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You make me shy - JinJin

Request: Hey can I request a JinJin scenario where you have a crush on him but whenever you’re around him, you’re a total klutz. Thank you! 💖💖💖

Genre: fluff (?)

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Sanha had invited you to the boys’ upcoming concert and to join them backstage before the show. You had never seen them perform live before, so you gladly said yes. Sanha knew about your crush on JinJin, because you were stupid enough to tell him once, so he thought this would be the perfect opportunity for you to get to talk to each other. You had met JinJin multiple of times before, but that was before you started crushing on him.

“Y/N! Hii!” Sanha shouted as he saw you enter the backstage area. He ran towards you and gave you a big hug. “I’m so happy you could make it.” You bowed at the rest of the members, except JinJin who wasn’t anywhere to be seen. “Where’s JinJin?” Moonbin asked looking around the room. “Here!” You heard someone say and the person came running towards you. It was JinJin.

“Sorry, I was at the toilet” He said, fixing his hair. “Oh hi Y/N, I almost didn’t see you there! Nice to meet you” JinJin said while laughing as he bowed a 90 degree bow. “Hi, i’m good” You nervously bowed as you flashed him a tiny smile. It was then you realized what the heck you just said. What the hell, he didn’t freaking ask you ‘how are you?’. You facepalmed yourself on the inside and you could feel your face getting red. “Oh.. uhm.. I mean, nice to meet you too!” You said, bowing once more. He laughed at you but got cut off by one of the staffs shouting his name. “I gotta go get my microphones ready, we’ll talk later” He said with that one perfect smile you loved so dearly, as be walked over to the staff.

“Nice going” Sanha said with a smirk plastered on his face. “Yah! Shut your mouth” You snapped back at him. Ever since you told him about your crush on JinJin, he hasn’t stopped teasing you. You looked over at Jinjin and watched him as the staff fixed his ear plugs. The staff handed him some sort of microphone belt, and he bowed as a thank you. “Go over and help him” Sanha said as he bumped his arm against yours. “Sanha that is nev-” you tried to say but got interrupted by Sanha raising his hand in the air and pointing at you. “JinJin hyung! Y/N would like to help you out with the belt!!” He shouted over at JinJin. No no no no. What did you do to him to deserve this kind of treatmind. Jinjin smiled and mouted a “Jinjja!?”.

You took a deep breath and made your way over to JinJin. “Here” He said with a smile and handed you the belt. You grabbed it and watched him lift up his shirt. Oh lord. You couldn’t help youself but to look down at his beautiful abs. The way they were shaped into his gorgeous mela- Your thoughts got interrupted by JinJin clearing his voice. You snapped out of your thoughts and started putting the belt around his stomach. Could you even get any more red-faced than you are right now?

“Kamsahamnida” JinJin said as he bowed at you. “N-no problem” You said, trying your best to smile even though you were dying on the inside from what had just happened. You turned your back to him and made your way over to Sanha who was currently sitting on a coach taking selcas .

“Look, that went amaz-” Sanha said but got interrupted by you hitting him on the arm. “Ouch, what was that for!?” He whined, giving you a death glare. “For making me look like a dumbass in front of JinJin aka my freaking crush” You said plopping down beside him with your arms crossed. “Crush?” Somebody said from a couple meters away. You looked up only to see JinJin stand infront of you. Oh no, this can’t be happening.

“Attention boys! The concert starts in 10 minutes so please get ready!” Their manager said, breaking the awkward tention that was currently occupying the space between you. “Remember to lower your voice next time” Sanha whispered in your ear before dragging a speechless JinJin away. Well that went great.

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Best Time to Be a Klutz

Title: Best Time to Be a Klutz

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,749 (#sorrynotsorry ;) )

Warnings: Dean being a sweet heart and smut sweet smut 

A/N: As a total klutz who adores heels myself this speaks to me haha Hope you all like it!! Let me know if you have any ideas on what to write next or want to be tagged! Tags at the bottom :) Love you all! <3

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Riley's Cheerleader

Riley neared the end of her cheer, a smile lit her face. It was her official first cheerleading competition on the squad.

She had trained for weeks and finally wasn’t a total “super klutz” on the floor.

She completed her last move, a splits in the front center of the team, her arms proudly in the air.

Everyone clapped wildly, she jumped around and ran off the floor with the other girls and hugged them excitedly.

Ever since the New Year fiasco of the century a couple of weeks ago, Riley had distanced herself from her friends. She explained to a devastated Maya that she needed time to herself. Maya was initially heartbroken when she found that their beloved Bay window had been locked.

Topanga and Cory comforted her, explained that Riley really needed time. Maya had ran into Lucas one day at Topanga’s. They sat silently next to each other in their usual two seats.

And they found themselves in that same position every single day for a week and even started to converse, never mentioning the horrid incident.

It was Riley who had walked in after a long practice, her cheer bag slung over her shoulder.

She peered over and saw the two of them, blissfully happy.

She smiled to herself and walked away. From that day onward she threw herself into practices until the day of the competition.

When she stood with her team awaiting the final announcement for the regional championship she looked toward the crowd. She scanned the sea of people but no one was in sight.

She convinced Cory and Topanga she didn’t want anyone there, maybe she was still embracing her teen angst but she described the overwhelming nervousness of this moment and how it would amplify with her perfect parents in the audience.

Finally the announcer named third place, and then her team for second. The cheerleaders joined in hugs and congratulations. Despite not receiving the first place finisher she was still pleased with herself.

Everyone dispersed once the ceremony was over and Riley stood in the crowd of people.

She looked to the floor and perked up when she felt a hand rest on hers, “You were amazing.”

She couldn’t help herself she softly smiled, “Did you watch me compete?”

Farkle nodded his head, “No matter what, despite the number of times Smackle destroyed me you were there to cheer me on. I’d never forgive myself if I couldn’t do it for you.”

He played with the stuffed animal and card in his hand. “Are those for me?”

Riley pointed at the items and he nodded his head.

“A bunny cheerleader and a card.”

He observed her as she hugged it and opened the card.

“Riley, I’m so sorry for hurting your heart. I still hope you find it in your heart to forgive me and give me the chance to fix it. From your #1 cheerleader, Farkle.”

She smiled at the words and graced a hand over the script.

Instead of replying she yanked his collar and brought him outside, “Farkle, you’re the absolute worst…”

He eyed her suspiciously.

“You did what you thought was the right thing on New Years, you were there for me the whole time I was breaking apart, you are always there for me, you read me before even I do, and then you make it to my competition hours away from home and you give me another cute stuffed animal which I love and write me the most perfect letter. Thank you!” She pulled him in for a hug.

She held him closely and he wrapped his arms around her, “I meant it when I said I’ll always be here for you.”

She nodded her head, “Farkle I think I was wrong, I think Maya and Lucas deserve each other. They balance each other out and have that thing that keeps them totally excited about each other. I hope I find that one day, with the right guy.”

She stared at the bunny and ran her fingers over its ears.

He placed an arm around her and smiled, “ I know you will, I promise.”

Yesterday I fell getting out of bed

I managed to hit a bedside table and bruise my right elbow, hurt my left wrist, and cut and bruise my right thigh.

I was laid flat out, halfway in the bathroom, and I was laughing so damn hard at myself Mr. Kaaay thought I was sobbing.

(It’s slightly less funny today, as the ibuprofen has worn off, but I still can’t stop myself from laughing if I think on it too long),.

Yup, I saw me some Superman. Not the whole Supergirl episode - still haven’t caught up - but I saw, if not all of the Superman scenes on Youtube, at least a representative example. And Jesus, he really was that good. Charming without being corny, genuinely awkward as Clark without being a total klutz, quiet but still having steel when he needed it, trusting but not naive, funny and fun but you can believe he could be in danger. Not totally invincible and infallible and all-loving and perfect the way some hardcore fans want and others feel is the only option for a non-soul-crushing take on him, but utterly and palpably good while staying a real character. I am honestly willing to sign up with Hoechlin as my favorite live-action Superman, and this took the (in my opinion extremely likely) hope of him getting his own show from a “wouldn’t that be nice” to “I’m going to be actively angry now every time Arrow or Legends aren’t cancelled to make room for it”.

Some high points:

* The costume while still not the real deal is better in motion, and probably the best existing realization of the New 52 aesthetic.

* Much to my surprise they did address the elephant in the room of him looking the same age as Kara; Kryptonians apparently do age slower, so I guess Benoist and Hoechlin will be using more and more makeup as time goes on. Still, Lois needs to be at least mid-late 30s when she inevitably shows up.

* Speaking of Lois, it’s made clear she knows, which is a relief considering how ridiculous the alternative would be 12+ years into them knowing each other. Also she worries about him when he’s out of town, which is a funny, nice touch.

* Lex is apparently full-on, earthquake-machine-making Mad Scientist Luthor, which is pretty much how I see him at this late phase of his career, so that’s good by me.

* The shirt rip and takeoff was great enough already, but it’s even better now that an interview confirmed they did it specifically because it never completely happened on Smallville.

* Good, brief take on his relationship with Krypton.

* I am all about the Clark/Jimmy secret handshake.

So for the first time in awhile, I’m really, fully, uncomplicatedly happy with a Superman thing. That’s nice.

  • Emma: You're my roots.
  • Regina: Huh?
  • Emma: Do you remember when you lectured me about how many places I'd lived in and how I was rootless?
  • Regina: I remember you spilled cocoa all over yourself.
  • Emma: Yeah I was a total klutz.
  • Regina: Was?
  • Emma: Hey!
  • Regina: Don't worry, I found it annoyingly cute.
  • Emma: And now?
  • Regina: It's annoyingly, endearingly cute.
  • Emma: And that's why you're my roots. I was rootless Regina and then Henry brought me home, to my happy ending and now I have roots. Henry brought me here but I know that even if he leaves for college or work or whatever else, I'll stay because you're my're where I want to stay.
  • Regina *smiles softly*: And you're mine too. Anywhere where you are, that's where I want to be, whether that's here or an igloo in the're my roots Emma.
fic: a drowning grip on your adoring face

cartinelli. 3.5k, rated g for a whole lot of silly fluff.

happy @holidaycartinelliexchange! this is a gift for @jellysnack, who gave a hilarious prompt, only half of which i could even come close to filling.

Angie is what her Ma likes to call functionally graceful.

At the L&L, where dropped plates mean less tips and docked pay, she carries dishes balanced on her arms like she’s got her own secret stash of Adhesive X. On stage, every movement is a deliberate manifestation of the character she’s giving life to.

There’s only one other place where Angie’s body does exactly what she wants it to do, and that’s at home plate waiting to knock a baseball clean out of the park.

The rest of the time? Angie’s what her Ma likes to call a total klutz.

Angie’s been playing ball since before the war, when she was young enough that her Ma didn’t mind too much, and then when she was old enough that her Ma minded a whole lot. She’s not so good that she ever tried out for the league once it started up, but she took her Ma to an All American Girls game in Queens in ‘45. After that, she stopped complaining so much, having seen all the sailors in the stands. 'You’ll catch yourself a nice boy,’ she’d said, patting Angie’s hand. The thought still makes Angie chuckle, since it’s either that or cry.

None of that stops Angie from playing, though, and every Saturday morning she slips out of Howard’s penthouse while Peggy’s still asleep, as easily as she ever did out of her parents’ house without waking her Ma, and catches the train to Brooklyn.

That lasts all of a month in her fancy new home, until one morning she’s halfway across the foyer when Peggy startles her halfway to the grave. “Am I ever going to find out the honest way where you’re off to at such an hour, or do I have to put my considerable skills to sneaking after you?”

On the front of her uniform it says Joey’s Autos, on the back it says Rhubarb because that’s a nickname she’ll never live down, and Peggy’s leaning against the kitchen doorway in her silky, pink robe, a mug of tea in hand like she’s been waiting for Angie for a while.

If she’s being real honest, which is something Angie’s almost too good at, she’d been keeping it a secret from Peggy for as long as she could. Not because Peggy would get the wrong idea or anything. More like she’d get the right idea. And then she’d be out on the street with her belongings tossed after her.

Except Peggy doesn’t toss her out. Peggy just gets that smile on her face, the one Angie loves a little too much because sometimes she thinks she might be the only one that puts it on Peggy’s face, and asks if she could come along some time.

Besides, the only way Peggy’ll ever know Angie’s got the best blooper in all of New York City is if she comes along.

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