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Well, I run the risk of sounding big-headed if I say I’m just naturally likable! But what I do with every character is not judge them, and I do try to give them their humanity. I want to play people, not baddies or goodies. If you’re playing Hitler, you have to play him as a likable, relatable person. He didn’t get up in the morning and think, ‘Ooh, I’m going to be a right c*** today.’ The scary thing is that Hitler was a person, with feelings and love and loss.
—  Martin Freeman, in an interview with Total Film, regarding the likability of his Fargo character Lester Nygard [x
It’s insane. It basically doesn’t make any sense. When I was a teenager, my sister had a poster of Brad Pitt from “Legends Of The Fall” on her bedroom wall. I also thought it was generally accepted that George Clooney was some kind of gold standard? And doesn’t Robert Pattinson inspire mayhem and delirium wherever he goes? I suppose my question is: Are you sure? If you are sure, then I am very flattered. VERY. Thank you, ladies. You are women of impeccable taste and style. My god, you know how to make a man feel good.

Tom Hiddleston

“What’s it like to beat the likes of Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt and George Clooney to the title of Total Film’s Sexiest Actor?” (x)

‘Catching Fire’ is about the slow tension building beneath the surface, with the relationships as well as the rebellion. In this movie you see more of Peeta and Katniss together than you ever did in the first one. It intensifies, the feelings become stronger.
—  Josh Hutcherson on Catching Fire and Everlark in Total Film Dec