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Ok ok ok… So here are two Oikawa + “Swedish” outfits. (I just picked two guys at random from my school year catalogue and drew their outfits) that anon requested. I really don’t know what is fashionable here… So I just did this instead, I hope it’s okay! One thing I noticed was that almost all guys are wearing blue jeans that’re cuffed + a random long sleeved shirt…. Yeah! 

captoverkill  asked:

New to your Tumblr, so what type games are you making? What is the story?

Starlight igniter is a sidescrolling platformer character action game where you take control of Sprocket, a young pilot, and team up with the super robot North star in an action packed mech fighting adventure.Starlight Igniter takes place in a floating colorful dystopian city where gravity can be manipulated.

Starlight Igniter allows the player to unlock new abilities and weapon systems for their mecha, these can be reconfigured to make the setup you want, but customization is not required. The player can leave the vehicle at any time as long as the vehicle has enough space to land. Once on foot, the player takes up a much smaller space for indoor movement and platforming.


for @envy-and-pride

Happy Birthday!

It was a very long day for Shay and he was left feeling frustrated and tired, and he just wanted to see you at the end of it. He was taking off his jacket and shoes while walking in the house, and laid down on you, burying his head in your shoulder. He sighed, making you laugh at him.

 “Bad day,” you asked still focused on the television. Shay started moving around and laid his head on your stomach.

 “It was awful.”

 “I’m sorry,” you said, looking at him and started playing with his hair, causing him to sigh with contentment; both of you watching the television. 

After a while, you decided to order take-out. Shay was still focused on the television, so you just ordered what he normally ordered; before sitting back on the couch.

 “You know what? I believe in love at first sight,” Shay said, staring at you.

 “Oh you do? That’s a lot coming from someone who doesn’t believe in fate,” you said winking at him.

 “Well, to be completely honest, I didn’t believe in neither until I met you,” he said, making you blush.


Danny Lawrence Positivity Week!!

Day Five » Favourite AU: Werewolf Danny

Thallen Week Day 5: Coffee Shop AU

It was strange how all his senses were sort of muted to everything else around him, but heightened when the cute blonde barista was nearby. Barry enjoyed it, though. He enjoyed noticing the scent of his deodorant when he walked by. He enjoyed hearing the sound of his voice when he’d ask if Barry wanted an extra shot of espresso in his coffee. Speaking of his which, he could feel it going cold. 

“I knew I’d find you here!” Iris came up from behind Barry and scared the living crap out of him. At least she snapped him back into reality. “Seriously, I suggest this place once and you’re back here like every day. C’mon it’s not like the coffee is that good.”

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Seems like Killian got a little tangled up after he offered to help Emma decorate for the holidays…

Special delivery for swanstan! Your CSSS requested a drawing as their gift to you and asked me if I’d help them out! :)

Merry Christmas, Jude! I hope you like it.

From your CS Secret Santa,
–  passionaeth