total girl chaos

I got my copy of Total Girl Chaos today, and it’s pretty awesome. It’s fairly short, but it’s a thoughtful, honest and personal look into AJ’s character of the past few years and well worth the couple of quid it cost.

I’m a ‘zine kid at heart, and I love anytime someone feels passionately enough about something to put one together, and as someone who’s done them, I know it’s no easy feat. I don’t know Laura Ellyn, but I really like what she’s put together here. It’s funny, touching, intelligent and brave. You can tell that a lot of care went into this, and I’m really glad I picked it up.

I really recommend checking this out, it’s only, like $2.50 (I think, Etsy converts it to £ on my screen) and absolutely worth every penny.

Update on Total Girl Chaos Issue 2: still not done. Hopefully tomorrow? BUT. Even if I do get it done tomorrow, I don’t have the money for printing it right now and won’t until Friday at the very earliest. I don’t have a photocopying scam that I can work, I just print my zines at Staples, and it’s not much to print Total Girl Chaos because it’s all black and white anyway BUT right now even 20 bucks is a lot for me to spare. 

WHAT I MIGHT DO for this issue is actually just have it available as a PDF for download by donation. It’d basically be on the honor system, which I’ve done before for zine downloads and I like being able to do. Most people will get the zine for free and some people will toss a few bucks my way and it tends to even out. Although I also like having print copies available just because there’s something really satisfying to me about printed zines.