total drama forever

Little late night Duncney sketch 👑💗💀

After all these years I still love these two dorks, though Courtney is my ultimate favourite, and I hope to see them together in the upcoming season. 😸

I apologize for not giving Duncan his signature unibrow…but I just couldn’t. I always thought he would be really goodlooking in real life, and in my opinion two seperate brows would suit him better. Unibrows are not for everyone. Yeah, and I have also altered his mohawk as I have belatedly realized, sorry not sorry.

Duncney language headcanon

•Courtney’s family is Puerto Rican so she can speak fluent Spanish. Duncan’s family is Italian and he understands Italian but can’t speak it all that well.

•Because they’re pretty similar languages whenever Courtney gets pissed at him and yells in Spanish, Duncan understands enough to know what she’s yelling about but there’s always just one thing he can’t figure out and it frustrates him to no end. Courtney knows this.

•Courtney can basically carry a conversation with his parents (them in Italian, her in Spanish) ok enough. Duncan’s dad makes fun of him for getting a gf that understands more than he can because he barely paid attention to his Italian lessons growing up.

•Sometimes Duncan calls her Italian pet names, like principessa just to annoy her.

•Even though he almost never speaks in Italian, Courtney has a thing for it (which she denies) so Duncan tries to get her wound up by speaking whatever he thinks is sexy in her ear.

•Sometimes Courtney calls Duncan ‘mi amor’ but she mostly calls him ‘malcriado’ (which is basically what we call bratty children)

•I bet if they ever get married, Courtney’s parents (and probably Duncan’s parents too) would want a traditional Catholic ceremony with the Latin verses and everything, and lord have mercy on Duncan cuz those last forever.