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Modern AU Headcanon: The Lord's Fave Movies

(NOTE: I have no, like, major explanations for these. These are just based on my own opinions :P)

Nobunaga: Tuck Everlasting. Because it speaks to him on an artistic level (he’s totally b.s.-ing; it’s just a good movie, and he feels some sentimental connection to it, but he feels like he needs a viable explanation or people will pester him about why)

Mitsuhide: You would think that it would be some kind of intelligent film, but no. It’s Godzilla :P

Yukimura: The Untouchables. It’s historical (to a degree) and a classic good vs evil story (at least, to him).

Saizo: Despicable Me, but good luck getting him to reveal that.

Masamune: Also loves The Untouchables, but would never admit it because it would mean agreeing with Yukimura on something, and that will never happen.

Kojuro: the Lord of the Rings trilogy, because 1. He’s a nerd, and 2. The films are beautifully shot and the story is amazing.

Hideyoshi: Doesn’t really have a favourite because he finds it too hard to pick just one movie. So he has a huge list of favourite movies, mainly action and/or comedies (like 21 Jump Street, Death Race, and many many others)!

Inuchiyo/Toshiie: Any and all Nicholas Sparks inspired movies (A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Dear John, etc.). Why? Because they’re beautiful. Once again, good luck getting him to admit that.

Ieyasu: doesn’t watch movies very often, but he likes basically any kind of horror/thriller movies, especially psychological horror. So, like, The Sixth Sense

Mitsunari: Don’t be ridiculous! Movies are a waste of time! (*cough*The Notebook*cough*)

Kenshin: Futurama: Bender’s Big Score. It has him crying with laughter every time

Shingen: Plot twist: it’s Mean Girls