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mood: drinking 5 espressos and one red bull in less than three hours. bouncing my leg so much i accidentally hit the table and spill water all over my notes. i get up and walk around the house three times looking for something that i don’t know what. i give up and sit down again, only to realize i was looking for a towel to dry the table. the water is now dripping on the floor. i have a sudden urge to eat tacos.

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Little lads first heists. Michael's is at a few months old, Geoff takes him along as a prop. Gavin age four first heist, stealing the tip jar from a store that was mean to his mama and micoo. Jeremy is seven and attempts get away driver. Badly.




Hee hee, Jack would be pisssssssed.

As for Gavin, I just see him in his room with a bunch of stuffed animals on his bed, and him calling them ‘his crew.’ And Jeremy is at the foot of the bed, excited because Gavin is actually including him, and Gavin is like “The traget” and he points to a scribbled drawing on a giant pad of paper. “He’s a meanie man who was mean to my Jack and my Micoo. We are going to make him pay.”

And this tiny voice asks, “How?”

And Gavin says, “Easy, by making him pay.” And Jeremy doesn’t get it, but he’s 2 and really Gavin didn’t really understand what he meant either until he saw the tip jar the next time they went into the store.

And Jeremy has a wagon on the back of his bike that Michael and Gavin are supposed to get in after they steal Anthony and his brother’s pocket money. And here come 10 year old Michael and 9 year old Gavin running around the corner and Michael is screaming, “GO GO GO!” And Jeremy, not even waiting for them to get into the wagon, just starts peddling. And Michael yells, “Not without us!”

Jeremy doesn’t get too far, he hits a pole and falls off the bike. He doesn’t hurt himself badly, just a few scrapes, but Michael never lets him be the getaway driver again.

got-them-fandoms  asked:

Michael getting really into science (chemistry) and quickly picking up on/getting really good at creating controlled explosions in class - eventually he's banned from using equipment unsupervised after an unforgettable experience involving a weird reaction and mass amounts of expanding foam


Michael just jumps up and says, “Well I have to go.” Jack uses his full name and he knows he’s in trouble.

Michael winning first place at a science fair by creating a volcano so realistic the judges are afraid there’s real magma inside. He’s smug about it all week.

SBUK3: Saturday - Bex Panel


  • “Yeah whatever mate good luck.” What people said to Bex about acting  (x)
  • “I was like hashtag confused” (x)
  • “I don’t need no man!” Bex about Rumple and Hades. (x)
  • It makes Bex feel at home to have other British on set (x)
  • “Buckled myself up for some hate tweets and flew back to Vancouver.” Bex about coming back to the show (x)
  • Bex tells a story about Lana and her dancing and sillying around (x)
  • “There’s a theme here. If you’re British I like you.” Talking about Cruella (x)
  • If Zelena could have any other accent, it would be Scottish (x)
  • Bex took Lana’s chocolate, Lana took Bella, Bex took Lola. She wanted to take Lana’s car. Maybe she will do something this weekend. (x)
  • Bex doing accents bless my life (x)
  • Bex hasn’t listened to Hamilton because she wants to see the play first (x)
  • Zelena and Regina have the capacity of being each others sister soulmates (x)
  • “I don’t want to be anyone else.” Which character would you beeee (x)
  • Who’s the best kisser? “Let’s pretend my husband isn’t here. They are all rubbish compared to him.” (x)
  • Bex is super super excited about the musical episode but she cannot say anything (x)
  • “Working with kids with speaking disabilities” if she would not act. She is interested in languages (x)
  • Marry: Belle. Bed: Cruella. Kill: Maleficent (x)
  • Family. Telly. A proper cup of tea. A proper curry (x)
  • Celeb crush. Lana Parrilla. “She just gets me.” (x)
  • “Have a wicked day since life is too bloody short.” (x)

  • If hades was still and alive and rumple wanted Zelena who would she want more - Neither, hades was a massive lier killed my baby daddy (x)
  • “How did I get into OUAT”
    • Bex: walking her dog in LA and holding a bag of poo and got the call (x)
  • “What would Zelena do if she saw her father”
    • Bex: probs smack him in the face, rubbish dad, I’ve got a nice dad in real life tho (x)
  • One of bex’s fav episodes to shoot was ‘sisters’ (x)
  • Bex said Zelena would be bitter and green in the corner and probably get fire if she was on greys (x)
  • “If Zelena had grown up in our world what would she be like”
    • Bex: total lad (x)
  • Bex was gutted when she died she knew it would happen and then rumple stabbed her and she shattered She had a feeling she would come back (x)
  • Bex was ready for the Zelena hate tweets when found out she would be pregnant with robin’s baby (x)
  • “When shooting the wedding, bex and Lana were being really silly” (x)
  • Bex loves Cruella (x)
  • There’s not enough pub action in storybrooke if she was cursed in season 1 she would have a pub - bex (x)
  • She’s doing Scottish !!! “Sorry rumple it’s my time” - bex (x)
  • After Lana stole bex’s dog for stealing her chocolates she wanted to steal lana’s car Now shes inspired she might do something this weekend (x)
  • She took something from set, but can’t say what  we arnt allowed to tell (x)
  • She doesn’t wanna say who she ships she things the are all adorable (x)
  • She’s just over there with her monkeys and babies (x)
  • Zelena would Netflix and chill (x)
  • “If she had to choose to be someone else, she would be EQ or rumple” but (x)
    • She loves zelena (x)
  • “Who is the best kisser, bobby sean or Greg,”
    • Bex: Lets go with Mr Gold (x)



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a definitive ranking of the bee emojis

all at it with the opacity and the gradients! nice work, apple, this is a solid Bee.

what a smiley little friend! his missing legs do not hinder his existence. 7/10.

simple. does its job. kinda looks like a kid’s drawing that you accidentally squished though. 4/10

this fellow’s got wonderful eye contact. he’s probably the guy who’s singlehandedly saving the bees. 7/10.

do you wanna buy some drugs? this guy knows exactly where to get them from. unbelievable. 420/10.

is he shrugging because he’s got no idea what to do and the world’s failed him? same. 8/10

go away. 3/10.

this is very clearly not a bee, but an ant with wings. disappointing work. 5/10

how very similar you two look. don’t worry, i won’t tell anyone. 5/10. 

what a kind little lad! he totally won’t sting you, he’ll just nuzzle at you a bit. 9/10.

-1/10 because if i never see this again it’ll be too soon

anonymous asked:

haha Gavin as a safe haven drop baby and Geoff snags him because it's storming out and he's late for Valentines day and a baby makes a great present right? Omg you could have Jeremy as a "Foster" from another crew they took down that was really really terrible and had Jeremy basically in crisis and Geoff couldn't just leave the poor kid to the system. Especially because Jack had already picked him up and was fussing over him.

I can totally see Geoff showing up on a date with a baby and Jack going “Whatcha you got there?” and Geoff being a smoothie. And Jack like “in the other hand Geoffrey” and Geoff going “Would you believe it if I said another smoothie?” But he can’t stop talking about this kid and how awesome he is and how even though he’s only a few months old he can totally high five or whatever and Jack’s like “What are we going to do with a baby?” And Geoff’s like “Raise him of course.” And she gives in because he is adorable and Geoff looks so happy.

And of course, years later, when Jack is fussing over Jeremy, Geoff knows exactly how she felt when it was him and Gavin, so he’s like “I guess we’re getting another kid.”

ANd I love the idea that Jeremy is a ‘foster’ from another crew. That’s fantastic and I am so glad you thought of it.

andrewsneil  asked:

hello!! hi ive jus read deepest shade n i was wonderin how long it was plannin on being cos that is some goooooooood shit i luv all the scenes sm n i cannot. wait 4 soft klance

ohhhh boy well i have it more or less all planned out, but scenes tend to come n go and get stretched out once i start writing them, so it’s hard to say how long it’ll end up,,, (also you would not BELIEVE what writing detailed smut will do to the wordcount lmao its gonna end up being like half porn in terms of sheer volume) 

BUT umm even though i desperately wanted to keep it below 100k (bc i don’t personally enjoy really long fics; whom is focus i do not know her), realistically it probably will break that and then some. i’d say we are probably hovering around the halfway point, but we have a slightly longer ways to go than we’ve gotten so far (me @ me: FUCK)

AND WOW I’M!!! OVERJOYED THAT YOU LIKED IT!!! <3 i, too, am excited about the soft k/ance ;w;

"Cheeky Nandos" US Translation

So me and my bro Tyler were kicking it at the mall the other day trying to scope out some fresh new Nikes but we realised we were soooo totally hungry yo so Ty was all like ‘dude we gotta pig out I’m totally dying’ but first we had to pick up our bro Chad who’s a straightup savage lmao, Ty suggested hitting up Taco Bell but we were all like “Hell no dude” cause it ain’t rad enough these days, know what I’m sayin? So instead we cruised to get some bomb ass Chipotle cause we were feeling totally cray cray, and Chad blasted that new fire from Drake through the AUX and it was so totally awesome #goals

anonymous asked:

(Adopt anon) They've been using the planning room while Geoff and Jack are out heisting. One day, Ryan is left behind with a mild injury (Mama Jack wont let him go because of it). He's taking a nap when the boys go to plan. When he wakes up, he finds them in the planning room and now Ryan has joined in the heist because how DARE Debra say that about Jack SHE MUST PAY. The lads are pleased to have Ryan's devious experience. They start behaving better for him so he can babysit more and help plan

Damn, if Ryan is involved Debra’s car might end up on fire in the middle of an empty parking lot. And they’re all scrambling to get away, because the cops are totally going to get called, and Gavin is yelling, “You said a lot of sticky bombs.” And Ryan says, “Yeah, this one is one me.”

But none of them get caught (or in trouble for that matter) though there is a ban on sticky bounds for a while after that (mostly because Jack is afraid Gavin might blow off his leg or something).

OR Debra wakes up to flashing light coming from her living room and she rushes out of her bedroom to find fireworks exploding all over the room. And she screams, locking herself in the bathroom, while the lads and Ryan watch from across the street.

I feel there’d be more explosions with Ryan involved. A room full of fake blood, probably. Like Debra’s master bathtub just covered in fake blood and she actually thinks somebody was murdered but the cops test it and it’s just corn syrup.

Ryan’s devious mind with Gavin’s devious mind would be an amazing match up because Gavin learned from the best.

Hudson was more than sure that he hadn’t been noticed just yet, a fact which was fine by him, but the longer he stood there, the more both his confusion and his amusement soared. “Do you need me to give you a minute or..—” A smile slipped through, however small, in jest of what he’d walked in on. “Are you just about done with… whatever this is.”