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Can I just talk about how he’d just scoop her up like whatever when they ran to the chill zone and how much that pleases my hopeless romantic heart forever💛💚


Um so.. I laughed when Ennui said,

 “I like who you are on the inside, but I just can’t get used to your outside..”

and Crimson said, “Your perky nose makes me want to puke..” 

But in the end, I think they got a little used to each others real faces.. and I think that’s the cutest part. 🌹🌚☺️

And another thing, ENNUI TURNED TO THE PERKY GUY TO MARILYN MANSON IN LIKE 2 SECONDS LOL (Only people who watched the episode would know what i’m talking about..)  #Rock N Roll Challenge

Things that Freshtv has to remeber

- total drama would not be alive without us ( by us, i mean Gwent, Duncney and all the first generation couples, shippers)

- Gwuncan has only generate hate ( I know it’s total DRAMA, but for noco’s sake!)

- Gwuncan shippers came to our fandom and ruined it with all of that “they’re are so similar, I love them so much” ( but when a fandom war comes in they cant even protect their “saviors”, because they literally dont care)

- they probably start watching the series with the 3 season, so they didnt know what happend before and when they restart from the first one they start hating us and offending us ( “Duncney is actually toxic, they can stand one freaking minute without litigate, she’s only using him” -Duncan lover. “oh my god with that nine obsession is actually terrifying, she deserves better, someone who understand her not a weirdo”-Gwen lover. ( i’m not blaming gwen or Duncan lovers, i’m one of them too, i’m taking care of Gwuncan shippers who love the couple because they love the characters)

- “Nobody even likes them they just them, they’re just default”

- two people that have the same passions are friends, not lovers

- many people are of this fandom because the reality bacame famous after the first and the second season. So they may be affected of all the drama

- the only two good things that came out of TD All-Stars is Aleather and Gwuncan break up

add something if you want.

I’m sorry for the errors, I’m not fluent i English and it’s pretty damn late

Haters gonna hate, wait… Gwuncan shippers gonna hate.  * raise hers redbulls can *

gwent headcanons bc why the fuck not

- actually had a “band” together but it was just trent playing the guitar and gwen singing at local coffee shops
- every time trent would sleepover at gwen’s house they would lay on the roof till 4am looking at the stars and talk about aliens
- made fun of each other constantly for their real names, Trenton and Gwendolyn
- Trent got Gwen a necklace that had a “T” on it for her birthday, which he got the idea from his younger sister who is obsessed with Highschool Musical

Crimsennui Week Day One : First Kiss

….cheek kisses count, right?