agonizing over it because she only has a short time to start making her costume before it’s too late so she goes to a store to look at costumes for ideas and she notices that the ladybug ones are totally sold out and the chat noir ones have a dent in them but the difference between them is obvious
So she decides to go as chat because she is worried he might feel unappreciated
And of course when Mari sees Adrien dressed as ladybug her brain shuts down for a minute while Adrien is extremely happy about her being dressed as chat And them both getting flustered and complementing each other And Adrien askes her why she didn’t dress as ladybug because she would be a good one(because it’s total coincidence they look exactly alike)
and she starts stuttering out a speech about how unappreciated chat is and how he deserves as much recognition as ladybug and in the middle of her speech Adrien just starts crying tears of shear happiness because his adorable sweet classmate thinks so much of him And Mari starts freaking out because she just made Adrien fucking Agreste cry and I’m in deep with this fucking love square I’m sorry

Is it just me or am I seeing a lot of celeb look alikes in the Ridonculous Race? Well, I made an edit giving a few examples in a side by side comparison.

Tom: Tyler Oakley
Junior: 2010 Justin Bieber
Ennui: Marilyn Manson
Spud: Jack Black
Carrie: Taylor Swift
Devin: Markiplier

There were odd stories about him; as that when children died Peter Pan went part of the way with them, so that they should not be frightened.


okay is it just me or does Charming from Shrek look like Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones???? I just noticed this???? I mean they’re both even pompous little shits???

[SCREAM MTV thought] Could Emma got a second personality post trauma?

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About episode (2x01) Emma got back to Lakewood, i’ll skip things on here, Jake is dead and his death is totally look alike Emma’s nightmare in a barn which has a dead pig with a vertical cut on the belly showing off it guts, “funny fact” Jake got a cut in the same freaking way!!! And other thing to notice is… before Jake got caught he was distracted by a pig toy. Jake called Emma as Girl Interrupted, it’s a reference to a movie, the protagonist has a personality disorder in this movie. Jake got a “wall message” calling him as Boy Interrupted,  there’s must be something on this! Even though this theory has some wholes, i hope you enjoy! Share your thoughts!

Man Chops Off Nose To Look Like Captain America Character

Like this? Then check out these lazy dopplegangers that had BARELY ANY SURGERY AT ALL to look like other people:

Russell Johnson (The Professor from Gilligan’s Island) and Simon Baker (The Mentalist) totally look alike!

I noticed this last night when watching an episode of the The Twilight Zone with Russell Johnson and was like, that pretty-boy face on that guy is really familiar…He looks like someone I know form today’s TV shows. Oh, another pretty-boy face guy is The Mentalist dude! Totally! And apparently I am not the only one who came to this conclusion.