total facepalm

First TNGC meeting ever (at Doubt's parents house)

Local: hi yes welcome to totally not gay crew’s first club meeting we are here at doubt’s house *pointing at doubt* because his parents are nice and give us cookies
Doubt nodding: yes, indeed, yes
Local: oh yea also doubt is our co owner too
Polarize: swooning over doubt
Judge: I think we should change the name…..
Local: what do you mean
Judge: maybe to Totally Pure Crew?
Doubt: facepalming
Judge: we can all have matching purity rings!
Polarize: that sounds like a cool idea
Local: no


Werewolf!Jack dedicated to @lelelego 

Omg! I had this sitting in my drafts from a little while ago. When I finally got Rhys future outfit, I decided to finish it. But with the requests I totally forgot! Ah! 

Hope you like it! :D 


Junsu: Are there any other groups that do this kind of talk? (●__●)
Yoochun: The things we talked about, please don’t LINE it to your family & friends (◑.◑)
JaeJoong: Everyone! It’s because JaeJoong is a healthy man~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

pleasesmilewheneveryoureadthis  asked:

Para po sa mga may gusto ng picture ni carusclarimae, i-pm niyo po ako tapos sesend ko sa inyo. 100 pesos lang pwede pang tawaran. HAHAHAHHAA 😂😂😂 Yung latest grad pic niya na pa sesend ko. Wacky daw yon pero pacute talaga siya don. Hahahaha pm me for more inquiries 😅😆


The last line tho. Gahhhd 🙇

This is a total… Gahhhd 🙇

#thisisaseriousmatterinprovokingmyrightsasahumanbeinggosh. Pfft.

I agree, especially what you put in tags, a lot of karamel haters are just mad because almost all of them that ive seen have been supercorp shippers. I mean I ship both so I see their point in some things but others are just facepalm moments


I personally have never been able to get into Kara and Lena as a romantic pairing. Idk why - it’s just never clicked for me. But as a rational person I fully support everyone’s right to ship whatever they want. My stance has always been and will always be “you do you - whatever floats your boat dude”  so that level of hatred and resentment and just plain prejudice is something that blows my mind.

And to clarify I’m not addressing any specific ship/shippers I mean people in general who post hateful things targeting people and characters. If it’s just on their personal blog that’s also a different story but when they put it in the tag or send messages to people - those are the people I’m talking about.

This is what happened after I set this picture as my computer’s background wallpaper during IT class in school today:

The girl sitting next to me (S): *points at my monitor* Hey, is that about S&M ( Sadism & Masochism)?

Me: What gives you THAT idea???

S: Well they are wearing masks and look at that rope (Ladybug’s yoyo). I’m positive that’s used for ‘those purposes’. And for the stick the guy’s holding… *smirks*

Me: *looks at S and my computer back and forth silently* *eyes go wide* Oh my God no no no nooo this is totally not— *facepalms to hide the fifty shades of red on my face and embarrassment*

FYI: Miraculous Ladybug is a children’s show.
me attempting to come out to my mom
  • me: Mom, I am demisexual.
  • mom: I don't think you're really asexual, you just don't want to *do that* with a person until you really know them is all
  • me: that is literally what I just said
  • mom: nobody really walks around being sexually attracted to people all the time anyway
  • me: I wouldn't know, but it seems like they do
  • mom: it takes a bit of time for those feelings to come on. you've got to really know the person, and that's what makes them sexy. Nobody really gets turned on just by looking at someone. You choose to have those feelings because you love them.
  • me: um... you're demisexual too, mom, that's why you think it's like that
  • mom: what was that dear?
  • me: nothing
  • mom: don't worry, honey, you're totally normal.
  • me: *facepalm*